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Honda Fit Accessories and Modifications



  • my fit is an '07. and I have no shiny H's at all. now im feeling jipped,,haha..however, our pepboys has honda keychains that are very shiny
  • I bought mine at the end of April 2008 and the 2 keys look exactly alike with a shiny H logo.
  • fitisgofitisgo Posts: 40
    I have 3 08 Fit Sports. I bought the bumper applique from H&A in California for really cheap, about $35 plus shipping or maybe $40. I followed the instructions and installed it on all 3 cars. On 2 of the installs, I did have a couple very small air bubbles, probably 1/16" across. I popped those bubbles with a needle and forced the air out with the scraper tool and you can't even see that threre was evera a bubble. I've seen Honda dealers charge $79 for the same accessory installed by them - don't pay for it, do it yourself and save about $40.
  • Well, i've got this installed and I'm VERY happy with it. Charges the iPod beautifully, and I not only have full control over the iPod, but i have some control over it with the factory stereo. Nice combination! I've got the iPod cable going through the 'blank' in the base fit's console that was reserved for the stock Aux Jack in the sport. I punched out the blank and cut a piece of black velcro to fit nicely over the open hole. The wire passes through that and rests nicely in the open console box right nearby, ready for the iPod to be plugged in. I'm very happy with this!
  • fgeneyfgeney Posts: 15
    I bought my Fit with the accessory 16" rims and still have the original 15" tires, which are still brand new and have never seen pavement... if anyone is interested in acquiring the Dunlop S37 tires (I live in the Boston area), you can email me at geney at comcast dot net. The 15" rims I'm saving for snow tires.
  • Don't laugh, I'm not trying to tow anything with the Fit (though that would look funny!) For my '09 Fit I was hoping to install a 1.25" hitch receiver to mount a bike rack (I do not want a roof rack, nor a 'piggy-back' type of bike rack that clamps to the rear hatch).

    I will check auto parts stores for do-it-yourself kits, and if that doesn't pan out I'll check with the local U-Haul to see if they can install a receiver. I'm just curious if anyone here has ever installed a receiver on their Fit, and how they went about it.
  • I traded in size from a Minivan with a smaller trailer. When I went to get a hitch for the Fit they had to look at the towing specs for the Fit. There are none. The Fit is not designed to tow anything and if you do you can void warranty (I have a 120 k warranty so this was important to me).
    You can get a tow kit for about $150 plus install (total about 200) and as long as you don't have lights hooked up you should be OK with warranty. This car can do this ok but Honda is just covering it rear end (lawyers have won again)
  • I've seen them for purchase from There are a couple of bike rack threads on the fitfreak forums which have pics of the hitch install and rack install.

    The install is supposed to be straightforward so don't pay someone to do it for you.
  • I'm trying to decide between the Base and Sport 2009 Fit. I plan to put a roof rack on either to carry a small cartop aluminum boat(100-200 pounds). Is there a chance the spoiler could be knocked off when loading onto a roof(if for example the Spoiler is welded on)? Anyone have any comments on this?
  • it's bolted on but the only way I knew was I just read your post over at fitfreak.
  • I installed the etrailer drawbar kit #3593 on my 2007 Fit Sport this summer. I have a 1 1/4" Thule bike hitch that I wanted to use. I just drove the right side of the car over the curb so that I would have sufficient clearance for me to get under the car. It took me less than 30 minutes to install. Not a big deal. Just remember to purchase some red or blue lock-tite to insure that the newly installed bolts do not vibrate loose. It was easy.
  • I purchased a vinyl covered armrest (it comes in leather as well) that is a perfect match with the Fit's interior. check out

