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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    My suggestion is don't follow the car in front of you that close. Farther Distance can make a difference, that is reduce the force of the stone. To avoid busy braking, cracked windshield, I would do roughly a car length per 10 mph, about 3-4 car length in city driving, 5-6 car length in highway.
  • jlaheyjlahey Posts: 4
    The dealership replaced the door trim and said it corrected my problem. I still hear the same noise, and occasionally hear it from both front doors? Any ideas, or any solutions? Its been like this since I bought it in Sept. of 07'. They keep trying things to correct and it nothing is helping. I love the vehicle, just can't stand the annoying noise. Thanks.
  • tss46tss46 Posts: 1
    2003 RAV4 4WD MANUAL TRANSMISSION purchased used. When started cold makes a howling noise until warmed up. Could this be the water pump with only 31,000 miles?
  • wlblackwlblack Posts: 6
    This is a strange topic but my 1998 Rav4 w/ 109,000 miles is currently in the shop because out of nowhere I started hearing a rod-knocking type of sound. Luckily I was just about a mile from our local dealer when it happened so pulled in, left it overnight and had them look at it.

    The best that they can figure is that something came in via the air intake, made it past the valves and got between the piston and head. It had to be metallic because it caused damage to the top of the #3 piston, to the side of the top of the piston, to the surface of the head and to the spark plug. The valves were not damaged nor were the cylinder walls.

    They could find no broken parts or anything that would have caused the damage and because there are not signs of some part actually failing the warranty company (Wynn's) wouldn't cover the repairs.

    Is is even possible that something came in via the intake of that nature to cause this kind of damage? The air filter was fine and there was no damage to it either.

    Thanks in advance for your help/advice.
  • dtowndtown Posts: 20
    You might what to check this TSB and see if it may solve your problems.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I would remove the catalytic converter and get whatever is lodged in there out to see what caused the damage. 10:1 it is something that came loose within the intake system.

    My vote would go toward a piece of one of the valve return springs.
  • wlblackwlblack Posts: 6
    Thanks very much for your suggestion. I have since gotten the Used Car Manager and Business Manager from the dealership involved since we have been customers of theirs for 12+ years having bought several cars there in that amount of time.

    I passed along that information to them along with the Service Manager in hopes of finding some broken part somewhere that would justify Wynn's having to pay their fair share for the repairs.
  • yrisaelyrisael Posts: 1
    My son was driving my rav4 its a stick i just taught him and i let him drive it well he was backing out and hit a tree with the right tire so now the alignment is all screwed up on its left turns i was wondering if it is possible to fix it yourself and if not how much would it cost?
  • I have questions about how to remove the valve cover on my a 2000 Rav4 in order to adjust the valves.

    I attempted to remove the valve cover by...
    Removing the spark plugs and wires,
    removing the nuts on the spark plug tubes,
    removing the 2 rubber hoses to the cover,
    removing the throttle cable bracket attached to the intake manual,
    removing 2 bolts at the top of the timing belt cover (also had to remove the battery and battery holder to access the bolts)

    After these steps, the cover still couldn't be lifted off because the following two components acting together were in the way...

    1. The bracket between the left end of the cylinder head and the intake manifold.
    2 The wiring harness on top of the right end of the cover.

    (The above left and right are based on the driver orientation).

    I stopped at this point because it seemed I must be doing something wrong because I couldn't imagine the design could be so poor.

    1. Must all the wiring harness wires to the alternator, the diagnostic port, and the AC compressor be disconnected in order to move the harness far enough out of the way or can the harness be moved far enough without disconnecting wires?
    2. Must the bracket between the cylinder head and intake manifold be removed? If so, do both the throttle body on the intake manual, and the ignition coils need to be removed in order to remove the cylinder_head to intake_manifold bracket?

    I would think that there must be a trick to removing the valve cover without having to also remove all these other parts.

    Answers to the questions and any other tips are appreciated. Thanks.
  • konradsakonradsa Posts: 1
    Hi Joel,

    I seem to have the same issue on my new 2008 RAV4 I4. It sometimes idles a little rough when the AC is on.

