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Toyota Tacoma General Shopping Questions



  • well, now I live in central jersey, pretty close to nyc, in a couple of weeks I'm moving down to south jersey for office transfer and moving in with the girlfriend,

    There is a town in South jersey called Vineland, where sales tax is only 3.5%
    Only the Poor community get that deal! Paterson, and Elizabeth are also the only towns in new jersey gets that deal too.
    Of course there's a toyota dealer in vineland, NJ so i can save some money on that but i drove by it one day, Talk about run down, beat up trashy dealer!!! But hey, is a dealer
    I'm sure they are shady!!

    I want the Crew Cab 4x4 with Trd-Off rd package plus the tow package.
    Color radiant red! Or Black Mica!

    NJ is # 1 highest insurance in the nation and #1 in property tax! Politicans f-ed it all up!!! I kinda want to move out of the state sometimes thou.

    I went to a dealer on sunday to see the truck, you can't even tell what yr it is because the sticke doesn't say it.

    On the Nissan sticker said what yr it was but not the tacoma! I think the only way to tell is to open the door and look at the side panel

    Oh if the dealer around here trying to commit me to buy to the truck in order to get price! I'll give them the finger and walk away!

    Anyway, I'm not in a super rush to get the truck! I really dont know when i want to get it. I'll wait as long as August for the clearance time. I want to say more money for a huge down on it.

    what did u do? buy the truck whole? finance with trade?
  • The sticker for my 2006 had the year clearly in the top portion of the sheet. Perhaps in California the stickers differ as I've seen a few 2007 models which also had the year on the sticker.

    You failed to state one important thing (manual or auto transmisson). Also be aware some, (almost every truck I saw) had the floor mats listed on the sticker, so you might get stuck with buying them. Im also told that in 2007 they force you to now buy a $100 first aid kit. So im listing AUTO transmission prices.

    2007 Toyota Tacoma 4WD Double V6 AT
    Invoice* MSRP*

    $23,126.00 $25,515.00 Base
    $2,445.00 $3,045.00 Off Road Package
    $645.00 $645.00 Destination
    $520.00 $650.00 Towing Package
    $126.00 $199.00 Floor Mats and Door Sils

    Total the above items for your starting point.

    I put down 10K and Toyota financed the rest for 7% interest.
    I did not have a trade in.

    So if the total below changes from all the figures above it may be due to the first aid kit, however below are the totals I got from online info for the truck you listed.

    Invoice* MSRP*
    Base $23,126.00 $25,515.00
    Options $3,091.00 $3,894.00
    Destination $645.00 $645.00
    Total $26,862.00 $30,054.00

    Good Luck
  • yeah, I'll probably take a automatic because the woman can't driver stick. I would like a manual because it saves little bit of gas and down shifting too

    So you think i can get the truck for $27000?
    I mean if you got it for $100 above invoice. I'm sure i can get this, of course i have to find a Shady salesman to do it.

    if you dont mind me asking, how much do you pay a month? and how many yrs?

    I have been doing the math, I probably looking for a 3-4 yrs payment. They better not have a penalty if i pay it earlier!!
  • With $10k down on a balance of $16k I had payments of about $350 a month for 5 years. With Toyota Credit

    They don't have a penalty for early payoff.

    The prices I listed are WITH auto transmission. I love the 5 speed auto on my Tacoma, with so many speeds you can down shift and up shift with almost the same benefits as a manual transmission. MPG's were not that different from an auto and a manual. I think $27 would be a best deal but anywhere under $28 would be good.
  • my co-worker sits next to me also looking for a new vehicle. He's brother works for a dealer as a parts manager in Nissan.
    He is telling if you dont do the math, they would add in $10 or whatever small amounts to ur monthly payments.

    He told me, Pick up trucks interest can be lower because that's how they are. You can get it for 5%. He said the toyota website doesn't have the state added on to your calculation. So he showed me on the edmunds to calculate how it comes down to. Which is not bad... I just need to put a bigger down.

    I know the end of the year sales, they would have an awesome APR rates.

