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Jeep Grand Cherokee Vibration



  • Well put (Alan). My fix was simple as well after 6 months of "we already replaced that".....yes the driveshaft(s) were replaced...a few times. But where I received most of my success was replacing the tires. I ditched the POS Goodyear ...they said i had two flat spots on my tires....and went with a beefier tire. BAM!!! (like emeril says) the problem, in my case, was corrected. Do I still have issues with my JEEP....yes! But quite frankly I was tired of dealing with a dealership that I know was feeding me lies to begin with. They got my money.....and it wasn't coming back.
  • fasstdakfasstdak Posts: 7
    As both posts put it very well...two similar vehicle with a very similar issue - two different "fixes" - one was tires and the other driveshafts. So here is exactly why replacing parts or pointing fingers at one specific part (as was noted on several posts) is not always the correct path to repairing an issue.

    As technicians, we not only play "doctor" on these vehicles, but also detective, engineer (sometimes reverse engineering something to find the issue), and even scapegoats for corporate "issues".
  • jaybee5jaybee5 Posts: 5
    Hello! I agree with fasstdak - I measured noise and made a spectral analysis and came to 40Hz as well. My Chrysler service (Europe) says the policy is to balance the shaft first, so I am waiting for results. I asked for weight measurement records before and after balancing to see the change.

    The repair service also raised the wehicle and checked for vibrations while vehicle was up. They confirmed vibrations - means involvement of tires, road and wind were eliminated.
  • rkbintxrkbintx Posts: 6
    I must say I appreciate my technician taking the time to look at this discussion thread and reply with his perspective. I hope this (or even another diagnose and replace) takes care of the problem enough to where I feel its no longer an issue; otherwise, Chrysler will probably be hearing from me to take it back. As an Engineer myself, I appreciate the time and trouble you go through to find out the problem on a sophisticated piece of Engineering. And...I also know the first or second wave of technicians at a corporation can feed you useless information...when issues finally get to me at my company, I can't believe some the answers given to customers before me on the product I developed.
  • fasstdakfasstdak Posts: 7
    Well, got the new rear driveshaft today and found out something interesting on the new shaft vs. the old shaft in this particular Jeep (same part number too). The balance weights are VERY different, smaller weights and more of them (looks like someone is paying attention to the driveshaft balancer now). I ran it on the highway with my sirometer (basic frequency meter) and found NO vibrations at 55, 60, 65, 70, and 75mph...looks like this forum put me in the right direction on the repair. Vehicle is going over to Make Ready for a cleaning and will test it one more time before I close up the ticket.
  • humphhumph Posts: 1
    we plan on leasing a 2008 GCL, rwd. but i'm very concerned after reading all the hardships everyone here is/ has encountered. i did test drive a rwd hemi ltd, but didn't notice any vibrations. it could've been the fact that it was a short highway section (3 miles) or the fact i was so enamored w/ the rest of the vehicle. has anyone here had this problem w/ a rwd vehicle ? tia, for any input.
  • JGC 2001 Limited Shakes & Vibrates at low speeds when making turns. It doesnt shake when just stopped in drive or idling, only when turning, or turning the wheel. What is going on? I know there are tons of postings on this but is there any fix that can be done?
  • jaybee5jaybee5 Posts: 5
    Hello, so I have some more news about vibrations. I had tires balanced and then my repair service took the shaft for rebalancing. Everything was OK and according to standards, no problems found (yes the service confirmed vibrations are problem with my car). If your service claim vibrations are caused by wheels, ask them to raise the vehicle with wheels off and check again.

    The repair service then did more detailed vibration analysis and probably took apart transmission and front drive train for tolerances check (if they do warranty fixes they are not obliged to tell you what they did and how they fixed it..). They found no problems again. So the official message is "we found no problems and vibrations you feel may be caused by switching the HEMI cylinders". I dont believe that, because vibrations neither depend on engine revolutions nor switching cylinders. As written before, I believe they depend on actual speed of car, thus are related to parts that are affixed to shaft and wheel axis.

    When I got the car back, it seems the problem is partially fixed, so I think it may be improper mounting during manufacturing process - dismounting and remounting may partially fix it.

