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Honda Fit Accessories and Modifications



  • masik03masik03 Posts: 10
    Yes that's what I meant. Glad to see Yakima finally has something for the FIT. Last May they didn't have a listing. Q clips should work fine.
  • I bought a 36"x42" one from JC Whitney, part number ZX183601B and cut the back cross bar about one inch shorter to get the taper of the roof. It installed easily and fits (no pun intended) just fine. It cost about $110. Dick T.
  • jkandelljkandell Posts: 116
    Having used the Fit in my first few months of ownership to transport everything from dozens of landscaping plants to a Queen sized Ikea bed frame to a futon to a Mexican metal bench, I'm realizing the bumper is vulnerable. The official Honda bumper applique goes for $41 (Bernardi). Are there generic appliques that work just as well or even better?
  • bob152bob152 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have just bought a Fit LX, and I was wondering if some one could help me as I want to change speedometer pointer from red to white. or change the background from black to white. Is it possible.....
  • kathy35kathy35 Posts: 1
    how do I make the remote active or passive? just a few days ago it quit making the sounds but it does still lock the doors. I want to hear the one horn for lock and the two horn sounds for unlock again but I am unsure what I did to make it quit and I've never had this problem before PLEASE HELP A GIRL OUT
  • fitluverfitluver Posts: 198
    how do I make the remote active or passive? just a few days ago it quit making the sounds but it does still lock the doors. I want to hear the one horn for lock and the two horn sounds for unlock again but I am unsure what I did to make it quit and I've never had this problem before PLEASE HELP A GIRL OUT

    They say that if you try to get the beep from the horn, it will NOT go off if you have a door open.

    You might consider rechecking your doors including the trunk hatch.

    Let us know how it turns out.

    Just the other day I randomly hit the button a second time to beep at me and when I didn't hear it, I rechecked a door and it was still open. Even though I am careful, it does happen.

  • pupsullpupsull Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me if there is a trunk release within interior of the vehicle? Also, I have looked and cannot locate anywhere on the exterior hatch a place to insert a key to open the hatch manually.

    What am I missing? Does such a release and key entry exist?

  • fitluverfitluver Posts: 198
    Can anyone tell me if there is a trunk release within interior of the vehicle? Also, I have looked and cannot locate anywhere on the exterior hatch a place to insert a key to open the hatch manually.

    What am I missing? Does such a release and key entry exist?


    You can unlock the trunk in two (possibly 3) ways.

    The two most obvious are double clicking the unlock button on the remote keyless entry/key, and also double clicking the unlock button on the drivers side command/door lock.

    See where the lock button is on the drivers door pad?
    Click it twice in unlock position. (sometiems it is touchy and I gotta hit it three times.)

    That should do the trick.

    I am trying to save the power on the key batteries. So when I lock the car up, I try to just use the drivers lock button.

    (just an unrelated thought)
  • Picked up my Fit this morning and now I need to get a rack installed. I'm looking for some pictures of both the Yakima and Thule racks installed on a fit using clips, especially of the towers and clips where they fit on the car.

    I found the Thule installation instructions on the web and they say the bars have to be 24" apart which is too narrow for my needs. Has anyone installed them further apart. Same question for the Yakima' far can you get the bars apart?


  • masik03masik03 Posts: 10
    The 24" number is a minimum distance I would think. A good rack shop should be able to answer your questions. I dealt with which offered excellent service. Give them a call.
  • aron5aron5 Posts: 3
    Most of the Fits I see around do not have tinted wndows, yet on the official honda fit page, tinted windows are listed as standard for both the sport and non-sport. Is it standard? If not, is it an option? If so, how much does it cost? And how much does it cost to do it at a third party place?
  • jkandelljkandell Posts: 116
    Mildly tinted windows are standard. (If you look carefully at the glass you'll see there's a slight tint in the glass itself.) To tint it further you need to add a tint film. My two cents are to use metal or ceramic film, get a lifetime warrantee against bubbling, and pick a company with good word-of-mouth that's been in business at least 10 or 20 years. There's no point having a lifetime warrantee if they're not around to honor it. Avoid having the dealer do it, they usually just get someone else and take a cut. My Fit cost $165 for metal Formulaone--really cuts the glare and helps lower the heat.
  • jkandelljkandell Posts: 116
    I'm finding it difficult to find a sun shade that fits the Fit's front window. Anyone have any suggestions?
  • My recommendation is a Heat Shield from They are custom cut for each car and way better at keeping my car cool than any other sun shade I've ever used.

    The one for the Fit covers the whole windshield extremely snugly (so snug that I don't even fold my visors down) and also has little wings to cover the little front triangle windows too, and it's both reflective and insulated. The main drawback is that it's bulky when rolled up, and quite long.

