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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    Interesting in deed K,
    How many miles are on your Rav?
    By the way my noise has diminished significantly over the last week. I may have heard a very small " twang" twice but if I was not looking for it I would have missed it. Go figure.
    Cant wait to hear what happens with yours. When are you going in?
  • Tom/Sage3:
    I have about 20K miles on my 2006 Rav4. I'm glad that you haven't been 'twangin' lately. Has the weather been warm? I've noticed that the sound happens much more frequently in colder weather. I have an appointment on October 27th to have the parts swapped. Wish me luck! I hope it doesn't make things worse...wouldn't that be a drag!
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    The weather actually got colder so it's not reacting the way yours did.
    Your mileage is low, if it has not been 3 years since your purchase you should still be covered by warranty for the fix.
    And don't worry, now that they are doing something with it I doubt they will give you you're car in worse condition. \
    Good luck anyway..
  • On my 2002 Rav w/137k miles I have a loud pulsing ringing noise from front or rear end (can't tell which) when accelerating from a complete stop. Noise stops (or can't be heard) as soon as car is over 5-10 mph. Seems worse if starting on a hill. Noise only happens after the car has been driven fast on the freeway so I think it is brought on by heat/friction.

    I don't think its the transmission because it doesn't seem to follow RPM's. Best guess is that something is heating up on the suspension causing front or rear calipers to paritialy stick then release?? Or hot rotor is warping??

    I asked Mechanic to check CV joints and brakes but no luck.

    Its driving me nuts - if its the tranny I need to start looking for a new car. I've heard the 2002 transmission/ECM has had many problems.

    Any ideas on what the heck this noise could be appreciated.
  • I have a 2007 Sport, wheel drive V6. Recently the tire pressure monitoring system dash light came on and has stayed on since. The tire pressure on all 4 tires is a steady 32 psi. Is there a way to reset this light? I'll have the dealer check it out at the next oil change as the car is still under the original warranty anyway. As the the tire pressures are what they should be, I have to think there is an issue with the system. Is there any cause for concern in the meantime? I'm thinking "No."
  • hibeamhibeam Posts: 9
    Check the Spare, I know two people who had problems with the spare.
  • I agree, check the spare. That fixed my problem with the light
  • I had the same problem with my 2007 Limited. Since it was due for the 15000K service, I had the dealer look at it. He said they had to "recalibrate" the sensors and all is well. I would not be surprised that the "recalibration" was checking the spare. I say this based on the $300.00 15K service that had, in my opinion, a lot of unnecessary services that was well beyond what the manual suggests. I was expecting just an oil change and tire rotation.
  • The same thing happened to me. It was the spare. I didn't realize how hard it was to find a gas station with an air compressor. It cost me about a buck to fill them up but I had to do it twice since I forgot to do the spare the first time. While refilling the spare, I noticed the dealer had not been rotating the spare into the mix when he rotated the other tires. I will ask him about that next time.

    As far as the large service interval charges, I totally agree. My dealership pushed for changing the air filter at 15k and showed me how dirty it was. Ditto on the cabin filter. Those were ahead of schedule You can do both of these yourself with little effort. I got a nasty look when I turned down the 30k service but did have them adjust the rear brakes. Now I am going in for a 40k service which is luckily only an oil change and tire rotation. I might bypass the 45k service at the dealer and take it to a quick lube and tune. I am trying to follow Toyota maintenance schedule in the book. I might do some of the fluid replacements at 60k. I haven't decided yet.

    I have a 2006 and had the popping noise when I turned right or left at very slow speeds. In reading these posts, I appear lucky to have caught this before my warranty ran out. Other than that, I am happy with the vehicle.
  • My wife's 2008 RAV had the same problem a few days ago and it was the spare. After putting a little air in it the light went off.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    How long have you had your noise did it get worse?
    Are you going to address it?
  • Okay...all done. No Charge!! My Toyota Dealership (where I bought the Rav4) just changed out the steering shaft. So far, so more 'twangs'. On the service says "Customer states there is a knocking noise coming from the steering column." and farther down...after the parts list..."Steering shaft has excessive play - replaced steering shaft assembly".
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    Congrats on your fix K!
    I just wrote a 2 page letter regarding the 09 proplem to toyota. One is going to the customer experience center and I attached another to the post purchase survey that they sent to me.
  • dealership fixed the steering column 'popping sound' at NO CHARGE by replacing the steering shafts last month. Try again with your dealership. My vehicle is also 2006 Rav4...and driving is MUCH nicer without the clunking. See my earlier post regarding the specific wording from my 'invoice'. Good luck!
  • akt3akt3 Posts: 1
    I/m having the same problem and I have 44,500 miles; however, I have had the problem way before the mileage ever reached 36,000. It is just now driving me crazy that I decided to get it checked. Did your dealer replace it for you. Mine did the same thing as yours...if you buy your tires here for $675, we will install the shaft for free. What a rip-off since Toyota is obviously having problems with the steering shaft.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    take the TSB to a different Toyota dealer and see what they say,
    here is the link:
  • inkieinkie Posts: 281
    I am posting on this thread hoping some of you are knowledgeable enough to answer my question I would like to know if the RAV's 4's or 6's have steel timing chains. Also do you know if Toyota makes non-interference engines or any other models have steel timing chains? I tried this question at some of the dealers and got double talk. Thanks
  • I have a 2006 RAV4 with a 4 cylinder engine. I have asked the "service advisor" twice at the dealership at different service intervals. Both times, after consulting someone else, I heard the statement that all Toyotas after 2004 have timing chains and not belts. I hope this helps you.
  • inkieinkie Posts: 281
    Thanks for that info. inkie.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    It's not true that all Toyotas after 2004 have timing chains. For example, the 3.3 V-6 uses timing belts and one vehicle that has this engine is V-6 2004-2007 Highlanders.
  • Sorry about that.

