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2007 Hyundai Accent v 2007 Toyota Yaris Lift



  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    Is it true, that in the recent crash tests, the Yaris without side airbags did better than the Accent with the side airbags? Good thing you are still evaluating your next purchase. Could there be a Paul like conversion on the road to Damascus in the near future?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Yes it is. I think I'd rather be in the Accent sedan vs. the non-SAB Yaris sedan (keep my head in one piece at least) in a side crash, but the Yaris sedan with SABs did very well on the IIHS tests.

    (I know some people have objected recently when we slipped into a discussion on the Yaris sedan here in this hatchbacks discussion, so hopefully they will forgive this brief sideline.)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Not on the side crash tests where the side airbags came into play, no. Although both the Yaris w/o SABs and the Accent sedans scored Poor on the side crash test, if you look at the details the Accent scored better than the Yaris, including in the very important area of head protection.

    I have made it clear in other discussions that I was awaiting the IIHS crash test results of the Accent. No need to take digs at someone because of new information coming to light.

    These tests also show the important of side bags for head protection. So hopefully Toyota will continue to increase the number of Yarii made with the side bags, and maybe even make them standard. That would be a good thing, do you agree?
  • yesterday, while paying our car insurances, I took the opportunity to ask our agent for quote on the 2007 hyundai accent GS.
    I already knew the quote on a Yaris was 54$/mth...
    well buckle up ppl, the accent was quoted at 81$/mth!!!!!!

    he explained that hyundai and kia are always more expensive to insured.

    i did some math and it would cost around 325$ more a yr to insure to accent vs the yaris.
    plus, according to the gas would cost around 135$ more a yr with the accent (no big deal there)

    my conclusion:
    if you consider that a base yaris is 11.600$(already with a/c) and the accent is 12.417$ (with prefered pack to get the a/c) the car is more expensive,(to get similar equipped) cost more to insure and more on gas...PLUS the latest crash tests results did not make the accent shine, to put it lightly...
    i might start to change my mind here in favor of the yaris!
    as i said, the yaris did NOT impress me when i drove it but i am willing to give it another try, this time with a MT.
  • Hello, I can help you with your problems on the Yaris side, as for the Accent the dealership right beside me has about twenty Accents! 06 or 07 I don't know? I could find out for you if you would like! As for the toyota tell me what you want I'll get it for you in as little as 24hrs! ABS no problem, cruise no problem!
  • Drive the S type Yaris! I don;t see how you could be impressed with a Accent? The S model Yaris liftback or sedan, will blow your mind! Check out the gas milage as well!!
  • i thought the "s" type was only available for sedan yaris?
    i could be wrong :)
    and i did find the ride in the accent really confortable and like the car overall, the look is great, the room is also great and they offer better color IMO. I only really like the bayou blue for the Yaris.
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    You are right, the "s" type is not available as a liftback according to
  • since i am in the market for a "hatch", the sedan is just NOT an option. Besides, i am trying to keep cost at a minimum, so i will get the least expensive trim that offers a/c :)
  • Yes only sedan, however you can order the options, interior light kit,18inch wheels, trd sport muffler, spoilers, door sills, power options, cruise, anything else?
  • oops, never mind I just saw your last post! Those options will not be cheap!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    "I don;t see how you could be impressed with a Accent?"

    Ain't that the truth from a Toyota salesperson ;)

    FYI - what if the OP is far away from your dealer? Can you still get him a Yaris in less than 24hrs? :)

    In all seriousness, I was more impressed with the Accent. I took back-to-back test drives - first the Yaris Liftback, then the Accent 3 Door, both loaded. Being hatchbacks, I was looking for excitement, and the results weren't even close. The Accent SE ran away, the larger wheels, the sport-tuned suspension, and other add-ons made the Accent an exhilarating drive. Handling was superb as well on the SE.

    Personally, my recommendation is to test drive both cars to find out which one fits the best.
  • LOL @ Toyota salesperson! Your right!!

    A Toyota might not fit a personal taste, while an Accent
    could be perfect! Test drive is a must!!!! All this talk about the Accent, how come no one has mentioned the KIA Rio?
    Same car!! Same company!! Same motor!! Last time I checked
    witch was five minutes ago, they are the same!
    Ohh, yea almost forgot, We do a search 200-300 miles, most cases 24hrs, some 48hrs
  • "Being hatchbacks, I was looking for excitement..."

    Why? I wanted a hatchback for utility and versatility.

    I don't think "excitement" is a standard feature at this price point... peppy and nimble characteristics, maybe... but not "excitement."
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Perhaps the Rio hasn't been mentioned beacuse this is a thread between the Yaris and the Accent :) But it's a good thing you brought up the Rio - the Rio5 was a fun car for me as well!!
  • Well yea, the thread is between Yaris and Accent but, people brought up the ECHO, Honda Fit, as well!! They are great little fun cars. I figured someone would mention something about the Rio5.
  • dont think anyone is going to make a big deal about mentionning the rio5 :)
    the main difference is that the rio5 is 4 doors and a small difference is the price
    accent SE AT:15,312$
    rio5 AT: 15,131$
    both TMV on edmunds

    it is too bad i have to give up hyundai (and kia) because i really really like the accent a lot!!
    but they cost too much to insure versus the yaris. :(
    300$+ more a year might not be a lot for some ppl but i dont see how i can justify paying more for the accent at purchase, more on insurances plus according to recent crash tests, the accent is not as safe. It just doesn't make any sense to me to go with the accent anymore.
    the Yaris and the Versa (if i can find one to test drive) are the ones still on my list at this point. :)
  • Yea your right! I wouldn't pay it either!! Thats why the Accent cost more to insure is because of the poor crash test ratings. There just not safe cars!See Hyundai better becarefull because they are pricing there small compact cars more than Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Chevy, etc... There resale value is the worst in the industry!!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Crash ratings contributing to the higher insurance rates? Now there is something I have not heard many times...