    I think I paid roughly $115.00 and it was very easy to install.
  • The best aftermarket cruise control are made by Rostra Precision Controls. They plan to have a Dash Mount Cruise kit part # 250-1896 available 9-15-08 through local dealers. This unit will be more expensive than for most cars and will work on AT transmissions only. The street installed price should be $385 to $625.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Thanks for the info. I received a bid from the wood company for 109 Euro or about 159.00 including shipping. My concern was how well the screws went into the plastic cupholder and how well it held. My wife told me to hold off for now as she may want the replacement console which is 300.00.
  • We ordered a 2009 Fit and hope to take delivery in a couple of weeks. I too would like to install a 1.25" hitch for carrying bikes. There are a number of manufacturers that show 2007/2008 Fit applications, and it does look like it would be an easy install - Hidden Hitch provides installation instructions in pdf format. I do caution you that from what I understand, the 09 Fit arrives with a completely new chassis, so it's likely that a hitch for the first generation Fit may not fit an 09. I'd suggest comparing the installation diagram with the rear underbody of the 09 to see if there is enough similarity to be worth taking a risk buying a hitch intended for the older model Fit. I would assume if you don't actually install the hitch, you should be able to return it in it's original packaging.
  • Well, the screws in the cup holder are 3 - 4 inches in length. They really took hold. More importantly, the weigh is not on the back of the arm rest where the screws are, but on the armrest itself. I had it in place for over a year now and have had no issues.
  • Why don't you wire it in to the assessories poztion of the radio, then splite the wire some where add an inline fuse and a switch. its better and easyer to wire in to the wirering that the stock radio uses, than the ignition switch. make sure that you use the regulator or you could have a fire. don't worry about the radio unless you have an aftter market reciever. most people don't know that aftermarket reciever are never the right voltage and resistance, there independence is there for screwy. The best stereo systems out there are wired off the battery as a new circuit.
  • The dealer was going to throw in a pinstripe for free with my 09 blackberry pearl sport. It's black/ silver and has the H honda emblem. Should I get it? I can't decide if I like the way it looks. :confuse:
  • 1.800.688.0221 is the number for Zeta Products which is located in NJ. If you talk to Angelo and tell them you want the armrest for $89.95 he should give it to you for that price. Tha'ts his ebay price. He recommends the nonfolding one which I got and love. Fits in the back cup holder and is secured with 4 screws. Takes 5 minutes to install. The internet address is
  • I am trying to decide if I want to purchase the '09 sport fit and am trying to figure out why they indicate you do not have the option to install a center arm rest. Does it get in the way of the shifter? Unfortunately there isn't a single manual transmission in WA right now so I can't see if we can just buy one off the net and install ourselves. Hoping someone on this forum may know or at least know who I could ask. I'ved asked 4 dealerships and they have no idea.
  • shriqueshrique Posts: 338
    I took delivery of my 2009 a couple of weeks ago and have been reading through the manual slowly. I noticed one little thing that bugs me. The 2009 Canadian Sport and LX come with heated mirrors but the US version does not.

    Does anyone know if that's something that could be retrofitted to a US Spec car? I live in MN and heated side mirrors would be dang handy
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Thanks for the additional info. I may go ahead and order for my wife as a suprise. There are several ways to pay according to the Woods Company quote that I received. Did you pay with paypal or some other one of the other options? Also, what model is your fit? I would think the armrest would fit in all models up to fy 08.
    Again, thanks for the info.
  • I have a 2008 Sports Fit. Is this armrest the one where you lose the use of the rear center cupholder because the armrest fits over it?
  • I have a 2007 Fit Sport with Auto Trans and no you do not lose the rear cupholder when installing the armrest.
  • Yes, the Canadian Sport 09 model has heated mirrors, but we don't get the Navigation system or VSA. Living in Vancouver, I don't really need the heated mirrors but would have liked the Navigation ;-(
  • ccaddyccaddy Posts: 1
    The center arm rest option is only for the auto tranny model only .
    It would interfere with the shifter (man) .
    I guess their way of making it up to you is putting the fold down arm
    rest on the side of the Sport's seat .
  • I bought the armrest based on one of the favorable postings and, although I'm satisfied with the fit, the 4 screws don't really anchor the armrest snugly because they screw into a soft base. I'm thinking of replacing the screws with longer ones but I'm not sure what's further below the surface, whether it's still more soft material. Maybe someone can suggest something better. Also, the posting I relied on said that the rear middle cup holder would still be usable. It's not, because the armrest's bottom fit into the cup holder.
  • gary80gary80 Posts: 4
    I installed a "Hidden Hitch" brand hitch on my 2007 Honda Fit. It took about 20 min, involved removing and replacing about 5 bolts. It could not have been easier. It comes with the incert to attach the ball and it has the correct rise to get the ball to a standard hight. I tow a 200 pound 8 foot trailer with 300 pounds of blacksmithing equipment on city streets without a problem. The wiring comes as a kit and took about an hour to snake all the wires to the right places. Everything just plugs in.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    Sorry to hear that the screws may not hold. Did you get the one from the Wood Company in Italy or another one? The Wood Company armrest was the only one that I have found that will ratchet forward enough for my wife to be able to use it. I have not purchased yet, but was thinking about it.
  • I think it was a local company, not the one in Italy. It was sold on eBay for something like $86 or $89, with free delivery. But the fact remains that the screws are driven into the bottom of the old cup holder which is a bit soft. I'll see if a longer screw will do. I'll you all know.
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