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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • pudd04pudd04 Posts: 1
    Hey carperson1, i have the same exact problem. I reported them to NHTSA. You should do the same. They issued a recall in China for this problem too. I don't understand why they have to wait so long here. And i was pretty much told the same thing they told you. They wanted to change my rack and pinion as well! And you're right, i will tell all my friends never to get toyota again! They're not very helpful. Do me a favor, do the same thing i did and report them to
  • jarekjarek Posts: 24
    There is Toyota's TSB for this issue (which I also have with my 2006 Rav4). Please visit:

    You may need to register first with to get access to the file.
    Download this, print it out and present document to the dealer. There should be no argument then.

  • jaija132jaija132 Posts: 1
    i have 06 rav 4 2.4 liters , if is the same noise in the stering colum there are two intermiten stiring rods , toyota made a recall on the since 06 to 07 but the dealer isn't going to tell you , also there is a recall on the catalic converters , if when u take off fast and smell rotten eggs , they had to put two cat convertes on mine in less than 30.000 m if u have any questions e-mail me mao , boston
  • I just called my dealer, and they are checking to see if it will be covered as I am 4 months outside of the 3 year warranty. My concern is one of safety, and I emphasized this on the phone. Mechanically it is probably the u joints at the shafts, and for the problem to start at 30K+ miles and slowly grow worse means to me abnormal wear and tear at the joints, which would be a huge safety issue over time. Requires both shaft replacements per the TSB, which would indicate the dimensions were off in the originals causing more than normal stress on the joints. Says 1.5 hrs of time to do the repair, where the service rep initially said it was really expensive. I am going to call him on the 1.5 hr quote. I'll pay 1.5 hrs plus parts if I have to, to have piece of mind that the steering will not fail, especially since this is my wife's car. But first I am going to exhaust the Toyota dealer/factory angle.
  • So dealer called back and said there are 2 tsbs, one for the rack and one for the shafts. Taking it in to see which one it is. Joy. Gee thanks Toyota.
  • So, what was the result? The dealer agreed to pay for it or it had to be from your own pocket? And the two TSB were applied?
  • The intermediate shaft TSB applied to the symptom I was seeing. My car was slightly out of warranty at 38K miles @ 3.5 years, but I managed to get the service advisor to work with Toyota such that Toyota covered parts @ $500+ and I covered labor @ $196 total. I emphasized the safety issue. The other TSB is in the electric steering rack and if you are seeing it and are under warranty then get it done, as it extremely expensive. But it is not the same potential safety concern as the one I had addressed. The repair for me was done same day, 1.5 hrs of actual shop time. Personally I think it all should have been covered by Toyota, but I am happy they at least partially stepped up.
  • rsirsi Posts: 3
    My wife has a 2007 RAV that I rarely drive. Back in May 08 I drove it, knock in the steering, took it to the dealer while still under warranty. They said they could not hear anything - all was normal. I was not aware of the TSB's at the time. I drive the RAV again this summer, knock is worse, now out of warranty. Bring the vehicle back to the dealer, they now acknowledge the knock but say "sorry - vehicle out of warranty, you have not had all you maintenance done here - we can't help you, repair will be about $700" Toyota Corporate listened very well then said " sorry out of warranty" I called around and talked to several service managers and finally found someone willing to do the right thing. TSB repair was completed for $300. Still way too much money to pay for an obvious design defect. Toyota's failure to stand behind their product has made this the last Toyota I will ever own!
  • Yeah it is unfortunate a company that has a great rep in many ways continues to drop the ball on customer service and does not step up on an obvious factory defect/design flaw.
  • arloexlarloexl Posts: 10
    Anyone have website to get a good price on a shop manual for a 2007 Rav4?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572

    There's some stuff online but it can be hit or miss.
  • Hi,

    I am looking to do my first oil change on my 4cyl 2009 Rav4 Limited in about 1000 miles. I have been researching what I need to do, and about soiled myself when I learned the oil filters weren't the simple spin-on canister kinda.

    Could you please tell me what types of tools and/or kits I need to do this. I have the 5 qrts of 5w-20, and I have a new filter, but it didn't have new o-rings. I also take it I need a special tool to take off the oil filter...where did you get yours, and if you have a part # please let me know.

