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Land Rover LR2



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It seems a bit odd to me that you had to replace your rear pads before the front ones. Ordinarily the front pads do ~80% of the work of stopping a vehicle. Maybe Land Rover shifts most of that work to the rear axle with a brake equalization gizmo?

    $400 is a bit high, but about half what people seem to pay for a Mercedes M-Class brake job.

    If you have time to mess with it, I think I'd take it somewhere for a second opinion, especially if the same shop did the rear pads.
  • ucla95 - Did you try contacting Gary Temple about your vibration problems yet?
  • If you've already replaced your rear pads and now they're saying that you need new front ones you either:
    A. Have a heavy foot or tend to ride the brakes...
    B. Have carbon graphite brake pads - these tend to work much better but also wear much faster
    C. Need to find a new service center as it appears they're blowing smoke up your ....

    I would ask the service center what type of pad they've been using on your vehicle and if they can show you the difference between your stock pads and carbon graphite ones. Request an ITEMIZED estimate (listing all of the components they'll be replacing and with what type) from a few service centers before dropping your cash on the counter.

    Good luck.
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    thanks for the replies so far.... i just talked to them and they said the front brake pads are more expensive than the rear brake pads... they said the front brake pads are $250 and installation cost is $155.

    i've never replaced brake pads myself and don't have a lot of time on my hands to mess with it... so i'm considering just telling him to do it and take the hit. i do remember them quoting me about $400 when i had to get the rear pads replaced a couple months ago, and then when i went to pick it up, they said they had been looking at the "wrong pads" and that it was only $250. So it seems like maybe they use some really fancy pads for the front and average pads for the back... does that sound about right?

  • ucla 95 - The email address to Gary Temple, now President of Jaguar Land Rover North America can be found at the following website link: q_id=354
  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    That sounds outrageous for the cost of pads. I don't care which manufacturer is making them. Unless they are carbon ceramic and still ridiculously expensive, that is crazy money.

    That being said, brakes are the one part I recommend using dealer parts. The factory pads always seem to be the best compromise of performance and noise and dust (BMW being the exception). If it were me, I'd try to find someone to do the job using factory parts. The labor quoted is not crazy, but the pad price seems just nuts.

  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    yeah, i'm going to have to do some research so i'll be ready next time i need to replace the pads... since i didn't really have time to investigate and don't want to risk shredding the rotors in the meantime, i told them to go ahead and do it.

    too bad there's only one LR stealorship anywhere close to where I live.
  • weideweide Posts: 2
    The service advisor at Scottsdale Land Rover told me when I had my LR2 in for service that the LR2 and LR3 would no longer be brought into the states.
    He didn't give me a date but hinted that they couldn't compete on price with Ford and GM.
  • gillzgillz Posts: 15
    I have an LR3 HSE with 19" wheels and the front brakes + rotors recently were replaced by a local Land Rover repair shop - not a dealer. Costs as follows :

    Brake Pads (set of 2) $108
    Front Rotors - cross drilled $198
    Brake Sensor $22.34
    Installation, cleaning of rear brakes and lube caliper sliding surfaces $192

