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Toyota FJ Cruiser Prices Paid



  • dchandchan Posts: 6
    I don't know what level 3 package is. Mine is package 2 in US, which included everything plus subwoofer. I consider it is a win-win deal if you can strike a deal $3,000 below the MSRP as an invoice price.
  • Got this offer from Universal Toyota yesterday- I am still a week or so from buying, so I didn't haggle as much as I normally do

    Auto 4x4, Upgrade#2, Cnvc pckg, curtain airbags, applique, XM, lusterizer, tint...MSRP 33177, they quoted 32,000. I figure I can do a lot better, and with 6 Toyota dealers within 30 miles, I am going to shop around.
  • arizonajoearizonajoe Posts: 123
    Definitely shop around. The MSRP with the factory options you listed is less than $30,000. All that other stuff (applique, lusterizer, tint) is dealer-installed profit margin.

    The MSRP on your vehicle is not $33,177. That's probably a total price with dealer addendum sticker, not the MSRP.
  • dallmikedallmike Posts: 1
    Toyota of Richardson - special order Fleet Sales. Sweet and painless. It was all done in 30 minutes.

    Black Cherry 4wd auto, Convenience, Upgrade #2 (no sub), side curtain ABs, roof rack, rock rails, towing, skid plate, arm rest, tire cover, rubber mats, and the lusterizing pkg. MSRP 31984~ ordered for 29,024 which was supposed to be 200 over invoice. I'm almost happy. Happy is when it gets here!
  • srn3srn3 Posts: 20
    Black Diamond.. 4x4. ..6m.. Convenience Package and Upgrade Package.. and some other misc. accessories.. MSRP - 29,514.. got the dealer down to 26,486... plus getting the KBB 'Excellent' value on my trade in... does this sound like a good deal.. the 26,486 is almost 2k below edmunds TMV so my initial thoughts were that this is pretty good..any inputs would be appreciated..

    thanks a lot!
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    My sister recently bought her FJ Cruiser at up in North Cal. for $27K out the door. At the time, the vehicle didn't have running boards...only the rock rail (which she didn't need). We asked the dealer if they would exchange it for a pair of running boards. The dealer wanted to charge us $1K for the dealer added on!!! What a scam! We bought the FJ and bought an aftermarket running boards instead. Now, her FJ is completely accessorized.

    If anyone need after market running boards, don't bother going to the dealer. They will scam you.

    I found these boards on the internet...
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    finally someone that knows how to buy a new car.... everyone paying 30,000 is crazy..... the sticker on the window is what the dealership placed. go to consumerreports and purchased the new car buying kit.... then go to edmunds and get a rough idea. you have to know the true cost of the fj to the dealership then contact the dealerships through the internet departments... it seems that this car is hot and they are just simply pushing the price up just like when the mazda miata came out..
    if ready to purchase, contact dealerships 4 days before the end of the month and if you go inside... take print outs of the true cost for dealerships to get the car in their lots .... dont simply run in and accept 30k otd...........thats not what this car is worth or what everyone should be paying for.. good luck.
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    the FJ should be selling around 23,000 for the fully loaded package. these dealerships are asking for 28,000.. saw a yellow one in santa ana mall today for 24k .... i am going to check it out tonight to see what is the deal. no matter what you are planning to buy... wait untill the last 4 days of the month before you get into it......good luck..
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    ok the truck sale numbers for june are out. -25% combined for the FJ 4RUNNER AND SEQU. maybe now these dealers will settle down on the FJ prices and actually be consumer oriented and match the actual price they should be selling these trucks. good luck.
  • suz4suz4 Posts: 1
    What dealer did your sister go to - I'm in North Cal and most won't budge under 29500 out the door! :confuse:
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    i am simply angry at all the dealerships and their attempts to make a huge profit margin. while all of us allow them to do this. at least the june numbers show that toyota sales are hurting in the suv market. go to and purchase your fj through here. dont add any options and if you need the electronic rear dif lock... inv. 272.00 msrp 340.00 i really dont think any of these fj come equipted without power windows.

