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Pontiac Grand Am Maintenance & Repair



  • you have to remove the reflector. there is another screw behind it. then remove the handle that rolls your window up and down. u have to do that by removing a clip behind it. there are plenty of youtube step by step videos to show you how. then you have to remove your lock and unlock button and unplug it. there is another screw behind there. its a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. i am doing the same thing right now and trying to fix my window. I can't find out how to fix the window yet. came across your questions. I hope this helps you.
  • im in need of the passenger side seat handle... the lever on the side of seat that is used to recline front or back.... if anyone has one or knows where i can get one I would appreciate it
  • amkcwamkcw Posts: 3
    I was wandering if any body has any ideas. My power door locks will unlock but when I try to lock them all I hear is a click and ding. I thought the switch might be bad but it sounds like it gets the signal just wont lock the doors.This happens with both doors. Any help would be great, Thanks
  • If you press the door lock button (on the door) once, you get a ding, and then after a short delay (about 15 seconds) the doors will lock. If you press the button twice, the doors will lock immediately. This feature is explained in your owner's manual.

    Richard Berger
  • amkcwamkcw Posts: 3
    Thats the problem the door never locks it will unlock and gets the signal to lock but doesnt. I thought switch but it is working I just dont know if maybe the acuator would work to unlock and not to lock?
  • sac7710sac7710 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Hi, i have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am Gt V6 Ram Air.. I purchased the car 2 weeks ago for college. Today, i started my car up and and everything was fine, washed it, and then drove it over to the work shed to vaccum it out with a wet dry vac... when i was finished, i went to start it up and thought it had started, put it in drive, and then realized it hadnt started, so i tried about 3 more times but it wouldnt strat.. Im baffled by it, i really cant give much info, the car is in great shape, the battery is fairly new, and everything works, i need help. Also,before the problem occurred, the low coolant and service enginge lights were on, now both those lights are on and: batterry light, oil light, and security light flashes.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    edited April 2011
    You need to have a look at the other topic "Pontiac Grand Am Security Passlock Problems". The security light flashing when you try to start is the tipoff. Try leaving the ignition on for 10 minutes when it happens and see if it will clear, then try to start it. You can also Google this same thing. There's all kinds of information out there.
    My advice if it turns out to be the most common problem (the hall effect sensor on the ignition switch) is to bypass it with lovemygrandam's procedure.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Here's a link to his repair procedure:
  • I have one also v6 3.4 mine quits while driving only after warming up, I replaced the fuel pump to no avail, I also bypassed the pass-lock II like the internet has advised, and it does the same thing, the security light stay off, like normal, the ten minutes of leaving the key on doesn't work, I had a car scanner hooked up to the car even while it died and it didn't give me any codes not a thing, any ideas????
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Passlock won't shut it down once it's running and with no security light coming on it's 99% surely not the cause. When it "quits" once warmed up what the symptoms? No spark? No fuel? Will it start right back up, but not idle on it's own?
  • Yes i have a 1995 pontiac grand am.. needs a frre check 4 water leaks
    on floor..i'm in tacoma,wa..
    send me a name an number who will check find the leaks.give an estimate.
  • Yesssssssssss also..have a 1995 pontiac grand am..that needs leaks on floor fixed.
    where do i find if it's plugged. Also i had modulator remove cause it was drainin the battery.
    but not the courtesy light does;nt come on..what needs be done.
    send me a name of someone that will check 4 leaks on a written estimate..
    i'm in tacoma wa... also the fone number.. thanx...
    also do you have any pontiacs under 500 bucks..that run an drive..
    like too see pix of your trade ins..
  • It just shuts off! like they turned off the fuel. when I turn the key back on I hear the fuel pump come on, it turns over just fine, but it doesn't start, the next day after leaving it on the street it started right up like nothing and I drove it home, tonite I was going to start it up, I haven't started it in 3 days and the fuel pump never came on and it wont start at all. what are your thoughts, I was going to replace the crank position sensor, the fuel pump was already replaced last week.
  • the answer to all the questions, is yes no spark yes no fuel and it wont start right back up it has to wait then when it does finally start up it runs for 10 sec and quits, can't step on the gas cuz it will quit right away, some times it wont start at all til the next day. any ideas before I push this thing off a bridge.
  • Go through the diagnostics in the service manual. It will guide you to the correct solution. Don't have a service manual? Go to $28.oo. Best money you will ever spend.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    If it runs at all then it's getting spark at least sometimes. Even though it has a new fuel pump I would check the fuel pressure and flow rate. It could be many problems, can't really say without more info.
  • laluzklaluzk Posts: 1
    My Man's car is overheating he replaced the water pump, and the thermostat. It still overheats can anybody give us suggestions on what else he can do to fix this problem. :mad:
  • velias2velias2 Posts: 5
  • velias2velias2 Posts: 5
    I need help in identifying a part to my grand am. I have no idea what it is called, so ill just describe it:

