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Pontiac Grand Am Maintenance & Repair



  • mckissickmckissick Posts: 1
    do you have to remove the motor to replace oil pan
  • timkellygpitimkellygpi Posts: 10
    Turn the key to the on position then back till you hear the electronic click, then hit your unlock button on the drivers door 3 times and it should reset your security and start.
  • i have a 04 grandam gt and i have read many fourms on here and on diff, car sites and from what i gatherd on it dexcool is bad for 04 grandams i dont know if its bad fer all grand ams or what, but ny owners manual says to use dexcool in it. but like i said be4 i read from differnt people that dexcool is bad for it is this true?? i dont know what to use now if someone know excatly what to use will they please respond..(p.s) can i use prestoneinstead of dexcool. thank you
  • tpjjmjtpjjmj Posts: 1
    2004 Grand Am, Oil Light

    How to reset the change oil light?
    It's been on since I have driven 4500 miles.


  • tdm3tdm3 Posts: 4
    I have a very strange problem w/my 99 Grand Am (85,000). My oil pressure light comes on only when I make a fast and/or sharp turn. It may seldomly come on if I take off too fast. Other than that I try to make slow, wide turns until I get it checked out. Anyone else w/the same problem, so you can give me a possible heads up on what the problem could possible be?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Is the oil level low?
  • Hi I have a 1997 grand am v6 3.1leater engine and on my driver side floor there is a huge puddle of water every time i remove the water the next time it rains the waters back and its starting to move into the back seat i cant find the leak anyware if anyone can help me with this that would be great thank you.
  • In engine lights stays on.
    2 it every place in tacoma.
    i pay to have things fixed.
    an the lites back on.
    who can i trust. 2 fix my car without lying 2 me.
    [email protected]
  • Hi i have a 2000 Grand Am SE and whenever i turn right or left it makes a clunking noise. I checked the swaybar and the tierod and they where fine i replaced the strut bearing as it was making some noise on the drivers side thinking maybe that was the problem. But it still makes these sounds. Does anybody know what these clunking noises might be?
  • About 6 months ago I changed the thermostat and coolant in my '02 GA SE1 V6. About 3 months ago I start hearing this clicking sound when the car is first started up after sitting a long time, but it seemed to go away after the car was fully warmed up. I changed the started because it was getting weak and looked for the cause of the clicking noise. I noticed coolant is low and fill it up apparently I hadn't topped it off enough earlier. The clicking noise stopped after i changed the starter and filled coolant. Eventually clicking noise came back, I checked the coolant again and again it was low. I fill it back up and begin checking for coolant under the car and no signs of leaks. Again clicking went away after topping off coolant. Clicking came back after a few weeks, again coolant was low top it off along with putting in some stop leak even though there was no signs of a leak. Since then clicking has been constant every time i first start the car up.

    The constant clicking noise at start up seems to becoming from the top of the engine either around the thermostat housing or the fuel rail/intake manifold. And the noise stops or at least really quiets down after the car has warmed up fully. Has anyone else experienced this and what did it turn out to be? I have tired a high quality injector cleaner in case the rails or injectors are dirty and caused the clicking noise.

    BTW I haven't had dexicool in the car since about 45k miles after learning about the problems and the car now has 103k so i don't think it is a result of bad seals or gunk from dexicool.
  • Engine clicking when cold: I have a similar noise in my '95 3.1V6 Grand Am. It is what I would call valve or lifter tap. It is as though one of the hydraulic lifters takes a long, long time to get fully pumped up. Seems to be worse in cold weather (makes sense - oil would be thicker). I wish I had a solution for you. I've tried some oil additives, but nothing seems to help. The good news is that my Grand Am has been doing this for at least 2 years and it hasn't gotten any worse. If you find a solution, please post it here!

    Clicking when turning: Sounds like a CV joint.
  • gizcatgizcat Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 Grand Am and the driver side door is not level with the top of the car. It is off a fraction. Anyway to easilky adjust it so it is level? A couple of years ago I locked my keys in and had to have it opened for me. They put a device between the door and frame and used air to pusr it out enought to unlock it. Ever since, it has been off a fraction.
  • My 2005 Grand Am is continuously blowing fuses. This is the 3rd one that has been put in in one week...the same 20 fuse that was originally in the car. Can anyone tell me a reason maybe why it keeps blowing. No coins are able to get into the lighter to blow it. The car has no added features to the radio or anything. Can someone help?
  • n5445n5445 Posts: 28
    I passed my emissions even though I have a p0442 small leak DTC!

