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Toyota RAV4 Maintenance and Repair



  • I have 14k on 08-v-6 engine. I bought the car one month ago but just noticed a hum when I push the gas petal, to me sounds like the tranm. but my wife thinks it might be the tires. When I let up on the gas the hum disappears, dealer is busy now with the snowbirds so I guess I will wait until they go back until I take it in. What do you guys think?? Harry PS vehicle is a Rav-4
  • I have 07 Rav4 limited - with just over 62K miles, I noticed clunking noise, and took to dealer. They said it was a steering column problem, and quoted me over $900 to repair. I said BS, and wrote Toyota Corporate. They laughed at me and said too bad - out of warranty, we won't help you! Sounds like a design/manufacturing flaw to me that Toyota should be covering. I guess their reliability isn't what we all thought!
  • Stand your ground, I was able to get them to cover labor out of warranty, it is a part defect, it should be a recall. Escalate more and make noise and see what happens.
  • gpurkgpurk Posts: 13
    We have a 2006 Toyota RAV 4 limited. Last summer we noticed a clunking noise when you turned the steering wheel. Fortunately we had an extended warranty and the costs were covered. It appears that this was a design flaw and Toyota should cover it.

  • I had the problem checked out on my 06 Rav4 and Toyota said that is was a resistor that had gone bad. I don't have the specific info on my right now, but if you are interested, I can get it later. I was on the forum looking at the steering issues.
  • Yes could you please get me the specific's on it. That way when I go to the dealer I can show it to them. Thanks Harry
  • I walked outside to my Rav4 after grocery shopping and I noticed a bunch of scuff marks on the rear. Can anyone tell me how I can safely try to remove them w/out any body shop work?

    Here is a link to the pics.
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    You might try this product:

    It's not prefect but it seemed much better after using it on my cars.
  • thanks, how is it on deep scratches?
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    edited March 2010
    It's not a miracle cure for really bad scratches, but it will make it better appearing at the least and it's not too expensive to try and see. (one of your cheaper options to try first). Good stuff to have on hand anyway. A lot of places carry their stuff so it should be easy to pick some up to try.
  • pyritepyrite Posts: 1
    I have the EXACT same symptoms as this. Roughly began at one year of ownership from brand new and after they rotated the tires. The first trip to the dealership resulted in them not being able to replicate the problem. Its getting worse and Im making another appointment again soon so I can personally take them for a drive and show them. I will also bring up for them to check the tie rod assembly. Hopefully it is the same problem and they can find it. I have a 2009 Rav4 base.
  • daloondaloon Posts: 1
    I need to get my ecm repaired and it's cheaper if i remove it and send it in myself than to have someone else remove it for me. Does anyone know where it is and the best way to remove it?
  • First of all, what year is your vehicle? Do you live in California? How many miles are on the vehicle? I would check these things out before you begin to remove and replace parts, because if the vehicle is still under warranty (ECM warranty may be different than 36 mos/36k miles) and you remove and replace parts, it may void whatever warranty you may still have.
  • raylirayli Posts: 1
    Where is the power accesores location and how much for fuse?
  • jme2jme2 Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Toyota Rav4 and all of the trim around the whole car is literally melting off in most areas around the windows and the plastic trims around the car are drying up and shrinking. Is this happening to anyone else?? I called the Toyota dealer about two months after the warranty ended and the guy who answered the phone said he had never heard of it happening! I find it hard to believe that of all the RAV4 cars they made with this rubber trim I am the only one with this problem. Does anyone else have this problem? Also I know I can't fix it myself and I don't want to spend whole paychecks to get it fixed, Where can I go to get a good deal yet have good quality trims? Please help me!!!!
  • michaelp1michaelp1 Posts: 14
    My 2011 Rav4 Limited has less than 500 miles - and a crack that runs from top edge to about three inches from the bottom, making a left and a right in its travels. It first appeared as a much smaller crack four days ago; it actually spread while sitting in my driveway! I can't say that it wasn't a pebble, but honestly don't remember hearing anything. I saw some older posts of people claiming their windshield cracked on it's own - I'm not able to swear to that (I do drive on the highway) but I can say that in my 36 years of driving I have never had a windshield crack spread so rapidly while not driving. Are there reports of any inherent problems with the quality of Toyota windshield, particularly with the Rav4 and its installation? Seems that excessive stress forces are at work even when the car is still.