    The dealership I bought my Honda from had them in the parts department so it may be worth a trip to the dealer to look. They're about $30 but worth it if you live somewhere hot (I'm in Tucson, AZ, so it's a big deal for me.) The website kind of sucks, but I've ordered from them twice with no problems.
  • jkandelljkandell Posts: 116
    Thanks for the suggestion. I also live in Tucson--so it's a big deal for me too! I wonder if the "Heatshield" you're talking about the same as that sold by H&A? I'm also looking at Covercraft's custom fit UV Shield ($50) that looks similar but with a more solid panel surface (no sagging). Anyone own Covercraft or Heatshield? The generic $5 silver kind at Target worked on my old Echo but the Fit's window is too big, so I'm leery of spending so much but will if it's worth it. Send me a private message, since we're neghbors perhaps I can pop by and see what your's looks like.
  • ajwhet10ajwhet10 Posts: 1
    I'm in Phoenix, about to buy a Fit, and very interested in anything you can tell me about window tint and shades.
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    my dealer had the tint on there addon I'm certainly not going to complain about. Get the darkest you can on every window you can, esp. the rear half of the car.
    oh, I'm in phx too.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I know I'm really late to the party (just catching up on my Fit reading!), but I noticed you are in Canada and bought the keyless entry and security system accessories. So, if you're still hanging around, can you answer the following for me:

    Does the security system covers the hood as well as all the doors and hatch?

    I've read that the system sounds the horn once for lock and twice for unlock. Does it sound the horn if the doors were already unlocked? ie. when you unlock, does it only sound the double-horn once no matter how many times you press the unlock button in succession?

    You mentioned automatic vs manual arming. Were you referring to the system's ability to lock and arm automatically simply by closing all the doors, without having to actually press the lock button?

    Thanks. (Hope you're still around to answer!)
  • Hello!

    I am a new member (been lurking for the last few weeks), and just bought my Fit Sport 5M yesterday. Now it's time to accessorize!

    Any places you fine folks care to shop at? H and A?

  • yenchingyenching Posts: 10
    eBay is the way to go.

    Also CollegeHill Honda is a great company to look at. They also combine shipping and if you are out of state, then no taxes.

    I have purchased so far on accessories for my Honda Fit Sport:

    Cargo Tray
    Cargo Cover
    All Weather Mats
    RearView Mirror
    Gas Lock Cap

    Planning to get:
    Rear Applique

    I just got my Five Window tinting done on the back. 16% is what I have and its simply amazing and easy to see from the inside and looks great when you look from the outside.
  • aron5aron5 Posts: 3
    Doesn't the Fit come with window tint?
  • The Fit does come with window tint, although very, very little. It might be more for uv than anything. As I understand it, each state has different tinting laws, with some states are close to outright banning it. For the Fit to be sold to all states, I would assume that the factory tint was meant to be very light.

    Here in Oregon we can tint to 35%, and I am gettting mine done tomorrow. A great website to learn a little more about tinting (and laws) can be found at

    So while were at it, does anybody know the % that the factory put on the fit?
  • by _nate
    "How much is/was your window tinting going to be? I found a place in Maryland to do it for $220, but if I go to a local car show and pay for it there, I get it for 50% off."

    My quote for tinting was roughly 275. And that is for the high-end "hybrid" tint, for all windows. Make sure that whoever does your windows gives you a liftetime guarantee, and that they have been around for a while. The place I am going to has been in business for 20 years, and I am willing to pay a little more for a quality job with a great guarantee. :D
  • fitdcfitdc Posts: 9
    Have installed Yamaka racks on my Fit. There is a frame member in the roof that is pressurized about four inches in from the rubber trim piece on the roof. Also that is the location of some wiring and the plumbing for the rear washer. Yamaka's capture nuts are very difficult to use, suggest you find better capture nuts or get a handfull of extras from Yamaka before starting the project.
  • doyoufitdoyoufit Posts: 3
    We had a VAN before purchasing our Fit. We had the super big round sun shades that come in two pieces. These are found at Walmart. They worked great in our fit since the window was so tall. I didn't have to purchase any!! Give them a try.. if you don't like them you can always return and get your money back. Just be sure they are the ones that come in two pieces.. not the round ones that are connected. Let me know how it works out!!
  • doyoufitdoyoufit Posts: 3
    I just wanted to check in and see if you still like the arm rest you purchased?? :) Any flaws?? Out of all the arm rest I have looked at.. I like this one best so far. Wanted to double check before I placed my order!! :blush:
  • doyoufitdoyoufit Posts: 3
    As part of our deal to purchase our vehicle we demanded 4 keys. The car came with 2. Ok fine.. Went back next day to get keys cut.. spent 4 hours while waiting on them to cut the new keys.. :mad: no one knew how and they messed up the blanks that they had. Requested that I come back next day. Next day waited only 1 hour and received my extra two keys.. ok now for the kicker.. they did get the two extra keys programed.. BUT... The two extras will work ONLY as REGULAR key to open the door and start the car... but the special buttons for the alarm and unlock/lock don't work.. Why?? Who knows!! :cry: They said the Fit was programed for only 2 keys to be able to operate those systems... But I guess the good news is that I do have 4 keys!! :) I just hope they don't forget the free oil change they said they would give me!
  • havingafithavingafit Posts: 22
    I still love it! In fact, I have a friend who is buying a Fit and I need to be sure to tell him about the armrest. Do you have the website handy...I'm not sure if I still have it. I have had to tighten the armrest once (just recently), but the adhesive felt over the screws easily lifted so I could tighten them. Go ahead and place your order! (and send me the website!) :D
  • jkandelljkandell Posts: 116
    Are these the kind that "twist" or "spring" into shape made of a thin fabric? In Arizona's heat you need additional thick insulation, simple thin fabric doesn't cut the heat much.
  • I know this was an older message, but I just now saw the pics of your seat covers... they look awesome! Can you let me know what website you ordered them thru? I have only found one that has grey and black, I wanted to see if anyone has them in orange, or yellow. Any info would be appreciated.. thanks!
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