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Ford Ranger Engine questions



  • I did come across a few 1/4 mile times clustering around ~17.8ish. There is such a thing as scary slow...
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316

    Well, golly.

    1/4 mile mph.
    1/4 mile et.
    1/8 mile mph.
    1/8 mile et.
    60 foot et.

    Still no 0-60mph et.....

    I guess we may never know.
  • blk4x4blk4x4 Posts: 43
    if you havent figured it out yet, it sounds like you have a clogged cat converter, you described the systems they can cause when they go bad, if you replace it you can take the old one to a recycle place and get some money for it to
  • it was running great and all sudden it started missin bad like one or two spark plug wires was off and i look under hood to find out oil was every were looks like it is comin out of dip stick !!! can any one tell me what happened
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Wild, wild guess - the PCV valve or its line is plugged. Blowby pressure that usually gets 'relieved' thru the PCV is not getting 'relieved' and it is forcing oil up the tube.
  • I think my ’05 4.0 does the same thing but the problem is very intermittent. However the other night it happened 3 times. Again I also checked the PCM codes and found no codes. I was reading the Chiltons repair manual and learned that errors are only reported if the error occurs in 2 subsequent driving cycles which means that it is highly likely that this problem will never pop a code. The alternator theory sound interesting but I’m not sure how to try it under the conditions I have.
  • tick2tick2 Posts: 1

