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Pontiac Grand Am Maintenance & Repair



  • Well, to be sure, you will never buy another one. (They don't make them anymore)
    But on a more serious note, it sounds like you may have a bad ground point somewhere. With this many intermittent problems, your next investment should probably be a service manual. The cheapest for your car is online manuals from A one year subscription will cost about $27.00. By contrast, the paper GM Service Manuals run between $125 and $200, depending on the model.

    Assuming you have an electric Trunk Latch, that is controlled by the Body Control Module. (Middle Connector, C2, pin A7)

    Automatic Door Locks are also controlled by the BCM. The signal comes from Connector C2, Pin A2, Circuit #682

    With a Shop Manual, you can troubleshoot your Driver's Window problem, but it's probably a worn-out motor. On most Grand Am's you can replace the motor only, without replacing the regulator. The motors can be found online on E-bay for $20 to $40. You will need a shop manual to look up the part number. The shop manual will also explain exactly how to remove the inner door panel, and replace the window motor.

    The radio volume on the Bose Radio is likely not repairable, but you can get a much more robust radio at any Mickey Shore store for under $175.

    You might try troubleshooting the Driver's Door Lock Switch Assembly to cure your Lockout problems... possibly a short in the wiring where the harness exits the door.

    If the car runs good, it's worth repairing the few minor problems you are having. After all, a car is supposed to be transportation, not a living room. Fix what you have to, live with the rest. Smile!
  • gina35gina35 Posts: 8
    Thanks so much for the advice! But i failed to mention n my last message was (back to the overheating problem) If it overheats once,we have to bleed the coolant system..even after we do that about 2 weeks later it has to be bled again,because it will start overheating and this is evenwith the wire nut in place? Something that may be contributing to it..but not sure my overflow bottle is pretty loose and the cap was melted on the top! i nmean we literally had to dig at it with a screwdriver to get it out.In any event we replace the cap but because the top of the overflow bottle is in such bad shape the cap wont stay on tight..tight enough to where it dont come off but the resevoir top is just stripped out!...Any ideas??
  • The coolant resorvoir and it's cap are a critical part of the cooling system. If the cap does not fit tightly, it cannot become pressurized and cause fluid to flow into the radiator when needed. I would suggest you get a new reservoir AND cap to replace the old one, and be sure you are using coolant.... not water. Coolant boils at a much higher temperature than water.
  • are u talking about the bulb or the light assemble i would sugest removing the assemble it is just two thin metal bolts and look online for simlar bolt on paterns fro replacments
  • i own a '93 grand am with the 2.3 engine and 3spd automatic with electric overdrive. it has been quite durable, but the overdrive began sticking in gear a while back and stalling the engine when stopping. i found the electrical connection and pulled the plug. no more problem, and no more overdrive. i would like to fix it, but i believe it is a mortal sin to take a car to a garage for repairs before trying myself. i have been told a sticky valve in the valve body is to blame. my question: is the valve body accessible with the pan removed? and will parts be needed, or should polishing the valve cylinder walls suffice?
  • No idea whether that is the problem, or if your fix will work. All my pontiacs are stick shift. My solution would be to install a manual tranny.
  • gina35gina35 Posts: 8
    edited October 2012
    Plz help! I have had numerous problems with my 99 grand am but i have put more time and more money in it and recently fixed my overheating problem when i purchased a new overflow bottle..and now sometimes it hesitates to start and sometimes wont start at all! Even when i know that there is gas in it,it acts like its out of gas and i have went and got a gas can put more gas in it and then it will turn over?? Someone had told me it was the fuel pump but i thought usually when fuel pumps go they just go...anyone know anything about this? Also whenever i do stop and get gas and the car is running the minute i take take off the gas cap it dies???
  • lovemygrandamlovemygrandam Posts: 330
    edited October 2012
    Sonnds like the typical clogged fuel filter. With the gas cap on, you may have just enough pressure in the tank from fumes to help the fuel pump push gas through a clogged up filter.
    Dick B
  • Hello, I have 1992 pontiac grand am se 2.3 vin 3 engine. Has been a very reliable car up until a few months ago. I have a problem with the engine shutting off abruptly while driving down the road. It doesn't run rough before it does this it just shuts off. I can be going 30 mph or 60 mph and it will do this. The unusual thing is it starts right back up without any problem. I slide it into neutral turn the key to crank the engine and it starts right up and i put it back into drive and go right on without stopping. No check engine lights no rough running engine, nothing. Also the head lights stay on the whole time and dont dim at all, the blower fan and radio stay on without any issue. I have tried installing a few inexpensive parts but have not fixed the problem yet. The crank sensor, ignition module, and fuel pump relay have all been replaced. Any suggestions???????
  • lovemygrandamlovemygrandam Posts: 330
    edited October 2012
    Try the fuel filter next. It may be starving for fuel. remember, to run the engine needs:
    * fuel
    * ignition
    * timing
    Find out which is missing, and you will be on the right track to repair.

    I just happened to think.... I believe your engine uses throttle body injection. If so, You could have a defective or sticky Idle Air Control, which then would cause your idle to be too low for the engine to remain running. Does it quit only when your foot is off the throttle, as when you are coasting down, rather than accelerating?