    I just overheard my service advisor talking to another service advisor. All I know for sure, and now I'm not sure of that, is that my 2006 RAV4 has a chain and not a belt.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    Yes, 4cyl 2006 Rav4 has timing chain, look at service requirements booklet that came with it and there should be no mention of timing belt replacement.
  • sage3sage3 Posts: 47
    Has anyone done this? Toyota recommends; "re-torque drive shaft bolt (4wd) :surprise: " every 15k. Where is this magical bolt?
    Thanks in advance
  • To the mod.'s, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I've bothered by the fact that my new car is only 15 days old with 102 miles on it. I got in it today, ran into the store, came back out to hear a 'shrill whirring' sound and noted the bright yellow exclamation point (that seemed to be in parentheses). I called the gentleman at the dealership who is the one to go over your car and it's features before you leave with it. He called me back and left me a voice mail telling me that light indicated I needed to get someone to put air in the tires, the same amount for all four, of course. He also said it could be the spare (??). This may sound trivial, but I can't believe I'm already having any kind of error/warning message on this vehicle. I had to sign a form verifying the vehicle had been checked out thoroughly (and was told so verbally) before I left. Am I being petty and has anyone else had this problem? Thanks SO much for any advice/feedback. jude
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I rented a car a couple of months ago and a warning light came on after I had been driving it for 3 days. It was mildly irritating until I figured out it meant that one of the tires was low (and indeed, one was almost flat). I was able to get to an air pump a half mile away and not get stranded somewhere thanks to the light.

    I don't know what the whirring sound could be but if the light just means low tire pressure, that's an easy fix (assuming you don't have a screw in a tire like I did).

    Check your owner's manual to double-check what the light means. If it looks sort of like this, then check your tires:

  • Got my new RAV4 almost a year ago and so far, there has not been a single problem of any kind. Hate to tempt fate, but this vehicle is PERFECT! Maybe we can hire Toyota to run GM?
    Sounds like your dealership didn't do their job. If I were you I would check all the fluids as well as the tire pressures.
  • I have had that warning light come on several times over the last 2+ years (for my 2006 RAV4). Filling all tires, including the spare, with air fixed the problem however the warning light did not go off right away. I took a few days for the light ot go off.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Actually you should be proud that your new RAV4 gave you this early warning.

    Otherwise you might soon be involved in a rollover due to a partially deflated tire overheating and blowing out (think Ford Exploder).

    Some, undoubtedly, will refer to the TPMS as being overly sensitive but I would much rather have the early warning of a potential tire problem.
  • Thank y'all so much for taking the time to reply and advise; I truly appreciate it. hit the proverbial nail on the head. That 'icon' you inserted is EXACTLY what the light is. After I posted, I called the gentleman at the dealership who goes over the features, etc. before you take the new car off the lot and he said it was the tire pressure. He even said it could be in the spare (that makes no sense to me). As the other repliers stated, I AM glad it came on to alert me, but it still infuriates me that I haven't had that car two weeks and am going on a long trip in two days, so I have to find someone to check/fill all tires. But, that is better than having a flat or worse, an accident. I'm sorry for the others who're experiencing this and worse. Steve, I'm so glad you resolved your problem before something happened to you...I had the same problem in a rental once; needless to say, I ended up renting it at no cost. ;-)
    Again, thanks so much for the invaluable help. I feel much better, y'all. jude
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    As someone who tends to get a flat a year, I'd like an idiot light telling me when my spare was low. I tend to use them regularly. :D
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