    "Certain car models may be considered risky because they cost a lot to repair, are frequently involved in accidents or are popular with car thieves. Owning one of these cars may double your collision and comprehensive premiums. High-performance cars and sports cars, for example, usually cost more to insure. Keep this in mind when shopping for a car to prevent costly surprises when it comes time to insure it."

    Actually, if the IIHS ratings (was it two weeks ago?) factored in by your logic, the Yaris wouldn't fare well in the insurance rates game either ;)

    And, just to clear up, Hyundai's resale values are not the worst, far from it, the company has actually made dramatic improvements.
  • according to my insurance agent, the higher cost, at least for my location, are realated to higher cost of repair, not accidents or theft.

    i will not start "bashing" hyundai because i still think they are good cars that are worth considering but it is just not right for me at this point in time. :)
  • Handling was superb as well on the SE.

    Your standards for handling must be quite low to consider the handling of a $12K Hyundai "superb." Was your previous car a '95 Crown Vic?
  • And, just to clear up, Hyundai's resale values are not the worst, far from it, the company has actually made dramatic improvements.

    I think you meant that Hyundai's resale values are the worst.
    Edmunds 2006 Worst resale values:
    1. Rio
    2. Accent
    3. Spectra
    5. Elantra
    7. Optima

    Where is the improvement?

    2006 Worst resale values
    1. Rio
    9. Accent Residual&referer=&aff=national
  • LOL @ Crown Vic!!!

    This resale value, Dude actually thinks there resale has improved??? Come on, Its Hyundai, Check out the stats on the other 15 web-sites about Hyundai! You see I don't believe in looking at numbers, options, Horsepower, engine size, etc.... We all can figure out that on our own! My question is how does it actually drive? My 2005 Hyundai had a 2.4L 16V DOHC, I could of ran faster up the hills here in Western Maryland, Car drove like heavy rock! Thats wy I got rid of it!! My wife came home with it one day, Its was her car WE hated it, so I basically gave it away! We lost so much money, because of the crappy resale value, We didn't care, we are so happy now with our new car, its unreal!! The point to my story is she read the window sticker, saw all the numbers,options,MPG, 16V, 2.4L DOHC, etc.... Did not drive it, and we paid the price, Thanks Hyundai!!
  • Repair, thats worse than accidents or theft. The last thing you wanna here from an insurance co. Is your paying to much because of the risk your car will brake down!Not might brake down, but WILL brake down!Thats what they are saying bye charging a high rate! Plus repairs for a Hyundai are cheap! I've been there, many of times!!! Thats another bonus as to being a Hyundai owner, CHEAP PARTS!!!!!
  • Can we try and do a little spell checking?
  • Sorry, very busy here at the office! Don't have time! I'm trying to do to many things at once!!!!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Improvements are from one year to the next. If you would look up the stats from the previous year, and compare to the current year, or use stats from five years ago, and compare to this year's, you would notice the improvements.

    Hyundai does not hold the worst resale values industry. When factoring the whole line, it has average resale values overall (some are better than others - i.e. Santa Fe, Tucson). Room for improvements? Of course, and Hyundai is making great strides, FWIW.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    I think most people here are getting tired of your baseless Hyundai bashing by now.

    Yes, the handling on the SE was superb. If nothing else, it has a lot more "fun to drive" factor than the Yaris liftback. Also, the SE was a lot more stiff.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Sorry about your Hyundai. I take it you had the previous generation Sonata? Why aren't you driving the car? Are you just letting it sit idle?

    When you say the car drove like a rock and you could ran faster up the hills, you do know most midsize are sold with inline 4s, which all come in with similar configurations. The Sonata (EF) range actually had quite a bit of satisfying customers, IIRC, and I can vouch for since my friend owns one. The I4 did not lack in power, just's an I4 !!

    Interestingly enough, the EF Sonata actually gave Hyundai a competitive midsize, and it continued with the new (current) Sonata (NF), which is leaps ahead of the previous generation, plus two new proven power plants.

    I digress, back to regular discussions :)
  • Hyundai holds 5 of the top 10 vehicles on Edmunds worst resale values of 2006. If Hyundai doesn't have the worst resale value in the industry, who does? Please provide evidence with links.

    Actually, according to Edmunds, Hyundai has more vehicles listed on the "worst resale value list" in 2006 than in the past.

    2005 worst resale value: 0 Hyundai vehicles

    2004 worst resale value: 4 Hyundai vehicles
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