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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
edited May 2015 in Toyota
Share your Yaris purchase experience here.

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  • zzkzzk Posts: 2
    I just ordered a grey (meteorite) hatchback. I loaded it up a bit. I got the convenience package, side airbags, power package, automatic, foglights, abs, split rear seat, spoiler, 15" alloy wheels, and mud guards and matts.

    Working with the dealership was an adventure. They had no clue as to what I could get and when. I put 500.00 down towards the 15,600 (ouch!) sticker price. I felt I had no leverage to negotiate since I was working them hard just to order it for me!

    It took them over a week to check on the car. They called and said the only way I could get the car was to order it from Japan. "It might take four months to come in." I went ahead with the order. The first time I ever ordered a car. I hope they deliver without any fast-shuffle games. Any comments out there about ordering from Toyota? Comments in general? Thanks
  • fooberfoober Posts: 21
    If I were you I'd check each week with the allotment guy at your dealership to see what is out there. From what I've heard you may have a very long wait if you plan on ordering one that they'll make special in japan.

    I finally got one sort of close to what I wanted. A silver hatchback. But I had to get some stuff added onto it that I didn't really want. But i'm pretty assured I'll have it in 3 or 4 weeks. I went down to my dealership every week and the allotment guy searched what was available and finally found the one sort of close to the one I wanted.
  • rxbrxb Posts: 6
    I've made repeated phone calls to a NYC Toyota dealer who insists that Toyota isn't manufacturing the hatchback with side airbags. I said, ok, maybe not in current inventory, but can I order one? He insisted that they just don't make them that way. ZZK, are you really getting a hatchback with side airbags? Does anyone know how I can get one in New York? (I also want manual 5-speed, the power package, anti-lock brakes and keyless entry).
  • fooberfoober Posts: 21
    your nyc toyota dealer is not telling you the truth. Or thier out to lunch. All you can buy here in the northwest are liftbacks with side air bags right now. At least thats all the liftbacks that were on the latest allotment.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    The NYC dealer may be telling the truth. With Toyota, different regions have different options available for their region. I ran into this with the Prius a few years ago when I ordered one. Maybe the NY region is not getting any hatchbacks with side bags.
  • tyggertygger Posts: 59
    Going by edmund's price figures, are you guys paying closer to MSRP or Invoice?

    I got quoted $15,150 for a Yaris sedan, auto trans, Power package and keyless entry system. This quote doesn't include processing fee of $225, tax of 3.2% and tags of $80.

    Final out the door price is approx. $16,000.

    Do you think the price can be better?

  • tyggertygger Posts: 59
    Great topic.

    I haven't purchased one yet... but the best price quote I've gotten so far is $14,650 + processing fee, tax and tags for a base Yaris sedan w/ Power package.
  • ronald711ronald711 Posts: 44
    No sticker is pretty mcuh what you will pay inititally, and its only about $700 to $800 over invoice, so there is not a huge mark up. B/utgrab the car while you can and start saving on gas :-) Its $2.95 here in Lexington today for regular unleaded. Edmunds says people are paying invoice so I was okay to do the same, plus they are ordering the car the way I want and we locked in a deal on my trade if I dont sell it outright before then :-)
  • rewjrrewjr Posts: 1
    I went to SE Toyota web inventory and selected the car I wanted. (truth is a lot of them were not actually in inventory yet, but on the way or in port)

    Mine is an S sedan with 5 speed and no options.

    MSRP was 13973.00 Invoice was 13,600.00

    Plus most of the dealers around here get a "dealer fee" and they all claim that it's not negotiable.

    Any way, I offered 12,700.00 plus tax, tag, and dealer fee of 500.00

    Final total 14087.00 out the door. So basically I bought the car for invoice.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Paid MSRP of $12,498 plus $299 doc fee plus taxes at Wolfchase Toyota in Memphis for 5-speed manual hatchback. These are fairly hard to find around here, didn't want to take a chance on loosing it to someone else. :)
  • tsgeiseltsgeisel Posts: 352
    I went into the dealership and was told that of all the dealers in Northern CA, there'd only be 23 Hatchbacks shipped in. Total, for the region.

    So I'm amused that everyone in this thread seems to be talking about the liftbacks.

    (I wound up with an Elantra 5-door, and am silly happy with it.)
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Looks like a broker, why not just go directly to a dealer? I have shopped the Yaris a little and $250 to $600 over invoice is typical - although the spread between invoice and MSRP isn't much on these - on a stripped model there's only $600 in it (not counting holdback etc.).
  • ronald711ronald711 Posts: 44
    I ordered my Yaris from Japan also, on April 11th, they advised me 6 to 8 weeks, its been 4 and they have not heard anything. They advised me that once it hits port its about 3 to 4 weeks, so Im thinking its going to be close to the 8 weeks, I will not accept 4 months. If they have problems getting it to me in the timeframe they quote I may decide to purchase a Corolla or if they get a Yaris close to my features, I may change to one that is available. I ordered a base flint mica with power windows, locks, keyless, security, and ABS as major options.
  • I am picking up my Yaris S/Auto on Friday. Have not negotiated the price yet. I am trading in my 2005 tc/Auto with 25,000 miles.

