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Toyota Camry Hybrid Owners Problems & Solutions



  • drat4drat4 Posts: 7
    With 88,000 miles on my car it is good this happened now. Two months ago on a Sat the check engine light went on but experienced no problem driving. Went right to the dealer and they couldn't find anything but reset the light. Two days later on the highway seemed like every available dash light went on. "Check VSC system" and "Check Hybrid System" alerts showed up alternating on the dash. Pulled over, turned off car, waited two minutes. Restarted car and drove off but noticed it was only using ICE. Check monitor on console and the battery was discharging while driving and had only one bar left. Pulled over, waited again and car wouldn't start, towed to dealer. Took 6 weeks to get back on a Sat but thought they had found the problem with a corroded connector housing and block assembly. They also put in a new 12 volt battery that I paid for. Next day started the car after having driven to a restaurant and lights went on again. But this time the hybrid battery was charging and discharging with the battery level bars on the Monitor changing from blue to light green to purple and back again. I was able to drive it but again only using the ICE, took to dealer the next morning (Mon)--- fortunately it was charging batteries and didn't have to tow.
    Up to now has been a terrific car.
    Any similar experiences? The dealer still has the car and have called for help and has given me great loaners all along.
  • This is so far from a "new car smell" it is laughable...and by the way it is pretty irrelevant what the smell is or even whether everyone can smell is the presence of methyl cyanide in high concentration that means the car is still sitting at the dealer's after 6 weeks....give me a break Toyota....this is my 5th Toyota and that's how you take care of loyal customers?
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    The instructions for re-setting the maintenance required warning is at the top of page 295 in the 2009 manual.
    It says to turn the car off with the trip setting in the A trip mode.
    Then holding in the trip reset button, start the car. Continue to hold the reset button in until it says "Reset Complete."
    Apparently, the page numbers for this instruction vary with each year's Manuals
  • gillesmtlgillesmtl Posts: 55
    I own a 2007 TCH, since june 2006. I am an electrical engineer and was curious : I measured the battery current in various conditions. The "B" (engine braking mode) does charge the battery at ±20 amperes, the same as it can do when running in "D" and braking.
  • hdrasinhdrasin Posts: 1
    Dealers charge more for hybrid service. The Toyota website does not list any specific additional services required by the hybrid. The dealer tried to explain to me what services were needed, but I really didn't understand it and both he and I were too busy to belabor the matter. Does anyone know, in layman's terms, what specific extra servicing is required by the hybrid that is NOT required by the standard Camry? I am referring to the routine every six months/5000 mile servicing. Thanks.
  • The HSD is electrical. There are no wear items. Simple inspections of certain items of the system for connection and/or corrosion are required. Nothing expensive. The maintenance of mechanical parts of the HSD system are addressed in the manual. Don't let the dealers rip you off. Most of them are scam artists. They love to use electronics to cause confusion and make money. Case in point, I was charged $60 o change the battery in a key fob and was told I could not do it myself when I complained. The truth... $5 for the battery and I can do it myself.
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    The Hybrid uses 0 weight oil. It is more expensive than 10 W 30, Other than that it should cost no more. I am taking mine in for a 5,000 mile cfheck up.

    My experience with a local Honda dealer was that they tried to sell woman unnecessary services. They seemed to know men would say "Forget it.":
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    I paid $60.93 for the 5000 mile service. It seemed reasonable for the DC area.
    It took about an hour and 20 minutes.
    It was basically an oil change, tire rotation and check everything.
    Interesting, they list the price to replace the items they checked.
    For example, replace cabin air filter (Recommended at 15 000 miles) $52.95.
  • So, what's the outcome? Did Toyota fix the car? Please let me know.
  • I had my windshield replaced and started getting condensation in the car about a week later... A LOT of condensation. The floor became saturated and mildew and mold started to form. You can't tell until it is already pretty bad because of the rubber bottoms of the mat set.
    I did some research and found three potential problems:
    1-Windshield or cowling leak... of course I was higly suspicious of this because of the recent change.
    2-Moonroof drain clog
    3-Evaporator coil leak or evaporator drain plug clog

    The first issue was easy to diagnose. Seal and cowling components are easy to inspect. They were fine and the carpet up near the firewall was dry as a bone.

    The second issue would require too much for me to diagnose... so I saved that for a pro.