    Also, if you have any advice for making the process easy (besides going to a real mechanic), please let me know.
  • Is there anyway to increase drivers leg room by moving the seat track back???? I need about 3-4 inches more leg room for leg comfort.
  • I recently purchased a 2010 V6 Limited. Love the car but I'm a little concerned about changing the oil since my other cars had a simple spin on filter. I found the instructions and torque values for the 4 cylinder oil change. Does anyone know if the V6 would be the same torque values as the four banger? Thanks.
  • No, the torque values are different for the V6 as removal of the filter is actually a two step process and the caps are made of different materials. You should be able to get the torque values from your local Toyota Dealer.
  • Thanks for the info. I'll contact the service department at Servco Toyota and see if they will provide the information on the torque values.
  • Actually here is the newest TSB (thanks to whoever posted before):

    My brother has a 2007 RAV4 with about 40K. He took it to the STAR Toyota Dealership Service Shop here in Queens, NY. The shop quoted him $2600 for the repair! $800 for parts and $1800 for labor - something seems off as I don't know too many jobs that take 18 hrs to repair (their hourly rate is $100). Anyways does this sound right? They basically said it was the same part as addressed in the TSB - intermediate steering shaft. Anyways, I told my brother he should speak with the district service manager and see if he can get it covered (he'll talk to him Monday hopefully). Seems to me like it is a design flaw since a new shaft had to be "designed" to "address this condition". Unfortunately, appears to be happening to alot of RAV4's just as their passing their warranty mileage based on the posts I've read. Also, doesn't look like service shops are mentioning the TSB as it's probably more work for them to go through the district manager once the car is out of warranty. I bet in a year or so Toyota will issue a recall and reimburse any customers who had to pay out of pocket - the sooner the better for their customers and their image.
  • Your brother should ask to speak to the Service Manager or Parts and Service Director
    not an Assistant Service Manager (service writer), and ask him to explain the charges in the estimate. He should also bring a copy of the TSB with him. If you look at the second page of the TSB, it lists the parts to be replaced and the time allowed to perform the repair. Since the vehicle is out of warranty, your brother will have to pay for parts and labor, but if he speaks to the Service Manager, the manager may be able to work out a compromise. If he still is not satisfied, then he should request to speak to a District Manager.
  • m327m327 Posts: 1
    Toyota will tell you no, however, if you go to a facility which specialized in mobility impairment modifications, they can do it. I had the seat shifted 3 inches back. I believe they had to fabricate a new bracket and reused the original mounting holes. Total cost was about $550.
  • I have a 2009 RAV 4 V6 Sport model. I installed Weathertech vent visors in the front doors. This model visor has a thin plastic flange that fits into the actual window channel, which avoids the ugly tape method of installation. The window outside upper edges actually mate with this plastic flange when the window is closed. The visors keep water and snow from sliding off the roof and into the car when the window is open a bit for ventilation. I'm sure most Toyota owners are familiar with the wave of slop coming in the window and landing in the window control switches.

    The problem is the auto up window on the drivers side will not close automatically with the vent visor installed. The window comes up to the closed position, then opens up again half way. This is the anti trap feature that is supposed to keep the window from closing on fingers etc. In order to close it, I have to bring the window up to about 1/2 inch from closed, then STOP it, and then raise it the rest of the way and it closes fine. I would like it to just close using the auto up feature.

    Does anybody know if it is possible for the dealer to either adjust the sensitivity of the safety feature, or disable it all together so that I don't have to fiddle to close the drivers window? I already tried sanding down the vent visor flange to thin it out a bit and remove any possible rough spots. I might be able to take off a bit more, but I don't want to weaken the visor and have it break off in a car wash or something.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated

    The passenger window has the same feature, but works fine.
  • maybe you should go in the vehicle with the tech. This way you should be able to point out the noise on a test drive. Sounds live there is something loose. shocks, Exhaust,rear diff, spare tyre,tailgate,if the Toyota tech looks he will find. when this is a problem like this. the tech that gets stuck with this problem will more than likely not going to be able to get payed for his time to fix your noise. this is not a good situation for you or the Toyota tech. when you go to work you most get payed for your time at work. Good luck.
  • this pinch protection feature is just that. too much drag on the glass will cause the window to go down. reduce the drag.lube,spread the window frame apart slightly.
  • We have an '06 RAV4 that had a similar steering problem. We took it in under warranty 10/08, and they couldn't replicate the clunking sound. Thinking that, if it continued, it'd be covered by warranty, we waited until 6/09 to take it back. By then it was regularly clunking. But since it was out of warranty, and "we had waited so long," they'd only split the $2100 cost 75 (them) / 25 (us). That was the DSM's call. We appealed a couple of times, but to no avail.
    Now that I've seen all the RAV4 steering problems that are out there, I'm even more determined to BUY HONDA!
  • My '06 RAV4 had the same issue, I noticed it a bit but didn't pay much attention. Last year I took the car to Westbury Toyota (LI, NY) for maintenance, they \told me there is clunking noise and they can order and replace the shaft under the warranty, to their credit it was fixed until recently I noticed the noise again, this time it was out of warranty and I was was being told they can not cover the same warranty twice and will charge me $750 for the replacement (and they have the spare parts). I refused on the ground that the part is probably defective due to manufacturing flaw, was going to call Toyota and see if they can cover it, let me know if anyone have similar experience. I'll write a follow up once I hear anything from Toyota.
  • mark19mark19 Posts: 123
    get yourself a lawyer, that's about all toyota understands. and yes i'm serious.
  • Sorry it's been so long since my last post - holidays et al. Update - the DSM was willing to cover the parts but not the labor, so out of pocket for my brother would have been estimated at $1100. I should have noted in my first post, that STAR Toyota recommended that my brother change the ENTIRE Steering Rack (Steering Link Assembly) as per TSB-0308-08 ( df) and not just the Intermediate Steering Shaft per the earlier TSB I mentioned. That accounted for the big difference in labor time - 7.8hrs vs 1.5hrs. (Although that should be about $800 labor and not $1100 like the dealer quoted - something else going on there.) Anyways, TSB-0308 describes the noise as a rattling sound when DRIVING over bumps, and TSB-0318 describes the noise as a popping or knocking sound when TURNING the wheel (I believe it's more noticeable at slow speeds/standstill). My brother's car sounded more like the latter, so we decided to go for a second opinion. We brought it to Penn Toyota on Long Island. They said that they couldn't find anything wrong. We do still hear and feel a very slight knocking when turning the wheel at low speeds, so I do think there's an issue. My bro has decided to leave it as is for now, although I recommended that he possibly get a 3rd opinion. Car is over 42K now, so the longer he waits, the harder it may be for him to get the DSM to help with costs. I still believe that this is a design flaw and that Toyota should fess up and take care of their customers. They've gotten a black-eye from the floor mats recall recently - we'll see what they do now.
  • I have a 2006 Toyota Rav4 which had the same steering problem as everyone else. I have an extended warranty and all the steering components are covered except the TBS - Intermediate Steering Shaft. So, I had to pay all costs to American Toyota Dealership to replace it. I agree with all of you. I think it is a design flaw and Toyota should most certainly fess up and recall these vehicles and take care of their customers and reimburse those of us who have had to pay for this repair out of our pockets. I love my Rav4, but if there is a flaw, Toyota should FIX IT!!
  • slr9589slr9589 Posts: 121
    My 08 toyo trans path were looking sad with 5/32 or less after 43k miles. my spare looked great...i started searching the web for 215/70/16 toyo take offs in new condition. i found 3 ..spent on average 45 dollars each..shipping averaged 20 dollars.
    now my 08 has 4 new original tires!....but at least i did not have to wrangle over what to replace them with! look for the orphans,they're out there!
  • I too have 2006 Rav4 which had the same issue. I paid to have the repairs done because my extended warranty covered all steering components except the one which was giving me problems. I contact Toyota via email, but they have not responded. I really think Toyota needs to recall and reimburse those of us who have had to put out money for this repair. I too will follow if and when Toyota responds. Good luck with your Rav4.
  • My 2006 Rav4 had the same clunking in the steering column. I mentioned it to my dealership repair department once - about two years after purchasing the vehicle...but they couldn't replicate it. After seeing posts on this forum, and someone kindly linked in the TSM, I sent it to my dealership service department and scheduled the repair. Not knowing what they would charge I went in; they said it was covered under the initial warantee (I did not have any extended warantee). No charge to me at all and they replaced the steering components. I have been 'knock free' since. I am shocked to see people having to pay $500 or more for their share of this repair. The only think I can think is that the issue was brought up after the initial warantee was out of date, or unscrupled service departments...or that my dealership made a mistake and paid the full cost? I agree...since the problem seems so widespread, Toyota should be addressing it with a recall. Good luck.
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