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2007 Hyundai Accent v 2007 Toyota Yaris Lift



  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    My point exactly, my wife's 2002 Lexus LS430 EPA ratings are the same as your wives' MPV ratings, less than half of the gas mileage that my Yaris gets. More car than she needs, but the Yaris is not consistent with the image that she feels she must project as a Realtor. Very similar to the guys that feel they need the big trucks to confirm their manhood. We are on the cutting edge though, things will change as oil prices continue to escalate.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I have to agree with your wife. Sad but true, Realtors must project a certain image. My wife didn't say anything negative when we traded our Grand Caravan for a compact 5-door hatch in 2004, but after a couple of years I sensed and then verified that she really missed her minivan. And in some ways I missed it too--it's great for cross-country trips, hauling Scouts and my kid's friends around, lugging stuff that the hatch can't handle. But the Grand Caravan was way too big. I felt the used MPV was a nice compromise. It will be our last big vehicle, though. In a few years we'll be down to just my daughter at home and we'll go for a smaller vehicle--I have my eye on the 94-mpg (rumored) next-gen Prius.

    An Accent or Yaris would be way too small for my wife's use. But one large vehicle in the family is enough. All I need is something for commuting with room for 5 in a pinch.
  • Nice thread on the Yaris-Accent cars. Got my wife a 2008 Accent that she really likes. She doesn't love cars, so the word 'likes' is her max. I have a Ford Festiva, an old Kia car, that I love & that used to average 45 MPG.

    Got a Dodge Caliber too with a CVT transmission. If you needed anything considerably bigger than the Yaris or Accent, I recommend the Caliber. The CVT gives a true magic carpet ride. It really is a magic carpet ride, very fine in stop & go traffic. Lets you kick back. Even if you don't enjoy stop & go, it really eases your way in traffic. Also, the CVT is wondrous in the mountains, letting you flow thru the mountains....yes, that magic carpet again...truly an elegant motion. The Caliber is cutting itself a very reliable & durable path too. is showing v. good repair statistics for the Caliber. Also, feather footing the CVT, I'm averaging 31.4 MPG with a mountain average of 32.7MPG over 4000 foot passes.

    Sorry for barging in, but just thought anyone entertaining an alternative to Yaris or Accent might like to know.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,920
    congratulate you on your Kia/Ford Festiva. Although I never owned one of those, they caught my eye back in 1988 when they were direct competition to the Chevy Sprint. Remember the Chevy Sprint. Chevy sold truckloads of them but Ford sold truckloads of Festiva's as well.

    When I saw that Kia made the Festiva for Ford I was off to research this fine South Korean manufacturer of automobiles. I bought my first Kia in May of 1999 when I traded my 1997 Ford Escort sedan in on one. The rest is history and they just keep improving year over year. Now they are ultra-competitive and making excellent cars and SUV's for the masses.

    I had my eye on a 2007 Toyota Yaris sedan for over 4 months in Idaho and decided to hang on to my '01 Kia Sportage 4X4. I eventually traded that Sportage 4X4 in on a '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS in March of '07. I'm glad I waited but a possible return to Kia is a possibility.

    I have read of more than one Edmunds poster saying that their Ford Festiva had 175,000-225,000 miles and they were still counting the miles up. That says a lot.

    A also have the CVT transmission in my Lancer GTS and like it a lot. I have the option of just putting the car in drive or putting it in CVT paddle-shift mode and playing. It's a blast to have and really gathers up the car's 152 horses into quicker blasts off from start and on up to 30-35 mph, quicker than the standard automatic 'D' mode.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Hi iluvmysephia1....Sounds like we've been on parallel auto courses. :D

    Do you have any feelings for Electric Vehicles(EVs)....not hybrids? My northwest produces electric power, kilowatt to HP with only 4% of the pollution of an internal combustion engine(ICE). & EVs are 3 times more efficient than ICE.So if battery technology keeps advancing, someday I will own an EV. If you get into EVs, then our parallel course would continue. Actually, I own an Electric Bike(EB) which produces 1/700th the pollution of an ICE. Even with my bad back & arthritic body, I feel like I'm a kid cycling around the valley that I used to pedal thru 50 years ago.
  • litesong1litesong1 Posts: 39
    A follow up on my wife's manual 2008 Accent. She piloted Accent thru a long winter averaging 33MPG. Accent has performed 100% without 1 squeak, creak or rattle. She allowed me to take Accent on 3 trips over 1400, 3000, 4000 & 5500 foot mountain passes. Accent got spectacular MPG...41.5, 42.6, & 45.2MPG! Again, these trips weren't on flat roads, but high passes traveling from 80 foot elevation.

    My fairly lethargic opinion of Accent has blossomed fully, specially with its continued easy functioning. The short-shift dealer installed 5 speed shifter combined with an nice engaging clutch is the 2nd best combo I've ever used.
  • While traveling on a country road thru a marshy area, a black bear scurried out of the brush onto the road in front of the Accent. I slammed on the brakes, missing him by 5 feet. Across the road he ran, crashed into the brush & was gone. He was a muscular bear, with a clean even coat & healthy...healthy enough to run fast & live another day.

    The moral of the story: when looking for wild animals, make sure to look right in front of yourself, too! ;) :surprise:
  • Definitely go for the pickup. The 'Vette has been a girls car for about, oh, 38 years now. Ever since they dropped the manny. The only drivers you see in a 'vette are either hot chicks or old men who have a bumper sticker visible only to hot chicks which says " I NEED ANDROGEL WITH A VIAGRA CHASER!!!".
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    Women who want to meet you need a conversation starter. The cute Yaris HB has been a great conversation starter. People still come up and ask me about the car. Half are women. You can't get that in a Vette. Women laugh at guys with Vettes.
  • I like my Toyota Yaris because I could mount my navigation system behind the steering wheel. Cannot do that with a Hyundai Accent. If you are worried about being side impacted then getting the Safety package is a must. I had a Ford Ranger with a pop up navigations system where the radio was installed. I liked my Toyota Yaris navigation set up better. So I traded in the Ford Ranger for a second Toyota Yaris 3 door liftback.
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