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Honda Fit Real World MPG



  • If you recall, I previously wrote:

    31.870 MPG - 1st fill up.
    31.871 MPG - 2nd fill up.

    Well - about that second fill-up....

    When I picked up the car, it did not have a full tank. So, prior to the two fillups listed above I had to fill up the tank for the initial time. I could not compute an MPG for that fill up as that was the first time the gas tank was ever full.

    When Honda called with a follow-up survey about my new Fit (2008 Sport AT) and I did mention that the gas tank was not full when I picked up the car. The dealer later called me and offered to fill up the tank. I took them up on that offer.

    So, my last fill up was by the dealer. I do not know if they stopped at the first click, or not. I did notice that I thought I was getting better mileage by how many miles was registering as the gas gauge went down. THAT got me thinking of whether the brand of gas matters, and where I was buying gas - which was a car wash that discounts their gas each Wednesday.

    Since then I have learned about "top tier" gas (, so today I filled up at Shell (the only one in Ohio listed).

    Anyways, with this fill up I computed 37.5 MPG.

    Like I said, I'm not sure if the dealer topped it off past the first click, but I am hopeful that my mileage is getting into the range that I was anticipating.

    My 3 tank avg is 33.7.

    Looking better.... No more car wash gas for my Fit.
  • greytailgreytail Posts: 17
    I have had my 2008 Honda Fit Sport AT for a week now. I’m very disappointed with the MPG to say the least. My wife and me bought two new Hondas Saturday. Her’s is a 2008 Civic. We had a 145-mile drive home. My daughter drove my Fit and she only got 28.6 MPG. My wife right in behind her driving the same speed got 36.3 in her Civic. We were all driving the same speeds and road. Now I’m a member of the 55 clubs. Fifty-five years old and drive close to 55-mph highway. Anyway I just filled up the Fit with its 3nd at the same pump pumping gas on the low setting and stopping at first kick off. I only got 30.3 mpg. I have babied the Fit not getting it over 60 mpr or tacking over 3 grand. Coasting into red lights and stop signs. I have ran the AC very little maybe 10%, I have driven it 95% free way miles @ 60 mpr and 5% city 40 mpr. I haven’t let it set and idle for any except 60 seconds after starting. Other words I have even tried to cheat for it to get better mpg. Again I’m not one pleased with the mpg at this point. I like the little car but with gas estimated to be $4 a gal. This summer I would have invested in something else even another Civic like my wife’s.
  • fitisgofitisgo Posts: 40
    The best way to squeeze a little more fuel economy out of the Fit is to, as much as possible, run the climate controls with the airflow indicator at the first setting in the left (which is pushing air out the dash vents), instead of the defrost or floor or any other combination. In this mode you can crank the fan speed and the temperature control to any settings you want and the A/C compressor will never come on, which may give you between .5 and 2.0 MPG better fuel economy depending on a number of variable factors. Try it and see. Obviously in very cold weather where you have to use the defroster to clear the windshield and windows, use it - don't sacrifice safety (i.e., hitting something or someone because you can't see where you're going) for fuel economy.
  • I was unhappy with my MPG on my Honda Fit Sport AT after a week - and I'd say that my driving styles mimic yours (except that I fill-up maybe once a week) .

    Things seem better three weeks into it. Give it some time and maybe feed it top tier gas -
  • Hello Greytail well I just when to Indianaplios last night AIRPORT 260 miles all highway 28 mpg my best ever no traffic 65-70 all the way and now have 2700 miles I ONLY buy my gas at Shell & Mobil I hope to get 30mgp on the highway some day I'am glad I'am not a city driver I think I would be uder 20 mpg again I really love the car drove in Brazil 4 years ago way before they got here but if the mpg does not go up my just have to trade for some thing better thank's Thurst1963
  • greytailgreytail Posts: 17
    Thanks Radiolandog for the info. When was this site last updated? This should not be the problem with my lower than expected MPG because we filled the Fit up at Chevron.
    I realize my Fit Sport AT isn't broke in yet and may get a little better MPG after break in. But I don't see it getting much better because the way I have been driving it. I really attempted to get the best MPG out of it so I could brag it up to my gas pals that still drive the gas gusllers.
    I guess i will have to hang on to my Fit for a year but after a year if I'm not getting 35+ MPG we will have to part ways. Something this small with the lack of power it has has do to do me more MPG than what I'm reading on this site. i wish I had found this site before I bought the Fit. I knew how the Civics do on MPG and I was told to expect the Fit to do a little better. Hind sight is 20X20 but I sure wish my wife and me had drive home two Civics Saturday
  • OH yes and on last year MPG ratings it said the FIT SPORT AUTO would get 38 mpg on the highway the way things are going with my Fit the only way I will get close to even 35 mpg is if I turn it off and push it part of my trip's this is very very sad because I do truly like this car but after almost 3000 mile with no AC on no Paddle shifting and no city or lead footing I hate to think what I will get in summer with the AC on and driving in a city 15 to 17 mpg maybe HUMMMMMMMMMMMM not good think maybe will have to go back to Toyota
  • I've been keeping careful track of my Fit's mileage (actually, all expenses, but that's another topic) since I bought my Blaze Orange Metallic in July, 2007. I've been quite pleased with the numbers.

