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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • foxwood_21foxwood_21 Posts: 31
    Just to let all the folks out there i have been complaining about my dash rattle on my 2007 Camery sence last November 2006
    next week I am having it fixed There is a pre TSB out to fix it the dealer would not give me a copy of it but i did see it.
    I do also experence the hesitation after the TSB has been done. Also i get the shifting when the cruise control on when i hit the slighest grade in the road or bucking against wind
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The torque converter lockup clutch is now being engaged in gears, lower gears, other than O/D. The shifting you are "feeling" is very likely the disengagement of the lockup clutch at any instance, even slightly so, of increased torque required of the engine.
  • berg32berg32 Posts: 56
    By design, our Smart Key opens only the driver door when you grasp the driver door first (it opens all doors if you grasp the passenger door first). Is there a way to have SmartKey unlock all doors when grasping the driver door first? (My Toyota service guy says no, but I'd love to prove him wrong. :blush: )
  • jamiecarjamiecar Posts: 17
    Hi Devon3,
    Sorry for not responding earlier, I haven't logged in recently. For the most part, the weatherstripping has stopped the rattle, although on occasion I still hear it especially during the first drive of the day when the interior is still cold. When I stuck the two pieces together, the result was about 1/2" thick but could be compressed to almost nil. I slowly eased it between the dash and windshield. Since my weatherstripping is black, it is hardly noticeable and can be easily pried out by pulling on one end of it. I don't think there is any need to take it to the dealer to have this done. Like many others have said, I would be very hesitant about the dealer disassembling the dash. Experiences with other vehicles have lead me to believe that it will rattle even more than before. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  • jamiecarjamiecar Posts: 17
    Hi, I had the exact same thought. I wanted to stick some insulating tape behind the plastic surround but I can't figure out how to remove it. With the CD storage door open, you can wiggle it but I am not able to pry it off or find any holding clips or screws....... this is the problem I am having. Once I can remove it, I'm sure I can easily insulate it. Any ideas how to remove the plastic cover over the temperature controls?
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    I wish I knew. Im not too mechanically inclined anymore. I just know when something annoys the p**p out of me. I have an appointment this Monday for my 1st service. Oil change, dash rattles, underpowered brakes. If I pump the brakes once, they stop great but if I just apply them till I stop they are soft and dont stop as soon.
    Plus the driver seat I feel is loose. When I turn left and my body leans right the seat cushion {bottom} feels like its shifting with me. Not firmly planted to the frame.
    Oh boy....
  • I guess we are the unfortunate ones.... My sister bought a 2007 Camry purely from safety perspective. Recently she met with an accident and the car was totally damaged. The car was totalled. By God's grace she survived, but had bad injuries to her left hand. None of the 7 airbags deployed. She would have even better if the airbags deployed, but unfortunately her left hand was damaged severely, just because the airbags did not deploy.

    I filed a case with Toyota, but not sure whats going to happen. I think Toyota should do a better job with identifying the mistakes in their cars and fix them properly.

    Please advise us on how to deal with Toyota with the case. We are totally new to this and need some guidance in getting this fixed.

    Thanks for your help and advise.
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    I am sorry to hear about your accident, and I am NOT an expert. I suggest you hire an attorney.

    With that said, it is important to read the 2007 Camry owner's manual regarding the airbags. I do know that they are not designed to deploy in every accident. The details of when they should deploy should be in the manual.

    Good luck and a speedy recovery.
  • ariachiariachi Posts: 1
    Hi, I got 2007 Camry 4 cyl. Auto. Driving it for 11 months now,(only 9000 miles ), and I was pretty happy with it until few monts ago. The problem is - gas usage.

    At first in the city it was going for about 18mil./per 1 galon, after about 9 months it takes about 10 - 12/mil. / per 1 galon.

    My driving pattern didn't change, and I don't drive any different then before. Any suggestions would be helpfull.

    Oil chage was done on time ( 1st - 4500 mil, 2nd - 7000 mil), using premium gas only.

    Thank you.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    First, try using regular gas, which is what the vehicle calls for. No need to slow down the gas burn in the cylinder.

