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Audi Q7 Lease Questions



  • pnorton1pnorton1 Posts: 3
    Thanks for this info on the added charges.
  • cofla99cofla99 Posts: 9
    hi guys Using edmunds guide to calculate bottom line monthly payment ( ) I came up with this numers using invoice as cap cost.
    Please let me know if my calculations are correct.
    10k miles, 36 mo Q7 premium nav, conv & panoramic roof.

    MSRP 53825
    INVOICE 50111
    Residual Factor 50%
    Residual Value 26917.5
    Money Factor 0.00006
    36 mo depreciation 23,193.50
    Lease Terms 36
    Monthly Depreciation 644.2638889
    Cap cost + residual 77,028.50
    (cc + res) X MF 4.62171
    MF pmt + mo dep 648.89
    Tax 6% 38.9
    Bottom Line Mo Pmt 687.79

    Is this the lowest possible monthly payment on this truck with 0 down just tax, tag, title and dealer fee due at signing?
    How much more would it be for audi care?


  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    I am interested in possibly leasing a Q7 this month. Does anyone have the various lease factors for July (money factor, residual, etc.)? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
  • kp22kp22 Posts: 20
    In response to my previous post asking for July lease factors, I spoke with a local dealership in Upstate NY who told me over the phone that the July money factor and residual value for a 12k/36mth lease on a 3.6 Premium was .00297 and 42%, respectively. They also told me that there is a $5,000 cash rebate available. The lease factors seem awful. Even with the $5,000 the numbers are awful. Anybody else have any recent experiences to share?
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 38
    Yup, I really wanted a Q7 but was also not impressed with the numbers. Got a great deal on an X5 ($2k below invoice). Overall, for the about the same MSRP, the X5 was less, with the same lease terms (with MF@ .0024 and resid @ 56%). Plus, free maintenance.
  • anj2anj2 Posts: 4
    Try this dealer in PA - Audi of Willow Grove, they offer $10k off msrp on 2008 models right now. Good luck!
  • Currently nearing the end of the Land Rover LR3 lease and have decided that the Audi Q7 will work well for me. Talked to the dealer and got the following offer on a 24mth/15k lease:

    MSRP = $46,175
    Sales Price = $43,900
    Initial Payment = $3,000 towards first payment, etc.
    Residual = 58%
    Rate = .00036

    Payments worked out a $766.21 which worked for me BUT here comes the kicker....they said that this was based on lease rates before July 7! Evidently since I don't need the vehicle until the end of July these lease rates cannot be applied. The dealer said they would contact the Regional Manager to get more info on future lease rates but they called me back and said they could not get those rates for leases during the last 3 weeks of July. According to them Audi has NO lease deals for the last 3 weeks and they don't anticipate getting any more deals until August when they will start selling 2009 models. Does this seem kosher? Should I try another local Audi dealer. My problem is that the money factors for 24mth leases seem to be really bad this year and Audi was one of the few that had a decent offer. Land Rover didn't have anything due to their purchase by Tata and BMW, MB, etc. have HORRIBLE rates for 24mth leases. Yes...I know I should look at other terms but my company allows me to get a new lease every two years so why should I agree to a longer term? Max payment can be $800 per month.
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 38
    This sounds legit -- I was told the same thing (before leasing an X5). They want to sell, not lease Q7s. My guess is due to the declining SUV resale market they don't want to be stuck with overpriced vehicles down the road.
  • rdxerrdxer Posts: 38
    meant to add...
    my understanding is that there is a large ($5K amount, I've heard) of dealer cash available on sales, not leases. Maybe you want to look at third-party leasing companies (try leasecompare*com) who would buy the car (so you can take advantage of the dealer cash) and then lease it back to you. Not sure if this makes sense, but you can look online to check it out.
  • tlecotleco Posts: 34
    Residual value - for 24 months is 58%? I had mine with 36 months 15k at 59% and 50% with Audi care.
    Money factor was .00006
    Things changed but one thing for sure should get more discount on the car. AT least $5000 Off
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hello kp22. Audi's lease program for the Q7 varies by term, mileage, and trim level. You never mentioned what any of these variables are, so for now I will assume that you are interested in a 36 month lease of a 2008 Q7 3.6 non-Premium with 15,000 miles per year. Let me know if you want something different. Audi Financial Services' buy rate lease money factor and residual value for the aforementioned variables are currently .00297 and 45%, respectively. As you can see, Audi is no longer providing lease support on the Q7. It replaced its special lease program on it with dealer cash, specifically $5,000 on the 3.6 and $6,000 on the 4.2.

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  • mewanteemewantee Posts: 1
    After reading everyone else's deals (thanks for posting!!) I went into my local dealer in northern California and got the following lease on my Q7 3.6 premium:

    MSRP = $58,825
    36 months
    10,000 miles
    $0 down payment
    Monthly: $768 ex tax / $832 inc tax

    For that price, I also got an extra $1500 worth of extras included - first car payment $830, full maintenance plan (it will cost me nothing to service for the life of the lease), and 2 full tanks of gas.