    The last issue was scary. The Evap coil is behind the dash and requires hours of labor to remove. But leaks are rare. Research showed the drain tube was a common culprit, bocoming clogged with mold. A light shot of compressed air often clears the clog and the problem is resolved. I located the little rubber tube coming out of the Evap box under the car and gave it a little blow with my compressor gun. IT WORKED! Water ran out of the drain for a couple of minutes before stopping.

    Here is the stick folks. If you take the car to the dealer they will NOT be honest to you. Everything I read showed charges about $1000 or more. They will tell you they need to replace that little $3 tube but they have to disaassemble the dash. While you sit for 8 hours they do nothing but what I did. They may tell you a new Evap coil is needed. This is BS 99.9% of the time. Make them prove there is a leak before they do the work. They can do this with the hood up and their AC system test equipment hooked up. If they give ANY excuse as to why they can't they are, again, trying to rip you off. :mad:

    In my experience, car dealer maintenance departments are among they worst kind of rip-off-artists anywhere. Another trick is the cabin air filter scam. Read the manual. It says to blow it out once before changing it. I had THREE dealers tell me this was wrong after they wanted to replace my filter for $40 [it is $20 at Autozone and takes less than 1 minute to replace]. Each time I showed them the manual instructions on this item and they crawled under a rock [where they belong]! :P

    Read the manual. Do you own troubleshooting and research. Protect yourself.
  • bazzybazzy Posts: 1
    My experience is almost identical to yours. My TCH has 81,000 kilometers (approx. 50,500 miles) on it.
    My problems started at about 76,700 km - 10,000 km over the warranty period - with the final repair requiring replacement of the ABS Pump Assembly at a cost of $2,544 CAD. Fortunately Toyota paid for all but $850. That was May 5/09.
    On June 14th, driving at highway speed, power was suddenly lost. The engine would only run at idle speed and I could progress at only 20 MPH. The"Check VSC System" and "Check Hybrid System" came on. Prior to this the "Close Fuel Lid" light kept coming on. The fuel lid would pop open even when the ignition was not on.
    I had it towed to the dealer which found nothing and returned to me after I paid a $215 Analyzer check.
    On July 7th the same thing happened. I had the car towed in and it still there. This time they were able to replicate the problem while test driving it with the analyzer connected. They contacted Toyota Canada's head office who said they had not encountered such a problem before. They said they need more data which would require the "problem" to occur again while test driving it. I wonder how long this will take.
    I asked for a loaner but none was offered.
    Would you please tell me how your problem was resolved and where your dealer is. If the problem was resolved, maybe Toyota Canada could call them to find the solution and get it done.
  • schmeevenschmeeven Posts: 4
    Hell no..........back and forth and back and forth....Toyota engineers claiming there was nothing in A Hybrid or the battery which could produce the acetonitrile so whether or not it was present (which we were confident of due to the expensive testing done by an environmental concern) they had no responsibility. The dealer..Carlson Toyota in [non-permissible content removed]
    Rapids Mn. was always helpful and finally offered to purchase the car for wholesale after we left it at the dealership for 6 months.This was not a good result but we were unwilling to (ethically) sell it privately knowing what we knew. This was my 6th (and last) Toyota. Don't believe their beautiful ads...its just a money game.
  • zookprzookpr Posts: 1
    I'm having a similar problem. I bought a used 2007 TCH on July 22, 2009, with 33,995 miles (2 weeks ago). Since then I've put on 1,000 miles (now at 35,010). It has been raining a lot in New England and I don't have a garage. The first week the weather was ok, and I was not using the air conditioning much. Last week, beginning on Sunday I started using the air. This past Sunday (a week later) I noticed a roll of paper towels I had thrown on the floor in the rear passenger side was wet. I also noticed condensation on the windows last Friday. Today (Tuesday) I got in the car and there was a lot of condensation. So much I had to wipe it off with a towel. When I felt the floor mats all were wet as was the carpetting underneath. Last night after I had realized this I came to an abrupt stop and could hear water swishing, but can't tell if it is in the side rails or the front.

    If I take it to the dealer wouldn't any work be covered under the warranty?

  • TAKE IT NOW! :sick:
    Your warranty is about to expire so they should cover it.
    You are also armed with knowledge no matter what happens.
    The fix is easy, and almost guaranteed to be the condenser drain tube. Don't let them pull your dash just so Toyota can pay them for a bigger job than necessary either. Just blow some air in there... the tube does NOT need to be replaced either.
    If they say you have a coil leak, make them take you to the shop and show you the test AS IT HAPPENS. If they give any excuse not to do this go elsewhere. [BTW, they often site "safety" reasons, but this is nonsense].