    I am not quite sure what to do next. Either I can take independent court analyst and cooperate with him in court actions against the service, or I can wait until the problem appears in Technical Service Bulletin and then have it fixed under warranty. I would not risk paying by myself to change front or rear drivetrain as I am not 100% sure it is the cause of problem.
  • fasstdakfasstdak Posts: 7
    Vibrations (caused via harmonics) can be caused by changes in engine operation (among other things) - RPM, Exhaust pulses, cylinder changes, accessory pulleys, A/C compressor, etc. There are quite a few things in and on the engine that can easily change the harmonics and cause a vibration. Re-mounting a tire can change the driveline harmonics if one (or more) tires had too much weight - excessive road force can also cause a low frequency harmonic (vibration).

    Checking the vehicle in the air changes driveline harmonics as the tires are now free spinning (no friction from the road) and driveline angle is different. It also changes suspension and driveline geometry. Checking for vibrations at a specific speed requires that the vehicle be on the road at ride height. Can it help - if the tire/wheel is severely out of'll see it...but other than that - having it up in the air isn't going to help much.

    As for repairs under warranty - the dealership does have to inform you of what was repaired - any parts used for warranty work have to be documented on the work order anyway for warranty claims to be paid. If there was nothing on it, request a copy of the technicians notes on the shop ticket.

    I'm not trying to defend the dealership but as a service tech (and dealing with one of these specific issues), it's definitely not an easy one and claiming one fix for every case isn't the correct way about it. I've gone over a vehicle now with a runout gauge on just about every point on the driveline - everything is well within normal limits and now have requested that a Chrysler Engineer/Field Tech come out and look at it with me. I'll post what we find but remember, a fix for one specific case isn't going to necessarily be the one for all.
  • gelo1gelo1 Posts: 2
    Hi! I from Russia (g. Kirov).
    Has bought Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2000ã. 4,7ë. a box the automatic device.
    We in city do not have service on these machines.
    At me a problem with a back suspension bracket + with a back reducer.
    Very much you I ask give the reference to a site where is detailed instructions and step by step diagrams for all workshop procedures of repair of these units in figures or photos with the description of work.
    If you have opportunity I shall be very grateful.
    Yours faithfully to you Oleg. e-mail:
    Excuse for bad English.
    (Çäðàâñòâóéòå! ß èç Ðîññèè (g. Kirov).
    Êóïèë Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2000ã. 4,7ë. êîðîáêà àâòîìàò.
    Ó íàñ â ãîðîäå íåò ñåðâèñà ïî ýòèì ìàøèíàì.
    Ó ìåíÿ ïðîáëåìà ñ çàäíåé ïîäâåñêîé + ñ çàäíèì ðåäóêòîðîì.
    Î÷åíü âàñ ïðîøó äàéòå ññûëêó íà ñàéò ãäå åñòü ïîäðîáíîå ïîøàãîâîå îïèñàíèå ðåìîíòà ýòèõ óçëîâ â ðèñóíêàõ èëè ôîòîãðàôèÿõ ñ îïèñàíèåì ðàáîòû.
    Åñëè ó âàñ åñòü âîçìîæíîñòü ÿ áóäó î÷åíü áëàãîäàðåí.
    Ñ óâàæåíèåì ê Âàì Oleg. Ñâîé e-mail:
    Èçâèíèòå çà ïëîõîé àíãëèéñêèé.)
  • I just puchased a new (demo) 2007 GC CRD that has Quadra Drive II with 9000 miles on it. At approx. 38 MPH up to like 72MPH I have a vibration. I do not feel the vibration in the steering wheel but can feel it in the seat bottom. The tires were balanced and are perfect, Jeep replaced the rear drive shaft, no differnce at all. Great Jeep tech went for a ride with me and claimed that the vibration is routine and typical; he really knew the vehicle and has over 19 years with Jeep service. He was willing to chat with Jeep engineers to see if there was any tweaking that might be able to be done to help the issue. I love the vehicle but the vibration does bother me, I do not have such a vibration in my 06 Liberty CRD.
  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I started this post years ago and have spent countless hours and miles trying to find the problem with my 40,000.00 vibrator. I thought about 30,000 miles ago I found the problem. I was told I had "flat spots" in two tires. So I replaced the POS Goodyear tires with a larger, heavier tire by Cooper. I thought all my problems were solved. The vibration was gone, and i posted a message years ago about it. Come to find out the tires I put on my jeep were up for a recall due to seperation and cracking in the rubber...just my luck! Cooper offered me a large credit to a tire of my choice. I went with a Michelin and immediately noticed the good ole vibration again! I was pissed to say the least. Since Gustav was beating down our door and the wait to have the tires checked was 5 hours I sucked it up and drove back to Texas with a back massage. The light at the end of my tunnel came when I went to Discount Tire and informed them of my situtation. Jose the service guy informed me of the machine they use to balance tires and rims. He told me each Discount Tire only has one machine ( its called the 9200....or something like that). What the machine does is find the heavy spot on the rim and the heavy spot on the tirs and offsets each heavy spot by rotating the tire 180 degree from the heavy spot on the rim. I thought it was hard to believe but I will testify it works. My 05 Hemi has never been this smooth. If this interest anyone and a Discount Tire is within reach ask for a "computer spin balance" AND "Computer Ride Match". This was the only time i ever spent 96 dollars on balancing tires and it was worth every penny!!!!! Also after changing my tires to Michelin I am avg. 23-24 MPG highway traveling 65MPH.