    Second, since it appears you have an early production model, make sure you have the TSB applied by the dealer. TSB EG056-06 dated Sept 29, 2006 ECM Calibration: Enhancement to shifting performance and smoothness. You can check your vehicle manufacturing date on the drivers door jamb. The vehicle runs much better with the TSB, and it could be that the shift to summer gas is contributing to your problem.
  • cbd725cbd725 Posts: 1
    Just had my 30K service and my brake rotors are warped AGAIN!!!! Had the first set of front brake rotors replaced at 14K miles. The dealership says there is nothing wrong with the car, just my driving. I don't drive any differently than I did with previous cars, so I think that is BS!!! Any one else experiencing this problem?
  • jbolltjbollt Posts: 734
    two things to consider:

    1. getting the rotors wet right after driving, can warp the rotors. Either a deep puddle or carwash might do this. Hot rotors/cold water = possible warp.

    2. If you are having the tires rotated, perhaps the person tightening the lug nuts isn't using the correct procedure/torque...

    just a couple of possibilities
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi cbd725:
    I did some research for you! ----- The five causes of warped brake rotors are:
    1.) Not applying the correct "torque" to the wheel nuts
    2.) The quality of the steel from which the rotors are manufactured, and the thickness of the rotor material
    3.) The quality / material of the brake pads. (If you up-grade to ceramic brake pads, and you DO NOT up-grade the rotors, you will have a potential problem.
    4.) Failure to clean and properly lubricate the caliper slide mechanism, which allows the brakes to release quickly and not drag on the rotors.
    5.) You, the driver, could be the problem! (Hard Stops & long sessions of "Stop & Go driving" will get the rotors hoy enough to warp!)

    Best Regards: ---------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • nmt001nmt001 Posts: 124
    My condolence to your sister who was hurt in an accident.

    I am shocked to learn that none of the 7 airbags in your sister’s 2007 Camry deployed even when it was totaled and she was injured. This is the second case of reported airbags failing to deploy in 2007 Camry at high-speed crashes that I know of.

    Regardless of whose fault it was in an accident, if the airbags failed to deploy when subjected to a force of impact or rate of deceleration equal to or greater than that specified by the manufacturer in the owners manual for airbag deployment thus failing to protect an occupant of the vehicle from injury or death, the automobile manufacturer is liable for having produced a faulty and unsafe product sold to a customer who was victimized.

    I suggest that your sister take the following actions:
    1/ File a complaint regarding the airbag failure with the Office of Defects Investigation, which is a branch of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Filing her case with Toyota, just like filing her case with ODI, is only a record of complaint but I don’t think Toyota would admit any liability in her case voluntarily. (Remember that 42 people died in rollover before Ford succumbed to the fact that there was problem with the Firestone tires on the Ford Explorer?)
    For filing complaint with ODI, go to
    2/ Get her insurance company involved. Inform her insurance company that there are indications that the airbags in her 2007 Camry did not work as specified by the manufacturer. Also inform them that there was a recall on 04/03/2006 on a number of 2007 Camry due to faulty airbags which would fail to inflate during a high speed crash due to insufficient amount of heating agents necessary for proper airbag deployment. Source of info: . Ask her insurance company to check if her 2007 Camry was one of the 133, which have been found to have the faulty airbags. If her Camry was not on the recall list, ask them to check if the speed of the crash equals or exceeds that specified by the manufacturer for airbag deployment. If that‘s the case, the insurance company may help her to sue Toyota for damages so that the insurance company does not have to pay or does not have to pay as much. (Since the faulty airbags in the 2007 Camry were uncovered after they had been sold to customers, it is quite possible that there may be other 2007 Camry on the road with faulty airbags not yet uncovered by Toyota.)
    3/ If her insurance company does not offer her help regarding the airbag failure or not helping her enough, she may find an attorney specialized in automobile accidents on the internet who are willing to take her case on contingent basis. That means she doesn’t have to pay attorney fees if she loses the case. If she wins, the attorney will be paid from the substantial figure of damages received. . (Search on the web under: auto accident attorney-contingency) She should also inform the attorney about 2007 Camry recall for faulty airbags so that the attorney would understand that Toyota quality control is not impeccable even when auto parts related to safety are involved. Having an attorney on contingency is better than paying to hire one because there is no financial risk involved and if an attorney is willing to take a case on contingency, it means he or she has the confidence to win the case instead of receiving money even though he or she has no confidence to win the case.