    Did you ever get that problem fixed? Or did you just learn to live with it? Thanks!
  • joelh1joelh1 Posts: 4
    Hi Konradsa,

    The problem was never resolved. I went to two different dealerships and both said that they (and Toyota) were familiar with the issue and there was nothing Toyota could or would do. They attributed the problem to the 4 cylindar engine and said that it was normal, although my 4 cylindar Altima does not vibrate even with the AC on. I expect there is a problem with the engine mounts which should insulate the driver from the engine vibration. I have learned to live with the problem although it is annoying. Let me know if you ever get the problem resolved. Thanks
  • 2002rav42002rav4 Posts: 2
    My wife drives our 2002 RAV4 2WD Limited with 45K miles.

    I hear a very intermittent whistle coming from the dashboard.

    It can happen when starting the car, while driving, but mostly happens when stopped or right after the car is turned off.
    It sounds just like a human whistle, one note, varied length, increasing in pitch. As if a gas is venting through a reed from the A/C.
    I live on Maui and almost always have the A/C on. I took it to the Toyota Dealer here and they were unable to fix it and never heard it.

    It's very intermittent and might only happen once a day or less.

    Although my wife is enjoying the positive attention (the whistling) she's had enough. HELP please. Thanks.
  • gilvkonagilvkona Posts: 31
    A while back, I posted that my 2006 RAV4 had a popping sound if I turned slowing to the right and sometimes to the left. This happened at slow speeds when I turned into a parking space or my garage. The dealer had a TSB about is and fixed it free of charge. You had to complaim for them to do the TSB. All is fine now.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Many manufacturers use a mechanical technique called a balance shaft to "quiet" the vibrations of an I4 or L4 engine. I suppose Toyota chose not to pay the patent license fee.
  • The passenger side rear top tail light burned out on my 2004 RAV4 Sport. Went to my manual for instructions to remove and replace. The bulb was not where shown in the manual. Located the outlet, but was not able to get it out. Seemed blocked by side metal. Anyone else had to replace this bulb? Thanks for any and all help.
  • My wife has a 2004 RAV-4 and the left rear passenger window will not operate. I looked in the owners manual hoping to find a possible fuse location to trouble shoot the problem. Is there a fuse some where that I can check beofe I disassemble the door and replace the motor.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    Hello all,
    I have a new 2009 2.5 liter sport with 500 miles on it.
    Occasionally I hear a thud from the steering system when making 90 deg turns. I can also feel it through the steering wheel. It is next to impossible to reproduce, it just happens randomly when turning usually at slower speeds (under 10 mph).
    Toyota service now has my vehicle and they just called to tell me they cannot reproduce the sound. The only other sign is a small hitch and release that I feel when turning the steering wheel while the car is turned off (keys out of the ignition, wheel is not locked). It feels like a small amount of resistance then release before the full resistance of turning the wheels while power steering is off.
    I am very sensitive to noises especially from a new vehicle, and I fear that if Toyota does not find any signs I will have to live with it.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    I have a similar problem on my 09. Did you feel anything through the steering wheel when the noise happened?
    What was the source of the popping? My Toyota service is giving me the old " nothing is wrong with your vehicle"
    Thanks i advance.
  • I have a 2006 Rav4...and had (still have) the same thunking sound when making slow turns. Feels like a tight 'tendon' twang felt through the steering wheel...and it is worse in cold weather. I also had the same response from the dealer when I had them check it out last year....couldn't replicate the sound. It hasn't gotten better...or worse, after two years.
  • dtowndtown Posts: 20
    Here is a link to the T.S.B from Toyota about the Steering noise issue with the Ravs. Hope it helps.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    Thank you both (kathrynlee and dtown) for your responses it made me feel like I am not alone with this problem. :)
    I picked up my vehicle from toyota service today (2009 sport 2.5liter). I mentioned the TSB to them and they stated that it does not apply to the 2009's and therefore nothing can be done at this time. They stated willingness to fix the problem if the noise was reproducible. Perhaps as more 09's are sold the problem will surface in other vehicles and lead to a TSB for the 09's. I wonder how long that would take to go into effect? Are the TSB's basically a recall?
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    YES Kathryn,
    "tendon twang" sounds like a description of what my Rav is doing during some slow turns. They (toyota) told me that the steering components have been redesigned since the 06's and therefore they could not act on the TSB. So you get it intermittently then? How often? Did you get used to it after a year? Im afraid I cant get use to something like that, but then again I may not have a choice...
    Tom (sage3)
  • I took my 2006 Rav4 into the dealership on Saturday due to the popping noise. The service writer never mentioned that there was a service bulletin out on it. He and the mechanic acted as though they had never heard of the problem. Said they could replace the shaft with a new improved version for $698. I said if it isn't going to cause the car to break down or lead to other problems, I wasn't going to get it repaired that day. While I waited for tires to be replaced, the service writer came out and told me that the service manager was willing to split the cost with me. So in 10-15 minutes the cost went from $698 to $349 but they would only honor that price if I had the work done prior to 50,000 miles (I'm at 42,200 now). 50% discount immediately made me suspiscus. I saw on the service bulletin that it was covered under the comprehensive warranty (36 mos or 36,000 miles). I think I'll still pay a visit back to Toyota of Concord (NC).
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    Hi Ceeckar,
    So how frequently do you hear the noise? Can you trigger it? Today again I tried another barrage of maneuvers to trigger the sound to no avail.
    By the way the TSB Applicable Warranty*: reads as follows:
    This repair is covered under the Toyota Comprehensive Warranty. This warranty is in
    effect for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s
    in-service date.
    I believe this means that once the repair is performed it is covered for 36 months or years.
    Regards Tom
  • Sage3...I could never purposely trigger the noise. But I understand how annoying it really bugged me to have that kind of noise in a brand new vehicle. I had it in the dealer last year specifically beause of that noice, but that was before the TSB came out. The dealership never mentioned it, couldn't help I'll print off the TSB (thanks a TON to the person who provided that link!) and take it to my dealership next time. I have noticed that the problem did seem more frequent in colder weather...or when the vehicle was cold. Turning into a parking space was a frequent cause of the noise. I posted a request for anyone with a similar problem a while ago...but didn't get much of a response. It seems like it took Toyota two years to identify they had a problem and come up with a fix. I hope they can help you sooner than that!
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    I drove over 100 miles around the suburbs today with not one sound, but I am not getting my hopes up...
    Let us know how the dealer responds to the TSB.
  • I also have a 2006 RAV4 but with 68,000 miles on it. Starting around 50,000 miles I too developed a noisiy, popping sound that you can feel in the steering wheel / column. When I described the problem to my dealer, he knew immediately what it was. Sounds like quite a few other RAV4 owners have compalined as well. He said that there was a TSB #ST001-08 and it would cost me $631.25 to fix it. I was dumb founded. I thought Toyata stood behind their quality! In nearly 40 years of driving I have never had a problem where the steering linkage needed to be replaced even with a car that had 165,000 miles on it.

