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Toyota Camry Hybrid Extended Warranty & Service Package



  • I got my warranty from Toyota Financial a long time ago. It is valid in all 50 states and is legit. My Dad also bought a Tundra and purchased the 100,000 mile warranty and received his from Toyota Financial. If you pay more than $1000 you got ripped off.
    MidWest Toyota is legit.
  • Anyone familiar with Toyota not covering a part failing, because of "normal wear and tear?"
  • diggydiggy Posts: 1
    I just experienced the samne failure and read of the same failure in the "Green Hybid" Forum. It sounds like a design problem if rock can penetrate the front grill this easily.

    My vehicle is still in the dealership. I am expecting a higher invoice then $16.00 for the inverter radiator. What was the total cost for your repair and what did they replace?
  • No you misunderstood my question I was asking about Toyotas policy under warranty in General. You can try and fight it, but it sounds like you are saying a rock flew up and damged your radiator? I would put a small screen beteen your grill and the radiator if that is the case? Which side is the rock entry on? Usually the AC condenser is in front of the radiator. My wife is gone with our TCH right now I will look at it when sshe gets back. I have lost two windshields going to and from San Antonio on I-35 on my Lincoln Mark VIII from rocks from gravel trucks that seem to not care how much they drop out behind them.
  • Not a lot of recent activity on this topic, but figured I would post my experience. My 08 Camry hybrid is 2 years 11 months old, so I was shopping for a Toyota Financial Services Platinum Extra Care extended warranty with zero deductible before the factory warranty runs out. It appears purchasing from a non-local Toyota dealership gets you by far the best price quotes, as apparently some dealers are hungry for out of state business. I ended up going with Crown Toyota in Lawrence, Kansas who offered $775 for a 8/75 and $1175 for a 8/100. To get the quote I just googled them and hit the "contact us" button to send an email asking for a quote. Purchasing process was quick and painless.
  • Just purchased Toyota Extra Care Platinum warranty with zero deductible from Jerry at the Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson, KS for my 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid purchased new in December 2007. I live in California. Prior to purchasing I called 2 other dealers which come up a lot in the various forums. Doug at Danville Toyota (Illinois) and Troy at Toyota of Greenfield (Massachusetts).

    Here are their respective quotes:

    Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson
    7yr/100k = 999.00
    8yr/100k = 1149.00
    no sales tax

    Danville Toyota
    7yr/100k = 1100.00
    8yr/100k = 1250.00
    no sales tax

    Toyota of Greenfield
    7yr/100k = 1055.00
    8yr/100k = 1215.00
    no sales tax
  • ralithralith Posts: 1
    Anyone have an update on this? Still using Midwest?
  • swadewadeswadewade Posts: 9
    I have my platinum warranty through them for my 2012 Hybrid. $999 for bumper to bumper for 10 yr 100,000 miles.
  • 10 Year? How is that possible? I thought the max that Toyota offers is 8 year / 125K
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