    P.S. IN MY OPINION******** "Started noticing a vibration at between 70-75 MPH I had never experienced before. ....Finally, after a third time at the dealer, they mention its the MDS feature. When only 4 cylinders are running, a "harmonic change" in engine operation is introduced and this causes the vibration (however, it seems odd that only 4 cylinders would be running when I believe I am accelerating). The Chrysler tech rep. said this is within normal operating parameters," ********* ummm states in the manual the engine runs on 4 cylinders between the speeds of 40-60MPH........and only after it travels 5 miles.........yeah.......I think the Chrysler tech rep needs to read the manual.......again thats just my opinion.
  • Fasstdak, I have been reading this forum and was hoping you may give some incite to my 05 JGC ongoing issue.
    I bought an 05 JGC loaded with a hemi and noticed a vibration at highway speed 75mph (but is present from 60-80+). To some it up I have exclusively serviced my jeep with Jeep and have done everything to assist the dealership in eliminating the easy causes. My Jeep currently has new tires, two new rims, and new brakes/rotors. The tires have been balanced many times and the truck has been outfitted with test tires to rule out a tire/rim balance issue. the dealership replaced my rear driveshaft, but it still vibrated when I picked it up. Jeep then got an engineer involved who put vibration sensors on the car. Determined that the vibration was coming from the rear. They spun the rear prop shaft several time s but vibration persisted after four moves. They then replaced the rear ring and pinion gears, both pinion bearings, set preload and backlash and replaced the rear axle pinion flange yolk. Vibration remained as documented by tech after all work was complete. The regional rep did not allow anymore test and told service manager that the engineer said it (the vibration) was within acceptable tolerances for a 4 wheel drive vehicle at 75mph. This is currently an open case under warranty and my Jeep has 33,000 mi. This is Jeeps flagship Grand Cherokee and should not shake my hand on the wheel at 75mph with passenger seat visibly shaking when unoccupied. I love my truck but this shaking is unacceptable, had a 2000 JGC that didn't shake at all at these same speeds. Any advice???

    Called the Jeep and still have an open case. Waiting for a call from the dealership to coordinate another evaluation to further investigate.

    I could use any help you could provide me.