    Next time it stalls, if you are going above 20 mph, try shifting into low gear, and stepping on the gas and see if it restarts. I don't know if this will work with your transmission, but it's worth a try.
  • I thought about a fuel filter but it doesnt run rough it just shuts off abruptly like someone turns the key off. And it will start right back up immediately without any extended crank.

    It has 4 individual injectors so I guess they call that multi port injection.

    It happens when you are in the throttle driving down the road on the highway. It happens so fast you wouldnt even have time to try and change throttle position.

    My wife told me today after I made her drive it to the store that when it died today the ABS light came on just before it died. When she restarted the engine the light was no longer on. She said there wasnt any issue with the brakes and there never has been. Could there really be a correlation between the ABS and this engine dying problem?
  • OK, since you have individual injectors, your engine is port-fuel-injected, not TBI. Since it dies suddenly, there is probably no connection between your problem and the Idle Air Control Valve.
    The signal from the Wheel Tachometers, which furnish information to the ABS system, i believe are fed into the Powertrain Control Module. , at least that's the case on models after '96. I can't imagine though, that one of them losing signal would cause the PCM to shut down the engine, unless there is some sort of fail-safe mechanism that tries to protect the engine if a wheel siezes up. If that were the case, every time you lock up your brakes, the engine would stall . I'm assuming when the engine stalls, the instruments still work. If not, perhaps it could just be that some loose wire is causing the PCM to shut down, and it has to be restarted to reset the PCM. Anyway, good luck. This is going to be a hard problem to isolate.
  • Do you have any idea where I can get an ABS Wiring diagram other than buying a chilton manual? I want to sell the car and dont want to buy a book when I wont need it.

    I'd like to see if there is any wiring connection between the ABS and the ignition or fuel injection that could kill the engine.
  • Your best bet is to find an independent garage and beg the owner to print off the wiring diagram you want from his online manual source. Next best bet is to subscribe to one of the online manual suppliers, like A one year subscription for any particular car is only $27.00... far cheaper than the GM supplied Shop manuals, and they have all the wiring diagrams in them. I've used AlldataDIY for all my vehicle repairs. They are top notch with diagrams... though the pictures they supply for assembly/disassembly are no better than the GM shop manuals.
  • I just did some quick research in my 2002 Grand Am manual. It seems that the wheel sensors go into what is called "Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) ", which does the controlling of the brakes. The only connection that module has with the Powertrain Control Module is through the Serial Data buss. It doesn't look likely that anything happening to the Anti-lock system should cause the engine to stall. Of course, It's possible that just about any two wires that get shorted together COULD cause a stall, but that's far beyond anyone's ability to diagnose without having access to the vehicle.
  • Well on a whim I took off the new fuel pump relay since it didnt fix the issue and put the old one back on there. I then put that new relay in the plce of the ABS relay since its the exact same relay. We drove the car out of town about 50 minutes. Stopped at our destination. Came back out and drove home and had no issues with it dying. Havent got to drive it any more than that but its a real good sign because before it would die sooner and more often than that. We'll see.
  • Well I finally got to drive the car again last night and it stalled again. ABS relay didn fix it.
  • Hello, I do not know if you fixed the problem yet? But the grandams have a sealed coolant system and if the overflow bottle or the cap is broken ( sometimes the o-ring is bad in the cap) but anyway, it will not circulate the coolant properly and it will overheat. The cooling fan system can also be a issue on allot of gm cars and vans, and water pump, thermostat issues, worn drive belts.
  • I have a 1999 Grand Am SE. The problem I have is with the knob that changes the temperature. i.e all the way left is cold, and all the way right is hot -- the middle knob. The way my luck is, when it was hot out, I could turn the knob all the way left for cold, and it would blow hot air. And now that it's winter, it stays cold. Sometimes, I can hear something in the dash move, like a damper or something, and it will blow hot air, but only for a few seconds before it will go back to cold (when the setting is on hot). Likewise in the summer, it would blow cold air momentarily, before switching to hot air again.

    In the summer, I lived with it, but now that it's winter it's becoming dangerous having a windshield that won't defrost.

    Any ideas? Thanks.
  • orogleorogle Posts: 10
    Last week I went to start the car and the dome light wasn't on, turning the key produced no dash lights and the car wouldn't start.
    put on the multimeter to test voltage on the battery and it was fully charged.
    got out of car went into house
    went back to garage, the door was locked so unlocked door and when I opened it the dome light was on, the dash lights lit when turned the key and it started.

    went to the store a few days later and left the car unlocked
    and when I tried to start the car once again no power.
    Got out of the car and locked and unlocked the door with the key because I had no idea of what to do and no power still.
    Turned the headlight switch and had headlights and then dash lights and it started. I was surprised when the headlights came on.
    no security light flashing either time, just no power.

  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Does anyone know where the switch that operates the dome light is in the door of a 04 Grand Am?
  • My a/c works geat and so does my heating. My issue is that the air flow is stuck on face, foot, and i think dfrost for the front windsheild. how do i check it out and what am i looking for? all i have found is the a/c heater blend door accuator. does this not only control the cool and heat mixture?

    any guidance work be a great help. thank you.
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