    Getting it replaced Saturday at a Safelite (dealer WAY too expensive for insurance coverage) - for now I asked them to replace with original Toyota part, but maybe not a good idea? Thanks, appreciate any feedback / experience.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,320
    Ask the Safelite guys to look at it, and point out any impact marks.. If there aren't any, it most likely is a defective windshield and Toyota may replace it under warranty...

    Even a pebble is going to make a chip or a star mark where it hits.. If you don't have that.... then, I'd at least make my case at the dealer.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • rose920rose920 Posts: 14
    When does one stop putting money into a car?

    In 2010, I had a new A/C compressor , alternater, and Distributor O Ring put in to the tune of $1269.

    That was followed by a door that wouldn't close at an estimate of $487. I got on here and read about Dupont Silicone and fixed it.

    In 2011 so far, I have had a Timing Belt Tensioner put it as well as Crankshaft Seal and valve cover gasket -- $703.18. The Timing Belt was changed at 105k and the car now has 156k. I checked to see if it was under warrantee which it was and they were going to replace the whole kit, water pump, belt, etc. but the person I took the car to did not take the "kit" saying it was only the tensioner pully. I have to say that I was not comfortable with this and being a woman, I feel that I may have been "taken" on this. Is there a way to find an honest mechanic who won't take advantage of my female status?

    Oh did I say the car was still leaking something? So I took it back and was shown that the power steering fluid was leaking. It is now fixed -- $470.

    When I took it in, I mentioned that the car was making a clunking sound, not the usual power steering squeak. When I picked it up, I asked if they found out what the noise was. They said there wasn't any noise. Well as I drove out of the station and down two blocks, the noise happened again while I was waiting to take a turn. I am so disgusted and so not trusting, I did not return. I did have a muffler replaced a month ago (under warrantee) and by the person who originally put it on who is another person that I am unsure of as to being taken advantage by him.

    In the old days, you took your car into be serviced or repaired (or at least I did) and the mechanic (my cousin) took the car for a ride to see if anything else was going on. He also washed it for me. He is now deceased and his shop is going and I am still trying to find someone I can trust. I admit to being spoiled but I knew that I could trust him and he knew I was not totally ignorant about cars having worked as a teenager in a dealer service dept so he listened to me if I thought something was wrong with my car.

    This morning I looked at my car and there is yet another leak under it!!

    Do I take it back or do I just chalk it up to a car getting old and it will keep having to be repaired? I really can't afford to buy a new one and I really want another Toyota but maybe this is not the time to buy one.

    Sorry for rambling on.
  • ben90ben90 Posts: 1
    I have a new 2011 Rav4, but your post resonated with me. My 2002 Outback had the same occurrence. I was driving it on the highway, and a loud stone-smack occurred when I went under an overpass. Nothing showed on the windshield, although by the sound I definitely expected a chip or crack. Then I went to the mall. When I came out, the windshield had a crack that looks the same as your description of yours! In other words, the stone caused a delayed-reaction crack. So don't necessarily blame the Rav. I never had this happen either-in 51 YEARS OF DRIVING!! Maybe ALL of these current Japanese cars are over stressed in the windshield!
  • ucfkristiucfkristi Posts: 1
    I'm sorry that happened! Note that there is no OEM glass. All glass is aftermarket...even from the factory. So don't fret if they replace it with aftermarket.
  • pamf2pamf2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Rav4. And I'm having the same problem. My warranty is still good but I'm told this is not covered under warranty. I've been bugging the dealership to deal with this problem. To me this a defect, it is NOT normal wear and tear. They told me this was the first time they'd seen/heard of it also. Which I don't believe.
  • nmodnmod Posts: 1
    Have a 2010 Rav4 Limited with an issue with the rear differential. Local dealer claims they've never seen this issue with this model. Vehicle is 7k over power train warranty and Toyota Customer Care won't help with repairs. Their claim is I'm not a good enough customer despite this being my second Rav4.

