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Land Rover LR2



  • Maybe I am crazy but does the does the rear wiper have just 2 settings? On or off.
  • I am shocked. I drove in some serious rain yesterday and I could not have asked for anything more as far as handling. I use to have a Jeep Liberty and always hated the way it handled in the rain. My LR2 made me feel so safe and steady on the reoad. . I was impressed. The only problem was I could not see out my rear window. I am shocked. You can buy a $20,000.00 car that has at least Hi and Lo. As far as I am concerned it is a safety hazard. I will be contacting Land Rover directly to discuss it. How did they overlook such a feature on a car that brags about it's off road capabilities. I love my care but had I driven in yesterdays rain for my test drive I would have had to pass. On another subject, can the key fob be set to chirp when I lock or unlock??
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    I've never seen a car that had hi/lo on the rear wiper, and I can't imagine that this is a deal breaker. Seriously? Name one that has two settings.
  • My Jeep Liberty. It would not be such an issue if the swipe interval was 2-3 seconds but 6 seconds is too long. I have already contacted Land Rover to inform them of this safety issue. Come on, I have wires running thru my windows to de-ice them, but I can't see out my rear view window in the rain. I can't be the only one that thinks this is an issue. Do not get me wrong I love my new car. I think it is natural for people to discuss the issues they have. If they have no issues than they probably are not going to come to this site and post.
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    Clearly, this is a personal preference issue. However, I am having a hard time envisioning how a 6-second wipe of the rear window is a serious safety issue. I do not know of anyone, myself included, who believes that it is necessary to have the rear window absolutely clear at all times. I am not saying that it wouldn't be better if it was clear all the time, but this issue does not even blip me.

    I can recall times when I wished that my Trooper rear wiper worked constantly like the front. However, I never thought for a minute that my safety was in jeopardy because of it.

    My guess is that Land Rover will acknowledge politely, but this is not really any different than most other vehicles.

    My $0.02.

  • First I don't think it is actually as long as six seconds. Some where in one of the tech manuals it lists the delay time and I don't think it is six seconds.

    Second, why do you need to see crystal clear behind you every six seconds? Even if the rain is pouring down you will be able to see shapes and lights behind you which is all you really need to see.You can tell if a vehicle is behind you even with the rear window completely covered in water. You might not be able to tell what kind of car it is but you can tell it is a car.

    This is probably the second stupidest complaint I have ever heard regarding Land Rovers.
  • Well, I guess I touched some nerves. I have had my LR2 for a month and a half and 2000 miles. I am speaking from experience. I drove in a bad rain storm and I couldn't see out the rear window well enough to feel safe. And trust me the delay is 6 seconds. I am not discussing the cup holders, or cubby or the color of the interior I am discussing something that I have experienced that I feel is a design flaw. You can't tell me that no one else out there has had my same experience. I thought this site was to share experiences such as this. If this sight is for a couple of Land Rover employees to make potential/current owners feel GOOD about their upcoming or current purchase than I am not interested. Check the posts I think you will find a lot of complaints that are more trivial and stupid than mine.
  • I completely agree with ohwell159: slow rear wiper cold be a real problem not only during a heavy rain but also during wet/dry snow when it melts on the road and white de-icing slush mix covers the entire vehicle thus leaving a hard to remove film on the windshield and rear window.
    I strongly disagree with british_rover: discussing Bluetooth connectivity problems in LR2 and LR3 with such a passion and length is indeed the silliest complaint: who in the world would buy such vehicles to hold a conference call or talk to your clients while climbing rocks, going through the mud, or fording rivers. That was the main reason for purchasing such vehicle, wasn't it? Otherwise, jump into BMW, Lexus, or Acura.
  • I didn't say it was the silliest I said it was the second silliest.
  • How can it be that the LR2 did NOT make it onto the winner's list for the just released Insurance Institute For Highway Safety "Top Safety Pick" awards? The X3, RDX, CR-V, Element, Forester and several other mid and small SUVs did. For a vehicle that appears so well-built (including the supposedly extra strong steel), and with the full assortment of advanced performance and safety features, it's curious the LR2 didn't make the cut.
  • They probably didn't even test it.

    Too low of production and too new and its a Land Rover so they just ignore it. Look at the list of vehicles tested for Land Rover. They haven't tested ANY of the new Land Rovers. The Freelander was the last Land Rover they tested and that was a 2002 MY vehicle. The current Range Rover has been in the US for over five years now and does not have a single crash test listed for the US.

    The federal government crash test is the same they don't have any Land Rovers listed on their website that are still in production.

    Just go to the EURO NCAP website for crash test data. They are much more up to date then any of the US tests.

    LR2 crash test It was the first Small SUV to score five starts on the NCAP test. The VW Tiguan now has done it as well but the LR2 was the first.
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    The Bluetooth connectivity IS, in my opinion, a very relevant safety consideration. Ignoring for a moment whether talking hands-free really is safer than holding the phone to one's ear, the fact is is that people are going to talk on the phone. A lot of people. And if their phones are able to be used hands-free, the vehicle with such a design feature should meet specs to do that. There are IEEE standards established to preclude these incompatibility problems, and the vehicle should be able to work with them all, just like a USB connection or a network interface.

    People do not by LR2s to climb rocks, forge rivers, or go through the mud on the phone. They troll the pavement looking cool while commuting 98% of the time. And they do it while talking on the phone much of the time.

  • Not all phone brands are going to work with all cars with bluetooth. There is just no way that is going to happen. A few years ago if you wanted a phone to be link with your car you had to buy a 1,000 dollar plus phone that would only work with that specific vehicle.