    What do you think - did I get a good deal?
  • loiseau82loiseau82 Posts: 1
    I'm hunting for a Q7 now...

    I'd love to know what dealer you went to? ...and when?

    What was your residual at lease end?

    Bay Area dealer I saw last night offered up a ridiculous lease on a loaded Q7 3.6:

    Cap Cost $54661
    Residual .43
    Lease Rate Factor .00350
    Monthly Payments $1144
    Drive Off $2283 (includes 1st payment, tax, 1st year fees & "other" upfront..)

    Also, anyone have an ear to the ground @ the 3.0 TDI?

  • jnjcalijnjcali Posts: 1
    Hello Jerry,

    I really appreciate all your input for the Audi Q7 leases. How are the August lease programs going to be designed with the 2009 Models coming out. Is the money factor going to be any better?

    Thank you
  • cofla99cofla99 Posts: 9
    Hi guys as you can see I am still in the market for a q7 premium, conv pack and nav.
    Do you think current lease deals are better than the summer event? should I act now or wait for august deals.
  • zkaudiozkaudio Posts: 60
    I have a good friend who works for audi who says there will be no deals on the 08 q7's that can touch the June deals until the lots are stocked with 09's. They are short on inventory of 08's due to a delay in delivery of the 09s.
  • Unfortunately, Audi Q7 leases are no longer as attractive as a few months ago. The residuals have dropped significantly while the money factor has also risen. This is slightly offset by the "marketing allowance" being offered now, but after penciling out some leases recently, I find that they are not very attractive.

    You should be able to negotiate a very low cap cost, but the rates/residuals are pretty poor right now on the 08 models.

  • mnslfcmnslfc Posts: 3

    Is this a deal? My husband is upside down in a 2004 Tahoe worth 6k, owe 12 k (his first car out of the military) bad judgment??!!! Anyway we are basically trying to get out from up under this truck ASAP. So we thought leasing because we can recup some negative equity at the same time when the lease is over we can walk away owing nothing. So here it is: Q7 3.6 premium MSRP 54,175 Sale 49,175 3500 down (includes audi care for term of lease, first mos payment, taxes, fees) 42/16k $889/mos tax included

    Also Q7 4.2 MSRP 64K Sale 54K 3500 down includes same 42/16k $899 (not really interested in a V8 engine thought)

    So what do you think I really want the Q7 3.6, but do you think I can get a lower monthly payment and term mayber 39 mos/15 K for $799

    Keeping in mind our 6k of negative equity, are these good deals, or should we wait until the 2009 hits the lot next month?

    Thanks Car_man, you rock!!
  • I am in the market for an Audi Q7 lease. I just got a quote for the following:

    2009 Q7
    36-month lease
    12K Miles/Year
    Premium Package
    Cap Cost: 46K
    Lease end value: 24,339 (assumes 51% Residual)
    Total Inception Fees: $3500
    Monthly Payment: $650

    The dealer indicated to me that 2009 Lease rates are more favorable than 2008 models, but buying a 2008 model may actually lead to a better deal. I'm primarily interested in leasing. I was wondering if anyone out there has received similar quotes or even better ones.
  • I am in the market for an Audi Q7 3.6 Prestige lease. I went to a Socal dealer for the following quote:

    2009 Q7, Prestige Package+Pana roof+Warm Pack
    MSRP: 58500
    36 month/15K
    Lease-end buy price: 27460
    Monthly Payment (plus Audi care): $750
    Initial Down payment (include everything): $3500

    Is that a good deal? Thanks!
  • I considering transferring the lease that I got (with help from the folks on here) in 9/07. I'm hoping that since I got a pretty good deal then, and Audi seems to have dropped lease support on the Q7, that the terms I have would be attractive to someone that wants a 2 year lease (17k/miles year available).

    Anyways, come to find out that transferring a lease through Audi does not get you off the hook, so if the person I transfer to defaults or otherwise screws over the lease, I would still be liable. I saw an article on lease default protection that is basically an insurance policy in case this happens, but besides Swap A Lease dot com, I can't find anyone selling it (maybe I'm googling the wrong terms). Unfortunately with Swap A Lease you need to input the information for yourself and the person taking over the lease and such a person doesn't exist yet - I just want to find out how much it costs before deciding to move forward with this. Anyone have any experience with this and could tell me where I could buy this insurance and about how much it costs?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    I would call or e-mail swapalease directly. I bet they can give you a ballpark figure... I've found them responsive to e-mails.



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  • mrcrmrcr Posts: 5
    What did you end up doing with the lease?

    I have been offered the following deal:
    Q7 Premium Plus
    msrp 54,425
    purchase 49,500

    3.6 Premium plus
    pano sunroof
    bicolor wheels
    mf .00066
    Residual 49%
    1250 out the door
    682 or 735 includes tax

    Does anyone have any deals to compare?

