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Toyota Yaris Real-World MPG



  • 45 is kind of flukey. I hypermile and have only gotten 5-6 tanks over 40 mpg. Keep the rpms under 2500 and do more coasting to stops. I don't use the cruise control very much and "pulse and glide"

    Check out for more tips.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I am a VERY easy driver with an easy commute. I practice gas saving techniques - I hate to call them hypermiling since Popular Mechanics wrote articles on the basic techniques back in the '60's when I was growing up - and averaged 37-38 mpg on my Yaris LB, which was much better than the 34-35 on my Scion xA (although they had the same engines), both with stick shifts. I would have loved to have seen more than 38, but the only car that ever did that was my Honda Fit, which hit 39 once and 40 once, but honestly I think more due to slight fill variations than anything else.

    That having been said, if there was a contest and a place to drive a constant 50 mph with no hills or declines, I think the higher ranges are within the capability of those engines in those light vehicles.

    It's a shame that the Scion, Fit, Yaris are still geared for rapid freeway pickup in 5th, instead of making 5th a true overdrive as on the latest Focus and Cobalt - but I guess they are afraid of complaints from drivers who might have to downshift to 4th for passing or hills, or complaints from slowdowns while in cruise control mode.
  • How did your back feel? I drive 900 miles a week in a Yaris . I am not obese and I need a chiropractor often!!
  • I find my Yaris 3 door liftback seats most comfortable. We drove 1500 miles and did not have back problems...and we are almost 70....Our Yaris is an '08 -have they improved the seating? And could it be something else bothering you ? Or perhaps your roads are not good? Just wondering....
  • alley2alley2 Posts: 2
    I have an '07 Yaris Automatic Liftback. I have had it for 2 years with no troubles except for the saftey recall. (Anybody who didn't know about it: if the car were in an accident, the seat belts locking up could cause the insulation in the side panels by your head to catch fire. Was an easy fix at any dealership. Had it done less than a year ago.)

    However, I'm hearing noises now from the front end. I think I need new brake pads, but only have 38,000 miles on it. How long have brake pads been lasting for everybody else? I thought they would go a lot longer.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Just short of 50,000 miles and no brake replacement noises yet, but I tend to be easy on brake pads.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,929
    I just got a "good" rating on my '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS' disc brakes on all 4 locations. This is at the 40,000 mile mark. Not too shabby. 38,000 miles is too soon to have your brake pads all worn down, IMO.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    38,000 is not too soon to replace your brake pads if your wife has put many of the miles on the car.
  • dakedake Posts: 131
    Eh, in all seriousness 38k is pretty early to worry about the pads on these cars unless they're driven EXTREMELY aggressively. Sometime they get a build up of brake dust in the drums and that causes some squeaking. It's easy enough to pull the drum cover off and just blow it out with some compressed air.
  • alley2alley2 Posts: 2
    Well that's good news. turned out it wasn't brakes making the noises. The wheel was rubbing against the plastic guard thing when I made a sharp turn. Much easier to fix than new brakes.
  • girlcarbuildergirlcarbuilder Baton Rouge, LAPosts: 218
    first tank was about 38 mpg. Getting better requires a lot of diligence and habit changes in driving as well as careful drivetrain selection.

    We bought a '09 3 door white manual Yaris. I was not happy with Toyota for putting on the 15 inch rims/tires. Bigger tires cost more and more to turn! More rubber contact to the road means more friction.The 14 inch with smaller tires will give you a better mileage. It has taken a lot of care and time to relearn matching this cars clutch and gear match ups since the engine revs are a lot quicker than other standards in the fleet. We keep our speed no more than 60 mph and use the highest gear possible to cruise in. In other words, drive it like a diesel. RPMs under 2000. That got us to 40 mpg.

    At 5000 miles, we caught a nail in the side wall of the rear tire. Rather than replace it with another 15 inch. We located two 14 inch rims and carefully selected another 14 inch tire with the same height as the 15 inch ones. 175/70 R 14. That one has the same width as the recommended 175/65 R 14 and the height of the 185/60 R 15, but more narrow. Best of both worlds. That bumped up another 2 mpg's. I am waiting for the next few tanks to come in to decide if that reading is in error or correct. So at this point it is looking like 42 mpg's. City. Oh, I do a bit of coasting in Neutral as well and use the cruise control.
  • In 2008/2009, 22271 miles, I averaged 51 mpg in my 2007 Yaris Hatchback. Go to The Silver Yaris in CleanMpg to see my mileage log in the past two years. It is possible if you do alot of the right things.
    It has taken me a few years to get this far. Yes, I am a hypermiler, and yes I do drive the speed limit.
    A few years back I posted about how to get great mileage in a Yaris, and some posters attacked me, so I stopped posting here. Instead I want to cleanmpg where they don't attack others.
  • zikazika Posts: 2
    From reviewing past posts it seems like there was no mention of the 5 door Yaris MPG. Is it less capable of achieving good MPG (compared to the 3 door) due to higher weight, aerodynamics or some other intrinsic factor?