    here is the basics. 4X2 FJ GS model 22,810 20,820
    4X2 FJ SE model 22,805 20,815
    4X4 FJ SE model 24,395 22,262
    4X4 FJ GS model 23,990 21,891

    so since i dont understand what the se or gs .. if i was looking into a 4X4 i would order the SE model with the electronic rear dif lock as the only option.... i would gamble to believe that since its the se the power windows should be standard .. along with othere options that the dealer tries to get us to pay these ridiculos prices. remember when the miata came out... that was an example of what is going on with these dealers and the FJ i hope that since the sales are really low, they will get their act together and decide to be customer friendly and want repeat business. no one wants to be taken for a ride when buying a car. good luck to all.
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    i recomend going through and purchasing this way. they show the rebate discount on the price and you get a no hassle purchase deal. try it out and post your expirience. i believe this is the best way to avoid paying those 28k to 30k for a car listed at @23k plus tax, lic. good luck
  • moshermosher Posts: 6
    Hey All:
    Just bought an 07 this past weekend. MSRP: 30,004. Convenience package + Option #1 with running boards, floor mats, wheel locks. Got it out the door for $29,000..
    Not bad. Looks like the dealers are starting to show a little flexibility here.
  • Hi, i'm in the market for a 4x4 auto FJ. i'm not in a rush to buy. is there any benefit to waiting towards the end of the year, or should i just wait for the end of the month like some here have advised? thanks in advance for the input.
  • I just bought an 07 FJ Cruiser 4x4 with Convenience, Curtain Shield Airbag, Upgrade Package #2, Vehicle Shield Package, Extra Mile Option Package A, Dealer Tinted Front Windows, pretty much fully loaded except for no leather seats.

    MSRP $32,065
    Bought it for Invoice minus 2% Holdback - $28,343

    That was by just telling them up front that is what I was willing to pay.
  • Where are you located Brian? I am assuming there's some pricing variance depending on location. If you got your FJ from a nearby dealer, I might be able to use that for comparison/negotiation.

    Invoice less 2% sounds like a great deal in any case.

    BTW, what is the Vehicle Shield Package and the Extra Mile Option Package?

    Any way, congrats on your new FJ.
  • I'm in North Dallas Texas. Actually from Orange County, moved here 2 years ago. In any case if you go to under new vehicle inventory it showed 380 FJ cruisers in the DFW area. In your case I would recommend talking to the internet sales manager at Toyota of Rancho Santa Margarita, I bought two Toyotas from them 2 years ago and they gave me a great deal then. shows 14 FJ Cruisers at that location. Keep in mind they need to get these sold before Sept/Oct when the 08 models rush in. 08 models are already sitting in the toyota lots at port, waiting for the dealers to clear their inventory first. Vehicle Shield Package basically is a wax/polish coating that they apply and give you a free bottle to continue applying twice a year to keep the paint healthy. But it does give you a free rental car when your vehicle is being worked on at the dealership! The Extra Miles package is really nice because its really more of an accessories package with all weather mats, arm rests, roof rack, receiver hitch and wiring, spare tire cover, wheel locks, rear cargo mat, road hazard tire coverage, road side assistance. Some vehicles have alot of these options and the total price of the options comes close to the same package so you might as well get the package and have the additional features especially the receiver hitch setup. The pin stripping is a nice little touch as well, its a suttle silver strip on my Voodoo Blue FJ. Btw I got the Predator Step Boards instead of the Rock Rails, seems to have the same functionality of the rock rails yet has steps integrated so its a big plus, especially since I plan to install a Rough Country 3" lift kit.

    Vehicle Shield Package
    Lusterizing Sealant
    Sound Shield
    Sealant Cleaner
    Rental Car Assistance

    The Extra Mile Option Package A
    Custom Tape Stripe
    Passenger Arm Rest
    First Aid Kit
    All Weather Floor Mat Set (5 Pc)
    Receiver Hitch / Wire Harness
    Roof Rack
    Wheel Locks
    Spare Tire Cover
    All Weather Floor Mats
    Rear Cargo Mat
    Road Hazard Tire Warranty
    (3 Yrs/36,000 Miles)
    Roadside Assistance (3 Yrs/36,000 Miles)
    The Extra Mile Service Rewards Program
    (5 Yrs/60,000 Miles)
  • Thanks Brian. Sounds like it's pretty loaded. And a lot of fun!

