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Fit vs. MINI



  • upland22upland22 Posts: 3
    I agree that the Fit's clutch is too closely spaced to the brake pedal. I hope Honda does something about this in the future.
  • upland22upland22 Posts: 3
    Is everyone satisfied with the factory treads? Comments?
  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    The Fit's "driving" characteristics is very close to the Mini (Note that I don't mention accessories).

    I've driven my brother's Mini Cooper S, I think its a 2003 model. Never driven the Base Mini which seems to be what we are comparing the Fit too. Interestingly, from a Mini perspective, the Base is pretty slow. I almost got the car and didn't like it compared to the S. So to compare the Fit to the Base Mini isn't really saying much. Lets compare it to the S instead. :P

    The Fit's steering feel and response is better than most cars in its class but can't be compared to the Mini. Its true, the Mini S' steering response is instant. Its compared more to the EVO and I believe the EVO and the Mini S was the top 2 in handling a few years ago. The Fit's steering response has a little delay and as I posted earlier, my Mazda 3i even gave me a better feel. However, given this for normal driving, the Fit is more suitable.

    The Fit's initial torque as someone posted before makes you feel the car is fast. I drove around Manhattan and the Fit sprints and zips past yellow cabs with ease and sometimes too much causing the ABS to initiate when I brake while going over bumps and potholes. The car is just too hyper in the 2500-3500 rpm range.

    On the highway, the car too picks up reasonably well. Although it does reach around 3500rpm when you hit 70mph+, the car has a very quiet cabin that you only feel to shift into 6th gear (which isn't there) because of the torque/hp feel.

    Its suspension really holds up to those bumps and potholes while driving through the city. When you hit a bump, it recovers quick with no further bounce. The Fit doesn't really lean when going on sharp turns. The car is very solid which makes it feel like the Mini.

    The Fit's gauge cluster IMHO is better than the Mini. The Honda Fit's especially at night makes you feel you are driving a luxury car.

    The Fit beats the Mini in MPGs. Got my 3rd fill up and it still averages over 37mpg combined city/hwy. :P

    Its funny, when I first drove the Fit off the dealer lot, it felt bouncy and wobbly. After a day of driving, wearing the tires from the armor all and taking off some air (dealer had it at 36psi so I lowered it to 32psi), the car's handling/steering felt a lot better. Maybe I just got used to it? :confuse:
  • koimankoiman Posts: 12
    Fit is a great car but at least at the present is not a competitor to a Mini. Fit or a variation will need a body style that doesn't blare Economy Car. When or if that happens look out Mini your sales will drop. I own a 03 Mini and really like it but I am disappointed that Mini hasn't improved the minor annoinances and I also expected mini to introduce new models. For a company that intends to excite they seem complacent the last few years.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    The life cycle of the brand is five years--there is a totally new model coming out next year--out is the supercharger, in is a twinscroll turbo. There is also a new model coming out--the traveler, which is an extended wheel base.

    Many of the bugs HAVE been worked out--beginning 2005 model was significantly changed; the dash is now a single piece (which is where a number of the rattles occurred), the base model transmission was upgraded to the gertrag version, and in the S the gear ratios have been reworked (and the suspension softened, which may or may not be an improvement, depending on your perspective)--if you haven't driven a 2005 or 2006, you probably should--they are significantly (although not radically) different from the previous models.

    You'll never see a million Mini models--it's not what BMW is trying to do with the Mini; they are trying to stay with the Mini heritage. Heck, there's quite an uproar over the Traveler, let alone a bunch other models. Personally, a bunch of Mini model don't make much sense--I'd hate to see that much brand dilution.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    We've had our '05 Mini for over a year now. There's still some squeaks (not really rattles) from the dash area, but reliability has been superb. I'm not a fan of the CVT though. And of course, in terms of styling, the Mini's in the majors compared to single-A for the Fit. But I doubt Honda's trying to sell the Fit on looks.
  • koimankoiman Posts: 12
    cct, I was hoping that mini would branch out in a similar way to scion with new models. A niche model 2 seater pickup for instance would be a model more in line with the mini image instead of another wagon. I also would like to have seen the engine hp increased incrementally. I am also disturbed by the talk of cheapening the car I read that the hood would changed to a conventional short body part in order to lower cost. This kind of thinking would put the mini in competition with honda and toyota and hurt the company in my opinion.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    I don't think you'll see mini branching out like Scion--Scion is a high volume vehicle; Toyota can make a nice little profit by doing little variations here and there (all of which cost money to develop--although probably not too much on the Scion platform). Mini, on the other hand, will only turn a profit for BMW with the next generation. There are variations of the Mini done by Bertone (Who does a two seater pickup off the Mini platform, and is building the GP), but it wouldn't be profitable for BMW to do this--they wouldn't sell enough, and the retooling wouldn't be worth it. But I agree with you to a certain extent--a Moke, two seater with a bed, etc would be kind of cool.