    For 2007 (which recall was only 6 month for the Fit), it averaged 35.75 MPG.

    For 2008 (to date), it has averaged 34.42 MPG.

    Highway miles are definitely better; I haven't driven a full tank exclusively on the highway but those tanks are always better, around 38 MPG. That's with highway miles totaling about 1/4 of the tank in total. I suspect that a full "highway run" with the entire tank would hit anywhere from 40 - 45 MPG; I should be able to find out for sure later this summer.

    In my experience the Fit does not perform as well in colder weather; I've seen a definite drop in the colder months. This doesn't surprise me at all.

    I love my Fit!

  • HELLO Ferretman don't get me wrong I really do love this car that is why I waited 3 1/2 years for it to come to the USA I just hate the MPG I would be happy as HE double tooth picks if I can make it to 30 mpg any where but the first 700 mile I NEVER got more then 17mpg so I guess 27mpg almost all highway total week day driving 35 miles 32 highway and I do believe no the old 2007 mpg ratings it was some thing like 33-38 my car will never see this and I don't city drive don't play with the paddle shift rpm never over 4 grand this is just not what I was looking for in this small car heck my 6 cylinder Maxima got better then this
  • subiratssubirats Posts: 4
    hey folks, I have been driving my Sport Fit AT in Miami, FL (flat land, A/C all the time, stop and go as well as heavy expressway traffic). I have yet to see the glorious 37-40 MPG now for almost 1.5 years of driving long distances as well as commuting to my job 8 miles doorstep to doorstep R/T. I admit that I drive the speed limit-plus in local around town and maybe 80 MPH on the highway (when the law is not around) but usually the speed limit-plus (72-75mph). I get 26 mpg in city and 32 mpg in highway. Check out the website and you will find that this is probably the average mpg for the Fit country wide. Here are the URLs
    link title

    and the old and new MPG govt figures side by side for the FIT
    link title

    So if you just got a Honda Fit , dont get all uptight with the MPG just be glad because at least you can park anywhere with ease and with space on all sides which can avoid the parking lot dings. I really like my Fit !!! :shades:
  • that is a great site you put up thank's alot :)
  • On the site, when selecting a Fit, it lists three engine and transmission choices:

    - 4 cylinder, 1.5 Liter, Automatic 5-spd, Regular Gasoline, CLKUP
    - 4 cylinder, 1.5 Liter, Manual 5-spd, Regular Gasoline
    - 4 cylinder, 1.5 Liter, Automatic (S5), Regular Gasoline, 2MODE CLKUP

    Is the latter one the AT Sport, and what is 2MODE CLKUP vs. CLKUP ?

  • rk1992rk1992 Posts: 3
    I believe you are correct the last one is the AT sport. Here is the key below. There is a link on the bottom of the page that explains the abbreviations.

    CLKUP Computer-Controlled Continuously Variable Lockup
    nLKUP User-Selectable Lockup with n (2 Through 9) Lockup Ranges
    nMODE Multimode, User-Selectable Transmission. n = Number of Gear Range (2 Through 9)
  • whosongwhosong Posts: 1
    I've put 14,000 miles on my 2007 Fit Sport MT since August and am averaging over 36 mpg communting to work (50/50 split between country and city roads). The worst I've ever done is about 32 and the best is 39. No special gas either...usually Wawa, but sometimes Shell if it's 5-Cent-Off Tuesday.

    Got no good answer for the mpg problem you guys are having. Maybe the AT just sucks. Part of why I swore off ever buying another automatic.
  • scarmisscarmis Posts: 6
    I have about 42000 miles on my '07 AT Sport. I must say, this is one of the most sensitive cars (gas mileage-wise) I've ever owned. It's awfully easy for me to get 26 - 28 mpg in local town driving, if I drive as I prefer, with hurried stops and starts, etc. If I really nurse the car and drive carefully and mindfully, I can get 32 - 34 mpg in town. Never better than 34 mpg, though. Highway performance is more forgiving - I typically average 39 - 40 mpg, whether I'm driving 65 or 75 mph. Since most of my driving is at freeway speeds, my overall average mpg is 35.3.
  • lewjac3lewjac3 Posts: 15
    I have been looking for a gas sipper, even though I have owned Toyota pickups for the past thirty years with incredible positive results, I have decided on the Fit because I like the look verses the yaris, but looking at this post has got me questioning my decision regarding gas mileage!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    If you want better mileage stick to the stick. ;)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Not always true, especially with higher-speed highway driving. But typically, you are quite right!
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    >"...but looking at this post has got me questioning my decision regarding gas mileage! "

    I agree!

    Some Fits are getting remarkable mileage, but others seem really bad. The Fit offers a lot more versatility than the others. But from reading some of these post, it seems that Honda is not anxious about "Fixing" mileage problems, on those that are getting poor mileage. Some Pilot owners are complaining about the same thing.

    To upgrade a Yaris to near the same safety as a Fit, the price will be about the same or more. But, the Yaris hatch back is lacking in the versatility of the Fit. Recon it depends on how the car is to be driven and used as to which would be the better buy.