    Thank you
  • I had the same problem, replacing the torque converter solved the vibration.
  • (Not speaking for any dealership or representing them...just from years of experience on these vehicles)

    I see these vehicles (different configurations) on a daily basis at the dealership and while I agree there is a slight vibration, it seems to vary in severity from vehicle to vehicle. Is this a "normal" vibration...hard to say. I've done quite a few things in order to eliminate the vibration and nothing works the same in each case. Blaming it on one item for all models is silly as i've changed driveshafts on one GC and then a tire rotation on another...both calmed the vibration but both required different apporaches. Personally, the Jeeps have vibrated in one way or another since the late 80's - driveline whine, "floating" on the highway (solid axle design), and now vibrations at certain speeds. These are NOT luxury SUV's...they're still Jeeps and are not a super refined vehicle. While the creature comforts are optional (power this/that, etc.), they're still a JEEP.

    The only other thing which comes to mind is tire selection. While the OEM tires on these vehicles are good, there are much better options which also ride smoother and help absorb more of the road and suspension harmonics in the process (GM was notorious for this back in the early 90's on their trucks).

    Wish I could help more...but unless someone wants to redesign the Jeep chassis, it doesn't look like there's going to be a solid fix any time soon.
  • For a while. Just wait I've had three torque converters and its starting to shudder again!
  • So obviously it's not the TQ Converter.
  • Hey Fasstdak, I agree on the vibration and was the first person to post a message on edmunds years ago. It has taken years for me to finally feel like I have found a solution. Now I will say my driving conditions are always on flat ground.....Texas! I can not comment on the driving conditions in the mountains with my Jeep Hemi. But I can say I have change the tires two different times and still noticed the vibration. I had three different drive shafts installed and still nothing. Finally when i bought the last set of Michelin tires I had enough. Since I travel a great deal from New Orleans to Houston and spend hours at a time on the highway, and felt like the dealerships didn't care I started asking around and finally came across Jose at Discount Tire. He was aware of the problem that I described. He informed me of a "computer ride match" balancing they would perform on my Jeep. I was very hesitant since it was much more expensive to balance the tires.....96 bucks total! It was the best 96 buck i could have ever spent. In my opinion the problem Jeep has is with the "chrome-plated rim" I can only assume the chrome-plating is the cause, whether it be the glue that holds it in place, or the chrome-plated disc it self. One way or another my problem is fixed. Give it a shot, it worked for me
  • Are you talking about "Road Force" balancing? That's a very common practice and we do those here quite often.
  • Hello vibration
    Your Mich tires should not have more than 1/2 ounce of wheel weights
    if they do the wheels them self are the problem
    the plastic cladding is part of the problem
    I had the same problem 1 year ago, now 8000 miles of my 2007 Jeep GC limited hemi
    all new Mich tires were installed 1 bad wheel was found
    1/2 oz weight is all 4 wheels NO Vibration since
    Good LUCK
  • 05hemi05hemi Posts: 2
    Well I am continuing to wait for my appointment with a new engineer to look at my jeep. I have put 3000mi on my truck this month and it drives me crazy to know I am paying over $500 a month for this truck.

    I here a lot of talk about rims and tires, which has been ruled out with my vehicle, as they trouble shoot my truck using shop balanced tires and rims to rule out any tire/rim related vibration. I drive from upstate NY to Philly frequently and have extended drives along flat and hilly terrain, but the my Jeep Limited Vibrator continuously shakes. My passenger seat visibly shaking the entire time.

    My Jeep seems not to be shifting as gracefully when traveling through the mountains in PA. At 43,000 miles this truck seems to be falling apart, my 2000 with 165,000 had less problems.

    I am sure other jeep owners are in the same boat with an inability to unload this vehicle, because their resale price is rapidly decreasing. If they could fix this vibration that would make it sooooo much better. I wish I could post a video of my passenger seat vibrating while I drive on the highway. Check back in a week or two, I will post a video on youtube.