    Where did u find out about the rebate on the 06? Do you need to buy the vehicle at a curtain time to get this rebate?
  • For those of you who don't know how to tell what model year a vehicle is, check the tenth digit of the VIN #. If it is 6, it's a 2006 model. If it's a 7, it's a 2007 model. I don't remember all of the letters used from 1981 to 1999, but there were a few letters skipped. Keep one thing in mind, though....if you buy a 2006 model, I would recommend that you buy GAP insurance. The reason being is that this is Feb/March 2007. If you bought a brand new 2006 model truck, left the sales lot, and your truck was hit and totaled on the way home, your truck would be paid off as a 2006 year truck, not as a 2007....basically you will take the hit for a full year's depreciation immediately. Same goes for if you decide you need to sell it in the next few months for some reason. Just something to keep in mind...
  • 67camero67camero Posts: 5
    I'm in the market for a new truck and have decided on a '07 Tacoma in Silver or Impulse Red.

    PreRunner V6 4dr Double Cab 5.0 ft. SB
    Sport Package #1
    JBL (maybe)
    Towing Package (Maybe)

    I am using the truck for light hauling - Local shipping and delivery for my business. As well as a second vehicle for me and my family of 4 (plus our Golden Retriever).

    Here are my thoughts.. correct me or recommend something if you think it may be helpful.

    I did not choose 4X4 since I do not intend to off-road...

    I chose the Sport package for the looks and larger wheels and extra goodies it comes with. I think it is a good package for the money.

    Do I need towing package? It really is not too much extra $ so I do not care either way...although I doubt I will ever tow anything (but you never know).

    Is the JBL system is decent? I prob would not buy after market stereo or add on. So I think I will get the JBL stereo.

    Are there any other extras I should get?

    Anyone know and good dealers in NC area... I am willing to fly or drive to save some $$??

    Thanks in advance.. There is a good finance rate going on here 3.9% .. So I am buying before April 30, 07.
  • I'm having looking at tacoma for quit sometimes,
    I have been saving my money for it,

    Where did you get that rate 3.9%???
    from a bank or credit union?

    My configuration my tacoma costs more! I want Double cab with trd off-rd, automatic, 4x4 (i have snow here in NJ) and tow in case I need to move something.

    I'm looking to pay around $26,000
  • 67camero67camero Posts: 5
    I see the special financing on and also saw TV commercial today.. must be a regional promo.>

    Toyota's www site: In lieu of customer cash. 0.0/1.9/2.9/3.9 annual percentage rate financing on all new 2007 Tacoma models with respective terms of 24/36/48/60 months based on approved credit through Southeast Toyota Finance. Must complete retail sale and delivery between 04/03/07 - 04/30/07.
  • 67camero67camero Posts: 5
    After a bit more looking... I may decide against the TRD Sport package. It may sound silly.. but I do not care for the fake hood scoop.

    Also after more reading.. I prefer a softer ride and see that the sport model is stiffer suspension.

    So now.. I need to decide whether to go for the TRD Off Road ?
  • jeffjeffjeffjeff Posts: 54
    You won't get a softer ride with the TRD Off Road package. Trust me, I had one, a 2006 and the ride will bounce you all over the cabin. If the Sport suspension is stiff as well as the Offroad, you will be better off with the SR5 regular suspension package.
  • jeffjeffjeffjeff Posts: 54
    I'm also in the market for an 07 Tacoma. I sold my 06 for a Camry sedan, but now I realize I need a truck for doing things around the home. I was looking on and found the same specials you mentioned, 3.9% for 60 months. I'm looking to buy before the end of the month to take advantage of this special.

    As far as 4x4, I don't offroad either, but it's good to have for unstable conditions such as slippery ground, mud, snow and other elements. I would opt for the tow package. My 2006 TRD offroad came with it and had I kept it longer, I would have put it to use. Once again, sooner or later, it will come in handy. As far as the stereo, you'll have to make that call. I'm happy with the sound the base unit puts out. I hope this helps you with your decision.
  • 67camero67camero Posts: 5
    yes .. The financing is attractive. I wonder if they will be extending it into May. So I may pull the trigger this week!

    I finally decided on 07 DC Prerunner (4X2) with TRD O/R... this model seems to always come with TOW package. So looks like now it is time to chose color.

    As for color...I have been thinking about the Indigo Blue... But my practical side is pushing me towards Silver or White.

