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Pontiac Grand Am Maintenance & Repair



  • bratt28bratt28 Posts: 1
    I just replaced the thermostat on my car. It is supposed to be on the back side of the motor. If you pull the hose out and read it, it will say that it is supposed to be on the underneath side.
  • i have a 94 pontiac grand am. drove the car 1/2 hr. got back in 8 hrs later started it up and it was bogging & barely getting gas power. then all of the sudden when it does get some gas it does not shift when i stop it bogs real bad & seems it wants to stall. this is a contiuent thing i changed the gas filter. it still does the same then added some foam stuff & its still the same. now my muffler is getting a little louder then useual. if someone was tring to mess my car up and they put something into the muffler would this cause these problems ?
  • hey there i have a 2000 grand am with the 3.4 v6. I was just wondering if you ever figured out what was causing the rpm surge going uphill at low rpms. Any help would be great thanks.
  • I wonder if its your catalytic converter.
  • I have an 02 grand am gt and about a week ago when I would get on the highway, I would accelerate and when my RPMs got to 4k, my car would no longer accelerate as if brakes have been applied, but the RPMs would continue to barely increase. Two days ago, I was stopped at a light and when i went to give it gas it barely accelerated. I pushed the pedal in to give it more gas to accelerate at a quicker rate and the RPMs wouldnt even go past 2k. The petal would be in the floor and my engine wouldnt rev, RPMs wouldnt increase and i wouldnt accelerate. When i let off the gas and barely push in, it does fine. When its in park, i can rev the car all the way up to 4k RPM when the governor kicks in with no trouble. when i shift to D, it kicks somewhat. I can drive it around fine, but it is slow to accelerate and i dont give it much gas. Please I am in desperate need of some help as to what my issue may be. I would appreciate any advice.

  • Hey Im having problems with my rpms surging uphill. I bounces about 3-500 rpm difference. My check engine light was on but turned off. I did have it checked when it was on. It came up as o2 sensor 1 on bank 1. It don't sound likely. Can anyone please help???? I recently serviced trans and new intake gasket and all fluids.
  • Sounds like fuel starvation. It takes a richer mixture to rev to 4000 rpm under load than when there is no load, like in Park. Check fuel filter.
    Another possibility is one of your two ignition coils or ignition modules is bad. Have a mechanic check them if changing the fuel filter doesn't help.
    Dick B
  • Can you tell me please how to locate the camshaft position sensor on my Pontiac Grand AM with 3.6 v6 engine. I replaced the one on the engine up between the engine and trans. (fire wall side) But i am sure that was the crankshaft position sensor. Please help me locate the sensor. Thank you in advance. Have fun today.
  • I have an 03 pontiac grand am. Occasionally when I start the car, it takes a minute for the gauges to come on, and also the fan. Sometimes when I am driving the fan will turn off and I have to turn it off and turn it back on. Also, the Cruise light on the dash will come on and off at random times. Any ideas as to what it could be? I would really hate for it to be the computer because I cant afford to fix that. The car runs fine other than that, and is a great car, I just dont want the car to stop working on me while i'm driving with my toddler. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Hello everyone!

    I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT. It has roughly 142,000 miles on it. My question is: I have to replace the fuel pump on it. I was wondering what the best brand is to put in it. I really do not want to sink a lot of money into it. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  • Get a GENUINE GM fuel pump. Even a used one from a salvage yard is better than the ones made in China. If you get one from a salvage yard, clean it up and make sure it isn't stuck before installing it.
    Second choice.... Buy a new one and MAKE SURE it wasn't made in Asia. US and Canada are OK, and there are several suppliers who make their parts in America.
  • I have been working on vehicles since I was old enough to pick up a wrench, some 40years now, so believe me when i say i understand your frustration. That being said your most likely culprit to your starting problems is the security system it is telling the computer someone is trying to steal the car and thus shutting off power to the coil packs by throwing a switch, then when you continue to try to start it it throws another one on the fuel relay. To get past this problem without a trip to the shop, first unplug your battery for 24hrs. then hook it back up this should reset the system. To help it not do this in the future, replace the ignition switch because either the switch or the key has become worn and the computer is not full recognizing that it is a legitimate key. I say replace the switch due to it could just be the key or it could also be the switch worn as well. By replacing the ignition switch you solve both potential problems in one shot.
  • if you look below your tube for the air filter there is a red cap your trans cap only to fill it with but to check it is messy youll need 4 jack stands put the car up have a oil pan clean and slowly looslen your trans plug it should be 5/8 if it comes out strong your fine if not add some youll need to add some anyways sence some came out but its cheaper than a mechanic
  • I have a 2003 grand am gt, the trunk button on the door does not work. In the manual, it says in the trunk on the latch, you can slide the trunk release lockout to "off" and the button will work. Otherwise, only a key can open it. Problem is, on my latch I do not see the label like in the maintenance manual nor a switch to slide. There is a little round knob but that does not seem to do anything.