    right under the fender near the fog lights theres a thin plastic or rubber part that is very flimsy. it goes in an arch from one side of the fender to another, and sounds like it scrapes when you hit a bump in the road. the other day, i guess i hit a dip in the road and it cracked the part. does anyone know what this part is, and if its possible to replace?? and if so, how much would the part cost?

    Thanks everyone, hope you can help!
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I think your talking about the front air dam, which is designed to fold back when you go over something to low and then return to it's position. It can only take so much and will eventually crack and break off. It's not an important part, it directs air flow away from the irregular shaped parts underneath and makes it a bit more aerodynamic. You can replace the part, I believe it's just held on by plastic clips. I would have to crawl under my 04GT to see for sure though, I've never paid that much attention to it.
  • The part is called an Air Dam. The service manual describes how to remove and replace the item. NOTE: The air dam is a devise which creates a vacuum underneath the vehicle at high speeds, giving you better control, in case you often drive at very high speed. But it also creates additional drag. If you remove the air dam from your vehicle, you will get noticeably better fuel economy, and unless you are a race car driver, you will not notice any effect on handling.
    Dick Berger
  • gunner16gunner16 Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Grand AM and my problem is that I can push my clutch in to start the car but when shifting the clutch pedal would sink to the ground now when you put the car in gear it will not move.
  • Sounds like you have a blockage in either your clutch master cylinder, or in the clutch slave cylinder.
    Have a reliable mechanic check to find out which one it is. If it's the slave cylinder, you might as well have them replace the clutch as well, since the slave cylinder replacement involves dropping the transmission to replace.
  • hello. i have a 1995 pontiac grand am. i was driving home from work on saturday and my car started overheating. i pulled over and parked and turned the car off, i started smelling coolant and so i looked under my car and it was pouring out... i got it towed home and then i started looking for the leak, i found it.. its leaking out of an elbow shaped hose. its about 3-4inches long and is on the firewall right underneath 2 a/c lines... i was told its the heater core, so i went and bought a new heater core. i am not convinced though.. i need some advice.. i checked to see if it was a blown head gasket but theres no water in the oil. nor, white steam coming from the exhaust... it did smell of coolant when i ran the heater.. so maybe.. not sure... any advice will be taken in consideration.. thank you..

  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Sounds like the heater core or one of the hoses running to it. You can bypass the core by installing a hose between the connection points for the core supply hoses.
    Changing that core is no easy task, the dash has to be removed for access. Make sure it's just not a bad hose first.
  • I bypassed it lastnight, filled it up with water and turned on the car.. there arent anymore leaks, but it did overheat again... bad... boiling real bad and the fan was working over time... but then I looked this morning, and there was a hose that had been disconnected...
    I did hook it back up and looked in the over flow tank, it was full lastnight but this morning it was low... there arent any wet spots on the ground so i am completely confused about it... i did fill it back up, started my car again, and today it didnt overheat but it was running hot, it usually runs around 220 but it was between the 220 mark and the red... it didnt go further than that. what could this be?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Was the disconnected hose part of the cooling system, or something else? If it was a cooling system hose it doesn't make sense that nothing would leak out.
    You may just have had to bleed the air out of the cooling system, which could explain the resivoir tank level varying.
    Before this happened did you have to put coolant in often?
  • I am not exactly sure what it went to, i am not exactly car smart. i am in the process of replacing more parts today... the thermostat was completely bad, and NOT in the right spot. it was found on the back of the motor.
    i never had to put coolant in before this... and i am hoping this new thermostat helps... water pump is still good... just the heater core and thermostat are bad so far... will keep posting.. thank you
  • try turning the key to the on position for 10 minutes with out starting then turn key back to off position then try starting.these cars have security issues.
  • turn key to on position for 10 min.then try to start has security issues mine did same thing.i hate pontiacs
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