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Toyota Camry Hybrid: Ordering Process



  • fullofbeansfullofbeans Posts: 33
    TCH now in Canada. I'm in Ottawa, Ontario. My car came in last night. It just has to be prepped. I ordered my car April 28th. I'll pick up it up this Sat. Now I can be one who answers questions instead of asks!
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Who wants to listen to you, you're fullofbeans :)
  • balithaibalithai Posts: 14
    I hope this isn't a question that has already been answered - I browsed around and didn't see it . . .

    I am interested in requesting a fully loaded Magnetic Grey TCH with Bisque Leather interior. My local dealer (N. Calif) has told me that he checked with Toyota and the Magnetic Grey only comes with the Ash interior for leather. I know that some of you have the MG w/Bisque Leather (thanks for the pics,djpdx1), so is this just a regional issue? Or is the dealer wrong? Or what?

    Also, my understanding is that if I want to take advantage of CA's longer battery warranty, I need to buy a CA car or a car from another CARB state. Is that correct?

  • houtex1houtex1 Posts: 82
    I believe you are correct regarding the battery warranty.
    I have wondered how Toyota can get away with offering different basic warranties from state to state. I'm not a lawyer, but this does not seem right to me.

    As far as color combos go, if you go to and build your own. It will lt you select either bisque or ash color with the magnetic gray exterior. That is not the case for all exterior clors.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,225
    I need to buy a CA car or a car from another CARB state. Is that correct?

    According to the EPA site there is only one emissions ID label for the TCH: 7TYXV02.4HC1
    I believe they would have to honor the additional warranty if the car is licensed in CA or a CARB state.

    I could not find a specific answer on line. Who told you that you had to buy in CA? Someone just bought a new HCH in AZ, and the DMV told them to get a smog check. That is wrong for sure.
  • crockercrocker Posts: 2
    I recently ordered a fully loaded(no sunroof) TCH here in San Antonio, TX and when they presented me with the bottom line they wanted to add the dealer ad min fee about 789ish and I started shaking my head-no. Thanks to previously selling cars I knew better than paying this fee. I told them that I was already giving them 3k+ profit already they will not get another dime or I will walk. They waived it.
  • crockercrocker Posts: 2
    Tell them to take a flying leap. Dont pay em a penny over MSRP(even though this is highway robbery) I ordered mine 10 days ago at MSRP. Coming with NAV, Leather, mats, spoiler--hopefully get in month.
  • balithaibalithai Posts: 14
    My understanding is that the CARB requires the extended warranty from Toyota, not that Toyota just loves Californians! :) And I thought that I had to purchase the car in CA for the CARB warranty based on personal discussions with Prius owners as well as some older posts in these forums (and sorry I cant remember where). I would be very happy to be wrong on that one! Thanks gagrice for the info from the EPA site - I hadn't thought to look there!

    And as far as the color combos, I did do the "Build Your Own" on . When I pointed out to my dealer that using my local zip code I could build a TCH with the color combo I wanted, he told me that there must be a problem because Toyota tells him that I can only get Mag Grey with Ash Leather. That is why I was wondering if it was a regional issue or whether he was just wrong. Anyone know for sure?
  • djpdx1djpdx1 Posts: 30
    My dealer told me my magnetic grey TCH would have an ash interior. When I picked it up it was bisque. I have uploaded a few more pics of a Toyota ship unloading cars--Rav4's mostly--sorry--check it out if you're interested.
    ">link title
  • lungdoc63lungdoc63 Posts: 55
    My dealer told me my magnetic grey TCH would have an ash interior. When I picked it up it was bisque.

    djpdx1 - What are your thoughts on the color combo? Which do you like better with the Mag Grey - leather Bisque or leather Gray???
  • ttnttn Posts: 8
    Hi fullofbeans,

    What took so long? :)
    Same as yours, my TCH arrived at Toronto's dealership 2 days ago and I picked it up yesterday, 12 km odo reading, built date April/06. I ordered on April 19th, Titanium package A. Happy.
    Got little surprise to see front/rear splash guards and wheel locks came as standard for TCH ( website put them as N/A, must be some error from Toyota Canada)
    Btw, about $2,000 Ontario tax rebate for hybrid vehicle, I was told by the dealership that it might take 6 months to 1 year to receive our rebate, the reason is gov wants us to own the car long enough to qualify. We have no deadline here in Ontario.
    Enjoy your new TCH.

