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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid



  • it seems alot of you on here are worried about getting one. you just need to order it. i just happend to luck out, when i walked into a toyota dealer and he already had one allocated, due in two weeks. and i got it for 400 under their sticker price. this i know was due to the dealership having high monthly sales. 12900 for the hatch with the convenience pckg, and the all weather pkg. i probably could have gone a bit lower.basically all the yaris' you see on the lots are already sold. i think this is a ploy from toyota to generate hype. to cause the price to rise. dont be scared to ask for a low price. call aheae of time and ask someone how many cars they sell a month. and rememebr almost anything they tell you about what they can do on the price is a LIE. they do this everyday, you do this once every 5 to 10 years. they know that if they hold their ground 90% of ppl will crumble and pay their price. meet them halfway between the invoice and the msrp, and dont budge from it. when you walk out, i bet someoen will call you later that day. thats just my 2 cents ;)
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    How many more months are you willing to drive that gas guzzler to save $400 bucks? I think that you will be doing a lot of walking out. Unless you live in an area with lots of Toyota dealers, it seems like a lot of hassle to save a little money.
  • very true hanson, i hadn't thought about that. i guess where i live, i am lucky that there are about 10 toyota dealer ships withing a 60 mile radius . so it was easier to negotiate. i did not go to all 10, but three. it was the third one that took the price i wanted to pay.
  • ghuletghulet Posts: 2,628
    How much are you willing to plunk down on a new car just to 'save money' on gas? For most people, unless you're driving a whole lot, and/or going from a big SUV to one of these (whether it's a Yaris, Fit, Rio, Corolla, Civic, Scion), it isn't necessarily wise to go out and buy a new car ostensibly to save gas, aka money, especially if trade-in values on larger vehicles are as crummy as I think they are. Just my $.02.

    If it's all the same, $400 savings on a new car will buy the difference between 12000 miles of $2 gas and $3 gas on a car that gets 30 mpg, right?
  • Traded in my tC to get the Yaris S. Was not able to negotiate anything down from the $17,010 sticker. My dealer has sold every Yaris that has come in and they are not coming down in price. However, they did give me $250 more for my tC than Kelley/Edmunds.

    Love the car so far.

  • i am on the flip side, as i drive over 100 miles a day. the car (or boat i should say) only got 20 miles to the gallon. so making the switch to the yaris was key.
  • violinviolin Posts: 20
    I'm paying MSRP for mine.

    I wanted a liftback with the power package (with alloys), cold weather package, ABS and keyless entry.

    I went to half a dozen New Jersey dealerships and none could help me. Some lied and said they wouldn't be making the liftback with the power package or the Sedan-S either - what they meant was they weren't coming into NJ and they weren't willing to locate one for me.

    I left a deposit with a local dealer who I've dealt with before to find me one in Pennsylvania. In the meantime, I searched dealer inventories on the dealer sites that would allow it and found one in Philadelphia with the power package (no alloys), cold weather package, ABS, keyless entry and floor mats.

    I called them up and asked if it were still available. While they were checking, I called my dealer and asked why they hadn't made a deal for that car. They called me back and said it was sold but they had one in port just like it so I cancelled with the Jersey dealer and bought from the Philly dealer. I can add alloys myself for about what they cost in the package price and have a distinctive style to boot.

    With all the trouble I had finding one how I wanted it, I was willing to pay msrp. I didn't really have a great bargaining position.

    I was nearly ready to give up and buy the Honda Fit which is in many respects a nicer car, but something about the Yaris Liftback's styling really grabs me.
  • Man, what a hassle just to get the car. The dealers want the sale but none of the work that goes with it. Luckily my dealer was able to do a dealer exchange with another one so I had my car one day after I selected the Yaris S.

    I wonder how much the dealer would have gone out of his/her way if you were looking at a $30,000 vehicle....?? Think we all know the answer.

  • solarjeepsolarjeep Posts: 3
    I'm a little surprised by all the negative talk about this car. Every situation is different. Ours is that we (wife and I) have been sharing my Jeep for a year getting about 16 mpg. We wanted a car for her that would get good gas mileage and be dependable. She tested several cars. Toyota got high marks for their reputation of reliability of course but that alone wasn't the decision maker. The bottom line is this: She was excited about the Yaris. She likes it. To her, it's cute and fun. It's the perfect car for her right here, right now.

    That and the money saved in gas is almost 65% of the new payment. No brainer. Ignore the people who pick everything apart. This is a GOOD car, at a decent price with (relatively!) excellent gas mileage.
  • Recently relocated from the US to Sydney and picked up a black -- YR 4 door hatch (I belive this is not sold in the US) 1.3L - Automatic - "Safety Package" (i.e. extra airbags) -- the YR comes standard with AC/MP3 Audio/Power Locks..Windows/Keyless entry in Australia. Purchased from Sydney City toyota (the only dealership owned by Toyota in Sydney.) At first they told me it would take months -- but then located one on a ship headed for Australia and I had it 2 days later. Ended up with the car for $19,700AUD on the road including Dealer Delivery/Rego/Lic/and CTP Green Slip (liability insurance.) Not sure if Toyota owns any dealerships in the US -- but going direct seemed to be the key.

