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Toyota Yaris Prices Paid



  • halo9xhalo9x Posts: 1
    I bought a white Yaris Liftback from Lithia Toyota in Abilene, TX. Great experience and got a good price of $13,368 before addons. I was charged $700 to swap my new rims from my trade-in, put the original rims back on my trade-in and get new tires for my alloy rims. I did get a trade-in for the new wheels that were on the Yaris. The end result is that we got great alloy rims and new Bridgestone Potenza 009 tires that are highly rated. The alloy rims and tires look great. We got the convenience package, an extended warranty AND a maintenance program that changes the oil&filter for as long as we own the car. The maintenance package was only $479 which gives us oil changes every 3,000 or 3 months up to 4 times in a year. My wife loves her Yaris and enjoys driving it a lot! It is a blast to drive and looks great. All in all the buying experience was one of the best I've ever had. Even though I was buying one of Toyota's lowest priced car, you would have thought I was buying one of their most expensive. Needless to say we really enjoyed the whole buying experience.
  • frank60frank60 Posts: 2
    I got a quote from a dealer for new 4-door Yaris 2007. It is automatic with AC and standard airgbag. No power package, no ABS, no side airbag. the quote is 13600. Is it a good deal?
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    What is the MSRP for it? You should be able to get it for at least $500 less, $1,000 off is not out of the question. It all depends on how willing you are to shop around, and how soon you have to have it.
  • frank60frank60 Posts: 2
    where can I get MSRP for this car?
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    It should be on the window sticker.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter would like to talk with a consumer who have purchased a Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit or Nissan Versa and why they purchased their small vehicle. Please respond to no later than August 22, 2007 with your daytime contact information and what car you own.


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  • rosenerrosener Posts: 1
    :shades: Hello,

    I'm also looking into these three models. I think that the Yaris has better gas mileage than the fit and the versa, however, the versa has 4 doors vs. the yaris with only two. The fit just doesn't do it for me, the body style seems more like a hyundia. I'm going to be test driving all three and make my final purchase on labor day weekend. Versa has a $500 incentive with low interest rate, plus additional $500 for college graduates. I hope that toyota and honda have a labor day weekend special. Honestly, price of the car will determine which one I will purchase, also I would look into which of these three will hold their value.

    good luck.

  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Toyota makes a 4 door Yaris sedan as well as the 2 door hatchback. They both have the same MPG ratings.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Canada gets a 4-door hatchback.. :(


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  • I just bought a 2007(bought in '06) Yaris S 5-speed with 23,000 miles on it. With the alloy wheels, a/c, auto doors, abs brakes, tinted windows, passive alarm, mp3 thing, I paid $13,100 before taxes. How'd I do?

    P.S. I live in Long Island, NY, deal with lots of traffic going to work and school at night in Queens (4 nights a week in the summer), I still only need to fill up once a week which I think is great.
  • Hi to everyone,
    I just bought my Yaris liftback for $13750.00 with power package including ABS and airbags, Meteorite Metallic color and with just 6 miles. We loved the car the first time we drove and my wife had been driving it non stop around town. Bought this car @ Centennial Toyota ( )in Las Vegas, NV. If you are interested contact AHAB of the internet department his a great guy to work with. Didn't purchase the extended warranty through them ($1600.00 for 7yr. - 100,000 miles). Good luck future Yaris owners! Buy got value plus reliability.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Does it have automatic transmission?
  • Yes, I bought the automatic.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    Hello...What was the MSRP on your vehicle, including the destination fee? Don't include taxes, registration, title or other fees from the dealer, please. Just the factory Mulroney sticker on the window. And, was it a 5 speed or 4 speed automatic transaxle?
    Also...Did you know...that there is a 4 door Yaris Liftback available in the Canadian market? Pretty cool looking car, I think even more so than the 2 door version sold here.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. That version you got is virtually impossible to get in the NorthEast region of the US.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I think that you got a very good deal on that car. Maybe because the 2008's are coming out shortly. What was the MSRP?
  • tom201tom201 Posts: 10
    I bought a red 2008 Yaris liftback about three weeks ago and the only options I got were the automatic transmission, convience package (stero w/cd ) and floor mats. I paid 13,405. I placed a order for it as it was on its way to the US from Japan and it took 1 week to get it. By placing a order for one based on stock that is on its way, I was able to get it as is from the factory and before the stateside items are added such as paint protection sealant, window tint and other items they add on and get inflated prices for something that is basically worthless. It was one of the first 08 models to arrive and I am very happy with it. I have 700 miles on it in the first 3 weeks and get 35 mpg on my 50 mile daily round trip that is half highway and half city. I will post more after I have it a while.
  • paid $13590 out the door price, includes admin fee and dest. charge,
    license and registration extra.
    The above is a cash price, be prepared to pay a little more if you're financing with the special 2.9% APR from Toyota.
    Dealership: IRA toyota in Manchester, NH. I live in Londonderry.
    Car has the power package, all weather package, keyless entry, etc.
    MSRP (options included) was listed at $14995.
  • yeeyee Posts: 7
    plus convenience package, all weather package, floor + trunk mats and arm-rest.
    Paid $9777. tax, admin, license and registration are extra. Out the door cost was around $10,600. Best deal I can find in MA area.
    Dealership: IRA Toyota in Danvers, MA
    MSRP was $12,979.
  • $13,108.00 out the door with automatic, convenience package and climate package.
  • dakedake Posts: 131
    Yeah, I have to disagree with you there too. The current Corolla is an old car (and showing it) and boring to boot. When I bought my Echo a few years back I found it to be a better drive than the Corolla, and the new Yaris is a sharper car too IMO.

