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Kia Rondo



  • acwangacwang Posts: 1
    I bought a Kia Rondo last year in Buffalo, NY. The all season tires weren't very good in the snow so I purchased a set of 4 Blizzak WS-60 snow tires.

    These work great but now I'm relocating to California and won't need the snow tires any more. They have only 1k miles on them. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to sell these tires locally in Buffalo.

    Let me know. thanks.
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    Hello all!
    We bought our 07 EX V6 Luxury in mid Aug 2007, having traded a 1998 Legacy AWD wagon on it.
    After 11 months and 16,000 kms (10,000 miles), we have to report that the Rondo has been the MOST reliable vehicle we have ever owned (out of a Honda, Subaru, 2 Fords, a Chevy, a Dodge and a Mitsubishi). Only a stubborn Check Engine Light when the car was new (just needed to tighten the gas cap more).
    Fuel economy remains 33mpg highway (Imperial gallon, 4.54 litres) with 2 adults, 2 kids and a load of luggage, and 25-26 mpg Imperial around town.
    It went through a snowy winter quite well, but we did fit it with studded winter tires on steel rims.
    All in all, a great car for a family!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    In the C/D September issue, it says that the Rondo will get the same power increase on the 2.4L engine as the 2009 Optima is getting--up 13 ponies to 175. Also, this engine on the Sonata with 5AT gets better FE than the 162 hp engine on the Optima (also with 5AT), so maybe the Rondo will benefit there also.
  • Hey guys, FYI. If it has been posted somewhere else before or is not relevant to your model, just disregard
  • go59go59 Posts: 9
    Just purchased an 08 EX V6. One thing I've never been able to pin down is if the US models lack the traction control system (TCS), which is advertised on the Canadian side, or if it is simply considered part of the stability control system (ECS).


    - Greg -
  • go59go59 Posts: 9
    They report the 2.7L will have 192 HP, 184 Ft/lbs torque. This goes along with the previously reported increase on the 2.4 to 175 HP.

    They also noted a navigation system as an option. Don't know where that would slot into the dash.

    - Greg -
  • Hi - I realize that this is an old post.....but wanted to get my 2-cents in. We also purchased an 08 Black Cherry w/Black interior - and the mats are, my assumption is that you somehow got the wrong mats.

    We first purchased an 08 Urban Grey for me......we loved it so much, that we bought the Black Cherry model only a couple of months later. We are very, very happy with the Rondo!
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    My 07 EX, which is Urban Grey and very classy looking, has the grey/black interior with black carpet. The floor mats are grey.
  • go59go59 Posts: 9
    As near as I can tell:

    07 to 08

    - "fingers" in front cup holders
    - cargo light
    - side clips for 3rd row seatbelts
    - front ash tray (at least photos of 07s have a plastic cover in front of the up holders which could conceal one. Never bothered to check when I looked at one. Seamless plastic on the 08s)
    + audio-in, 12v socket in center console
    ~ parking brake release changed from hand to foot operation

    08 to 09
    + more HP, torque in both engines
    + second row seats recline 180 degrees (see Canadian brochure)
    + Sirius radio
    + DVD, nav options

    Anything I missed? Got wrong?

    - Greg -
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    depends on which country you are comparing, as there are different standard features between Canada and the US. Also depending whether its a LX or a EX. For example the Canadian LX '09 has alloy wheels, but in the US it has steel rims and hub caps. This was based on a comment from another forum who has driven a rented '09 LX Rondo in the US.

    Its hard to check specifically as the US website still has '08 info only. The US is way behind on '09 info, in Canada there is many '09 on lots and very little '08's left. My dealer had only one left a week ago.
  • Wondering how pervasive this problem is. I'm skipping the long story of me ending up with the tan/beige interior that I didn't really want.

    I know that nothing has been spilled on the seats, but the slightest rain drops seem to leave a grayish stain on the "premium" cloth seats as if something is soaking through from the padding underneath.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    07 EX 4 cylinder 5 seat.
  • It probably won't help you now but I have the same cloth seats on my 07 EXV6 and as soon as we bought the car I sprayed the whole interior with Scotch Gard. I used two cans and covered everything twice. To this day, over a year of ownership, nothing has stained the seats including spills from my grandsons juice box and coffee from my wife.