    If it is warranty work I'd push for new carpet and padding in the entire floorboard.
  • What would you say if there was water on the carpet in the front and back?
  • Same thing. The condenser box is down at floor level. When water backs up in it the result is like a sink slowly overflowing. The water gets on both sides of the floor pan. Then the padding wicks it into the back passenger footboard. I had water everywhere. It took two laundry loads of towels and 5 days with a fan blasting my car to dry it out.
  • mak23mak23 Posts: 1
    We also have a smelly 2008 camry hybrid. Did you find a solution? We leave our windows open while the car is parked in the garage but the smell is still there. It's worse in the back seat, to the point that it makes our kids feel sick. I'd say it's a sour and chemical type of smell. We bought a Rav4 on the same day, both vehicles are new and only the camry has the smell. Both vehicles are kept clean and maintained. The Camry now has 20 000kms and the smell is the same if not worse.
  • Toyota insisted there was no possible way that our car's stink and proven presence of methyl cyanide (aka acetonitrile) could have come from any Toyota compnonent (this was the car my wife drove 1 mile to work every day and that's it...never loaned to anyone else ...we didn't dare drive it..sat at the dealer's for 6 months...camry drivers beware..Toyota does not deal in good faith
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    How does one remove the windshield wipers. Mine are getting hard and I want to replace them. How do I get the old ones off ?
    There is nothing in the owners manual.
  • bruser1bruser1 Posts: 31
    Not really sure if this will answer your question but this link has some instruction regarding the windshield wiper system. Copy and paste the link below and look on page 17-18.
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    Thanks. that shows how to remove and replace the wiper blades on the pages you pointed out.
    I bougt some single, center clip wipers that are Teflon. I got them at
  • I just got back my 2007 TCH from our local dealer (here in the Philippines) where they performed a 20,000-mile periodic maintenance tune up/check up.

    On my way home the "check engine" indicator lit (the yellow light with the Engine symbol and below it read CHECK). I called my Toyota service advisor and informed him of the incident. I still have to bring back my car to the dealer first thing Monday morning to find out what caused the "check engine" indicator to light up since it's already a Sat evening.

    I was still able to drive my car home though since I was on the road when this happened and except for the lit indicator, didn't feel anything strange with the car. I just hope it's nothing as complicated as the other problems encountered by some owners while reading through this forum.
  • Did you do a fill up? Check the fuel door / gas cap. If the gas cap is loose the check engine light may come on. It may take a few miles for the code to reset if the cap is loose.
  • My 2009 had a similar problem and they replaced the whole hose system (from gate to tank) and it solve it at once. The mentioned that TCHs had this part defective.
  • Has anyone put those newer-style, frameless windshield wiper blades on an older (circa 1999) Camry? Do they fit ok? How to they perform? How do they look?

    I upgraded the wipers on my 07 Mazda 3 to trico neoform beam blades and they work unbelievably awesome but that is a newer vehicle with a fairly curved windshield. I'd like to hear about people with an older camry with a little flatter windshield. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    Jeff :confuse:
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Yes, they should work with no problem. Just be sure to get the right lengths, esp. since the driver side is longer than the passenger side, if I remember correctly for that generation of Camry.
  • rocoroco Posts: 1
    :D I just purchased a 2007 Camry hybrid :D and would like a 2007 Camry hybrid brochure to add to my collection. I tried on ebay with no luck. Anybody have any ideas where I could find one.
  • fred2005fred2005 Posts: 1
    Did you ever get this problem resolved, and if so how? We have taken our Camry
    Hybrid to the dealership several times without any results.

    Thank you for your help.
  • This chemical smell, in used cars or brand new? I've had this problem in a used 07 4runner previously owned by a smoker. The dealer initially tried to cover it up with some strong chemically smelling stuff. I think they basically sprayed the whole interior with some sort of awful chemical. It was bad, so I took it back to them. Then they explained the were going to ionize the inside which would completely get rid of any smell. False. The chemical smell was still there, although not as strong. Just a case of the dealership doing as little as they possibly can.

    The real reason I ventured to this board is because I'm thinking of trading my 07 SR5 4runner for a Hybrid. The 4runners aren't what they used to be. I'm not loving the cheap plastic look at all, and the 18 mpg doesn't help either. I just feel weird trading a 4runner for a TCH. I never thought I'd drive anything other than a 4runner until I experienced the 07, It's just not the same quality I've been accustomed to over the years. It's still a great vehicle, just not close to what they used to be.What is the quality of the TCH like? Has quality dropped in the camry as well? '
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