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Toyota Camry Hybrid: Ordering Process



  • tomjctomjc Posts: 18
    That sucks, thanks for suggestion. I just talked to a Ca. dealer and they said it might be feasible to ship the vehicle to Nevada for delivery, the sales person is going to check on doing this and the cost involved.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    My XLE 4 cyl with the gas gauge on E and zero range (actually -5 miles by the time I got gas) yielded 2.4 gallons left in the gas tank. It's not just a TCH miscalculation.
  • Spoke to my salesman on 6/6 and my TCH not due in until 6/15. I live 130 miles away and my girlfriend lives pretty close to the dealer I ordered from. My own local dealership were a pain to deal with and that's why I am so far from home. :mad:

    Anyway, we had an early dinner and decided to drop by the dealership just as they were closing and right there, in all it's own glory was a magnetic gray 07 Camry on the lot. Chrome grill? THAT'S MY TCH! :blush:

    The sales manager let me take her for a ten minute test ride (we took 15) and I'll go back in on Monday (they are closed Sunday) and sort out my trade in nd the paperwork.

    Have to say I was very impressed with the test drive. :P
  • tomjctomjc Posts: 18
    ozarkgolfer, did the mag gray look as good as the pictures you've seen of it?
  • umpire63umpire63 Posts: 19
    I have orders in at two dealerships for a loaded Desert Sand Mica TCH. One dealer was slow on the uptake, so I went to another. The problem is that the second dealer is even slower, and the first has improved its communication.

    The first dealer now says I'm #1 on their list and the car should arrive in either a week or a month. The second dealer hasn't said anything.

    Many people here know when their car is allocated, on what boat it's coming, and its entire history. How does one get that kind of detailed information???? :confuse:
  • Mag gray is very classy and unlike one or two others, I'm keeping my hybrid badges on the car.

    First drive thoughts....smooth, excellent pickup and and it's amazing to feel the gentle pulse when the engine shuts off and you glide on electric power!

    Truck is small after hopping out of Explorer, but I have an aerodynamic top box for the times I need to travel out of state with the kids on golf trips. Other times it looks like it can easily accomodate our clubs.

    ETA at the dealership is 8am on Monday morning!! :D
  • tomjctomjc Posts: 18
    ozarkgolfer, thanks for the excellent report. Sounds like your in the final stretch to having that baby parked in your garage.

    I have two deposits on the mag gray, one is due to arrive at the end of the week at a California dealer. I live in New Mexico where sales tax on autos is around 3% , and 0% on hybrids. If I take delivery of this car in Ca. I’ll be hit with a 8% use tax since I have to drive on Ca. streets to get it back home. So they may be able to transport the car to Reno, NV for a few hundred dollars where I can take delivery and avoid driving it in Ca. Otherwise, there’s a 4 month wait at my local dealer where I’m 15th on a wait list.

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    In all Toyota's I've had when the warning light comes on - or the trip meter goes to zero in the case of a Chrysler LHS - there is about 2-3 gal left in the tank as a reserve. It's been like this since the late 80's. The trip meter since the the mid-90's.

    With my four previous 4c Camry's I could drive about 70 miles with the light on ( have done it once as a test and twice because I was in a hurry :blush: ).
  • anniemfuseanniemfuse Posts: 66
    This is frustrating, isn't it? This is what I have learned so far.

    1) Each region is different. Some have info online about actual inventory e.g. SET (southeast territory). Others don't, like my region (Ohio-Michigan-Kentcuky-Tennessee). The ports are different for the different regions and the time in F status and G status is different in different regions.

    2) Each dealership operates differently. More importantly, salesman at each dealership operate differently. Some openly share some of what they know. Some don't share. Some don't know. Many salesman don't even know some of the information shared openly here such as what percent of their regions TCHs come with Package 1, Package 2, and Package 3. I have had salesmen tell me that "Georgetown isn't making the TCH very fast right now" [not true; all TCHs come from Japan until Georgetown starts TCH production in ~November]. Usually the sales manager has a lot more info than the salesman. Probably from a sales perspective, you don't want to give away all the secrets and you want to avoid setting high customer expectations when there are a number of factors beyond your control. It's better to tell someone their car is here early than it's coming later than expected. And these guys are trying to keep up on 14 models simultaneously, not just the Camry, let alone the TCH. They also don't know how avidly you want the TCH or whether you might be convinced down the line to take a car with different options or color.

    I think the only way to deal with all of this as a customer is to inform yourself as fully as you can (and want to). Sometimes a salesman will open up more when they realize you have a little bit of "insider" information. We are very fortunate to have the sharing of information here. The other thing seems to be to try to figure out who is giving you the straightest story and reward that behavior by being straight with them and buying from them unless they just can't deliver what you want at the right price in the right timeframe.