    Gave up my new Volvo S40 in the states -- but love the Yaris. With petrol at $1.60/L --- the Yaris runs about $50-60AUD for a fillup. I find that I am only having to re-fuel once a month (usually walk to work).
  • Toyota's European design center, ED2, began operations in May 2000 at Sophia Antipolis, near Nice. Both the Yaris and the all-new Corolla Verso were developed by the designers at ED2.

    Toyota's European design center, ED2, began operations in May 2000 at Sophia Antipolis, near Nice. Both the YAt ED2 we would like to utilize the experiences gained from EPOC to generate many outstanding new designs at Sophia Antipolis (Science Park; the site of the new operation) with its creative environment. We aim to provide cars that will satisfy European customers, as well as customers around the world who prefer European design," Kato said, singling out the Yaris and Yaris Verso, winners of the European Car of the Year in 2000 award, as examples of Toyota's understanding of European values.
  • Correction -- it was the 5 door hatch.


    For whatever reason -- the Yaris sold in AU and UK seem to come with all of the extras as Standard. In the UK -- the Yaris even has the bluetooth key!
  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    I just went into the dealership today and drove away in my brand new Yaris Hatch (automatic) in white. It was the only hatch they had (and apparetnly the only one in all the dealers i called) and it was on the showroom floor.

    It has a lot of junk in it that i didnt neccesarily need but it was so cute i couldnt resist. It also had a factory installed passive alarm with key remote.

    Here are the specs:

    Convience package
    Door guards
    Bumber guard
    Floor mats & Cargo Mats

    and passive alarm (not included in MSRP)

    Sticker was 13,750 MSRP (approx)

    She originally tried to play off the alarm as being included in teh sticker price. Well then she turned around after i signed and said it was 995 bucks plus an additional 375 admin fee. Bah... no way. Anyway i walked off with it at $14,180 (plus tax & tags - no processing fee). Its alittle more than i wanted to spend but i just fell madly in love with it. It also didnt help the fact that 2 people walked in while i was signing stuff who came in to buy that exact car. I was like "sorry its mine".

    Anyway i didnt expect to buy this car tonight. I probably got ripped off but im too happy to care right now. What do you all think??
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Under the circumstances, I think that you did as well as can be expected. Hatchbacks are pretty hard to come by in most places. None have been in stock at the three Memphis dealers for weeks now. I am sure that you will be very happy with your new car.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I think you did fine on your purchase price. In light of the supply (almost nonexistent) and demand (very high, especially for small high mileage Japanese cars with low buy in price) you got a great deal. Congratulations for not letting them mark it up $1,370. The extra you paid got you a passive alarm (which is good, as I recollect the Yaris doesn't come with an antitheft, chip in the key, key).
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Wow . . . $17,010, plus TTL for a Yaris! Just think, a Yaris is segmented below the Corolla and Camry, and there is certainly evidence of price creep given the current market demand and gas situation.

    My sister bought a new 2006 Camry LE auto just a few months ago for $17,900, INCLUDING TTL. Although I love the new Yaris, I would much rather have a Camry, even an '06, at essentially the same price. She's getting 35MPG on the highway with the Camry, and I could certainly live with that.
  • ronald711ronald711 Posts: 44
    Well the dealer gave me a VIN number today and said it should be arriving in about a week. Im getting pretty excited and actually might have an interested party in selling my vehicle and making $1500 abover the dealers trade. Ive never sold a car so I have to research what needs to be done at point of sale, I will keep you all informed on when I get my Yaris, I will then need help with an aftermarket keyless entry/maybe security system, it doesn't do much for insurance, but they said the toyota keyless is strictly an at port add on. So ill deal with that seperate.
  • xdreem18xdreem18 Posts: 5