    Time to make final decision.
  • darylpdarylp Posts: 2
    Hi all -

    I'm wanting a 07 Tacoma V6 4x2 SR5 Access Cab with black grill, bumper and fenders and NOT the chrome package. Unfortunately only the 4x4's seem to have that option. The dealership says that the truck with the options I want (or rather, don't want) can't be special ordered, but they will give me "the best deal possible, on the SR5 with the chrome package.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or am I going to have to suck it up and just not get exactly what I want?

    Thanks in advance!

  • The problem is you're asking for an SR5. The chrome trim is an integral part of the SR5 package. If you're looking for the matte finish (unpainted plastic) grille and fender flares, you should be able to do that. I've seen all manner of Access Cab Tacomas without the SR5 trim (4x4 in both I4 and V6, 4x2 I4, possibly PreRunner, though you can't tell passing on the highway). I would guess that the salesman with whom you've been speaking either A) can't make this connection or B) wants to sell you what he has rather than what you want. Either way you should take your business elsewhere (at least to the dealer's fleet manager).
  • wcs2wcs2 Posts: 2
    why can i not get a 2007 tacoma double cab sr5 package #2 in speedway blue. all the double cabs are either trd off road or trd sport. i want just a plain sr5. can i not get that?
  • uncalumnusuncalumnus Posts: 11
    I know here in the Southeast USA (NC)speedway blue is not available unless you select the TRD or X Runner. I am also fond of that color, but alas I have had to choose another.
  • chomama1chomama1 Posts: 15
    I like the 17" wheels on the Sport and also the limited slip differental. I don't think I need that lock up that the Off Road has. Any other thoughts, Im buying this month.
  • nriesennriesen Posts: 1
    You're assessment is correct.

    TRD-Sport is very similar with the acception of the items that you described. The Limited slip diff is better in 2WD snow driving since the power will be moved from a spinning wheel to the wheel with traction on the rear axle. You will be happy that you went this direction.
    Where are you buying?
  • chomama1chomama1 Posts: 15
    Probably in Winchester, VA. Trade in on my F350 diesel was pretty good. The only sport they have is a dark blue, can't stand the color, so I'm waiting for next shipment. I don't like the tires on the Sport, but I can always put all terrain on later. I saw no difference in the ride of the Sport and the Off Road. At first I was looking for a cherry pre-2005 because I like the body style better, but I am really impressed with the new engine, so i'm going new.
  • ltmarltmar Posts: 45
    I agree fully that the limited slip is a beneficial difference between the Sport and Off-Road. I can actually feel the limited slip working in a variety of situations but I would rarely use the locking diff of the Off-Road model.
  • hey anybody hear clicking sounds from the engine? I hear clicking sounds from the right side of the engine when facing the engine from the front? could this need valve adjustment or is this normal? my truck is a 4x2 '07 double cab new 700 miles only. help can anyone let me know if they have the same sound! thanks.
  • Hi there, I have the very same noise. and I have 7 Thousand miles on mine. Did not have it at first. took it to the dealership. said it was Normal. I do not like it. going to take it to someone else. Toyota said it was Fuel injectors. sounds like a problem to me.
  • gcrabgcrab Posts: 2
    I am in the market for a tacoma, 05 or newer, 4x4 4 door and am not sure what i want so I have a few questions.1. It seems that everyone agrees that the trd off road is the best off road rig, but how do the sport and sr5 do off road? 2. Most discussions seem to be about the sport vs. off road, how does the sr5 stack up to these two? Is it worth the extra dollars for the upgrade? Are there any other major differences between the three that are worth talking about, I would love to hear anyones opinions on these issues. Note that this will be a daily driver where the weather is good, but I do want the ability for bad weather driving and some off roading for camping, hunting, fishing, etc...
  • dude i just got an 2008 tacoma double cab trd off road and i hear a clicking sound... it goes..with acceleration.. i took it to the dealer today with 1400 miles on it..and they said it was the valves and it was supposed to soudn that way. . i made the technician ride with me and thats what he told me. i dont really like it..... cause my chevy didnt have it.. ..and my 90 mazda did but i sold it..and it was a 4 cylinder.

    do you still have the clicking???? anyone else have that clicking and did you guys get it resolved????

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