    I too am awaiting anxiously for my TCH. I think my current 1993 Camry knows I am about leave our relationship. I've had three service visits to the tune of $420 in the last 12 days. I'd like to not have any more before selling it.

    How do I get [port date, F or G status, etc] ?

    As njerald would tersely reply, ask your dealer.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    In all Toyota's I've had when the warning light comes on - or the trip meter goes to zero in the case of a Chrysler LHS - there is about 2-3 gal left in the tank as a reserve.

    My biggest concern is does the tank only hold 17 gallons if you take time to keep squeezing gas in, in other words is it full when it kicks off. It seems to kick off and I only get a couple of tenths in while topping it off so that you should assume it's full (17 gallons). However on my company Ford Explorer, when the nozzle kicks off I can actully squeeze (very slowly and short bursts) 4.3 gallons more in the tank. That's the only way to get it full, up to what the rated capacity is. It's been like that since new (81,000 miles)
  • My 04 Explorer is supposed to have a 21 gallon gas tank. I routinely drive it 20 miles (a little more than a gallon of gas) past '0' miles to empty. I can then put in 21.8 gallons!!!!

    Looks odds on that I'll trade it in on the 07 TCH tomorrow morning so the game starts anew!
  • umpire63umpire63 Posts: 19

    Thanks for the response. At both dealerships with whom I am working (in the Midwest), the salespeople know very little. At both they believe the car is already manufactured in the states, and on has twice said they had a TCH they could trade with another dealer for the style I want, but that turned out to be false.

    It IS frustrating! :)

    And like you, I think my '02 Avalon knows it's about time. It needs new tires, and I hope my TCH comes before I have to put them on!
  • My 04 Explorer needed tires a month into my order for the TCH and I just could not drive on bald ones and have good feelings selling it that way. I also knew the dealer would target the tires as a price lowering area. New 16" rubber was $120 a tire. Ugh!

    My local tire dealer had four "take-offs" that were only about 20% used and I paid $120 all inclusive. ;)

    Just picked up my TCH this morning. I am extremely pleased so far. :blush:
  • umpire63umpire63 Posts: 19
    My local tire dealer had four "take-offs" that were only about 20% used and I paid $120 all inclusive.

    I'm afraid I will have to do this, also. I know I'll take a hit on the tires, but even considering that, I will be ahead on the trade. I just hate to put any more money in it, but I may have to.

    Oh, well!
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    You can probably buy a set of tires and wheels on eBay for your Expo for less than what you're paying for tires. I've done this for my 350Z, (2) F150's and my Expedition.
  • Okay, so it's like Toyota saying to the owners over the years "you toucha my 2.5 gallon reserve and I make-a you feel uncomfortable..." LOL

    Maybe they've figured something out about engines, that the less people push it to low levels of gasoline the better it is for the fuel intake/injection system.

    Who knows.

    But my Benz is pretty much dead nutz on speed, mileage, and miles left on tank vs. fuel level vs. actual tank volume.
  • spiff72spiff72 Posts: 179
    I have been trolling ebay to see what kind of TCH's are showing up there, and I stumbled upon this one: -MET-ASH-LEATHER-NAVI_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6017QQihZ002QQitemZ4647410782QQ- rdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

    It made me grumpy. This is the exact car I want, in one of the two colors I want (gray or blue), the bid is currently at $33,750, and this hasn't met the reserve price.

    The sticker price (he states it clearly in the auction) is $30,589. That is a $3,161 markup, and even that isn't enough!


    I had to chuckle at the description of the car and his reasoning for the markup...
  • balithaibalithai Posts: 14
    tomjic wrote: -I have two deposits on the mag gray, one is due to arrive at the end of the week at a California dealer. -

    Wow, I just logged back in after a vacation - lots of folks getting their cars!

    tomjc - whats on your mag grey TCH? I'm in N. CA and still getting told by my local dealer that mag grey with bisque leather is not available in CA. If that's what you ordered and you change your mind on the car - let me know! Maybe my dealer can work a trade! LOL!!

    And kathyinca -- was your "mag grey with bisque" leather? I am trying to figure out how to work with this dealer and still get the car I want!

    Anyone have anyone they can recommed in N. CA to work with?
  • orgalorgal Posts: 27
    I don't know if this makes a difference in your case, but...

    I just bought my TCH last Thursday. I brought in my 95 Explorer to the dealer to check on trade in value. Blue book said $4000, the dealer offered $2000 (said the car was in great shape, but the price was low because of the high cost of gas). I just sold it for $3900 less than 24 hours after posting on Craig's list.

