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Toyota Camry Hybrid Extended Warranty & Service Package



  • seklsekl Posts: 1
    I just brought a 2008 TCH, could you be kind enough to forward the pricing information for the Extended warranty either from Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson, Kansas or from Toyota Financial for $795. I appreciate that.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    I suggest you bring the quote for the extended warranty to your dealer when you go. I did and they met the 7 yr. 100,000 mile "0" deductable price which was $990.00 at the time. No hassel, no problem and everyone is happy. JMHO.
  • In response to acco20, I did give them the quote last night and the guy was really shocked. He said he couldn't even get the warranty that cheap! So now I'm feeling a little cautious, you know what they say, "If it sounds to good to be true...". I will probably still buy it from Midwest, but I really want to make sure that what I am paying for is actually from Toyota.
  • acco20acco20 Posts: 211
    I think when you get to the dealer there is still a very good chance of you getting the coverage at your price. The dealer will probably make some counter offers,,,,but if you stick to your guns, I think you may come out with the waranty right from your Toyota dealer. Good luck and let us know how you make out. You may want to consider going up to $990.00, as I know several others have bought from the dealers at that price. Good luck.
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    I just bought an 09 Camry Hybrid from Concord Toyota. I got the prem service plan (4X55K) for $1100 and the 6 X 100K 0 ded for $1300. I did have the quotes you all had however on the Toyota Finc Services application paperwork there is a big "For use in California Only"

    I can still cancel however this California note may be of concern.

    Not sure what the California note means.
  • mayday1951mayday1951 Posts: 12
    I just spoke with Toyota Financial Services and was told I can purchase an extended warranty (Vehicle Service Agreement) or prepaid maintenance plan from any dealer, anywhere in the continental US. The customer service rep. assured me that any wording like "For use in California Only" does not affect the validity of the policy. (That particular phrase just means that particular form cannot be used anywhere else.) She told me I can purchase a car from a dealer in California and the VSA from a dealer in Kansas -- no problem!

    When I bought my Camry Hybrid in Sacramento last month, I showed the finance guy the prices I had been quoted by Midwest Toyota, and he was shocked. He claimed that he could not afford to sell it to me that cheaply. Anyway, I haven't yet bought the VSA from Midwest Toyota, (I just keep forgetting to do so!), but I intend to right after I post this.

    Bob -- I don't know why you'd want to pay $1300 for 6/100K 0% ded., when you could get a 7/100K 0% ded. for only $964! Myself, I only drive about 10K per year, so I'm going for the 7/75K 0% ded. at only $619!

  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    finally did make the call and purchased a 7/75K 0% ded
    That only takes you 15K miles past the factory powertrain warranty and ends before the battery warranty. I guess if a radio or power accessory goes bad you win but the big items are already pretty well covered.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I got the prem service plan (4X55K) for $1100

    That's 3 major services / inspections (at about $150 each and 8 oil changes at about $30) plus you pay upfront instead of over say 2 to 3 years. Not much of a return on that investment.
  • mayday1951mayday1951 Posts: 12
    That only takes you 15K miles past the factory powertrain warranty and ends before the battery warranty. I guess if a radio or power accessory goes bad you win but the big items are already pretty well covered. [wvgasguy]

    I'm really not worried about my Camry's powertrain -- it's a TOYOTA ! (knock wood) But I am concerned about all the power accessories and expensive gadgets this car has, which are only covered for 3/36K. Since I only drive 10K or less a year, I will now have 4 years of additional coverage for things like that for only $619. With my last car, I had things like a power window motor that needed to be replaced at a cost to me of over $400, and some little sensor thing that was over $500. So at a cost of less than $13/month for those 4 years, I think it's pretty cheap insurance -- insurance I certainly hope I never have to use, but I think the risk is worth it for peace of mind. Besides, when I look at what isn't included in the powertrain warranty, there are a lot of things besides the stereo or power accessories that wouldn't be covered.

    It would have been a lot harder to shell out the price the local dealer wanted for the extended warranty, but with Midwest Toyota selling it for what I was told was "below dealer cost" (my local dealer), I think it's a good deal. And as long as other people think it's worthwhile to buy the extended coverage, I think they should know where to get it at a good price. So, I am very grateful for the people who took the time to post this information!

  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    Can you cancel through Toyota Financial so that I do not have to go back to the dealer?

    I can always buy the warranty later. As far as the service plan, I'm thinking cash as you go is the best way to go so I plan to cancel the service agreement.

    Once it is all canceled I'll then buy a new extended warranty plan.

    FYI - The car was an 09 - with the UP package and floor and trunk mats. Black with tan inside. Factory Sticker was $27,359 paid $23,995 plus tax and lisc - Concord Toyota.

    I went to Walnut Creek Customs and they ordered and installed the factory Sirius at 1/2 the price of the dealer. Also had WC Customs tint the windows, install clear bra and strip and seal the paint. The car looks awesome.