    I would like to remind your sister again that suing Toyota for having faulty airbags in the 2007 Camry has nothing to do at all with who is at fault in a bona fide accident because airbags are supposed to protect the occupants in the vehicle as specified by the manufacturer even when the accident happened because the driver has made a mistake.

    Hope the above information would help your sister and may her recover from her injury soon.

    Please keep us informed about the progress in her case.
    Best regards.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Before we jump to conclusions, it would be helpful to know the circumstances of the crash.

    For example, if a car rolls over though 1 complete revolution (ending right side up), even at relatively low speed, this will almost ensure that the car will be totaled, yet none of the airbags will normally deploy (except for some vehicles, mostly SUVs, that have side curtain airbags that are specifically designed to deploy in rollovers).

    Second if the injuries were confined to one hand (however serious), this is an indication that the crash forces on the occupants were not severe. Also, arms and hands are not effectively restrained in any crash and are free to flail about in any direction; it cannot be asserted that an airbag will prevent hand injuries.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,308
    I agree with 210DelRay...

    What would really help us "experts" here (me included) to get a feel is to see pictures of the wrecked car. Would it be possible to get some digital pictures.

    I was on a jury long ago and the pictures of the car (Honda) and how it deformed and the place in which it was hit convinced me (and therefore I convinced other jurors) that the etymology of her back injury and subsequent spinal fusion had little if anything to do with that low speed impact where most of the energy was directed into the motor's and transmission's masses.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • nmt001nmt001 Posts: 124
    I would not trust the airbags of any sedan if none deploy at all in a roll over in which the vehicle is totaled and the driver is severely injured in any parts of the body.

    Anyway it is up to the professionals to determine if the force and the circumstanes of the crash should have triggered the deployment of the airbags which are suppposed to protect raji's sister in addition to the seat belt. That's why I advised her to seek help from professionals.

    When a driver is protected by the shoulder and lap belt in a crash in which the car is totaled, the lack of severe injury to the head and torso is not an indication that the crash forces on the occupant were not severe.

    The first thing need to be found out in the investigation is whether the force and circumstances of the crash should have triggered the deployment of any airbags in her case.
    If she had suffered a mostly frontal crash and calculations and/or simulation indicate that at least some airbags should have inflated to protect her and/or that analysis of the chemical composition of the agents for inflating airbags in her non-inflated airbag device reveals that there is a problem with the chemicals as in the case of the 133 recalled Camrys, then she would have a more solid ground to assert that her hand injury could have been prevent had the frontal airbag inflated to prevent her from lurching forward more than just the restriant of the seat belts.

    You do have a good point with the flailing about of the hand in a roll over but we are not sure if her accident was a roll over. Hope raji would give us more info about the speed and circumstances of the crash.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There is totalled and then there is TOTALLED.

    Our 92 LS rear-ended a truck. The brakes were applied and the car was "almost" stopped. The front of the LS was "down" due to severe braking action and so all of the resulting damage, in excess of $10,000, was just barely ABOVE the front bumper.

    The airbag do not deploy, but no surprise there.

    With the high cost of labor today, and the increasing complexity of cars, even what "we" view as relatively minor damage might result in a car being totalled.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Have the dealer modify, rewire, the brake light circuit so that even the very slightest pressure on the brake pedal will disable the DBW function and the engine will remain at idle.