    Why trade in your car when you know that you'll get less than you could by selling it yourself?
  • I bet that is a shill bid for the seller.
  • I did have the Explorer listed on and had zero calls on it for $1000 more than the dealer bought it in for. In the end, I was happy with the trade in dollars I got for my Explorer and avoided the hassle time between selling my old car and waiting for the new one to come in OR buy the new one and have the old one sitting here costing me money whilst I wait to sell it. I owned the Explorer and wanted to pay the difference in cash between it and the TCH and not have to deal with a loan.
  • orgalorgal Posts: 27
    sounds like a great deal for you... Its good to know that happens!
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Blue book said $4000, the dealer offered $2000 (said the car was in great shape, but the price was low because of the high cost of gas

    First off, what are you calling "Blue Book" price. Kelly's has a trade in, a private party and a retail blue book price. On the "trade in" blue book price they also have a condition variable and a lot of dealers around here want to use the fair or good price, never the excellent price. You can look this price up yourself, although there seems to be a book for dealers and a book for consumers. Anyway, look just before you go as the numbers do change. IF the national market is hit because of gas prices that should be reflected in the book price or the going rate. For them to discount it because of gas prices has nothing to do with the book price. People still want good used SUV's and around here $2000 buys you junk.

    The disadvantage I have in WV is we pay taxes on the difference in trade. The dealers know that so you have to deal with that issue.

    However the advantage to this also is when you have a nice ride and dealer is honest, then in my example I traded in an Infiniti FX45 and I got the private party price (considerably higher than trade in pricing) and in effect traded for my loaded TCH for $500, thus my taxes on the deal were only $25. (5% of the difference). Had I wanted to sell my vehicle outright I would have had to sold it for more than $1500 more than the dealer offered just to break even. I got this price against a $589 discount on my TCH ($30589 MSRP)no addons or markups by the dealer
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    want to use the fair or good price, never the excellent price.

    That is the same with CA car dealers. The only time they use the excellent price is when they are selling to you.

    And SUVs are still selling well. Especially the small ones. The RAV4 is Toyotas biggest gainer in sales.
  • anniemfuseanniemfuse Posts: 66
    I am in the incredibly fortunate position of anticipating delivery of my TCH in just a few hours, AND having another dealer call today to say they expect an identical one to arrive tomorrow or the next day (it's in ground status). Someone please go buy this loaded Desert Sand with nav from Vince at Richmond Toyota in southeast Indiana (just west of Dayton Ohio). He has been very decent and very communicative for the several months he has had my deposit. He has even told callers in the last two days that the car was reserved for me even though I told him last Wednesday I thought the other car would come in first. When I heard today that my TCH would be delivered to me tonight, I called Vince back to say thanks but sell it to someone else. He was very professional about that too.

    Counting the minutes....... !!
  • kathyincakathyinca Posts: 8
    I purchased my car in southern California and have a Mag. Gray with bisque it certainly is available.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Why trade in your car when you know that you'll get less than you could by selling it yourself?

    This is a really key point, orgal. If people understood it there would sure be a lot less stress in the 'discussions'.

    Simply put there is a retail market price for any vehicle from about $500 to $50000+. For used vehicles kbb and Edmunds are good guides and are pretty close to the market. The retail sales price is what it is, say $4000 as in your case. You might hold out for a higher price, say $6000, but used vehicles aren't like wine they age quickly ( very quickly, see below ).

    There is about a $2000-4000 difference between the retail price of a used vehicle and the trade-in value. Simply put whoever does the work to sell the vehicle should 'earn' this difference. If you sell it you should make the $3000, if the dealer sells it he should make the $3000. That's basic capitalism. Most people understand this when it's explained clearly without emotion.

    Current market conditions: ( your Explorer for example ) A client had a very nice GMC SUV that he could trade back in April but it had high miles. He opted to try to sell it himself since our trade-in offer was $17000 and he thought he could get about $20000 for it. We guaranteed the trade-in value through 4-30. Last week he asked us to buy it from him outright since he didn't have any firm offers and the 'trade-in' values ranged from $11500 to $13500. Gas price and a glut of people dumping their SUV's for Corollas, Civics, etc. killing the value of most large SUV's.
  • balithaibalithai Posts: 14
    Thanks! Good information to pass along to the dealer!
  • A Barcelona Red in Tacoma listed on craigslist by a dealer. I have no business relationship with this person. ">link title
    Tacoma WA TCH
  • tomjctomjc Posts: 18
    tomjic wrote: "-I have two deposits on the mag gray, one is due to arrive at the end of the week at a California dealer. "-

    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, the deposit in Ca. was for a car with ash leather interior. This was a car they are expecting to arrive in the next few days. Unfortunately the manager of the dealership killed the deal, he said Toyota doesn’t want the TCH's from California dealers to be sold to out of state customers. Also, they already have a local buyer for the car :cry:
    I guess I’m a brut for punishment though because now I have a deposit at another dealer, but in a different state that doesn’t charge sales tax to out of state buyers. I’ve decided to take whatever color I can get as long as it’s fully loaded, this one is titanium metallic. I’ve seen this color in person on a TCH and it looks good, but not as sharp as the mag gray. This car is supposedly “on the truck” and should arrive any day. Got my fingers crossed.
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