    As for HP, when you start getting above 220 on the Mini's platform, you're really pushing it for what the average driver can handle. You can still mod it though. I would love to see an AWD Mini though--and that hasn't been ruled out for down the road, although there are know plans for it in the immediate future (Gertrag actually developed an AWD for the Mini, but it got shot down).

    The hood will remain a clamshell; the only difference it the lights will be integrated into the body rather into the hood itself (There are two holes in the hood that comes down over the lights). Otherwise, the hood is the same design as before (No way Mini could have gotten rid of the clamshell hood!). It will be a bit taller, but that's due to the new European pedestrian laws.

    The interior materials are actually supposed to be of higher quality; you're dead on in that there is some concern about what they're doing with the rest of the car. One thing to remember, it's possible to use a cheaper manufacturing process AND improve the car at the same time. There have been some track tests floating about that suggest that the new Mini's performance is going to be slightly improved over the 2006; I doubt that Mini is seriously dumbing down car whose reputation is built on it's handling, but that remains to be seen.

    Again, I bought a 2006, and I'd do it again; I'm not sold on the 2007's--yet. But down the road, I might be...
  • sfinstersfinster Posts: 17
    The gas door does not lock when the car is locked. I have a Fit Sport. I wouldn't be surprised if the Jazz has this feature, though.
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    All Fits/Jazzes around the world have the locking fuel filler door except for the United States and Canada.
  • We have a 2003 Mini Cooper and have just bought a Fit Sport A/T.

    Handling: Mini wins, Fit very close behind

    Power: Tie? Not enough difference to make a difference

    Transmission: Apples and oranges. Mini clutch is a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] from a stand still. Mini's lack of a lockout for reverse has allowed me buzz reverse when shifting (sloppily) from 5th to 4th. Shifting the Mini into reverse requires engaging the clutch in neutral about 50% of the time. Fit A/T w/paddles provides essentially the same control with less effort.

    Ride: Not even close. The Mini rides like wooden wheeled cart. Drive over a grain of sand and you feel the jolt.

    Ergonomics: Fit wins easily. Mini A/C/ventilation/defrost/heater controls are still confusing, I still have to look to see what button to push. The row of switches for the windows control, locks, etc. - same issue as the A/C, you have to memorize which switch does what or look. The Mini's speedometer is the size of a dinner plate and in the middle of the dash - for what reason? Fit seating is more comfortable and keeps me in place better. The door "armrest" in the Mini is unusable as such.

    Interior room: The Fit has way more room. With me driving the Mini (I'm 6' 5") you want to be a double amputee if you are going to sit behind me as there is less than zero clearance between the rear seat and the front seatback. I am reasonably comfortable in the back seat of the Fit with the front seat all the way back.

    Reliability: I will assume the Fit is going to be better. The Mini is a POS. 35K and it's had rattles, groans, whines, three repairs of the airbag system, rack and pinion and steering column replacement, a breakdown on the freeway because of A/C related failure.

    Economy: Fit wins - better gas milage, regular gas, lower price, about equal depreciation and see: Reliability above.

    Intangibles: I like the looks of the Fit better, but they are both aquired tastes. The Fit may be an improvement as other Fit drivers won't be waving at me.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    Buying a Mini is like buying a Jaguar. Lexus, BMW, etc will all beat out a Jag for everything practical, but some people just want to drive "British Sophistication." The same with the Mini. Some people just want to drive a British car for the looks, style and most important name. So in reality there's no point trying to compare the Mini to the Fit on any practical level.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Buying a Mini is like buying a Jaguar. Lexus, BMW, etc will all beat out a Jag for everything practical, but some people just want to drive "British Sophistication." The same with the Mini. Some people just want to drive a British car for the looks, style and most important name. So in reality there's no point trying to compare the Mini to the Fit.

    In theory, I think you are absolutely right. Honda buyers buy BECAUSE of the practicality, whereas many Mini (haha) buyers ignore (in large part) practicality in the face of something cute with so-called "sophisitication."