    We drove the Yaris off the lot for Invoice + 200. Never been happier.
  • I just purchased a 2008 Yaris, 4 door sedan, automatic, w/power package for $13,850. After tax and license it came out to $14,800. What do you guys think?
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    Wow! super good deal.
  • Are in SE region , if yes Did you get 750 dollars rebate .
  • I am in Orange County, CA. If anyone is from around the area, let me know and I will get you in touch with the dealership where I got the deal. By the way, the way I worked the deal was by calling 5 different dealership and asking to speak to the Fleet manager. I then told the fleet manager that I am really busy and would only negotiate over email. This is the best way to get the deals in writing. Once you get the dealerships to come down to a good price, get the bidding war started. All I did was copy and paste the email that another dealership would quote me at. They of course want to get your business, so they will go down $100 less than the other guy. So then I would use the newest quote and do the same. Eventually, most dealerships tell you that you have gone below what they are willing to do. In which case, I tell them that you would like to work out a deal with them and to give you the absolute bottom offer. This tactic has worked very well for me. I have yet to pay for a car that is even invoice (I get them at least a couple of hundred under invoice). Make sure they show you the invoice though, so they don't try to pull a fast one over you.
  • naffinaffi Posts: 1
    Which dealership did you get that awesome deal from? I'm from Eugene, OR and the only company here is Kendall...and one of their salesmen is being vague and ridiculous about getting more than the invoice price. I'm willing to go out of state to get a better offer.
  • Hello,
    Here is my experience about buying Yaris sedan in Birmingham, Alabama.
    1. I wanted one with side curtain airbags since Yaris has extremely bad safety rating for side hit without those. Unfortunately, even if it’s $650 option, no dealers were able to locate me Yaris sedan automatic with side airbags as the only option. Power package with 15” alloy wheels, MP3-WMA radio, rear defroster, power mirrors/doors, ABS was always included. Also, all the cars they could find had $110 fog lights installed.
    2. My initial OTD quotes were: $16150, $16129, $15950, $15900 (some dealers had free tires and maintenance added).
    3. After dealing with 3 dealerships negotiating the price, my final OTD price for Yaris sedan, flint mica, AT, with side airbags, power package, 15” alloy wheels, fog lights and ABS was $15369 OTD, all fees and tax included. The car had about 140 miles on it when delivered. I’m not really sure the dealer was really happy when I got the vehicle, so I’m not telling the dealer name. It’s a major Toyota dealer in AL.
    4. If you need a really great deal on financing in AL, check Their current rate is about 4.35% for 36 months with excellent credit (over 5 years credit history), the lowest Toyota had was 5.99% with a credit union of their choice or 7.5% with Toyota finance.
    I bought it for my wife but really, really love it. If it’s not about moving some huge items in my SUV, I’d trade it for Yaris any day. I was enjoying every minute I spent driving the car.
    Thank you.
  • Toyota dealership in Garden Grove, CA
  • If you go to carsdirect, for one w/ power package and MSRP of 15,625, it is 14,009, including the 1000 rebate. That should be the baseline and negotiate down from that.
  • I just got off the phone w/ the internet department at the dealer in Irvine,CA. For a 4 door w/ the power package. MSRP- 15,725. Their price is $13,600 after the $1,000 rebate. Just add tax, license, and doc. No negotiation necessary. This is an honest dealer. If I go for the Yaris, this would be my second purchase from this dealer in 2 years and from the same salesperson. He also gave me quotes on the 2 door w/o the power package (12300), w/ power (13150) and the 4 door w/o power (12500).
  • mrtgemanmrtgeman Posts: 6
    I'm considering selling my 18/22mpg Lexus GS300 for a new Yaris S sedan. I've been quoted invoice minus $500 rebate. I'm located in San Jose, CA. Is this a good deal? Any gotten $$$ under invoice + $500 rebate? Thanks in advance.
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