    Hope this helps - for front pads alone, you are clearly getting shafted...
  • ronxlr2ronxlr2 Posts: 46
    Even the service manager thought the prices for those pads were pretty high, but he assured me that's what they listed for. I don't know much about brake pads, but from what I've read, the front pads used in the LR2 are different from standard brake pads and tend to be more costly -- I have no idea why, and am certainly going to look into whether alternate 3rd party pads would work just as good (for $96 ordered online)... the pads I'm talking about are HBC and are the only ones I've found for the LR2... does anyone know about this brand?
  • ucla95ucla95 Posts: 12
    Thank you very much for this, I will contact him this week. To give an update the truck has been at my dealers twice and they have no idea. They rebalanced the wheels and nothing and cleaned the rotors and axles and nothing. I love the looks and interior of this truck but if I can't drive it on the highway it's a joke.
  • I love my new LR2. All except for the rear spoiler. It drains the Rover look from the car. How can I remove it? I see two clips at either side of the gate, but I believe there is an adhesive pad on each side, too. Can I remove it without ruining the paint? Has anyone used goo-gone or does it ruin the finish? And what performance downside (water, drainage) should I expect? Thanks!
  • Does anyone have passage side seat belt problem? Belt retracted and would not release anymore on this LR2 with 15kmiles.
  • I've had my LR2 for 10 months, have 15k miles and have not had any issues whatsoever. I fell in love with the truck when I saw it at the Washington Auto Show, did some research and became concerned about vehicle reliability, much like others have posted. But, I have to admit that so far, I am completely satisfied with my LR2. As with all vehicles, there are some minor things I would change (I had the windows, particularly the sunroof, tinted as the interior gets pretty toasty in our hot, humid Washington summers) but I was drawn to the overall look and feel of the vehicle as well as all the standard features that made it stand out amongst the competitors. The dealer and its service department has treated me well as well and that's always a bonus. Best of luck! :)
  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36
    2008 LR2 HSE
    17,000 miles
    Tears worn down to wear bar or whatever it is called, all worn evenly. I bought this new 1 year ago. Yes, they have been rotated, etc.
    Anyone else with this problem? Should not have to buy tires for a long time...put 3 times that many miles on Tahoe & Suburban tires....very disappointed with this. Have loved the LR2 so far.
    What will or should dealership do about this problem?
  • I have the same issue.. but it doesn't matter how LONG you have had your car.. The important issue is how many MILES you have on it. That's the issue with any tire and the wear. Nothing wrong with the vehicle if the tires wear.. I have 35,000 miles on my LR2 after 15 months and on my list is a tire replacement. The dealer gave me a quote of something over $1,000 and I plan to go to a tire dealer for a quote as well. With full time 4 wheel drive... you will go through tires more quickly. I also suspect that the original tires were a good traction tire which may tend to wear more quickly. I had my tires rotated, of course, but any car with fulll time 4 wheel will wear through tires.. Also the car is a heavy car.. another factor.. ao nothing unusual.. just a cost to drive a vehicle like the LR2..
  • I had same problem on my new Pirelli Scorpion tires - winter. After 25 000 KM
    tires worn out. Not even 2 complete winters. All highway driving.
  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36
    Thanks for replying,
    But, of course I know it is not how LONG you have had your car, it is the MILES...
    As I said it only has 17,500 miles on it, that is HALF the miles that you said you have & you have not replaced your tires yet.
  • But it's time now .. at 35,000 miles.... I have not noticed what brand of tire LR puts on the vehicle... today I was driving in snow and thpught about pulling in somewhere for replacement.. I would expect that the dealership will be more expensive than anywhere else for this..
  • ucla95ucla95 Posts: 12
    The email address provided didn't work. I tried some other permutations and nothing. My dealer said my car was not welcome at their dealership anymore as well apparently since they can't fix it they can't get paid. I'll never buy another Land Rover that's for sure.
  • I can't believe no one will help you if your complaint is legit.. If not go to your Attorney General..
  • our great warranty does not cover brakes & rotors, i also need a tire pressure gauge that got frozen in the cold weather . the gauge is made by Ford. I am told I need a new sensor also if I am doing brakes. Please does someone have a parts book that can give me p/n's and a place I might get these parts cheaper then the dealer. would like the better brake pads. advise. stewart
  • Warranties do not usually cover brakes, rotors, wipers, tires and so on..Neither does LR. They wear out. As it happens, today I am getting 4 new tires.. I have 36,000 or so miles on mine. I went to a "tire" store as opposed to the dealership. The guy there included re-building the pressure sensors as he says they tend to corrode and will usually need re-building as they have dis-similar metals in contact thereby creating a corrosion issue.. He said very typical all manufacturers.
  • Contact me directly at and I will email you Gary Temple's direct email address. His email address was recently changed, but I've been in contact with him recently so I know this new one works.
  • does anyone have a 2009 lr2? how do u like it? any problems? price paid?
  • zero issues.. love it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may want to check out the Land Rover LR2 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences discussion.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • forester2forester2 Posts: 3
    After many nights researching and comparing I finally went with the LR2. Thought hard about the MB 330, L350, XC70 and X3. After test driving all 5 there was no question about going with the LR2. Special ordered the no cost 18" rims. I only had to compare costs and tire options available in the 18" vs 19" to go with the 18". After 3 months I have to say I like the LR2 better every time I drive it. Have had it in deep snow, ice, mud, potholes and interstate. It's just plain fun to drive. The straight 6 engine takes me back to my old torquey Chevy. No problems so far. Wish they would have stayed with the free 50,000 mi maintenance.
  • sixthflicksixthflick Posts: 47
    Try Rovers North or Atlantic British.
  • sixthflicksixthflick Posts: 47
    You're kidding? They did away with the 50,000 mile maintenance? Are you sure that wasn't just the dealer that you bought from? If so I'm glad I bought mine in '07 and it still only has about 16k on it, so I'm in good shape.
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