    Any suggestions?
  • A week ago I noticed my Grand Am was running strangely. Only when the car is in park or stopped at a stop light do I notice that something seems to be running extremely hard, then it slows down, runs hard, slows down over and over again. I'm assuming that it continues while I'm driving the car, but I can't hear it. The transmission fluid was dirty, so I got it changed and also got the spark plugs and wires changed. This didn't help, and now I'm at a loss what to do. None of the engine lights are coming on, the car's temperature is normal, and the car accelerates just fine. I can also feel an abnormal amount of vibration on the floor, though I don't know if that's related. If anyone has experienced something similar or has any advice, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
  • jar410jar410 Posts: 3
    My car recently started stalling when I would stop at a stop sign or stop light, so I initially thought it was the battery, and went to get that replaced. A few days later it wouldn't start up right away, so I decided to take it to the dealership. The dealership said the fuel pump and fuel filter needed to be replaced, so I got them replaced and it drove fine for about a day, until it stalled out again going down a hill in my parking garage at work. I then had the car towed back to the shop and the mechanic said the first fuel pump was bad, so they had to replace it. It staled again that night turning a corner, so I had it towed to the shop again, and they said they needed to replace the ignition module, so I got that and the crank shaft position sensor replaced. I figured everything they needed to replace was replaced. Well I thought wrong, I took the car home, and then drove it to a friends house that night. On my way home, my car stalled once again at a stop light, and wouldn't start back up for about 45 min. Sorry for the long story, but this is very frustrating, and I just want to find out what the problem could possibly be, so I can stop wasting money on the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Personally, I think your problem is a defective dealership. You might try to find a lawyer to get your money back from then, and then take your vehicle to another dealer or service shop.
    I strongly recommend Vic Canever Chevrolet in Fenton, Michigan, or Veks Auto Repair, also in Fenton, Michigan.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I second that opinion. Throwing parts at a problem rarely fixes it, but unfortunately that's all that many repair shops can do these days.
  • ksn95ksn95 Posts: 2
    I love cars , huge car enthusiast , well saying this , I own a 1999 Grand AM SE , which may need a new engine , I cannot drive more then two blocks without the temp meter going into the red , I'm not liking this . Where would you guys suggest getting a new engine ? This car has been in the family a very long time and with that being said , it needs a little bit of everything . Would you say it's worth it putting money into it or not ? I've had trouble getting simple parts for my vehical because of Pontiac not being manufactered anymore .
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Why does it need a new engine? I don't have any problem finding Pontiac parts.
  • grandestamgrandestam Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    ALL the lights on my Dash are lit up!! I have had the Entire car serviced and everything on it fixed! It runs great. But I can't get the dash lights to go off permanently. The signals use to "work whenever they wanted to"... but I got that and the Hazards both fixed and they are great!!

    I was advised there is a Recall for that very problem with Pontiacs. I use to own a Grand Prix and Never had any such problems.

    Can Anyone offer any advice/pricing info/Solutions?? :confuse:

    Thank you in advance
  • ssohnbartssohnbart Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Grand Am. The repair shop (new to me) says the fluid cannot be checked, and needs to be replaced every 50k miles. The manual doesn't seem to read that way to me. The car has 137 thousand miles on it. Any info or experience? I am concerned about both proper care of the car and sizing up the reliability of the advice of this shop.

    Thanks for your help
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    The fluid can be checked, but not in the traditional way most people are aware of. There's no dipstick. To check the fluid you have to remove the level check plug on the passengers side of the transmission near the right side halfshaft. The fill plug is under the air filter box, it's easiest to remove the box for access. Many other models are like this now.
    Gm recommends 50K service intervals for severe duty, which covers most of us. Urban or city stop and go driving is considered severe duty.
  • pinky_88pinky_88 Posts: 1
    i just put a new alternator, water pump, tension arm and belt on my 04 grand am and anytime i hit the gas it squeaks/squeals. wondering if its too loose or too tight or could something else be wrong
  • gina35gina35 Posts: 8
    Maybe u just need to reset the computer alot of places like autozone, O'reileys will clear them for u and usually for free. They cleared. mine for free.
  • gina35gina35 Posts: 8
    I own a 99 Grand Am SE...I bought it 2 yrs ago from a friend of the family. The motor and transmission have already been replaced just one year before i bought it,but the fan quit working and they had run a jumper for the fan that i have to keep connected with a wire nut! Which is a total pain! But in any event the wire nut has come loose and i didnt realize it on more then one occasion once i realized and hooked the wire nut back on it would keep overheating and coolant just started pouring out.Later on my husband realized there is a bleeder for the coolant system(which i had never seen before) once the coolant system was bled it wouldnt overheat anymore. But beyond that the trunk latch does not work,my automatic door locks dont work and the drivers side window wont roll down,the volume on the radio is erratic and the odometer has stopped working also the passenger and driver side doors will sometimes lock for no apparent reason! My own car has locked me beginning to think its possesed! It runs good for now but i will never buy another one!
  • gina35gina35 Posts: 8
    There are bleeders on the coolant system,have u bled them?
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