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Addressing the Fit's shortcomings



  • elladineelladine Posts: 9
    thank you so much for your help. guess i can get a hold of them tomorow and tell them i don't want that. even though my car is still 2-3 months from arriving. but i wanna get all that stuff dealt with before it arrives.

    oh yeah and how do you clean an undercarriage anyway? just spray it with water or something?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    Drive-through car washes usually have an underbody spray. That is what I do in the winter since it's too cold to wash the car myself most of the time. A local gas station has an all-cloth self-service wash with an underbody spray for only $5 will gas purchase. Or you can do it yourself with a hose and nozzle--can be kind of messy though.
  • elladineelladine Posts: 9
    cool. well i thank you again so much for your help =)
  • I'm only 5 feet tall so visibility is important. I test drove a Fit and was a bit concerned because of the rear seat head rests in the way. If you are short and have a Fit, do you get used to it or is it a hazard?
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    We don't carry back seat passengers very often, so we've removed them. We keep one in the back seat, the other is in the house.
  • boatfloydboatfloyd Posts: 29
    The center headrest is down very low and I get plenty of visibly between the two outer headrests. boatfloyd :)
  • moonchildmoonchild Posts: 15
    I'm 5'1". I took the headrests off and perfect visability. When I did have them up I had to get used to the very limited view and relied on side mirrors more often. I prefer headrests off though but I don't have passengers usually.
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    Yes, for any potential buyers, take note that the amount of road you see behind you in the rear view mirror is very narrow.

    It drives me nuts when I get in my wife's or mom's car, and the side mirrors are adjusted to see the side of the car. You're asking for trouble!

    When stopped at an intersection, make note of the cars around you in the Rear view mirror. Take the object that is to the most-left in the RV mirror, and adjust your driver's side view mirror so that same part of that same car is in the far right of your side mirror. Then put the the right-most of your RV mirror in the left-most of your passenger's SV mirror. This way you know that you are getting the mirrors as wide as possible while still overlapping with your RV mirror.

    In my Fit I did this, and now when a car approaches from the side, by the time that only the tail lights are in the SV mirror, I can see the nose of the car just out my driver's side window. ELIMINATING THE BLIND SPOT.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    You pretty much nailed it. Blind spots can be eliminated. It's much more effective to use your SV mirrors than always turning your head to check for traffic if they're adjusted correctly. Head rests are irrelavent.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    I can understand short people's concerns with the back seat head rests (being 5'1" myself). It's not the over the shoulder view I worry about - it's the view out the rear view mirror that bothered me - I only see the part of the lane directly behind me, and very little of the lanes on either side, unless they are at least a quarter mile or more behind me. It's not the view of the car right beside me, it's the view (lack thereof) of what's coming behind that car that bothers me. And the fix is simple - remove the rear seat head restraints unless you have someone in the rear seat.
  • sgroffsgroff Posts: 3
    The rear wiper is on the right side of center when viewed from the rear. In operation, it does a marvelous job of cleaning the right 2/3s of the glass. That makes it really useful for those cars sold in Japan and the U.K. but it leaves the left 1/3 of the glass obscured for those of us in the U.S. It looks to me like the wiper on the USA cars was inherited from UK/Japanese markets. I called Honda American customer service line about this but no reply yet.
  • sfinstersfinster Posts: 17
    The rear wiper is right of center on our CR-V, and on our Toyota Sienna. I don't think it's that unusual.
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    All Fit/Jazzes have it this way. I think it is a cost saving measure. Since the wiper base (the hole in the hatch) is not centered, they would have to store two sets of hatches.

    By making just one hatch they reduce inventory...and aggravate one of the two sets of consumers ;)
  • Today I am going to the Suzuki dealer and buying the dead petal for the Aero. Maybe that will fit in my fit.

    I am 6'1" and really think I need this, my foot goes goofy when resting it on the wheel well and if I bend my knees up I have problems with the steering wheel.

    If it works, I will put together an installation package (who knows, maybe I'll start up the website)
  • johnnyvjjohnnyvj Posts: 112
    LOL. It would be slightly embarrassing for Honda if something like that really took off. :D

    Still, you're definitely serving a need, so more power to you. Hope it works out.
  • johnnyvjjohnnyvj Posts: 112
    Having done additional research on the Fit (and having been in several now), and with a couple of months to think about it, I'm going to update my 'Fit shortcomings' list:

    1) Ergonomics, ergonomics, ergonomics. The Fit really does need:

    - a dead pedal
    - a seat height adjuster (manual is fine)
    - a center armrest/console (and w/sufficient storage to hold sunglasses, cell phone, etc.)

    2) Additionally on the ergonomics front, a telescoping steering column would be EXTREMELY good to have, as the 'Honda standard driving position' (which I know well from my CR-V) often has the steering wheel positioned too far away from the driver.

    3) Still more ergonomics: The Base model really should have cruise standard. Its cheap, its a ticket saver, and its an ankle/foot saver as well on long trips. COMFORT is important, Honda.

    4) The very limited availability of the light-colored interior on the Fit Sport needs to be fixed... many folks living in hot/sunny climes actually prefer a light-colored interior (and no, tint does not solve all issues with summer heat + a dark interior for many of us).