    I hear the San Francisco area dealers now have the TCH's marked up $3K to 5K over sticker. They are selling them before they arrive at the dealer. I see a lot of new ones going into San Francisco everyday. The $4+ gal is driving the market. Glad we bought ours at the end of April.
  • eddie_reddie_r Posts: 1
    Can i get Randy's full name and number from you? When I called the number I got from the internet and asked for Randy, the operator there gave me a dumb look.
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  • mayday1951mayday1951 Posts: 12
    You don't need to talk to "Randy" at Midwest Toyota in Hutchinson, Kansas. In fact in all the calls I have made to them, I have never spoken to anyone named Randy, but I have spoken to Mark, Jerry and another guy, whose name escapes me right now. It doesn't really matter which one you talk to, they will all give you the same information, and they are all very helpful.

    When you call, just ask for someone who can help you with an extended warranty. They sell so many of them, the receptionist will know right away who to connect you with. Also, try to call them later in the day, rather than in the morning or early afternoon. They are less busy then and it may be easier to get someone on the phone right away. Otherwise, leave a VM and someone will get back to you within 24 hours usually.

    If you're not sure you have the right phone number (and since the HOST is cracking down on things like phone numbers in these postings -- something that makes no sense to me when it is a business number and free advertising for them. How can that be an invasion of privacy?! :confuse: ), just google Midwest Superstore Hutchinson, and you will find their 800 number on the homepage. (I'd say google Midwest Toyota Hutchinson, but I couldn't find the 800 number on that site.)
  • downwinddownwind Posts: 11
    Chris, I am currently in the process of researching the best extended warranty for my 2007 TCH, which runs out of factory warranty in a few months. If you have compared your offerings to Mid West Toyota, Warranty Direct & Nation Warranty Corp., and find that you are competitive, I am willing to consider you in the mix - hence, not adverse to dealing via the net. Cheap isn't always best, from what I have found so far, and "reasonable" or "competitively priced" is much more attractive verbage to both the informed and uninformed. I am finding that the bottom line is not only cost, but thoroughness of coverage offered.

  • mayday1951mayday1951 Posts: 12
    From what I've heard from the guys at Midwest Toyota, Hutchinson, Kansas, there is a big market for extended warranties from Toyota, at prices much lower than the average dealer is selling them for. Apparently, they sell zillions of them and it is mostly through "word-of-mouth" and on forums like this one.

    If you read back through the postings, you will find prices people have paid for their Toyota warranties at Midwest. And when you're comparing the cost of the various Toyota warranties, the price is the only difference, so the cheapest price is the best price. Personally, I would be more leery buying a third party warranty from someone online, even if it was cheaper than the Toyota product.

    I think the idea of selling them on a special website is probably a good one, but I think that forums like this work because it is consumers sharing information with other consumers and I don't think anybody wants it to turn into ads.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,770
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  • mayday1951mayday1951 Posts: 12
    Well, apparently some of the posts have been removed by the Host because they had too much information on them (phone numbers), so some of the ones that had prices are no longer available.

    I already bought my warranty from Midwest Toyota for my new 2008 Camry Hybrid, and I got the Platinum 7/75, 0% ded. for $619. I would have purchased the 7/100 for $964, but I only drive about 10K a year, so I didn't need the extra miles.

    I hope that helps some.
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    Has anyone bought a prepaid maintenance plan? I did here is the info on what I received in the mail.
    1. The Camry hybrid does not require much - oil change and tire rotation - lube of key chassis parts ( not sure what that means ) 19 point inspection - 11 times / every 5000 miles
    2. At 15K and 45K clean cabin air filter
    3. At 30K replace cabin air filter, engine air filter,
    inspect ball joints, brakes lines hoses etc. note inspect, says nothing about
    Seems like they do a bunch of inspections.

    For $1100, or $100 per visit.

    Is this a so so deal even at SF Bay Area prices?
  • mayday1951mayday1951 Posts: 12
    I don't know about SF Bay Area prices, but $1100 is a lot to pay for the prepaid maintenance program. MIdwest Toyota sells it for hundreds less than that! I forget what the price was because I decided against it after figuring out what it would cover and finding that it was no bargain. In fact, the salesman at Midwest actually told me it wasn't worth it, and he had nothing to gain by giving up the sale!
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    In the Bay Area, I doubt you'll be able to average less than $100 per visit for the service they're giving. But of course you're prepaying, so that changes the calculation.

    I would question one item. Toyota calls for a cleaning the cabin air filter at 15K, replacement at 30K. After 15K your cabin air filter will need replacement, not cleaning. It will be dirty and it doesn't clean well, either. In any case, the filter is easily changed by the owner in a few minutes.
  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    The only dealer I've read about on this message board is Midwest Toyota of Hutchinson Kansas. Is there a dealer in San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley) willing to discount warranties?
  • mayday1951mayday1951 Posts: 12
    Maybe, if you go in to a dealer in the SF Bay area with quotes from a dealer like Midwest Toyota, but my local dealer in Sacramento said he couldn't come close to the price I got from Midwest.