    Problem for people who don't know what bloodline a Mini stems from, is that you can't take them to see your new Mini and say "don't you just love the sophistication and prestige?" I can do that in a Honda, except with the "isn't the magic back seat a neat idea?" Prestige is nothing but an abstract idea in my mind, so buying something that is supposed to impress is pointless to me. I need to be impressed by the product, not the definition of the product.

    I don't buy the brand, I buy the car. Many people buy a combination of both, and that's ok too! :)
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    No comparison, surely ? Mini lacks Fit's practicality - no rear passenger doors for a start. Basic MINI is a bit dull. Mini Cooper is a fun drive but so are lots of other small hatches. As someone else pointed out; MINI is a lifestyle choice. Fit is a truly practical, economic AND fun drive.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "Fit is a truly practical, economic AND fun drive."

    Dorky styling though. :sick:
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    Oh man here goes...agreed. It is kinda dorky. But i'm a dork so its ok. :P

    My life loves the mini, she used to like the fit, but has always wanted a mini, so we will probably get a next gen mini when i save up enough for a downpayment.

    She doesn't have anything against the fit, the mini is more her thing. Different folks, different strokes. At least she doesn't get into any 'mine is better' arguments!

    I like them both for different reasons. They are TARGETED to different audiences. Drive what you like and play nice. (i had to learn too.) fin de cuenta.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Like comparing Egg Beaters to Eggs Benedict! :confuse:

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Oh yeah, they were way off. A 109 hp subcompact hatch with excellent handling vs a 115 hp subcompact hatch with great handling.

    Yep, who came up with that idea? lol
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Well, the comparison was to the old base Mini to the Fit.

    The new Mini, though, is hands-down better. No contest. But it does cost more money.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i think they are both nice, but cater to different audiences.

    Here, we are comparing them on more of a equipment/handling/looks level.

    But most people who are in the market for a cheap car like the fit(cheap pricewise that is) probably wouldn't seriously consider a mini, for some people even a 2k difference is just not doable.
  • Let's not forget availability issues. Here in MA, it's very hard to find a new Fit, any Fit, for sale. Dealers just don't have them. By contrast, the Mini is plentiful. And you can get one for $18k or so, which surprised me.........also note, after dealer markup on the Fit, the Fit/Mini price disparity almost disappears.
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    The Mini doesn't have much cargo space as compared to the Fit and to me, that's one of the main features of the Fit. If I didn't need the cargo space, I could have just bought a Civic or Corolla.
  • fitluverfitluver Posts: 198
    Let's not forget availability issues. Here in MA, it's very hard to find a new Fit, any Fit, for sale. Dealers just don't have them. By contrast, the Mini is plentiful. And you can get one for $18k or so, which surprised me.........also note, after dealer markup on the Fit, the Fit/Mini price disparity almost disappears.

    I just looked up availability locally. I had not looked in some time. There are waaaay more Fits out there for sale, even if HALF of the ones listed are sold already. When I looked around new years, all had been presold but unfortunately listed and giving me false hope. Nowhere within 100 mile radius was an MT.

    NOW there are MTs listed, and that is where my price comparison starts. I know shipping went up after new year (I already locked in at lower amt) and the prices TODAY reflected not just MSRP but exactly the new shipping fee listed as well.

    ie I paid 15170 for mt Sport and now add 595 shipping and you get the 15765. I think the AT added 800 (?) and the listings for ATs reflects that 800 difference.

    I can only hope these arent jack ups and are merely a listing with the inclusion of shipping.

  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    In Canada, the new 2007 Mini Cooper with the standard 6-speed manual qualifies for a $1000 "green" rebate from the government. It is one of only a few gasoline cars in a short list of mostly hybrids and flex fuel vehicles to qualify. Surprisingly, the Fit did not qualify. :confuse: :surprise:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    What are the ratings for the Mini vs. the Fit on economy?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    According to EnerGuide published by the Canadian government, the most economical Fit is rated at 39/49 mpg city/hwy, and the most economical Mini is rated at 39/52 mpg.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Interesting. What really bites into the economy gains is that MINI recommends premium for optimum engine performance (which is about $0.25 a gallon more than regular). The Fit only asks for Regular.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    However, I've heard a rumour that a well-kept secret is that the Mini runs just as well, if not better, on non-premium fuel.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    wow really? i can understand the cooper s needing premium, but it seems that to put it in the reg. mini would be ok.

    but germans are picky. my vw doesn't ask for premium tho.

    those mpg figures are crazy! def not what they get here in the states....
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I've tried premium and non-premium in our base Cooper. Doesn't seem to make any difference -- same sluggish, lurchy acceleration! :cry:
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