    I am going to offer $16,500 (sticker is $17,051)for the Yaris S, want $14,000 for the tC (Edmunds has right around $14,000 but I also have the TRD exhaust which costs $400), and also ask for free oil/tire changes for life of car (as long as I am owner).

    Any other ideas?

  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    The Yaris is an overpriced $10K car. I don't know why anyone would pay $15K for this car when you could get a nicely equipped year old Corolla (which is leaps and bounds a nicer car) for the same or less money. Honda is apparently on the same drugs with the pricing of their Fit, which is also an overpriced $10K car.
  • Disagree. Had a Corolla for five years. Basically a great vanilla type car with no styling. The Yaris S provides a very nice looking car with the same interior space as the Corolla but at 39MPGs. And you can touch a Corolla S (year old) for cheap.

    Both cars are very very good. I went with the Yaris due to MPGs and styling. And you see a ton of Corollas on the road whereas the Yaris is very uncommon and different.

  • camaicamai Posts: 5
    Just picked up the second of two Yaris liftbacks for my "kids" for use at college. Both are automatics equipped with the convenience package (CQ), extra mile option package A (AO), and passenger arm rest (CR). Would have liked to have ABS and side curtain airbags but that would have meant a 4-5 month delay. We placed our order 4/5/06 and picked the cars up 5/9 and 5/10/06. Agreed price was $225 off MSRP. I've been tracking inventory activity (only the liftback automatics)since placing my order and here in the Houston area it looks like stock is holding steady around 7 units, with sales of 1-2 units a week. I'm happy and I love the cars. I will be driving one to California at the end of the month, so I'll report back on the Owner Test forum.
  • Congrats on getting the Yaris twins. Were you able to get the $225 off MSRP by buying two? I think for this car anything off MSRP is a pretty good deal.

  • well, here in the northeast, you can only get the yaris hatchback, with the convenient package, and the all weather/coldweather package. no side curtain airbags, no abs brakes. so the dealer gives me an msrp for that car with those options, plus 580$ destination charge. for 13170. hi invoice price was about 12400. he told me he couldnt go lower than the msrp. i laughted, and he balked back, "what do you want me to do? go downa hundred?" and i replied, what do you want me to do? pay the full MSRP???!! so i walked out. i went to another dealer and he had one on order, coming in two weeks, instead of the 6 to 8 weeks. i said if you can garuntee that in two weeks we got a deal. kerpow, he said its a coming, so i said 13000 is what i want it for. got it! cant wait to see it!
  • reddroverrreddroverr Posts: 509
    now that your kids are off at college....will you adopt me? ;)
  • cecirdrcecirdr Posts: 9
    I'm leaning toward a yaris sedan (that's pretty much all we have hatches), but the dealers all have these two packages that are increasing the price... for value that I just can't see.

    The extra mile package supposedly includes cargo mats, mud guards, roadside assistance for 36K miles, fabric guard, extended life tires, 6 year/100K mile "something" which wasn't specified on the sticker, and a cargo net...for $507.

    The shield package supposedly has lusterizing sealant, soundproofing, sealant cleaner, and rental car assistance for $349.

    That's approaching $900 in extra "stuff"! The sheild package sounds really bogus to me. And the extra mile package doesnt' say *what* the 6year/100K mile line item is for. $500 sounds pricey for cargo mats, cargo net, and fabric guard. The rest of it sounds suspect to not be something you'll actually use or need. How much longer life do the tires have? What are the limitations to the 6/100 warranty and the roadside assistance. I've seen so many companies balk at fulfilling service based obligations that I'm hesitant to pay for it.

    What do you folks think? Did your cars come with these packages? Can you expalin them to me in greater detail? Do you think they're worth almost $900?

  • My opinion is to NOT get those options. I see many dealers taking the economy cars that they don't get much profit for selling and then tacking on unneeded options which have a GREAT markup and profit for the dealers. The fabric guard is a rip as you can go get a can of Scotchguard for less than $10 and DIY in less than 10 minutes.

    Mine is not coming with this package and I am glad.

  • cecirdrcecirdr Posts: 9
    Yup...that's the same feeling I have. I'm miffed to say the least that *every* yaris on the lot has these bogus packages on 'em. It makes me want to shy away from that dealership. Tacking almost $900 of "fluff stuff" that's pure profit onto each car defeats the purpose of even trying to sell inexpensive, small cars. It looks like to me that sticking obvious markup items on these cars is driving away the very buyers that you should be courting.

    Anyway...I'll have to see what I can negotiate to get a car without that stuff built into the price. I'd hate to buy it from somewhere else since the local guys might have a "problem" servicing a car that I bought from somewhere else. Then again...maybe the service shop doesn't play favorites???

    Thanks for the advice.

