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Toyota Tacoma Trailer and Towing Questions



  • I am moving from the UK and bringing my two horse trailer with me. I have a new 4 x 4 double cab standard transmission Tacoma with a tow package in the US. Is there an adapter for a 7 pin (not seven blade) European plug? Or is it just a simple matter of buying a seven pin socket in the UK and having it installed in the US. The trailer is self braking but has extras like fog lights and amber lights. Also the hitch ball is 50 mm instead of 2" plus in the States.

    I like my horse trailer as it is light weight (aluminum/fiberglass) with rear load, front unload.

    Any suggestions as it is being shipped on 6 November.

  • I am by no means an authority on towing or trucks for that matter, but I towed a loaded 6 x10 enclosed trailer with my 4 cyl T100 across the country for years (Truck had 200k on it when I retired it, and a majority of those were acculumlated with the trailer in tow). Currently have an '06 Tacoma access cab with the same 4 cyl and am doing the same. Neither have had any troubles, although they work a bit on the hills (as does my buddies F150). Traveled from coast to coast, north to south. This engine is a go getter and great on gas. Just stay within the recommended towing capacity, and keep the OD / cruise control off, unless your cruising I 80 through NE :)
  • I would like to buy a travel trailer and have been looking over the different forums about this topic. I had a pop up trailer and had no problems towing this with my previous 96 ford ranger: no jack knifing etc. I am unfamiliar with the larger trailers and the need or not for an additional brake system. I would appreciate a little ABC about this process. 1 if i didn't put a shell on the new toyota truck or 2 If I did put a shell on my truck and carry some things in the back, would there be additional concerns about what type of weight rating, brake system, and type of trailer? I have two types of future trips in mind. one is my frequent local trip up about 60 miles up into the CO mountains, 8500 feet elevation, dirt roads not in bad shape but some hills. (I did roll and total my 05 tundra on these roads, but I was driving a little too fast on a section where the road was hardpacked and had loose gravel on top...ouch.) The second would be some state to state travel. Any thoughts/advice on these concerns . Thanks.
  • dennis_wdennis_w Posts: 1
    I want to install a Hoppy plug in trailer wiring kit on my 2008 Tacoma but all I can find on the net is the 2007 kit. Does anyone know if it will work on 08?
  • tacoman05tacoman05 Posts: 37
    It should work, the '07 and '08 should be identical.
  • I want to buy a fuel efficient p/u but pull a horse trailer. There are lightweight models (1300lbs made from resin) single horse trailers which is all I really need. My horse is about 1100lbs, with trailer capacity of 3500lbs for 4cyl tacoma, plus figuring basic gear, is that enough? The trailer I want is a single horse, 1300 lbs made by a German company called Brenderup. HP needed is only 100, tongue is 100 with the bonus of not needing a brake box due to the engineering. I would like the 4cyl 2.7L tacoma. I'm torn between 2 and 4 wheel drive b/c I want safety but fuel efficiency. First of all my experience with hauling is limited; do you think the 4cyl is enough and does 2 and 4 wheel drive make a difference for hauling the horse trailer I mentioned? The other purpose of the truck is for renovation contracting which its capacity should be enough. Also, any women under 5'1" can you reach brake/clutch sufficiently and etc? I like to drive manuel transmissions=)
  • rbyrd2rbyrd2 Posts: 1
    Just bought a used 09 4X4 double cab with not two package. I need to add the hitch which is easy, but I am a bit confused on the wiring harness and installation procedure. Any suggegtions?
  • Hey,

    I'm seeing lots of questions on here, and I must admit I had the same sorts of questions too when I started towing for the first time. I want to share this link with y'all, because howstuffworks has 100+ articles towing just about anything, and they are well written. This page lists them all broken out by topic, so you can quickly find what you're looking for. Good as a reference.

    Towing Guide
  • Hey, check out this link (I was talking about it earlier) - They have an article on trailer wiring under towing equipment towards the bottom of the page

  • I wanted to post my findings on this issue because I have always enjoyed the feedback on these message boards. I have a 96 4x4 Tacoma v6, 3.4 with a K&F 190hp + 6 with K&F = 196HP. 5000lb tow rating. 145k, Canopy, 2 people and 1 full size dog. I tow a 19' Coleman pop up dry weight of 2950, probably somewhere in the neiborhood of 3800lb to 4000lb loaded. Took it out several time last year and it did surprisingly well. Moderate hills I could keep it in 4th and maintain 60mph. More aggressive hills I had to drop it into 3rd. I can keep the rpms at about 3500 to 4000 on the steep hills and still maintain 52 to 58mph. I have a sway stabilizing bar that seems to really keep the trailer strait. I do recommend if you are new to owning a pop up, go down to your RV shop and buy Pop up 101. Its kind of a cheap looking video but it has a lot of good basic info on using your pop up.
  • jcubsonjcubson Posts: 1
    Buying the Tacoma v6 automatic 4x4 access cab. I don't know if I need to buy the tow package or just purchase from my mechanic a tow hitch and wiring. I'll be pulling a small trailer with two sea kayaks. That;s it. Do I really need to spring for the towing package? What's the advantage?
  • tuttie01tuttie01 Posts: 3
    I have a 2009 toyota tacoma spot with tow package I would like to buy a 21 foot micro lite travel trailer but don't know if I can pull it can anyone help me? Thanks
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The maximum Gross Combined Weight Rating of any 2009 Tacoma is 11,100 pounds (when equipped with the trailer package, V6, automatic). This is the total weight of truck, trailer, hitch, people, and cargo. Maximum trailer weight is 6500.