    I think I'll take some people's advice and wait for the end of the quarter (Sep) and check back with the dealers then. Hopefully, they will be more open to steeper discounts. Something like this is worth waiting for anyway.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    While the knowledge of people buying a car has improved enormously in the last 10 years dealers have still stuck to outdated selling tricks to extract extra money from customers using pseudo offer/demand capitalistic practices (I will say crook techniques). The selling of the FJ Cruiser is an example. Why charge more than the MRSP when at this price the dealer is already making a profit. Why does Toyota support this practice when its forecasting department already knew there was a lot of customer demand for this vehicle?
  • I am thinking of buying an FJ. I just drove one and love it. Currently I have a Wrangler and they are night and day. I do have an infant and the suicide doors are handy. Thier seems to be plenty of room back there and the vehicle is safe. I was just wondering if anyone has children and how versatile the Fj is for children? Any input would help?
  • I was thinking of buying an FJ. I live in CT. Any haggling room and/or how much are people paying for new ones?
  • I am the proud owner of a 2008 FJ Cruiser—option #2 off road package:
    Bilstien shocks, BF Goodrich High wall tires, centrifugal pre-filter, rear differential lock, and of course the standard convenience package. (power this that tints back up senser you know)
    MSRP 28,185
    paid 25,165 plus lowjack $599 - ext warrenty 5yr/100000ml $1000 plus tax and reg
    ended up around 27,650 with out looking it up exactly. A1 toyota
    I’ve had it for less than two months my three and a half year old loves it as much as I do. But, you will need to slide the front seat forward to buckle up the car seat properly otherwise it has been no trouble at all. Oh yea the only request my wife had when we decided on the ( best off road grocery getter) fj cruiser was a set of tube steps so she could get in more easily. A small price to pay though it does defeat the purpose of having such great ground clearance.
  • Thanks for the input. I was planning on the side steps just in case I let my wife drive it.
  • I live in south jersey
    but I probably get the truck in central jersey area since I grew up there.

    I am looking for a Sandstorm
    Off-rd package
    please Enhance Convience Package that includes the Roof-Rack, Hitch and Tire Cover

    msrp is like $29,400..

    what do you guys think i should get it for? $26 maybe??
    Need help on this asap!!
  • The days of taking $3 or $4 k off of the price are over, especially on foreign cars. Realistically you'll probably be around 27,500. I'm going to the dealer today to price one (in CT) and I'll let you know how I make out. I think I want thesame options except the roofrack.
  • i got a qoute on a Brick color in south jersey
    for like $26124 I believe.
    It is exactly what I want on the FJ but color blows!
  • moose9moose9 Posts: 1
    We put a deposit on a Toyota a few months ago. I now know I'm not the only one getting the run around.
  • We have 2 children, ages 2 & 5. The FJ works great with kids. Especially like the easy to clean interior--no carpet! Would recommend the running boards. Those make it much easier for the kids to climb in & out.
    Would not be able to fit 3 car seats in the back, but 2 are a good fit w/ room for me in the middle. A little hard to get in & out of in crowded parking lots; the door swing requires more room than a typical car in order to open the rear doors. But our whole family loves this car.
  • I was buying an FJ with the off road package. Sticker was 28,600 and I had them down to 26,300 with the hitch(375). No roof rack. They are noisy and if you are not going to use it don't waste the $$. I was going back to the showroom to give them a deposit and ended up with a leftover 4 Runner.
  • Hi. I'm looking at a new 2007 FJ Cruiser 4x4 with the convenience package. List is $26,624. I received a quote of $21,900. It sounds like a great deal, but I'm wondering if I can get them down a bit more since it's a 2007??? Any thoughts, comments or advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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