    I am looking to buy a 5 door hatchback (automatic, DSG or CVT) to replace the 2 absolute best cars I have ever owned 1988 Honda CRX HF and 1989 Honda Civic Wagon - because of age. My age that is - not the cars'. I am finding it harder to drive a manual transmission, and without A/C. I know that the modern cars have no chance of matching 60 MPG that I get in the CRX or 45 MPG in the wagon, but I am realistic, and understand that I will have to settle for less.

    Yaris is one of my top choices along with Audi A3 and Honda Fit. Any real world input about the Yaris would be appreciated.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    An A3 or a Yaris? Not a very close comparison, is it? The A3 will cost nearly double the Yaris and not get anywhere near the Yaris' (or Fit's) fuel economy, unless you get the TDI. But that's a $30k car w/o any options. A closer comparision in price would be the Golf TDI, but even that is quite a bit more than either the Yaris or Fit.

    The Yaris will probably best the Fit in fuel economy, but the Fit has a big edge in interior room and cargo versatility. More fun to drive than the Yaris also. The Yaris starts at a lower price and has standard ESC, which the Fit has only in its top trim (although that probably doesn't bother you if you can spend over $30k for an A3). The Yaris is a good basic little car with excellent fuel economy and very good passive and active safety. But since you are looking at cars like the Fit and (especially) A3, it appears you are looking for more than that.

    The Yaris (and Fit) are likely to be much more reliable than the A3 also, if that matters to you.
  • The Smart Car gets 41 mpg which is not good...My 3 door liftback does better. Love my yaris....and be sure all of you to to YARISWORLD....Its a great site for answers and seeing the autos and enhusiasm....
  • zikazika Posts: 2
    You are right that the comparison is not exactly "fair" between the Yaris and Fit on one hand and an A3 on the other, but those are really the only 5 door hatchback options on the market (am I missing anything?). In my case price is not that significant, since I plan to keep the car for a long time (like 20+ years - unless they outlaw the internal combustion engine sooner than that). I know Hondas and Toyotas will last that long and longer, I also know that Golfs - having had 2 of them - will definitely not last. Those were some of the least reliable cars I have ever had - I gave the '96 away literally and the '93 figuratively. And for perspective, I have 2 Alfa Romeos and a Lancia - not exactly the paragons of reliability.

    But back to the crux of my question - is the 5 door Yaris going to get similar MPG to the 3 door? I would think it would, but was hoping for some first hand validation.

    BTW, I see no reason to exclude the A3 just because it costs more - I think Audi deserves credit for the courage to bring it to this market. I would love to see more choices in this segment - and I exclude the quasi-hatchbacks like the Prius and new Insight.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    There's quite a few other 5-door hatches on the market, e.g. Matrix, Soul, Elantra Touring, Golf, Mazda3, Scion xB and xD, SX4, Impreza, Versa, and Aveo. The Prius and Insight also, but you said you've excluded those.

    I think it's kind of funny that you won't look at a Golf, but you are looking at its next of kin, the A3.

    Other than a bit of a weight penalty on the 5-door, I don't see why you wouldn't get similar MPG on that version of the Yaris compared to the 3-door. Same powertrains.
  • I have a 2009 5-door automatic Yaris and I absolutely love it! I think that it does indeed get a little bit worse mileage than the 3-door, which is lighter and from what I understand, drives a little tighter. My Yaris has A/C and using it definitely lowered my fuel economy, but this past summer I was getting 32-37 mpg in town and 38-45 mpg on the highway. I don't know what 3-door owners have reported, but I was definitely impressed with my 5-door! Also, the 5-door does nice stuff with the backseat to make room for more luggage-- the seats slide up and also bend down, which I do not believe you get with the 3-door, and my best friend and I comfortably traveled to Vermont with a summer's worth of luggage.