    If you can't get a dealer near you to discount it, it is really easy to call Midwest's 800 number and buy it over the phone. I received a receipt from them 3 days after I called them, and the policy came in the mail from Toyota Financial less than 2 weeks later.
  • jiggebobjiggebob Posts: 2
    I heard there is a dealer in texas trying to get into the market, marshall toyota, I called them and they said $850 for prepaid 4/55, ask for adrian, he also said they are looking at getting into selling toyota warranties on line and deciding on their price structure...
  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    Get a price sheet from the service guys, the ones they use to write up a service order. They're preprinted forms with carbon copies. I can't find the one I picked up. It lists service by milestone mile maintainence, e.g. Every 5,000, Every 15,000 etc.

    They offer escalating levels of service for each milestone with corresponding increase in cost. The Basic 5,000 mile service is everything listed in the maintenance schedule (just as you listed in your post) that came with my TCH plus a few additional items for about $80. The Basic 15,000 mile service cost, I think $300, and the 45,000 mile service cost $400; each package of service includes more than the required minimum service listed in the schedule that came with the car.

    In addition to Basic levels, there's Gold and Platinum. My dealer said the value of the service covered by the plan was something like $2,500. The only way service is valued at that much is if you go by the Platinum level of service. The Basic level of service at each of the mileage milestones totals something like $1700 if you paid as you go.

    I haven't received my maintenance plan coupons yet to verify what is exactly covered. I presume its Basic service, so I would be getting over $500 savings. If it covers the Platinum service, then I'm saving quite a bit more, assuming that all the additional services provided are worthwhile.

    I admit that when I agreed to buy it, I assumed that the TCH followed a 3,000 mile routine rather than the 5,000/6 mos. schedule so I'm not sure I will keep the plan, especially when I'm reading here that I could get it for 40% less than I paid.

    Can anyone tell me if there are different maintenance plans being sold that correspond to the Basic/Gold/Platinum levels of service, and if so, which one is Midwest selling for so cheap?
  • bob_grahambob_graham Posts: 63
    When you get the paperwork you'll see it is the basic stuff as defined in the manual. Oil change, tire rotation and inspection. The only offical toyota plan is the one that matches the owners manual. I think this worksheet is pretty much a way for the dealer to make some extra $$$. Way I understand it even if you have the pan they will try and sell the other services....... Makes since if you have an SUV or truck but the cars are pretty low maintenace. I think I'm canceling. On the other hand I plan to keep the extended warranty 6/100000.

    FYI you can cancel by e-mail
  • shazam3shazam3 Posts: 13
    Check out this site:

    It's a Toyota dealer in MA. They quoted me $695 for the Platinun 7/75

    I called Toyota Financial corporate to validate if the dealer was legit and they said they are and have been for many years and can sell warranties online. They sell them cheap because of the volume they sell. You can do the whole transaction online and they'll mail you the policy with your VIN#.
    Toyota Financial corporate assured me all Toyota dealers nationwide will honor your warranty regardless of which dealer your purchased it from.
  • regztfenregztfen Posts: 7
    Too Much!

    Here is a price list for the Platinum warranty.

    6 YEAR 75,000 MILES $514

    6 YEAR 100.000 MILES $799

    7 YEAR 75,000 MILES $619

    7 YEAR 100,000 $964

  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    I bought a new 2008 TCH on 6/6/08. (Not a typo, new, not a demo, last year's model year.) The window sticker showed the car was originally delivered to a different dealership than the one I bought it from, so I assume it was sitting on one or the other lot for several months and also accounts for a big chunk of the 134 miles on the ODO.

    Would the extended warranty start on 6/7/11, or 6/7/10? Or some other time. I've been told different things by different people: Date starts from the date the car was put into service/delivered to dealer, or the date starts from the date of purchase.

    Not that it matters too much, but I've also been told the extended warranty starts at exactly 36001 miles on the ODO, and also told it starts at 36000 miles past the ODO read on my sales agreement, e.g. 36135 miles on the ODO. Which is it?
  • regztfenregztfen Posts: 7
    Comprehensive vehicle warranty expires at 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, The Platinum warranty starts at this point for say 100,000 miles or 72 months from the date you purchased the vehicle I think.
  • mayday1951mayday1951 Posts: 12
    I don't know why it matters exactly when the extended warranty takes effect, as much as when its coverage ends. In your case, let's say you purchased the 7/75 policy. Your car would be fully covered until 6/6/15 or whenever the ODO reached 75K miles. At least that's what I was told by my dealer, the dealer I purchased the policy from (Midwest), and Toyota Financial. "Put into service" apparently means when it is sold to a consumer.

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