  • Hi:

    I ended up with this deal:

    3 year/15K miles, 3000 down, 769/mon (include tax and audi care)

    The car is 58K, 3.6 L, prestigious option, plus sunroof and 20 wheel.
  • Thanks kyfdx, I did call and speak with them yesterday. In case anyone is interested, here's what I found out. Their lease default protection works out to roughly a lease payment every six months, so since I have 2 years left on the lease, their policy would run about 4 monthly lease payments, roughly $2500 for me.

    The problem is that while the policy would help cover the costs if the person who picks up the lease defaults, it would not help my credit if they make late payments and my credit score gets dinged by the late payments. I'm not sure if I want to take that risk with the economy as it is where even a good intentioned person with great credit could find themselves in a position where they couldn't make the payments.

    They do offer another alternative. Basically, you find someone who wants to take the lease, they buy out the old lease, and re-lease it through one of their banking partners. That way the old lease is satisfied and I would no longer be on the hook. The problem there is the terms of the new lease are not that generous and I was told that basically the new person would have to take the vehicle with a 3 year lease that would be basically $900/mo, a heck of a lot worse than the $660/mo for 2 years that I was hoping to entice someone with. Plus it seems people could get that sort of deal right now on a new vehicle, so I don't think I want to spend the $500 they charge to advertise the vehicle for re-lease. I guess advantages of the re-lease are that you don't need a down payment and she said they would accept anyone with a credit score over 680 and I'm not sure what Audi's threshold is.

    Anyways, not sure what I'm going to do. I'd like to get out of the lease but it looks like I'm stuck with it.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    I feel for you.. It doesn't sound like you have any good options..



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  • Thanks. I think one thing I learned is not to lease from Audi since they don't let you re-lease in a way that makes you not liable for the remainder of the lease. If you care about your credit, that basically means you cannot re-lease.

    BMW and Mercedes do release you from obligation if you re-lease. If someone would like to find out about other lease companies, they can check the link below - however obviously terms may change so make sure you check the lease documents you actually have to sign rather than rely solely on that link. I for one will not lease from Audi again or any other company that has this rule.

    Lease companies
  • Not going to post all the details but if your in the market for a Q7 I and your in the Chicagoland area I would seriously check out Continental. Here is a brief description of what I was offered.

    2008 Q7 Premium

    MSRP 52,000.00

    First and Plates Only - Drive Off

    $709.00 per month
  • heikoheiko Posts: 6
    I am looking at a Q7, after one year, what are your thoughts? Does the v6 have enough power? Is there something about the car that is unsatisfying
  • After 18 months with my 3.6 Q7, I can honestly say it is a love hate relationship. I love the way the car handles. Only the Mazda CX9 handled better. I completely enjoy the cars ride, comfort, and agility. It has been a great car to teach my oldest to drive on. Audi's ergonomics are among the best designs available. The Bluetooth interface is great. I do wish I had gotten the back up camera and the Ipod interface. The 3.6 engine is more than enough in my opinion, and is well matched to the car. The interior (in Cardamon Beige) is very well executed, and put together excellently. I have the Panorama Roof, and that sold me on the car. The drivers seat is extremely comfortable, and the back seat gets rave reveiws from both adult friends and my teenagers. I also love the Garnet Red paint color and 20 inch wheels. The car is solid and luxurious.

    That being said, there are quite a few things that drive me crazy with this car. First, I have had to take it into the shop at least 6 times since March for a recurring programming error with the ESP and Adapative headlights. The display will give me a ESP fault, followed by the Adaptive Headlight fault, and stay lit from 2 minutes to a few hours. It is now at the dealer AGAIN as I write this comment for the same problem. The dealer's service department are consulting with Audi in Germany because they cannot figure out the problem here. When coming to any slow stop, the brakes SCREECH loudly. This also occurs with every one of the loaner Q7s my dealer has provided. Audi needs to do something about its brakes. In addition, I had to replace the front brakes on my Q7 (at a cost of nearly $800) at ONLY 15K miles (my old Lexus LX would go 40K miles before needing brakes). There is a very irritating rattle with the 2nd row seats any time we hit a bump of any sort (Audi Service claims not to hear it). The parking brake release must be pulled at least 3 times before it releases (not fun when you have carpel tunnel in your left arm). Every few days, with no rhyme or reason, the display screen between the gauges goes completely blank. It will work the next time I start the car. The gas mileage on the 3.6 engine is only 14.5 running around town, but I have gotten a consistent 23 MPG on the highway cruising at 70MPH. At this point, I only have 20K miles on the car, and I can truly say I am glad I leased it. I will not be keeping it when the lease ends.

    IF you are going to get an Audi, my recommendations would be to lease the car (if you are willing to live with the annoying issues). With Audi's spotty reliability record, you may want to bail out of any unreliable car in a few years. Also, if you can wait, I would recommend getting the 3.0 Diesel engine to get better fuel mileage.

    If you are purchasing, I would recommend getting the Acura MDX, or Lexus RX (if you do not need the 3rd seat). Also, when I was looking 19 months ago, I was quite impressed with both the Buick Enclave and Mazda CX9. Judging from what I have read in Consumer Reports, I would go for a Mazda, Lexus, or Acura.
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