    We have 1 2006 Ford Ranger Diesel 3.0lts 5 speed manual trans and 1 2007 Ford Ranger Diesel 2.8lts 5 speed manual trans. Both had to be overhauled but the engine have no power. We have set the timing to what the manual is stating but it bearly reaches 80 kms per hour in 4th gear. We have scanned it to see if a sensor is bad but the scanner does not pick up anything. Can someone give me some advise?
  • whats up i gotta 1994 ford ranger auto v6 4x4 and i jus tgot it and its really sluggish off the take off i really gotta floor the gas to get up to speed i can feel it holding back alot once im doing like 40 45 50 it runs fine well it runs fine just the sluggish part... anyone have any ideas? someone said maybe the cat or mufflers clogged but i dont no about that then i was reading another post on here and they said EGR valve and or the hoses to it and manifold for it might be clogged? any ideas THANK YOU
  • i have a 99 4.0 4x4 with 71,000 miles truck runs fine but at idle it has a knocking noise and sounds like a mini diesel has done it for a while... i recently put new plugs/wires/airfilter/fuel filter on it and i didnt buy cheap parts all were motorcraft...this is a pampered truck not beat to hell want to keep it running like it did when it was new also now the air bag light blinks 2 times then 7 times then stays on but the passenger air bag light is off now matter what the position of the idicator i tried all the battery/seatbealt connection tricks still messed up ...and now my tranny shifts hard out of the gate like it never downshifted after a stop
  • I have a 2000 Ford Ranger with a 3.0 engine and the battery light stays on even after replacing the altenator and battery. Any suggestions? The other night I drove it about 60 miles and had to stop and jump it off every 10 miles or so because the battery went dead. Any help?
  • Charging system needs to be while engine is running 13.5v to 14.v. Make sure the belt isn't loose. Then: with key on engine off check that there is power going to the regulator by unplugging the plug on the back and checking it with a volt meter. If no power it might be a fuse, repost if not. Also check that the B terminal that is the big thick cable connected to the back of the alternator has power and is conected to the battery. If all this checks out, you put in a bad alternater
  • I have a 2001 Ranger 4x4 with a 4.0. Is it easy to change the oil pump or do I have to raise the motor or move the axle. Thanks.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    From what I read, for the older 4Liter (non-overhead cam), you have to raise the motor to drop the pan. Not sure about the newer 4Liter.
  • josh40josh40 Posts: 13
    I have a 2004 ranger 4.0 automatic 2 wheel drive no spark? i replaced the crank sensor the coil pack and the crash switch is working fine any suggestions
  • Hi, I have an '03 Ranger V6 3.0 Auto 2WD. I rev the engine over 3,000 and it starts misfiring and will not accelerate beyond 3200 with 1/4+ pedal left. Back off and engine runs just fine. Changed gas filter, no luck. Could the TPS be done? Idle and engine speed below 3,000 just fine.
    Thanks for any help,
    Dale Miller
  • I see a number of complaints about the 6cyl engine ping, but my 2001 2.5L with 75k miles sounds like a bag of marbles at highway speed. Regardless of octane. My gut feeling is a sensor. Reminds me of a GM car I had when the vacuum hose fell off the EGR valve, it was a marble party in the cylinders! The truck is with me in the Middle East (military) far away from a Ford dealer! Any advice out there?
  • tre333tre333 Posts: 2
    hi, i have a splash that will run great for about 10-20 minutes then acts like it runs out of gas and quits!! almost impossible to its not getting fire or out of gas...then after about a thousand cranks it will start up sluggishley and then run like a scalded dog again for about 10-20 minutes,then the same thing..changed the fuel filter with no luck...any suggestions is appreciated...thanks
  • First two things that need answered are 1. Has it got proper fuel pressure? 2. is it throwing a code? When it starts and runs bad, it sounds like it is in Limp Home Mode. My impression is fuel first, sensor second. If the fuel pump has issues, it will get hot after a while, then drop pressure. The sensor thought is because I've seen sensors that will operate fine at low temperatures, then send bad readings to the computer when hot, causing the computer to make changes for which there is no event. (That's why the question about code.) Hope it gets you straightened out, Dale
  • tre333tre333 Posts: 2
    thanks....but which sensor?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    I'm with puddles, I would put a pressure gauge on the fuel line to see what pressure is on there. Should be about 45 pounds (I think), maybe a little less when it is running.
  • Fuel pressure sensor.
  • jb26025jb26025 Posts: 1
    I replaced the timeing gears and then replaced the pick up coil and my 91 ranger will not startit just fluds the engine
  • g4av8rg4av8r Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Ranger 3.0 ltr V6. I just changed the fuel injectors and the thing ran better but I got two annoying codes 0170 and 0174, Left and Right Bank Lean. I did the troubleshooting from the Haynes book and from the code reader at Auto Zone. Everything pointed to an air leak. After much spraying with Carb cleaner, I had it fogged at a local repair station, no leaks. I went back in to make and put the old injectors on the right side only and that was a bad idea. The truck wouldn't run well and would only do about 20 mph. So, I went right back in and put the new injectors back in. It was rough for about 15 or 20 minutes, but then started running better and no codes. Problem solved! Not so fast, after about two days, it was running rough again and those two codes came back. Now, when I start it, it sputters and pops, but then smooths out somewhat and runs okay. I still have the codes and at one point, I got a couple of O2 codes. I have not replaced any of the O2 sensors, yet, but am thinking about it.

    Looking around on here, I see a lot of stuff about the fuel system being suspect in cases close to mine.

    Do you have any other ideas?
  • maz11maz11 Posts: 1
    im thinking of buying a 2001 xlt 2,499cc td needs a new engine any ideas on a price or alt' engines
  • hi, i have a 96 ranger 2.3 liter, 5 speed. the truck really doesn't seem to have much power, i know its not that powerful to begin with, but it has all it can do to keep at the speed limit, it has new plugs, air filter, and seems to be running fine, just really seems under powered, is this normal? thanks in advance.
  • grump1grump1 Posts: 27
  • ltpageltpage Posts: 3
    I tend to agree with the Catalytic Converter. I have a '97 Ranger and for the longest time couldn't figure out why it just didn't have any pep and why those little vacuum hoses kept popping off. I found out that one of the Catalytic Converters had been partially crushed in an accident before I got it. Got it fixed and WOW, what a difference.
  • thanks for the info, there seems to be plenty of exhaust coming from the tailpipe, wouldn't this be restricted? just wondering befor i cut it off.
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