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Toyota FJ Cruiser Prices Paid



  • pwb1pwb1 Posts: 6
    i want to come down from canada to buy a fj. hoping to find a good deal to make it worth while having to pay all the tax on it when i get it back here...any good places to look?
  • pwb1pwb1 Posts: 6
    that sounds pretty reasonable for a new one...thats around the price i"ve been finding for used ones they have any used ones at that dealership? i'd be interested.. has to be auto with 4x4
  • zenpunkzenpunk Posts: 3
    I bought mine from a private seller, it had 15k on it. He bought it for a little over 24k, but probably had about 40k in it after installing after-market stereo equipment, TRD exhaust, struts, shocks and brakes, cold air intake, and rock rails. He wanted to sell it before the end of the year, and had just bought a 335 twin turbo bmw. So I got it for a little under 24k. All I can say, is I had the luck of the Irish going for me, when we went looking.
  • mrcdmrcd Posts: 2
    Any recent buying experience buying FJ in Texas?
  • How about anywhere, so we can get a sense of the market at this time. The market is much different than a few months ago. I talked to one internet sales guy in PHX and was quoted $500.00 below invoice on a 4WD manual w/ convenience package. Plus a $369.00 infamous dealer prep charge! AAARGH!! on talk like a pirate day.
  • Hi, this may be helpful... I just bought the limited edition and got several thousand dollars off sticker. I live a bit North of Los Angeles in Ventura County and there is lots of stock out here in colors and package configurations. The TT I got is the only one I've seen out here on a lot though. Good luck--I LOVE my FJ!, and hope you find what you want.
  • I just bought an FJ from the dealer you mentioned in PHX. The dealer prep is actually $399. Got mine for $400 below invoice plus various rebates totaling $1300. The dealer in Tucson would not even call me back when I tried to get them to match the price or come close. If you do buy, drive it before you sign, I drove one and then bought another because I wanted skid plates. The tires had flat spots from sitting on the lot, they wound up replacing all four tires. Over all good experience.
  • lp3lp3 Posts: 1
    Though I don't have it yet cuz its coming from somewhere else, I ended up getting a 4x2 Black Diamond with Convenience and Upgrade Pkgs for $486 for 60 months. That is a 1.9% APR special after it was priced around $30k + fees and after I put $9k down plus $3k they gave me for my worn-out 4Runner. Hopes this helps someone.

    I was such in a hurry to get out of there that I forgot to get a copy of all numbers at the end. So I may come back here and repost the right numbers.

    Also, I may have forgotten to ask about the $2k factory rebate which I just saw it might be even a better deal. I have a strange feeling that they didn't tell me about the rebate....well I believe I still have time to hassle them back at their game as I dont even have the truck yet.....Other than all that, I test drove a similar Yellow-Lemon and I felt like a kid inside a Tonka!
  • JPN1JPN1 Posts: 3
    The local Toyota Dealership has just posted a 5K rebate on FJs. It may only be in the SE Toyota Distributorship area (GA, NC, SC, AL & FL). Most FJs can be had for 6K to 8K off MSRP. Go to, put in ZIP Code 28806 for Asheville, NC, select Jim Barkley Toyota, then select FJ Cruiser, and it will show MSRP and selling price for all of the 10 FJs in Stock. Note: you can check dealer stock for any toyota model in these 5 Southeasten states by putting in a ZIP Code where a Toyota dealer is located in these five Southeastern states. Hope this helps.
  • JPN1JPN1 Posts: 3
    The 5K is not a rebate it is actually "Marketing Support" to the dealer on 2008 FJ Cruisers that the dealer can use anyway seen fit. This should be available nationwide subject to individual dealer participation. You can go to, then, incentives and see all rebates, finance offers and marketing support available for all vehicles.
  • With the suposed sales meltdown...anyone care to share what "out the door" prices currently are?
  • bperunbperun Posts: 4
    Not many 2008's left on the lots and I think they are still holding deliveries of 2009's. Anyone getting pricing less than $3K off of MSRP?
  • Does anybody recommend purchasing the extended warranty (platinum) on a certified pre-owned FJ Cruiser? This is beyond the certified warranty that covers just the powertrain 7yr/100k.
  • dsrtrat2dsrtrat2 Posts: 223
    My purchasing was put on hold, but am now seriously looking for a 4 WD, automatic and find very little inventory, and laughable pricing. Someone, somewhere must be hungry to deal, but where? Let me hear of some real world prices, please.
  • Anyone knows when the '10 model will be available?
  • xmoustcxmoustc Posts: 12
    2010 Fj has arrived. But it seems that most dealer are very firm on their pricing.
  • Hi. I just became interested in a new car. Looking at an FJ or a 4dr Wrangler. I like the Jeep, but I feel more comfortable with Toyota quality. I figured I'd see what prices people have been paying, but if anyone is buying FJs right now, they're not putting their prices in this thread!

    Just looking at the Toyota site, a 2010 with M/T, convenience pkg, and upgrade #2 (Toyota's language) puts an FJ at a little over $33k. Ouch. I feel like this is actually worth about $28k. Then again, goods are worth what people will pay for them, so ...

    I'd love to see some recent purchase prices if anyone has info to share.
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    edited April 2010
    Well, we just bought a '10 silver FJ Auto in Arizona with convenience pkg, upgrade #2, roof rack, tow pkg, pass armrest and mat set, MSRP at 32887, for 29925, which is the invoice price...according to my research, they had less than $500 dealer holdback incentives at all, and I looked everywhere before I bought.....unfortunately, the FJ did not qualify for the 0% financing.......they only had two on the lot, the silver one and a white one. Fleet manager said they were hard to come by, which is why the incentives are nil...but we were thrilled with the deal....and you currently get two years/25k free maintenance, which includes synthetic oil on the FJs!
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    As an addendum to post #210 (since I've been asked), go to Tims Toyota in Prescott, AZ and ask for the fleet manager. He'll take great care of you...he's honest, has integrity, and doesn't play games....we've bought three vehicles from them (they also sell GMC, Pontiac, Subaru, Hyundai) and wouldn't consider going anywhere else. BEST dealership I've ever bought none.
  • i have 07 fully load with extra 35,000 miles leather extended warrenty and platum package i paid 48,000 for it in march 07 for 22,5oo lift tires :)
  • I guess I am lucky, I bought my 2011 FJ at Serra Toyota in Farmington Hills Michigan, I bought mine for well below sticker, hey, they want to sell you a car, but were very respectful and shot from the hip, plus I also recieved the 2 years free maintainance plan with it. No complaints
  • cwfootcwfoot Posts: 1
    I bought a 2011 FJ in KC, MO , paid 29,500 on a sticker price of 32,600
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I have an option to purchase a 2007 4x4 FJ with the upgraded wheel, stereo, backup, running boards with 83k miles for $17k.

    This is from an owner and most prices for similar specs from a dealer look to be around $19k.

    Anyone have opinion on if this is a good offer?

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