    So i WANT the Toyota Yaris Liftback in grey/silver. I just went to a local dealership in SI NY and the salesperson told me that they are selling out like hotcakes. The features I want are power locks, windows, and antilock brakes. he told me he would have to order it and it would be 3 months with the price of 15,200K. I won't pay more than 14,500k, and am willing to wait though I have a terrible itch to get this car asap! Any adivice on recent purchases in Staten Island Tri-state area? Thanks. I won't settle for the sedan - this liftback is so cute!
  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    I bought mine in LI NY and i paid 14.2 w/o power or ABS. What i did get was in the car already that was on the lot (actually showroom floor and the only one in stock at the time - and they didnt even have any on order to come in). It came with spoiler, mats, bumber guards, armrest, passive alarm, and some other crap i didnt need but got. I really really wanted the power and if it was any other car i wouldve waited but i didnt want to wait for this one (in white - the color i wanted!) and after several calls and reading online they dont seem to be getting many liftbacks with power or ABS in NY, and in most cases they need to be ordered. I also think the Liftback is WAY cuter than the sedan... i fell in love at first site, hence why i got it w/o it being equipped with all the goodies i want but im still really happy :) (also i havent seen one person yet with it and have gotten a lot of stares, so that in itself is pretty cool too). :)
  • xdreem18xdreem18 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info. I am like you, I am so inlove with this car! I decided that I won't go with the ABS but am still interested in keyless entry and power windows. It looks like I might have to order the car with those features... I can't imagine having to wait, but I know it will be worth it. I agree, the liftback is MUCh cuter than the sedan. I am so anxious to get it already! I am jealous of you!
  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    also dont expect to find a liftback in the Tri-state area without a ton of useless extras AND the power package and ABS. Chances are if they have those add ons then they will also have the mats, spoiler, armrest etc. and the price will definatley be higher than 15. Just fyi. I guess examine how badly you need power (ABS imo is uneccessary in NY).
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    ABS is unnecessary in NY? People don't slam on their brakes in NY?
  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    ABS is not good in certain weather conditions (ice, snow, very wet), For dry conditions you can just pump your breaks which is more effective than ABS.. but you just have to remember to do it.
  • violinviolin Posts: 20
    You won't find a liftback with the power package and ABS in NY. You are in the same region I'm in (NJ). I had to travel to PA to get one with the power package and ABS (also came with the matts & armrest). You won't get one for under list for some time.

    I am so happy with this car, it was worth the train ride to Philadelphia.
  • xdreem18xdreem18 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info.

    What about just the power pkg in NY area? If I can get the liftback w/o abs but WITH power, I would go for it, but I am finding that the problem is nowhere has the car, only w/o power.

    Where in PA did you go? I was thinking about heading down to the Phila area. The problem is that dealers will tell you that they have the car and when you get there they want to sell you the sedan. I went to 3 so far, all of which I would have to order the features I want with a 3 month wait. My current car might not wait that long, any further advice? I am willing to travel outside of tri state area. Thanks in advance.
  • xdreem18xdreem18 Posts: 5
    What dealership in Phila? Weird that those options are avail only an hour drive... Please let me know if you can. Thanks.
  • violinviolin Posts: 20
    Mine also came with the cold weather package and keyless entry. The armrest is the only option I didn't want but I find that I like it. I wanted alloy wheels too but they aren’t shipping them anywhere near here. I ended up adding them on my own and they look much better than what Toyota was offering anyway (Konig Helium).

    For whatever reason, our region is not getting the liftback with the power package. I wasn't comfortable in the Scion XA so I wouldn't have purchased one. If they're trying not to compete with the XA, they're doing something stupid. I nearly purchased a Honda Fit because I couldn't find a decently equipped Yaris Liftback.

    I hope I'm not violating forum rules by including a link to Central City Toyota in Philadelphia:

    I found them by checking the inventory of PA dealers online (those that would let me). My search showed Central City had one like I wanted. When I called them, they told me it was already sold but they had one just like it in port. I left a deposit over the phone and they called me when it arrived at the dealership (about two weeks). I took a train to 30th Street Station in Philly and the salesman picked me up. They were straight up and did everything they agreed to.

    I don't see one listed on their site now, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to give them a call. You might try searching inventories of other PA dealers.

    As far as dealers telling you they have one when they don't - I'd get a VIN # from them first.

    Good luck!
  • xdreem18xdreem18 Posts: 5

    Thanks, you gave me great information. I called that dealer - he said they HAD one, just sold. Said they will be getting more in, def with the power. He took my number, hopefully he'll call. Definitely making the trip - willing to pay MSRP. The guy in Staten Island, NY quoted me about $15,000 to order it (with power & abs). I thought that was way high, especially to have to wait 3 months. Crazy to even consider buying this car without ever driving it. Guess I'll just take your word for it. Thanks again, D
  • lucynethellucynethel Posts: 81
    I paid about $473.80 LESS than sticker (list price) in Carlsbad California on my white 2 door Liftback auto trans unit. Has the spoiler, carpets, upgraded stereo with MP3 jack, rear bumber protector.

    Wednesday I am having aftermarket tweeters installed at a local stereo shop. Had all my windows tinted DARK. Only got 27.3 MPG in city driving on my 1st tank but not sure if my dealer topped off my tank like I did?
  • asa805asa805 Posts: 29
    I have virtually the same vehicle (cept with alarm & armrest but no power package). Do you mind sharing what the MSRP was on yours?

    I also got 27 mpg on my first fillup. Big dissapointment. I dont th ink the dealer topped off the tank either but, it didnt matter because i averaged the total gallons put in (it was 10) to the total number of miles driven. Im hopeing for big improvements. Im in NYC so do only city driving as well and we have ethanol. IM still wondering if that makes a big enough difference. Good to see someone else with similiar numbers though. Seeing everyone getting 35 and higher city is really makeing me anxious.

    Good luck with y our car and cograts on getting an awesome deal (i paid full MSRP - 13,7 without alarm!) ! :)
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