    What I realized here in Illinois is that you dont need a perfect grade to pass.
    the 00 grand am only has 5 tests that match the epa tests.
    As long as you pass 4 of the 5 you will get a passing grade.

    So I kept the gas tank near empty, reset the p0442 code and drove the car until the other 4 tests would run and get a "ready" status.
    Oviously you need a code reader to determine when the rest of the test have completed.

    Since the Evap test wont run until there is a certain amount of gas in the tank, it wouldnt run and therefore stayed in "not ready" for the 5th test.

    Took it to the emissions test and wholla- passing grade. Finally can get that plate sticker thats 2 months over due!!

    I still will need to find the p0442 cause, but atleast now, I have the time to do it without worrying about getting pulled over for an invalid plate sticker.

    I refuse to take it in to a shop and fork out $$ when the car has 135k miles on it. That money is better spent replacing things on the car that need it yourself.
    evap purge valve,egr,canister vent solenoid,gas cap,etc.
    For the amount it cost to repair one thing at the shop, you can do all of them for the same price at home. It just takes awhile longer to do.
  • It sounds like the same noise that is heard in my motor...if so it is the tension idler. It only cost about $40.00. The mechanic I work with told me. I'm actually going to get it today and let him put it on for me. Hope this helps.
  • On the subject of Timing Chains....
    I can't seem to find out from the dealer whether my 2.2 liter Grand Am uses a timing belt or a timing chain. I have never had a Timing Chain go bad on me, but every engine I ever owned with a timing belt has destroyed itself before it reached 120000 miles. My Grand Am is approaching 100000 miles, and if I have a timing belt, I want to replace it before it breaks and destroys my engine. Anyone? Do I have a belt, or a chain?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
  • Thanks, burdawg. That makes me feel much better.
  • Simply take off battery cables and then place them back on.

    Or turn switch on, (not ignition), pump brakes 3 times cut off switch, and then crank the car up. This should work...if it doesn't do the first.
  • will parts from a 94 fit my 95, I had an encounter with a large deer and need to replace parts.. thanks jan
  • on the way to work this morning my headlights, tail lights, and dash lights went out. Is this due to a bad micro relay in the fuse box under the hood? Maybe #19 or #20 which are listed as being for automatic light control? 2001 Grand Am SE
  • Where is the fuse for the cirgarette Lighter? I chcecked all the fuses on the side of the dase board, they all were good.
  • Hi all, need your help.

    My 1996 Grand Am (137,000 miles)- check engine soon light came on. Car seems to excelerate on its own and when that happens, strong gasoline smell in the car, especially when the heat is on.

    Any ideas?

    Just replaced 02 sensor.

    Thanks much for your replies.
  • have u checked ur throttle/gas cable? thats what was wrong with mine. check it and c if it's bent or broke.
  • hartt1hartt1 Posts: 3
    the fuse for the cig lighter is in the fuse box under the hood i think its a 15 or 20 i had the same problem took me forever to find it
  • gizcatgizcat Posts: 4
    Does anyone know where the Throttle position sensor is located on a 2001 Grand Am and can it be replaced easily?
  • snydemasnydema Posts: 1
    I have checked fuses and lights but all looks good? Any ideas?
  • lovemygrandamlovemygrandam Posts: 330
    Use an Ohmmeter to check your fuses. Sometimes they look good, but are open. Do the same with the lights, but of course, it's unlikely that they would all have burned out at the same time.
    Next, check the flasher module. I don't know where that's located on your car... you will have to get a shop manual to find that out. If you don't have a shop manual, you can subscribe to an online service that has shop manuals for your vehicle at this web address:
    Good luck. I hope it's not wiring. The shop manual will give you step by step instructions for finding your problem.
  • timkellygpitimkellygpi Posts: 10
    My ABS light always comes on. I can turn the trac off before putting in gear and it will not always come on. However, I would rather fix the issue. Do I need to replace the wheel bearings or is there a sensor some where that can be replaced.
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