  • thanks for the feedback ttn. I'm picking up my TCH tomorrow night. I knew that the wheel locks were being provided. The salesman told me and I saw it in the documentation I got from him. I didn't know the front and rear splash guards were as well. I ordered them and got the dealer to knock of 25 bucks or so. I'll find out what's up with that tomorrow. I'll try getting it for free. Are you sure your dealer didn't add them on? As for the rebate on PST, I spoke with the Ministry of Finance, they told me upto 10 weeks. They were good, called me back and gave info. Royal Ascession was on May 18th. They didn't find out about it till yesterday though. The forms are on the Ministry's site. I believe they refer to it as RST rebate (retail sales tax). BTW - Great Colour Choice. I'll be zooming down the 401 Tues. night going to Hamie and London. I'm sure my car would love to see it's twin. - Be sure to honk. TTFN - Dave and his Electricity Guzzler.
  • I spoke with Toyotacanada. Their service is open to 11pm at night! They told me that splash guards don't come with the A package and they assume your dealer must have thrown them on for free for you. Can you double check? tx. they also confirmed that the wheel locks are standard.
  • rscotts54rscotts54 Posts: 47
    djpdx1 : Thanks for the great pictures.... Now we know where all the Blue Camrys are!!
  • ttnttn Posts: 8
    If you spoke with Toyota Canada then your info must be accurate, dealer throws them in as incentive perhaps, sorry for misleading, so don't knock down your salesman :)
    I recall seeing a 3 Camry '07 LE at the dealership waiting for customer pickup and they all have splash guards on them so I thought it makes sense TCH should have them too and didn't bother to ask at that time.
    My TCH buying experience with this Bramalea Toyota dealership going quite well compared to 2 other bigger dealerships that I visited prior to this one, the Fleet Manager provides professional & haggle-free service, and gives a fair discount on MSRP. On my way out, he gave me a factory touch-up paint tube for future paint chips repairing, little thing like that doesn't cost much to buy one but I like the way the manager treats his customers well.

    Thanks for the update on Ontario tax rebate, glad to hear it now takes only 10 weeks, will send in the form next week. Btw, you are aware of the $100 Fuel Tax Conservation rebate that can be deducted right off your payment to the dealer, aren't you?

    Have a fun and safe trip with your new TCH, will honk when seeing its twin on 401, look forward to your trip mileage consumption.

  • ggav73ggav73 Posts: 31
    Nothing out of ordinary. I called the dealer for the first time on April 29, I placed $500 deposit on my order and I will pick up my base TCH Titanium Metallic Ash interior and heated mirrors tomorrow 06/02. It has also set of mats. Price is 28659, taxes and everything else included. I obtained non-Toyota financing with 5.59% 36 months. Two days ago I checked my dealer's inventory and I saw the car has arrived, as the inventory number on my order was there, on their website. Dealer called me after a while to let me know, but I already knew. Interestingly, the car was present on their web site under inventory until tonight 06/01, now two different TCHs are there, not mine though. I can't wait to experience driving it and playing with all those gizmos. Thank you all for your posts, they made this waiting period tolerable.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Be sure to keep us updated on your driving experiences and fuel economy and some of the special items of interest like the 'feel' at high speed cruising and your perception of some of the unique HSD driving techniques.

    You'll love it I'm sure. Congrats. :shades:
  • timt2timt2 Posts: 1
    This is a great forum. Lots of info. How long does it take after delivery to the west coast port for a car to get to the dealer in the midwest (Illinois)? My dealer says "several weeks". Someone said that it goes by train to a distribution center - where is that? That should only be a few days, then maybe a few more for trucking. Or do they hold them? My sales guy and even the sales manager keep being vague about this but they have given me my VIN number so I think my car "exists".

    It's hard to believe that some dealers put their inventory online and mine doesn't even have an internet site.
  • Hi ttn,

    Yes, I madesure that they had the $100 fuel conservation rebate directly deducted from the fill. Originally the dealer didn't do so. (they acted a little coy) - cheeky little monkeys. I had to remind them a couple of times. I'm very happy with the dealer. I pick the car up in 4 hrs. I got $900 of the MSRP and saved an additional $100 bucks off the options I had included in the purchase.
  • ggav73ggav73 Posts: 31
    Mine came in Midwest in about 3 weeks from arrival in port. It was also the Memorial Day weekend in between, so adjust few days for the holiday as well.
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