    I use an auto upholstery cleaner and everything wipes right up. The interior looks as good now as the day we bought it.
  • Does anyone have a problem with the inside of the windshield fogging/icing up?
    I've played with different settings on the controls including the on/off switch for the air recirculation. During a humid summer day the inside will fog up ... on a cold winter day it will ice up.
    Any help will be appreciated.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    seems to me that the "defogging logic" is turned off, you can reset it and see if that helps. Check your manual for details, its on section 4 page 80 in my '08 manual (Canadian model)
  • Thanks but I tried that already. My manual says when thet switch is "on" the light will be lit and it recirculates the inside cabin air. When it's off the light is off and it gets the air from the outside. Either position I still have the problem. Have tried playing with combinations with the rotary dial for heater controls and the switch.
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    not sure whether you have manual or auto air, mine is manual and a/c light only comes on automatically in the foot/defrost or full defrost position - the recirculating light does not come on, unless you press the button. The a/c light can be turned off in either of these positions by pressing the button or it will turn off automatically if you turn the knob to any of the other positions on the dial.

    I've had the problems you mentioned but its always cleared up without much problem. Make sure the air filter (cabin) is okay as it may require cleaning or replacement depending on the conditions where you live. Check all your outputs as indicated in your manual and make sure you getting full air flow with each one.

    (this forum is a pain when it makes no provision for you to provide your location or details on what you drive so that it shows with each posting, also not providing any signatures or avatar - way behind the times - they keep saying changes are coming but nothing materializes)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    FWIW, I can see your location and some other info by just floating the mouse pointer over your name in your posts. And I can see details on what cars you drive by just clicking on your name. Personally I prefer that approach to having all that info with every post, and I think signatures and avatars are clutter that get in the way of the content of the discussions. But it's easy to copy/paste a signature and even an image with your avatar into each of your posts, if that is something you like to do. Just proves the old saying, "You can please some people some of the time..." etc. :)
  • Thanks ... I'll give that a shot.
  • If I purchased a Canadian 2009 Rondo V6 would I have these similar featues of my current 2002 Honda Odyssey EX? namely, front & rear heaters and controls for the rear passengers for the heat & A/C. Hit cement post when backing up with no depression, just a few scratches (2 kms/hr). Good for 500,000 kms. I have 215,000 on Odyssey. Do not have fog lights; but would want separate switch as they blind coming at me. A friend has 3 Rondos in family. Our daughter just bought one (4cyl).
    Would want factovr tint. The BIG problem would be the squeezing the large storage space I currently have.for exanded trips. (2 people & piles of luggage including 2 sewing machines {not business}). Maybe I'll have to stick with my current size vehicle for next purchase. Retired senior.
  • Headlights stay on (as a running light) when motor is running for all Canadian vehicles; this is the law; not so in the USA.
    My headlight bulbs have never needed replacing in the 214,000 kilometers I have had my 2002 Honda Odyssey. Will this be the same for the Rondo?
  • I just bought a used Rondo from an auction, and yesterday I noticed that it doesn't have a spare!

    Can anyone tell me if there's anything special I need to look for, or will a spare from any Kia fit?

    BTW, it's an '07 EX 4-cyl model--great deal :shades:
  • Spare tire size T125/80D16

    I'd try checking salvage yards.
  • I know this may sound weird, but did you think to go to a local Kia dealer and order a new spare tire? That may save you time and money rather than searching all over the place...
  • My last five or six cars, the spare tire never set foot on pavement. If you travel in unpopulated areas often, I would worry about having a spare tire. Just my opinion. (Knock on wood)
  • aalsherriaalsherri Posts: 68
    I bought a new 2008 Rondo. The check engine light starts at about 400 miles even before I filled it with fuel.
  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    A typical problem with many new cars. Our Rondo experienced this too, but we realized it was simply a loose gas cap - you must turn the cap at least 3 "clicks" for it to seal properly. It may take a couple restarts for the light to go off.
    Problem solved.
    We love out Rondo after 18 months and 25,000 kms - you will love yours!
  • tsm280ztsm280z Posts: 30
    If re-tightening the gas cap doesn't help you should have the trouble code pulled.
    I've heard a lot of complaints about the mass air flow sensor being defective on new models.
  • daddioof4daddioof4 Posts: 50
    I just recently purchased a used 2008 Rondo with 13,414 miles. When I got it, it only had one key fob. Does any one know how to program a new Fob? Thanks in advance for any useable input.
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    Every new car magazine and even the fliers I am getting from Kia with all the new 2010 vehicles Not one of them include any mention of a 2010 Kia Rondo. Is it because it may not be produced anymore? Is the new Sorento going to take over the Rondo's spot? Does anyone have any information on this?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Interesting. The Rondo is based on the Optima, and the Optima will be redesigned for 2011 MY. Maybe something new is in the works??
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