    From my viewpoint: IF the Fit and Yaris are both getting the mileage they should, the Fit is probably the better "only" car. Especially with the AT.
    However for a "scoot around" second or 3rd car, where getting from point A to point B at the lowest cost possible is the criteria..The Yaris just might be the better choice. With a car that small, the entry level with hand crank windows are not a problem and the Yaris owners don't seem to be complaining as loudly about mileage. To get a Fit with good mileage seems to be a crap shoot. Those that get good mileage, get really good, but those with poor mileage are stuck with them.

    Another option would be a Civic or Corolla.

  • If the engine were running so abnormally that it gets poor gas mileage, there'd be driveability complaints and Check Engine lights -- Which there are not. I'm sorry but I'll chalk it up to the Fit being sensitive to driving technique.
  • ellenocellenoc Posts: 25
    Put me down as a believer in the crapshoot theory. My Fit MT has averaged 36 mpg over its first 5,000 miles, and I refuse to change my driving habits to get better mpg. Admittedly I'm not a wild driver, but I do shoot across highways at 80 whenever I can and I don't do weird things when stopping and starting to improve mpg. Occasionally the car has sat and idled for a bit to keep the interior warm while I was waiting for one thing or another. I bought the Fit after reading enough to believe that there was a small chance I'd be unlucky and get one of the ones that's not good on gas. And in fact I test drove one when I was ready to buy that for some reason elusive reason just didn't make me smile, and since it was the only MT at that dealership, I went to another place and paid a couple hundred more for the car I bought.
  • yikes, I'll stick to my matrix. I have the 180 hp 6 spd manual XRS and get around 24 mpg in city only driving. last week I drove one day on the freeway, and got combined city/ fwy of 27 mpg. I drive with my ac on, don't pay attention to idling, stop and go all the to time. and floor it once and a while. I can carry a Fit in the rear cargo area and blow the doors of a one at 1/4 throttle.

    these post are not encouraging. :(
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Pat, I'd like to buy a comma! :)

    I understand frustration with the Fit, but a Maxima isn't going to give you 30+ on the highway regularly. An Avalon maybe, but not a Maxima.
  • 2009 Honda Sport AT

    Date Gallons Miles MPG
    26-Mar 6.128 195.3 31.870 car wash
    2-Apr 9.846 313.8 31.871 car wash
    7-Apr 7.615 285.6 37.505 BP
    14-Apr 9.324 333.4 35.757 Shell

    total 32.91 1128.1 34.275
  • Sorry... This sure looked better before I posted it!

    The HTML rendering strips out the duplicate space bars


    MPG so far..................34.275
  • No, it is not a 2009.

    2008 Honda Sport AT

    I can't spell, I can't type and I have to use computers all the time...
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    For future reference, you can click "edit" to change a post you have made within 30 minutes of the original post time. I have to do it all the time! It'll be next to the "Reply" and "Delete" options, when you are within the time constraints.
  • Well first off I only buy Shell & Moblie gas reg unlead 2900 miles now same driving as always but I have 45.7 and marker is just on the bottom of the full line I'am crossing my fingers that now it is moving up again 1st 1000 mile around 18 mpg 2nd 1000 23-24mpg next 900 miles 27-28 keep going baby ;)
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    >"If the engine were running so abnormally that it gets poor gas mileage, there'd be driveability complaints and Check Engine lights -- "

    Not necessarily. Our 03 Pilot started bucking ,shuttering and jumping when the tranny was attempting to shift into overdrive at 50mph. No problem when staying out of the OD Lockup mode at any speed.

    Dealer found no error codes so treated it like a Torque converter problem. Honda Tech Support was no help. Finally an experienced service writer remembered a problem they had a couple of years ago when the 03 models were going over the 20K mark. He said he thought the problem was with the EGR (exhaust gas Recirculating valve). Not possible said Honda Tech support. That is an EPA item and would show up on the error listings.

    Dealer technician checked the EGR valve to satisfy the service writer. BINGO! The valve failed the test. They replaced it and the problem went away.

    Assume for a moment that the sensor that is supposed to tell the computer the engine is warm fails to do so. The engine continues to run rich as though it is still cold. None of the other sensors see a problem because they think they are dealing with a cold engine. Instant and continued poor mileage and No errors!

    While I absolutely agree that driver can make a huge difference in MPG, and are probably the #1 reason for poor mileage. Other things can be wrong also.

    It is entirely too easy for Mfg to pass the buck as driver error.

    I'm seeing problems like these in the Pilot forum. One guy has an Oddessy and a Pilot. The Oddessy consistently delivers 4 MPG better than the Pilot on the same terrain with the same driver and load. Both are 2wd. That is a near 20% difference between the two cars. He says the Pilot averages 19.7 mpg or so on the road at 70 and the Oddessy about 24 mpg at 70.

    Others Pilots, myself included, get 24-26 at the same speed. Mine is a 4WD.

    Honda seems to be happy if the cars average 15-20 city/Road period, as that is what the EPA sticker says. If the car gets lower than that, they say it is the driver.

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