  • folks its all about the markup. Ceci, if you can wait 6 to 8 weeks for a yaris, then you are better off ordering it with what you want, minus the added junk. i live in NY and here, they told me i couldnt order it with anything except the convenience package and the all weather package. it seems the dealers in the northeast get together and decide on how they want to sell these cars, and offer them to the public. at least here in NY they didnt try to force added junk on my car, they just want me to keep it as an econo car. i was told they did not want this car to compete against the corolla. its true they make very little off this car. but dont be fooled by the dealers claims that they cannot come down in price they can. remember. the MOST a dealer pays for a car is the invoice. more than likely, they pay less, or get back bonus dollars for selling those cars. i would be very forward, in the asking price, maybe two to three hundred over the invoice price. alot of places will freak out for you trying to low ball them. but in reality you arent. trust me you will find a dealer to play ball with you. my buddy used to be a car salesman and tuned me in to some of their ploys. a huge help to me was to find out what toyota dealer sells alot of cars per month.(the place i went to sells about 200 a month) you can call any of them and ask them what their average is. the more cars sold, the more likely they will let you take the car for whatever you want. bigger sales leads to monster kickbacks to the managers. so i think i have ranted enough here. its a shame that in your area they are trying to sell you junk with your car. good luck, and where are you from anyway? ;)
  • the msrp's and invoice prices are very close with these cars. a good bet is to meet them halfway between the invoice and the msrp. good luck, ok im out! PS i had one salseman tell me "what do you want me to do, come down 100 from the msrp?" and i replied, what do you expect me to do, pay the msrp? lol good luck and have fun ok now im really out ;)
  • cecirdrcecirdr Posts: 9
    Thanks. I do think I'll wait. When other 2007's hit the market, there will be more competition. (ie when the nissan versa comes out or the new scion) I'm in MS. What's odd is that I would have thought that in this area (where unemployment rate is 10% and salaries are low) that the dealer would be focusing on selling cars quickly and as cheap as they could versus adding on junk that people can tell is pure profit. Oh well...who am I to tell them how to run their business.

    I'll check other dealerships in MS (and AL if I need to) to find one that'll sell me a car without silly packages. FWIW...I understand how it can drive you nuts to try to get one of these little cars tricked out. Most subcompact/mini cars around here are stripped down...only come with automatic. I've been considering many cars, not just the yaris....also the fit, rio, focus, and versa. Good luck finding any new car here with a premium stereo option. Trying to make sure I get cruise control, manual transmission and a premium stereo/mp3 player has been driving me crazy when all the dealers have their mind made up for all the cars to be basic level and automatic ...*period*.

    Thanks for the insider info. I'll work from invoice and go from dealer to dealer until I find one who'll play.

  • I still haven't negotiated my price but I am starting at $500 over invoice and also asking for six oil changes. I might be somewhat limited as I am also trading in my Scion tC. Many times they will give on one and take back on the other. I am not much of a haggler. But these type cars only have a very minor markup; ie $1000.

  • ripwilsonripwilson Posts: 13
    That's correct. I live in Michigan. Here, I can get a sedan with the power package, but I cannot get a liftback with the power package. What few liftbacks are in this area are generally equipped with All Weather Guard and Convenience packages only.
  • ripwilsonripwilson Posts: 13
    Hi, Ceci:

    I used to sell new cars. All that stuff is what we considered the "back end" of the deal, because we didn't include them up front as included options. The car came as it came and we tried to sell these accessories at point of sale. That is why it was called the back end of the deal. Customers had the option of passing on all this garbage. And it is garbage. It's all high-markup stuff.

    I believe Scion actually started this trend within Toyota with accesories offered at point of sale to boost dealer profit. The center armrest for an xA is $135. For all this stuff to be included up front as part of the deal is bad. This dealer is shady.

    Sure, there isn't much markup in the Yaris, but the way for the dealer to make a little money is to hold near the MSRP.

    Heck, when the PT Cruiser first came out is was $3,000 above sticker. The new Z06 Corvette is $10,000 to $20,000 above sticker. Any car can be priced according to market dynamics.

    The Yaris is hot right now. I am trying to get a liftback and the dealers are selling them 2-3 weeks before arrival. They aren't even on the dog-gone lot and are sold out. I see these going above sticker real soon. I need to get mine quickly, but they can't locate it and the exact one I want isn't in the pipeline.

    I know I probably read like a shill for Toyota or the whole segment in general, but it is true.

    Similar story with the Nissan Versa. Nissan keeps upping the starting MSRP because the sub-compact and compact hatchback segments are red hot right now. The Yaris, Fit, Versa, Mazda3, Rio, etc... all offer SUV-like utility at a great price with equally-great fuel economy.

    Sorry to digress and go long.

  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    The fluff stuff that you are referring to is a standard package added throughout Toyota's Southern Region. I have checked several other regions and they all price the Yarii the same right down to the dollar. I am not sure what states are in this region, but I know that they include all of Arkansas and Mississippi, and probably Louisiana and Alabama. If you live in Mississippi, Memphis is probably the closest location to you outside your region. I just checked the three Memphis Toyota Dealers and between them, they have 5 Yarii in stock, no hatchbacks. If you can get any of them below invoice I would be surprised, but at least they are not adding fluff stuff, only the standard Toyota packages.
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