    The truck alone weighs about 4100. Add in the weight of the people and the gear you're carrying. Then see if the trailer you're interested in will fit your available remaining weight.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • gcondongcondon Posts: 3
    REF: Tacoma Double Cab 2X4 Prerunner V-6 4.0 - Longbed with towing package

    I have a Class I enclosed cargo trailer 6x10 and want to know if the Tacoma above can tow these with an average load at highway speeds up grades and in the mountains without constantly dropping gears or otherwise straining the vehicle.
  • pjpatrickpjpatrick Posts: 1
    I need to hook up the electric Brake Activator (4 wire) to the supplied quick connect plug (5 wire) . How is it done?
  • squirrel67squirrel67 Posts: 2
    Hello All,

    Here's my situation...I purchased an 09 PreRunner with out the tow package. I had no plans of ever towing anything over 3500 lbs. Things have changed and I would love to have the tow package now. I've called two local dealers, only to be told that the full package (oil & tranny coolers, 130 amp alternator, class IV receiver, 7-pin harness & heavy duty battery) can't be installed completely. Seems only the receiver and harness are all they can do, at a cost of $550. Dang, the package goes for $650! A Toyota service manager stated that I could tow more than the recommended if I were to not use overdrive, why is that? The trailer weight I'm hoping to tow is 5000 lbs, well over the 3500 limit. Would not towing in overdrive make it safe for the tranny and engine? What if I towed with a WD hitch? The last thing I want to do is cause damage to the truck, among other things, safety. Besides buying another Tacoma with the package does anyone have suggestions?

  • magda2magda2 Posts: 2
    I have 2007 Toyota 4X4, 4.0, V6, double cab, short bed truck without the tow package. I need some advise on how to add the tow package, because I recently bought a 1993 Layton Travel Trailer which weighs 4,000 lbs. After reading the forum, I think I will need to buy and add the following to my truck: 1. supplemental engine oil cooler, 2. transmission cooler- with a small radiator in front of the regular engine radiator, 3. new 130 amp alternator for the trailer electric brakes, 4. heavy duty battery, and 5. class IV receiver (trailer has 6 wire). How much will all this cost?
  • magda2magda2 Posts: 2
    I have 2007 Toyota 4X4, 4.0, V6, double cab, short bed truck without the tow package. I need some advise on how to add the tow package, because I recently bought a 1993 Layton Travel Trailer which weighs 4,000 lbs. After reading the forum, I think I will need to buy and add the following to my truck: 1. supplemental engine oil cooler, 2. transmission cooler- with a small radiator in front of the regular engine radiator, 3. new 130 amp alternator for the trailer electric brakes, 4. heavy duty battery, and 5. class IV receiver (trailer has 6 wire). How much will all this cost?
  • ray85ray85 Posts: 1
    I'm looking to buy an '05 or newer Taco and need to insure it has a towing package. I know there's a way to look at the fan hub and tell from the color if it's equipped with the heavy duty radiator and such. My problem is I don't know which color hub is to look for. Any help out there? Thanks Ray
  • Anyway, my understanding is you just plug in the connector under the dash, and then connect the loose wires on the other end to the brake controller. Also I want say this.
  • gomez69gomez69 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 toyota tacoma 4 cyl and do not have a towing package, can I tow a corolla on a dolly behind it for 1100 miles using a ball on the bumper? Thank you for any help
  • Need help !!!

    Have a new travel trailer that we cant get out of the yard. Every time we plug the trailer into the back of the factory tow package on the Tacoma and then put in REVERSE, we are blowing a fuse. This happened 3 times and finally a guy at a trailer shop said something to the effect that

    since the trailer does not have back up lights, and there is a 'blank or dud' in the trailer plug-in, but the truck's female part has a 'live' opening since the truck does have back-up lights" that is WHY it keeps blowing.

    Help !!!
  • Squirrel67 - Did yo ever get an answer to this question? I have the exact same issue. Please let me know.

    thank you
  • Gomez69 I have a friend with a 05 4 cyl and he added a $30 oil cooler and it helped him with towing. I dont trust bumper mounted ball hitches because i had an 03 Silverado extended cab and had a hitch ball. I towed a 12 foot trailer with nothing on it and halfway down my block the bumper broke off and the truck was brand new. So i would say no. And with 4 cyl you cant tow that much so try investing in a cheap oil cooler.
  • 00Cabrio,

    Where did your friend find the $30 oil cooler, I could probably use one or similar. TIA

  • Hes on ttora an off-roading club and a guy bought one and never used it. I would check ebay or amazon possibly look around and you may find one.

    Hope it helps sorry took so long
  • Plan on pulling a 19' trailer that indicates 7300 GWVR. Manual says max. is 6000. Towing package is OEM, so tranny cooler and fan clutch not factory installed. Hitch is the stabilizer kind with the bars (not sure what you call it). Had electric brake controller installed also. Will be putting tranny cooler on in days. Am told don't need the bigger fan upfront for the radiator. Had the 60K service completed recently (timing belt, water pump, differentials, etc.). My question to you: Am I ready and secure with pulling this thing? Appreciate your insights, thank you. :) :D
  • eric100eric100 Posts: 1
    I have a Tacoma 2001 V6 4x4 5spd. Two wheeled drive may be nice on the flat ground and highway but if you run into a situation where you have to climb a small grade on gravel you'll appreciate having 4 wheel drive. I'm have watched at times where vehicles could not climb a grade on gravel because of wheel spin. I tow a Trial-lite B19 travel trailer with my Tacoma and have found it to have plenty of power for climbing hills at 50 mph. My travel trailer weighs around 3,000 lbs loaded. I've been as high ast 9 to 10,000 feet on some of the highways here in Colorado and I haven't had any problems. My gas mileage is about 14 to 15 mpg in the mountains and higher at lower altitudes. I also have over 200,000 miles on my truck and it still pulls the travel trailer without any problems.
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