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h23 swap into 95 accord ex

ncgngoncgngo Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Honda
I need help, i am doing a engine swap in my 95 accord ex. i took the 2.2 f22b out and i put a h23 in, mainly because everybody is doing the h22 swap and i'm not like everyone else. i'm doing the swap myself but im stumped. i ve swapped ecu, tranny, and engine. my problem is I can't get any fire to the plugs (I have power to the coil). im running an accel super stock coil instead of the stock coil, because i never had the stock one to begin with. This is my first swap but i did my homework i thought. I dont know if i wired up the coil right or not, i don't know what i did wrong. Is there any one that can help me that has done the swap before or knows what all I need to do to make the swap work. i appreciate your help.


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    maronabarmaronabar Member Posts: 2
    im prty sure i dont know how to help u, but ppl are swappin h22's in because they make more power if im not mistaken.
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    shmangshmang Member Posts: 297
    If you get power to the coil and no spark, the only reason could be: the rotor or cap are bad or the spark plug wires are bad. How do you know you are not getting spark and it is not because there is a fuel delivery issue, wrong spark sequence, engine regulation....

    On the side notes, the H23 gives you pretty much the same power as your old engine, so what is your point of the conversion? It is not an upgrade to your car and you get nothing out of it (power or bragging power what so ever). I would put the original engine back, it will work much better (OEM) and saves a lot of trouble (now and in the future).
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    juan6juan6 Member Posts: 1
    i drive a manual and when i'm driving around and when i sometimes try to give it more gas the car won't accelerate like as if i'm not pushing the peddle at all. then if i don't realize it right away the car starts to slightly shake back and forth (and slow down since it's not getting any gas)but it doesn't clear up untill i put the peddle to the floor and then it'll give a little jerk and what ever it was is clear and i can accelerate normally again. this will happen no matter what gear i'm in sometimes shifting down will help but not always, the best wayt to clear it is to floor it for a second or two.
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    shmangshmang Member Posts: 297
    If you are going to do the swap, you'd better go with H22 instead.
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    thedude8thedude8 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Honda Accord LX or EX....sorry about the model specification I am at work and cant go and look....But anyway I would like to swap the factory engine out with something that is newer and a whole lot faster. I would like to up grade the 4cyc to an v6 engine. But I do not no where to start o what other car engine would be the best for my car.....
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    94shadow94shadow Member Posts: 31
    I have an 92 Honda Accord LX with a F221A engine and would like a bit more power for street use.
    I have installed an air intake system, underdrive crank pulley, headers, MSD ignition box, MSD coil, plug wires and have gained a
    little more performance.
    I am intrested in finding which heads and intake manifold could I use for more street power.
    I have heard and read that a lot of Honda engine parts are interchangeable.
    I don't want to go into engine swaps or anything like that.
    Just a few simple parts replacement and a little more tuning.
    Hope to hear from anyone and everyone.

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