    Up until this year address books wouldn't upload to the car from the phone. There are tons of phones that work just fine with the LR2 and not all of the phone compatibility problems are Land Rovers fault some of them are problems with either the handset maker or the wireless provider.
  • I use my sunroof a lot on my LR2, yesterday it stopped opening automatically and I wasn't able to get it reset. I tried the steps in the manual for recalibrating, it didn't work. Any suggestions other then taking into my dealer--getin a little tired of taking it in (just had it in last week to get fluids rechecked after a half-a** 1st service). Anyone with a similar issue w/ sunroof, I'd like to hear how you fixed. Thanks.
  • Sorry, but the rear wiper complaint is rather silly, imho. Passenger cars do not even have rear wipers and people who drive them seem to be able to travel around in inclement weather just fine. Having a rear wiper is a nice bonus and I don't think the delay is 6 seconds. :surprise:
  • Did you think I didn't research this before I posted. Page 82 of the LR2 Owners Handbook, "The wipe interval is set to six seconds". The problem is that when you do not use the wipers the rain sheets off differently than when the wiper is on. I guess the solution is to not use the rear wipers at all in heavy rain. I'm sorry this is a design flaw and a safety issue if you live anywhere except the desert. I am done with the wiper discussion. Whether you agree or disagree I have experiences the problem 1st hand.
  • My sunroof stopped working also and like you I used it a lot There are no repairable parts on the sunroof they replace the whole thing if there is a problem. The whole glass parts on top of the LR2 the sliding part and the non sliding parts are replaced. And if you need to have it done it is a big job. My LR2 was at the dealer for one month. Three weeks to get the part and one week to put it in. It is glued and bolted in and the whole top headliner has to be removed and they cut through the glue with a wire saw and have to be extremely careful not to scratch the LR2. My LR2 came through the experience perfectly and since I have had no trouble. The part is made by a subcontractor and I am not upset with Land Rover. My replacement roof is a lot quieter than the prievous sunroof when opening and closing. I was told that my new roof is an updated part. I have checked out other sunroofs at the dealer and none of the SE models are quiet like mine but the HSE are just as quiet as mine so the HSE LR2 must have the updated part my LR2 is a SE.
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15
    What I find kinda funny about the rear windshield wiper complaint is that it seems as though LR may have already fixed the issue and noone realizes it. The HSE has a spoiler on top of the back window that will probably reduce the amount of water coming down the windshield anyway and divert it away from window itself.

    While I am sure the window will get water on it, the rate may be reduced to the point where the rear windshield wiper isn't such an ordeal anymore.

    Granted, I have not tested it out, but seems like a logical rate limiter for water as it diverts water away from the windshield and it just drips off the spoiler.

    I would however argue that it is not a safety concern... Seeing out your back windshield can be important, but as most moving trucks tell us... not necessary with side mirrors. Especially heated ones (assuming CCP package).

    This obviously sounds like nick picking and that is only a good thing when you start thinking about what people are complaining about. Unless your in Seattle (or simlilar) where it rains/drizzles the whole winter... is this really a big deal? I live in Seattle and could really care less about the rear window wiper. Granted, we are getting the HSE in a week... :)
  • Thanks for your info. I just found out today that my sunroof needs to be replaced totally, like yours. This is really annoying, as the sunroof is on backorder (my dealer said this has shown to be a common problem with the LR2). I am going to take my truck until the replacement is in, I don't want it sitting indefinitely at my dealer. What a darn pain!! I'm hoping I have the same result as you--as quieter roof overall and no damage to the vehicle!! I will update whenever the work gets done.
  • My one-touch control also stopped working. I think this was due to the fact that when I opened the sunroof a few weeks ago, the rubber strip in the front became unglued and actually flapped around a bit. When I went to close the sunroof, the roof couldn't completely close, and therefore the motor became out of sync. The dealer had to order a new motor for my sunroof, and is installing it tomorrow. Hopefully this will be a quick fix!
  • Now you are happy. I once was also, with my Freelander. Milage will accumulate, and your happiness will dissipate. See the Freelander posts to see your future. My Freelander cost me $1.00 a mile to operate for 55000 miles. Oh, you can join the class action suits early if you wish.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,281
    Welcome back. We thought you had gone away.

    I hardly think the problems mentioned so far, while serious, are a sign of things to come. Most of the problems seem to be fixed in recent LR2s.

    Let it go please.
  • hey all,
    Does anybody know about the crash test ratings on LR2. I am pretty sure there is nothing on us roads. I don't mind for europian tests too, if anyone finds a link could you please post it.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    We were hoping - actually, here the LR2s have been very reliable. One sunroof.
  • Check out this list

    Until the Tiguan Came out the LR2/Freelander 2 was the only Small SUV to score five stars on that test.

    The LR2 still scored more over all points then the Tiguan.

    Only one sunroof problem here as well and one very minor oil leak.
  • My insurance went up 169.00 every six months traded in a 04 lexus rx330 that I hated. I love the LR2 compared to the lexus so it is worth it to me. I was shocked though to see how much it went up.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    I have been selling LRs for over 6 years nd have never lost a deal due to insurance costs
  • I traded in an 07 Volco S 60 and my insurance went down . 400 every 6 months through Allstate.
  • well, for those of you that have been keeping up with the LR2 radio/sound problem, LR apparently doesn't have a fix for it yet... they'll be receiving a letter from my lawyer in the next couple days with a Lemon claim. Maybe then they'll start taking it seriously.. seems like LR is focusing on moving forward to their HSE and probably their '08 line of their upper end vehicles and putting SE complaints on the back burner... there's a lot of things i love about my LR2, but it's not a good sign when it takes them 8 months to recognize a problem many people have been complaining about since day 1 and a month later, they still don't have a fix for it. if they don't get their act together very soon, they'll be buying back my LR2 and I'll be heading back to the BMW dealership!

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