    Also be certain the brake pedal "stroke" isn't positioned to be so sensitive that it sometimes doesn't fully open/release the braking when foot pressure is released on the brake pedal.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    FWIW: i tend to agree with what you write. in addition, someone (a professional / specialist) has to look at the installation and the orientation of the sensors that trigger the unit, and test them electronically, plus (and i think this is true) examine the SRS unit (which i presume is STILL holding onto some pre- and during- crash data scouped off the databus in the car).

    a specialist should know if the SRS system does retain this information, or if it may be retained elsewhere to assist in post-accident root cause analysis of a failure of the airbags to deploy. i thought they all did by this generation. i could be wrong though.

    one need not be travelling at a high rate of speed to trigger airbags to deploy. i managed to hit a semi- which was stopped (in a different make and model vehicle) and was stopped by the bar that prevents a small car from going underneath the semi. i was doing probably less than 10MPH at the time. the location of the hit (front bumper) and the rate of speed decrease (deceleration) were enough. what i'm saying is it's not all about speed, and not all vehicles and designs are alike.

    i also remember my wife being in a chain-reaction pile up where she was hit from behind and pushed into and under the car in front of her. in that case, she also experienced a hit in the front, but her bumper was driven up underneath the car in front and her bags didn't deploy.

    one thought/comment (i'm definitely not an expert): if the SRS system called for one or more of the airbag(s) to deploy, and it (they) did not because perhaps the chemical charge, proportions, properties (what have you) were incorrect, the SRS system most likely would have recorded that and would stay in a state that would make it easy for an expert to determined that the system called for one or more to deploy, but of course they did not.

    another thing you should know... airbags can and will hurt you. both my arms were black and blue from the airbag in the steering wheel rapidly deploying and hitting my arms; both my hands were on the wheel at 3 and 9:00 positions.

    you may find this an interesting tidbit, but others might relate: want to know what the highway assistance responder, then the cop both asked me first thing when they arrived on scene?...

    ans: "did you get hurt by the airbag?"

    if anyone is reading this who allows their child to ride in the front seat of their vehicle... please think again.
  • nagoya09nagoya09 Posts: 9
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I don't think this is something you want to necessarily pull apart yourself. Take it to the dealer, and although not directly related to this TSB, you can use it for initial discussion with the it gives them the instructions as to how to take it all apart and put it back together again.

  • nmt001nmt001 Posts: 124

    What you say about airbags in the post is essentially true and insightful. However, I want to clarify certain points that the readers may misconstrue from the post.

    1/ It is true that people may get hurt when the airbags, especially the front airbag, inflate (in fact it is controlled explosion) during accidents. Infants and children are most vulnerable. (There is a record of an infant’s head being blown off by the force of an inflating front airbag). Therefore, I totally agree with you that people must not put infants in the front seat and should not put children in the front seat unless the vehicle has a sensor that would automatically turn off the front airbag for the passenger who weighs less that the safe limit and when no back seat is available. Many 2007 vehicles of different auto manufacturers do come with a weight detection sensor (as far as I know both the 2007 Corolla and Camry have such a feature). So look for vehicle that has the improved front airbag when shopping for a new car. (A reminder: If you put some stuff on the front passenger seat and the car suddenly an alarm while you are driving. Don’t panic. It is probably the weight of the stuff plus the bumpy road condition that trigger the fasten-seatbelt- alarm. Just take the stuff off the seat and put it on the floor, the alarm will then be off.)

    2/ It is interesting to know that both the highway assistant responder and the cop asked you first thing “Did you get hurt by the airbag?” This fact may be misconstrued by some people that airbags are no good and that they are better off without airbags. The fact is that during a high speed frontal crash, if there were no front airbags or that they failed to deploy as they should, a lot of those drivers who got hurt by the front airbag would have suffered severe injuries. To minimize the possibility of a person heavy enough for front airbag from being hurt during its deployment, it is extremely important that the person must not sit too close to the steering wheel or the passenger front airbag. The minimum distance recommended by the DMV handbook is 10 inches away from the center of the steering wheel or the airbag cover. Sit further away if you can maintain full control the vehicle at that distance. Vehicles with airbags that inflate in two stages or that the rate of inflating has been reduced to a safer limit would also help to reduce the possibility of people being hurt or injured by airbags.

    3/ Children who lean against a side window are at risk of serious injury from side-impact airbags. So it is a good idea to close the side window next to the children while driving and teach them not to lean against the side window no matter when it is open or closed.