    Question: what is my best repair option, A) swap out the entire unit, or B) part is out?

  • Just spent $2000 to have my winshield drains cleaned (never heard of this) and all of the carpeting replace on a Rav-4 Limited that is not yet three years old with only 40,000 miles.
    The inside front of the car actually flooded. On Toyota's recomendation all of the carpeting and insolation was removed to confirm that the drains were blocked. Then they charged me $2000 which I was told my insurance (minus deductable) would pay. Has other owners had this problem. Have never heard this happening in any other vehicle.
  • Ive recently purchased a 2011 Rav4 2wd i-4. Numerous times now ive had to take the newly purchased car into Toyota to be serviced. The first time i ever brought the car in they balanced the tires & road force balanced them. Claiming the problem had been fixed i brought my car home, & on the way home i noticed the problem yet again. When going between the speeds of 55-60 their is a weird vibration that can be felt. The problem also occurs more frequent when it is cold. The second time the car was serviced Toyota replaced the transmission, admitting the transmission must have been faulty coming out of the factory. Yet again on my way home which is about a 45 min drive that is mostly on the highway, i felt the vibration. For a third time i brought in my car, despite what Toyota was telling me. That "They no longer felt the vibration, & fixed it" They lastly replaced the front Left tire, now claiming it was a bad tire all along.
    After the new tire being on, the vibration did seem to ease up a bit... But shortly after it was back to the same vibrations. The driver is not the only person that feels it, sitting in the passenger side & in the rear seats it can be felt. (Not Heard) When feeling it at first, its almost as if you have a low/flat tire.

    As of now Toyota claims their is no vibration, atleast not one that they feel.
    They claimed to have test drove the car when it was cold, since the vibration can be
    felt more easier this way. But yet a 3rd party has to be called in now, & test ride in the vehicle.

    If anyone should know or have any suggestions on what the problem may be,
    please contact me ASAP. Ive clearly been dealing with this issue awhile &
    would like to hear how others may view this issue.
  • I'm coming up on 30k miles an wanted to get an idea of what maintenance needs to be performed. I don't prefer dealer packages because you pay them to just "check" things. Can anyone give me a guide to follow and what fluids should be changed at certain intervals for 30,60,90k?

  • I have a 2001 Rav 4 which I purchased had approx 160k mile. I had no problems at all until one evening when I stopped at a store...when I returned to my car it would not go in reverse. It would slip into drive but had no power to move, and in low gear then engine would sputter and die.
    After talking to a transmisson shop I found out that there was a recall on the ECM. I spoke to the Toyota dealership and they "reprogramed" the one in my car for $65.00. The car was then taken to a trans shop and I paid $1600. to have the trans rebuilt.
    Since that day I have had nothing but problems. Its like this car has a mind of its own.
    One minute it may be sluggish in first gear and jerk into second. The next minute 1st is fine but it will jerk into 3rd....sometimes it doesnt go into overdrive at all. The engine is cutting out really bad which it didnt do before. Yesterday I had the cruise control on, and all of a sudden the car accelerated by itself.
    Today the car wont hardly move. Each day is different, from moment to moment.

    The month of Jan my car was in the trans shop 24days total. He has replaced all of the sensors twice, and thinks the ECM may have been bad.

    I spoke with Toyota Customer Experience today and was told that even if the ECM was bad, that I have to pay to have it replaced.
    He also told me to find a new mechanic!

    After talking to the last owner, there have been 3, I found out that the orig owner had a new trans put in at 65k mi, the 2nd owner had a new trans put in at 125k mi..and I had mine rebuilt at 238k mi.

    I cannot afford to purchase an ECM, and it aggrivates me that they have this warranty coverage dependant upon milage...if its bad its bad!

    What should I do?????
  • Sorry about this. I would consider it a loss and buy a different car. Don't waste any more money on it.
  • what is the milage that needs a tune up?
  • royallenroyallen Posts: 227
    If you use Edmunds search for "car maintenance" you can input the year, make and model to see the manufacturer recommended maintenance at each 5000 miles. I do not think the term "tune up" is used. My '06 v-6, if I remember correctly does not need new spark plugs until 120,000 mi. Roy
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