    Sorry for the rant, but my purpose is to gain any information that people have had luck with solving this problem! I don't expect perfection, but this is unacceptable
  • I tried to fix that problem with my Jeep Limited for a year -- computer, driveshafts, tires, transmission reprogramming. Nothing worked except selling the P.O.S. Jeep and buying a Toyota. Sorry.
  • 05 Hemi,
    I feel your pain! I have had the same problem for years as well. May I suggest two options. 1) Don't listen to the dealership! They will continue to tell you over and over again saying that they have tried this and tried that. For me it didn't work! I even had the owner of the dealership test drive my jeep and noticed the problem. Like i said in the past I changed tires...twice. Replaced the drive shafts...three times.....or so they say. They, the dealership, even claimed they switched rims and tires and had the same problem....i dont believe them. 2) Get a second opinion. I finally found COMPLETE satisifaction with a "computer ride match" balance from a local tire shop called discount tire. I am not sure if they have them in your area but it WORKED!!!! It was the most expensive balance I have ever had on my Jeep but it is much more enjoyable to drive now. Give it a cant hurt. If you have any questions please ask.
  • gp024megp024me Posts: 7
    To all 2000 to 2008 Grand Laredo owners how long does it take to through Down with The Lemon Law...It seems alot of you folks are getting Bad Vibes while driving at certain speeds and have been told by the dealer they have replaced drive line parts from tires to rear axles, and still bad Virations cant we all just Get Along and use the LEMON LAW?
  • gp024megp024me Posts: 7
    Im still skeptical, I blew 600 on new tires but you might have something there,I will put my last 100 bucks on the line I cant take the Vibes & rumble at speeds anymore...The lemon Lawyers will be my last stop... Thanks for the Info..
  • afranafran Posts: 7
    I solved my 2008 Jeep GC vibration problem....I traded the POS for a 2009 BMW X5. Tried to buy American but what American car compares to an X5?

    I think everyone knows that the Jeep is a POS... the trade-in value of this "CAR" is half what I paid for it...15K and it is only 20 mos. old! Will never make that mistake again.
  • rkbintxrkbintx Posts: 6
    I started through the lemon process, but settled with Chrysler at the first meeting. They swapped-out both driveshafts, did a few other things, and tried to rebalance the tires several times. What really did it for me was taking it to Discount Tire and having a Computer Ride Match done. The vibration is virtually gone. The guy at the tire store said that tires were tough to balance for that vehicle...I hope so, because the dealer was pretty much useless in this area. Not warrantying the tires is a mistake for Chrysler because I think they have direct relationship to many people's vibration problems. If my 2008 Jeep GC doesn't give me any more problems before my lease is up, I might even purchase it, but I won't if they demand the price printed at contract time....they have lost way too much value and gas prices will go up again (not that I really care myself what the cost of gas is). I really do like Jeeps...just hate the quality and sometimes the manufacturer.
  • gp024megp024me Posts: 7
    OH BOY,the plot thickens,I have a V6 GC same thing )* vibes at 45 mph and 60 and over new tires, drive shaft, transmission,, converter ,carrier ring OH by the way they claimed i had a tranny from a Chrystler 300? Why do I find it hard to beleive they actually replaced all the parts they claim?
  • I naturally had the same issues with my 2006 limited with 5.7L Hemi. I had Belle Tire ballance the tires with a special fixture to hold the wheel straight at balancing to correct the issue. The challenge is the plastic wheel cover on the the Aluminum Wheels. With use of the fixture that holds the wheel by the lug holes instead of the center hub hole it took the problem away immediately with no other repairs or guess work. I put new tires on the Jeep and had a real bad balance problem thinking it was the tires and it was not. Just need a mechanic that understands how to balance the odd wheel configuration we have.
  • daddy28daddy28 Posts: 7
    Hey i doubt this is the answer your looking for, because i am not a mechanical type of person, but i own a 2002 jeep grand cherokee that vibrates like crazy once it gets up to around 60 mph or higher and i was telling a co worker about it who does all of his own car work and the second i mentioned that i was having a problem and once it got up to 60 mph he instantly said, IT VIBRATES DOESNT IT, and i was amazed and i was like yess and he said its your rotors, and i was like what??? I've brought it the jeep into at least 5 different places and no one could give me a correct answer they did all kinds of tests and the transfer case looking for codes and everything and couldnt tell me anything. Yet without mentioning that my jeep was vibrating my coworker knew what i was talking about instantly, so i'm not sure if thats correct or not as i've not gone and bought new rotors but i guess its something to look into. Hope this may help if not sorry i tried, however i will be writing a post here so if you have any info for me let me know, thanks
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