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Ford Ranger Engine questions



  • yankedogyankedog Posts: 1
    been experiencing loss of power on acceleration, especially on freeway grades -
    put on new sparkplug wires, gap ok - no change - checked coil resistance - primary is about 3ohms - secondary is 10ohms. Do I need to replace the coil?
  • easy11easy11 Posts: 1
    i changed timing belt on 1990 split 4 2.9 lined marks up and now vehicle will not start can anyone help
  • i have a 1993 ford ranger 4X4 can I change the engine from 4L OHV to a 302 if so what modifications do I have to do and will the transmission be the same and line up? Will the airbox have to be moved and do I have to put a body lift to make room for the airbox if yes how high? Is it better to go carbrated or does the computer have to be changed? Thank you
  • burn about 1qt every 250 miles. suggested to me to replace pcv valve; where is it located?
    91 Ford Ranger, 2.3L, I think, 4cyl engine with 8 spark plugs.
  • My son was driving his ranger at about 50 MPH when it just quit and left him at the side of the road. I checked the fuse box relays under the hood and none were (fuel) blown. Now the truck won't start. The truck has the large V6 engine with about 140,000 miles (2 wheel drive). Could this be a timing chain or crankshaft sensor?
  • what do you mean by it won't? Will it turn over at all? Does it have fire? Try taking off valve cap on fuel rail and see if there is any fuel in there as there should. Also check the fuel pump if no fuel is there.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    1)There are relays on/under/beside the fuse box under the hood. One of the relays is for the fuel pump. If relay is bad, fuel pump doesn't work.

    2)Inside, on the right side of the 'hump', at the top, just under the edge of the carpet is a 'rollover' relay. (If truck rolls over, this will stop the fuel pump.) It has a button on it for reset. If the truck hit a huge bump in the road, it might have triggered this switch. It's wiring could also be bad.

    3)Fuel pump died. It's inside the fuel tank.

    4)Dozens of other things.
  • i have a 1993 ford ranger 4X4 can I change the engine from 4L OHV to another more recent engine. I am looking for the easiest solution. Will the airbox have to be moved. I have a 4" lift. Thank you
  • What did you have to do to get this fixed?
  • Does anyone know what other carberated or throttle body type early v-6 engines will bolt up to the existing bell housing on this 2.8 v-6 truck? I want to get rid of the 2.8 v-6 i have and rebuild another v-6 to put in. any info on motors for this swap will be greatly appreciated.
  • Just because it's a four banger doesn't mean its a good as it gets, any truck can get better mileage with tuning. Less restrictive intake and exhaust,kept in tune ,synthetic oil and even tire pressure can change mileage.I have a 1991 2.3 L that has K&N filter, port matched intake and exhaust, 2.5 inch exhaust, Amsoil synthetic oil and BFG radial TAs, It started at 18-20 mpg now it runs at 38 mpg with a substantial power gain.
    No factory vehicle is as good as it gets, its as good as they can make quickly and cheaply.
  • fortee9erfortee9er Houston, TXPosts: 128
    My 1994 Ranger 2.3L 5spd with a 8 plug head is putting out code 224. The plugs on the exhaust side are not firing. We replaced the coil pack but it made no difference. Has anyone had this problem and what ws the cause. Otherwise tips on how to troubleshoot this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have a 1998 Ford ranger xlt. I had the head done and the engine ran hot and I had to have one head replaced again. Now the check engine light is on and when I start the truck I hear a series of 4 beeps. Sometimes while driving the 4 beeps come on again! I do not have an owners manual.

  • I have replaced plugs, wires, both coil packs, cam shaft sensor, crankshaft position sensor and checked fuel pressure 65lbs constant. Cannot get it to rev up more than 2500 rpm and will not run more than 30 mph. Help
  • ltpageltpage Posts: 3
    My '97 Ranger had been in a wreck before I got it and had no power either. I found out that one of the catalytic converters was crushed. Got that fixed and it's been running great since I got it in 2002.
  • There are several possibilities. THe top three are TPS (throttle positioning sensor), EGR (ehaust gas recirculation) valve, or a bad CAT (catylitic Converter) causing back pressure on the engine. Disconnect the exhaust at the manifold and see if there is a difference.
  • I have tried the catylitic converter and that wasn't it. I scaned the engine and no codes come up on the computer. Will try the tps and egr next and let you know what happens. Thanks
  • pawnansellpawnansell Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    has any one ported the head, intake, exhaust and did it help with power and gas milage?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    It's a 4 cylinder. If you want fast, buy fast.
  • znozno Posts: 1
    I had the same problem, had the vehicle into several mechanics, we replaced several parts like you, no luck. Know what it turned out to be? I went out and looked under the hood at night in the dark, and on close inspection saw a tiny blue spark jumping from a CHEAP SPARK PLUG WIRE BOOT to engine block. $25 for a decent set of wires fixed it.
  • jpoindjpoind Posts: 1
    out of no where i had a loss of power and exhaust is blowing back through the air intake i have replaced egr, mass airflow, cam sensor, catalytic converter and checked the timing i am out of ideas any help would but great
  • fkswiftfkswift Posts: 1
    replaced both coils cause had starting problem after truck was driven for a while. once you turn off truck then go back to try and start the truck it will not start wait about 20 mins and it might start then
  • mggiemamggiema Posts: 2
    Help, I was coming home from work tonight, truck started right up. I drove 2 miles with no problems, went to make a right turn and the engine died. It would not restart and battery, check gauges lite was on, but all lights were really dim. It is unusually cold here, it was really late, police came , had no jumper cables so I parked it and they gave me a ride home. I just want to make sure I try to cover all bases when I go back in the morning.
  • jarboejarboe Posts: 1
    Vacuum hose close to firewall almost middle(a little towards the driver side). There is a junction and one of the hoses has come off the post or has a leak. I have had this happen, and it took only putting the boot/hose back on the post.
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 127
    I have the above truck with automatic trans. and just purchased it about a month ago. I really like my truck but have a concern about vibration of the engine when in gear at a stoplight. I bought the truck as it was certified by the dealer with only 5,800mi. - basically a new truck with cheaper insurance and plates.
    Is it common to have "some" vibration with this 4 cylinder? When I say some, I mean that you can see the steering wheel vibrate a little and feel some in the seats, but not too bad.
    I had the dealer check it out and asked them if it had any recalls on this and they said that there was a computer upgrade or something of that nature and ran it through their diagnostics. When I got the truck back, it really didn't feel that much different.
    Am I expecting too much or is this the normal feel for this engine?
    I'd appreciate any info on this! Thanks
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