    I think this should be a Toyota paid for recall. This is my second toyota and I was planning to purchase a third for my daughter but I think I'll shop Honda next time.
    I am going to write to Toyota just to let them know how disappointed I am.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    dtown was kind enough to post this link of the actual TSB:

    I agree canam1960, Toyota should post a recall since the flaw is in the design and even they admit it by posting the TSB. My noise started a few days after a brand new purchase. I currently own 2 toyota's, both purchased brand new, I also had a slightly used toyota highlander that I got rid of due to engine noise.
    I will be purchasing a new vehicle for my wife within the next 2 years and I too will look to honda and/or subaru for our next vehicle.
  • By all means, write to Toyota and call them. Re:TSB #ST001-08. If you are persistent, I am confident they will make some adjustment. Had a similar problem with a Highlander in 02 and they came through with a few hundred dollar credit.
  • Okay...this is getting interesting. I emailed my service guy at the Toyota dealership. Mentioned I had purchased the vehicle there...and was a regular customer (figured that couldn't hurt). Also sent him the TSB and said I thought this should be covered under warantee. I'm thinking the warantee time is from purchase...or when ever you started complaining. Anyway, he (Bubba) called and left a message yesterday saying they were order the steering shaft(s) and they'd let me know when they got there. Today, I had a message that the parts are in and I should make an appointment to have them installed.

    Big question will be...are they going to say it is going to cost me ~$700?
    I'll let you know.
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