    Currently, the Sport only offers the light interior with a white exterior- ugh. Availability should be expanded to the black and red exteriors, with which it would go well (not to suggest that the availability of the dark interior with those exterior colors should go away- just that a choice of interiors should be available).

    5) Interior carpeting is very thin, 'felt-like', and cheap-feeling. Doesn't need to be plush, but some kind of upgrade here would be welcome.

    6) The hideous wheel covers on the Base continue to be an embarrassment. No one expects too much here, but something non-retina-scarring would be welcome, at least. The covers on the Japanese base Fit, for instance, are at least adequate... why not use those instead?

    7) Anything that can be done to get even a few more degrees of recline in the rear seatbacks is welcome, for a more refreshing 'refresh mode'.

    For example, the 'removable side bolsters' trick of the Mazda 2 could be useful here, as it'd allow you to lay the Fit's rear seatback flat or nearly flat, I'd think. Now THAT's refreshing. :)

    8) Improve rearward visibility. Larger rear windows, even bigger side mirrors, smaller form factor for the rear headrests?

    9) Offer an 'EX' model with a moonroof, rear disc brakes, and 15-20 more HP. I think Honda would be suprised at how well it would sell.

    Criticisms I've dropped from the list:

    - Limited range/small gas tank: Yes, the tank is small, but the mileage has been proven to be good enough so that it really isn't that big a deal.

    - No 'LE' model for grown-ups: While I still think it would a good idea, an 'EX' model could do the same job (in 'dressy Base' trim), and even if the EX never happens, the 'boy racer' looks of the Sport do tend to grow on you.

    - 14" alloys offered as an option on the Base: Not really all that useful, as the cost would wipe out about half of the cost delta between the Base and the Sport, so... why not just get a Sport instead? Also you can get these aftermarket in any case.

    Hope that covered everything. :wink:
  • mwqamwqa Posts: 106
    I agree with you on most items - especially 1, 3 and 5. :)

    For number 8, I would find a way to reduce the height of the head rests instead of increasing the size of the windows, which I think is unlikely. I've seen at least one Fit on the road with it's rear head rests dumped in the cargo hold. Not the preferred solution! :(
  • johnnyvjjohnnyvj Posts: 112
    Good idea. I'll include that, since you're right, smaller headrests are more likely to happen than a rear window redesign. :)
  • kctay396kctay396 Posts: 2
    I am strongly considering the Fit, but I counted on getting traction control on the next car I purchased. I'm so disappointed it doesn't have that option. Also, I notice that a lot of cars have the cupholders in front of the gear shift. I want my cupholder Beside me, not where I have to move up in any way while driving to get my coffee.

    I think the Chevy Malibu is one of the most practical and easy to live in cars out there. I love the mileage count on the Fit but the interior of the Malibu. Not sure what I'm going to do.
  • dap2006dap2006 Posts: 68
    If reliability, build quality, and resale value are important to you I suggest you get used to the cupholder location - few people are interested in a used Malibu today and I doubt that will change anytime soon. Cars in this pricerange can't be all things to all people - you'll have to decide what's really important to you...
  • boatfloydboatfloyd Posts: 29
    Buy what you like and be happy :).
  • johnnyvjjohnnyvj Posts: 112
    Almost forgot:

    10) Locking gas cap... included.

    (Yeah, I know these 'big budget' items really hurt the bottom line, but c'mon Honda, suck it up and include that uber-expensive locking functionality to the gas cap, lol) :D
  • remember the old days when cars had those little triangular windows that opened and gave a nice fresh breeze? the fit has triangular windows in the front and back, it would be so cool if they opened.
    anyone know of a roof rack that would fit the fit?
    what the heck is that "carpet" made out of? wonder what it will look like in 6 months :confuse:
  • suetersueter Posts: 15
    Count me as another who took the back head rests off. I'm just under 5ft and that was an easy, practical solution for not being able to see out the back. Since I rarely have a single passenger, let alone more than 2, lack of those head rests isn't a safety issue for me.
  • instead of taking the headrests off, I just put the seats in cargo mode... I figure it saves the rear upholstry from UV/mess and gives me lots of room to throw things back there... I call it my 'Micro Utility Vehicle' or MUV (move) for short! Plus, when you need to haul passengers the headrests are still in the car to use.
  • frogdaddyfrogdaddy Posts: 33
    There are no adjusting notches on the rear headrests. Why is that? The button is on the top of the seat but it's useless if you can't do anything but take the headrest out and put it back in. Anyone else agree? Didn't know until an adult passenger was trying to adjust. That's pretty cheap, no? :confuse:
  • damian1962damian1962 Posts: 28
    Consumer report says the number 1 overlooked vehicle is the Mazda5, check it out. You'll get all you need at the best price out there. I'm getting rid of my sport fit and as soon as i do I'm going for the M5. Go to a dealer and see it for yourself you'll be amazed and understand why CR says it's the # 1 overlooked vehicle. If you wait for the 2009 you'll get even more for your money, do some research and you'll see what I mean.
  • Just purchased a 2009 Fit Sport. Anybody out there figure out how to "de-program" the seat belt warning chime? I talked to someone who has a 2007 and was able to do it.?
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