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Toyota Tacoma Trailer and Towing Questions



  • kimber you ever get an answer??

    I have just bought a 2011 tacoma with the tow package and have a trailer with no backup lights and am worried about the same thing haven't tried it yet
  • I have a 2007 Tacoma with no tow package. I have added a transmission cooler, a receiver hitch and a 7 pin hookup. I pull a 5000lbs trailer with no problems. The trailer does not have reverse lights and I back the trailer in all of the time. I have never had an issue with the fuses blowing. it sounds more like the the 7 pin wasn't installed correctly. You have a 2011 with a package you won't have an issue. I will be adding a oil cooler, alternator and battery to complete the tow package on our Tacoma this year.
  • rusty021rusty021 Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Tacoma with tow package with automatic transmission. What gear should I use when towing a 4000 lb trailor?
  • my 2013 tacoma's gvwr is 5500lbs. does it cost more at tolls .
  • i also have a 2010 tacoma.just went 2000 mile trip tried 4gear and did about 6-7mpg .used drive and got only did 8-9mpg.i was towing jayco ultralite 3500lbs not loaded.if anyone can help with mpg i would
  • dontdornydontdorny Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    If you have the towing package the 2914 Tacoma V6 is rated to pull up to a 3.5 ton GW trailer with a max tongue weight o 350 lbs. I actually pulled (well parked really) a Tacoma that was pulling a 30 foot trailer for my GF who never got the knack if backing with a trailer and it was easy. I actually drove around the block a few times and for the most part, had I not seen nor now it was back there, I sure didn't feel it there, IMHO, if you've got the TACOMA 4X4, the 4.0 V6 and the towing package with ride stabilization and the towing package with automatic tranny you should be golden. Can;t speak for the long trips cause I haven't towed anything for over 40 miles, you should be good to go, Just remember to not expect the same ride you get unloaded and try practicing it locally around your neighborhood when you have minimal traffic. The key to trailer pulling is simply forget it's there and don't spend a lot of time over thinking it. Then when baking into a spot, grasp the bottom o the steering wheel and slowly back up. If you need the traikler to go right: Move the wheel right and vice versa. That' the easiest way I know how and even my 11 year old can and HAS done it in a flat campsite! Good luck@ PS: Don't let others where you are know you have this skil or you will be deluged with requests from swarming noobs akig if you'll move and park theirs for them. First time I did that, I was "Held hostage" fo over 3 hours doing it (and of course teaching it) cause I was this 16 year old kid Where no on could back up their RV's. By all was said and done though? I had collected a little over #300 in cash! To an 11 year old I thought it was time for us to buy a new motorhome with all the money I had gotten! Had to pass for the 11 year old who didn't have to beg mom and dad to get candy from the Little general store in Parker AZ!
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