    Some people believe the myth that people in a vehicle are better off without seatbelts because they get you trapped in a serious accident. But the fact is that they are much more likely to survive by being kept in their seats with the seatbelts than smashing their heads into the windshield or being thrown off the vehicle into the road. If they are afraid of being trapped, just buy a safety escape hammer with a seatbelt cutter instead of not using the seatbelt.

    Similarly, let's not fall into the myth that adults at the front of a vehicle are better off without airbags because they may hurt you. The fact is that when people follow the above safety tips for using vehicles with airbags, they have a much better chance of surviving or even walk away uninjured from a serious accident.
  • My 2007 Camry (V6-XLE, June 2006 build) is experiencing the shift flare from 3-4th gear. The dealer is replacing my entire transmission and torque converter with a new one directly from Japan. Does anyone have experience with the replacement transmissions? How has your car worked afterward? Does this solve the problem? Please comment.
  • teamtboteamtbo Posts: 78
    Yes, I have a 2007 Camry (V6 XLE, 09/06 build) that was experiencing about a 1000 rpm flare between 3rd & 4th. We were also seeing a smaller one between 2nd and 3rd gears and not just within the first 10 minutes of driving.

    We had the transmission and torque converter replaced last week and the car seems to be running very well now. No shift flare. The shifting does seem more pronounced though than it did before. However, we only have about 50 miles on the new tranny so it is a little too early to declare "Mission Accomplished!"

    By the way, how long will it take for your tranny to arrive? Mine took 4 weeks.

    Keep us in touch on your new tranny.
  • Thanks for the response. The dealer just told me today that it will take 7 - 8 days. We will see if that hold true!!

    I am pushing the dealer to find out what is different with the new tranny vs. the old one. I am very concerned that it will happen again after another 7,000 miles.

    What do you mean by your comment of shifting does seem more pronounced?
  • teamtboteamtbo Posts: 78
    Wow, 7-8 days would be great. They originally told me a few weeks but couldn't nail it down to a specific day.

    Anyway, the shifting is still very smooth but it is a little more noticeable. On the original tranny, it was sometimes hard for me to feel when the car shifted. The best way I could tell was by looking at the tach. Now, as far as I remember, I can feel a slight change in acceleration in between gears. However, it is my wife's car so I don't have a lot of time behind the wheel. I did notice that another person on a different forum said the 'shifting was more pronounced'. I think we are describing the same thing.
  • stlpike07stlpike07 Posts: 218
    Devon3, I had that same probelm. Mine squeaked/rattled when I moved it from left to right too. I may have a fix for you, it worked for me. The "rattle/squeak" may be coming from the piece that goes around the know, where you can see park, reverse, neutral, drive, etc.

    That piece lifts up without breaking or cracking anything. Mine came up rather easily. On the right side of that piece, you can stick your finger under it. YOu may have to slightly open your cup holder lid to do it. After I lifted that piece I inserted some padding on the left and right side of the "shifter console" and put that piece back in place. After that, all of my console rattles were gone.

    You should try it or recommend your dealer does it.

    Hope that helps!!!!
  • rugbymanrugbyman Posts: 8
    My 2007 Camry XLE V6 is very loose on the freeway which is indicative of too much toe-out. I had the alignment done at the dealer ($90, ouch on a brand new car) and it’s better but still not completely correct. After the alignment the rear toe-out total is .49% and front toe-out total is .01%. This is the opposite of what I thought would be ideal which was a little bit of toe-in all around. Anyone have the factory specs for the 2007 Camry XLE v6 and could you please post it here? Thanks for your help.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Fronts: [A-B] 0 +/- .08 in
    Rears: [A+B] 0 +/- .4 degrees
    [C-D] .16 +/- .08 in

    For the fronts: A is the distance measured at the front of the tires (center of tread), B is the distance measured at the rear of the tires (center of tread).

    For the rears: A is the toe in of the left wheel, B is the toe in of the right wheel, C is the distance measured at the back of the tires (center of tread), D is the distance measured at the front of the tires (center of tread)
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