    I chose the Yaris over the Honda Fit because the Honda Fit test-drove terribly in my city. Every bump and rumble in the road was felt and seemed to echo; the Yaris handled turns better and also has fared well with potholes and the like. I considered a 2007 Scion XA at the same time, which drove even more nicely but did not feel as safe to me regarding window visibility, and had slightly less baggage space. The one benefit of the Fit was that the seats loaded into the floor, I think-- so there was certainly more storage.

    Any more specific questions?
  • I have a three door yaris and Yes the seats are like yours...slide back/forth bend down...and my gas mileage is better but then you have those extra two doors which lend easier access.. I think my Yaris is the next best thing to a hybrid ...and I love it....
  • I bought a blue Yaris 2007 Automatic 3 dr hatch in 2006, only because it promised the highest mileage among non hybrid cars then, 39 mpg hwy. Even sacrificed manual window and door lock for this.

    I get only 28 mixed (live in Chico, CA and there is hardly any traffic) and max 31on a day long trip of 300 miles(that's maximum it goes on a full tank on long distance trips).

    I hear people getting up to 42 mpg on the same car and Toyota never cared saying its standard variation in mpg on the same model.

    Anyone share the same disappointing experience with Yaris?
  • lhansonlhanson Posts: 268
    I wish I could help you out, but I have averaged 36.4 MPG for the 3 years I have had my 2007 Yaris automatic hatchback with 74% being in the city. I average about 3 MPG better in the summer than in the winter, so if I lived year round in CA, I would probrably get another mile or two per gallon. Keep your tires inflated to 44 PSI as stated on the tire walls, change oil every 3000 miles, and don't hot rod, you should be doing better.
  • shena51shena51 Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 automatic I have never got even 30 mpg. I even had it checked at the dealership.
  • shena51shena51 Posts: 2
    Glad to know that I'm not the only one that gets bad mpg from this car.
    I have never broke 30 mpg. I have also noticed that the sticker mileage has went down on the 2010.
  • lparkhilllparkhill Posts: 8
    edited April 2010
    You got a lemon, thats to bad they're pretty good cars for the money. I read on this site about people getting up to 50 mpg, I think they are sniffing to many fumes. I've got a 2008 hatchback auto, live in Southern California and I get up to 38 if I baby the gas peddle but as a rule I get 34 mpg normal driving.....75% on the highway at 80 to 95 mph, I take off from the lights with my foot on the floor, it's a wonder I'm not dead, I'm the guy that pisses you off zigzaging in and out of lanes.
  • tele_marktele_mark Posts: 10
    I just got an all time high on my 2008 manual xmission today at fill-up. 424.8 miles on 9.96 gallons for 42.6 MPG. That's normal driving -- 30 miles each way from No. Mass to So. NH, 60 MPH most of the time, up to 75 MPH, passing, "playing" on some curvy backroads, etc. In other words, just driving the car. It has just under 19K miles. The worst mileage I've gotten so far is 38 MPG average for a tank. Most tanks are 40-41 MPG.

    I'm going to be trading it for a Honda Fit next weekend, I hope it does as well.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    edited April 2010
    According to this link the Yaris and Fit get similar mileage

    The Fit has some great internal configurations for space, but the "real world" fuel mileage seems disappointing to many of it's owners, according to the Fit forums.

  • tele_marktele_mark Posts: 10
    Firs tank completed. Brand new engine, 11 miles on it at delivery. Same driving conditions as the Yaris for my commute -- New England "mixed" driving, little stop and go to be considered city driving -- I live in No. Central Massachusetts and my 30 mile commute is into So. NH , averaging about 50 MPH.

    Normal driving, plus some "spirited" excursions down some twisty roads to check the handling, and some trips to the engine's redline a couple times to check acceleration. Results: 377.7 miles on the first tank, 9.3336 gallons to fill it. 40.46 MPG on paper, 40.7 average reported by the car's average MPG gauge.

    That said, I've owned LOTS of cars, and the Yaris was amongst the best. I can tell I'll love the Fit, but there's still some things I'd like to see in it from the Toyota. They're both awesome cars, and it's about time we started getting decent small cars in the USA.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    You are "Red Lining" a new engine on the first tank of gas? :sick:
  • frosty8frosty8 Posts: 4

    I live in Southern Ohio where we get some pretty heavy snow storms.
    My Scion Xb plows right thru the snow and handles great on the highway.
    How does the Yaris handle. What kind of gas mileage do you get in the winter.
    I noticed I get around 30 mpg in the winter but around 39 when it warms up.
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