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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • re our V6 Camry ...send me your address & I will mail you our service records..we just ended our arbitration with Toyota & received their Plantinum warranty & $300 bucks(?)..Nita
  • joel16joel16 Posts: 64
    hi bohica223, question; what is the Platinum Warranty?
  • Ok - please do not chastize me if I am in the wrong place- just point me. as with most people- having trouble with a new car gets you pretty heated up so....

    We have had a Camry before (early to mid 90's model and we own a Toyota Tacoma 2002 (4 dr) and camry (2007) now. The camry has some problems that were basically laughed at today by the dealer.

    We bought it new and paid a mint because it was the only one like it around- it is the exact same car as in the commercials they are now playing with the 2 guys talking- looks just like a pace car for NASCAR. Anyway...

    The car has a HUGE hesitation when you go anywhere. If I am at a standstill (light or stop sign) and press on the gas there is a good 3-4 sec lag time between pressing and movement. If I am moving the hestitation is less- maybe 2-3 sec) but it is there. It has gotten us in some sticky situations pulling out thinking there is plenty of time and then watching the whites of the other drivers eyes... They said it was some NEW thing they designed...

    The other thing is MPG. The sticker said 26 and 33 and we barely get 21 hwy. The dealer said that the sticker was just an estimate and getting 21-22 was great now days. We told him our other camry got great gas miles and our Truck gets exactly what the sticker said.

    My husband just g=kind of petered out arguing but I kept on- and finally he said that if i brought it back tomorrow (they had it all day today) he would have something put on it (initials starts with an E - when I asked him to repeat it he walked off) that it was experimental...

    Hs anyone has these problems- is there anything I can do? i am so angry. We got this car when I did NOT want it. They talked me into it- I wanted to by this used Avalon but I made the comment that this one was really nice looking and all the sudden the Avalon had all these "problems". Please help me out here- I want to scream but be an educated screamer!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Is this an I4 (4 cylinder engine), or V6 (6 cylinder engine), when was it made (look at the drivers door jamb for manufactured date), and have you had any TSB (technical service bulletins) performed on it?

    There are TSB's previously issued for hesitation problems.
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    Hello Bonnie, you are not the only on ewith these problems and I can share in your frustration. I have a 07 camry v-6 I think yours must be the v-4 due to the gas milage the sticker says. I agree with you that this is the first car that I have had that didn't live up to the MPG on the sticker.
    There is a TSB which is a bulliten that is given to dealers that has info to correct a problem if a consumer complains. I believe there is one for your car to correct the hesitation issue. You may one to study the recent post on this site going back the last couple of monthes or so and you will gather some info on what to do.
    This is an injustice and Toyota is falling short of their commitment to consumers. You should also call the 1800 line to report your problems. Be safe!
  • I have the 4 cyl. After posting I did about 3 more hrs research and i found the TSB information. I called the dealer and that is what they are going to do this morning BUT they said they have never heard of this complaint before and that this TSB is experimental and the first they have done of it. I find that all BS. After reading on line I see that this hesitation is a common problem with Camry's. I also read that just a couple of people- but still there are some- found that in addition to the hestitation that this TSB also helped with the gas mls.

    I find it hard to believe, in a major city- a capital (Raleigh) - that they have not had the complaint before. They are a pretty BIG dealer- not the biggest but up. We have 4 Toyota dealers within a 10 ml radius and then in DUrham there are 2 more so I know that this has happened before.

    Thanks for all your help- I am hoping that this fix will actually fix the car. i will not drive it if it doesn't. It just bothers me. I read somewhere that someone said just deal with it. You bought a sedan not a sports car- but it is not even speed. It is the fact that you press on the gas and nothing happens. THat is not safe. Someone said this was a saftey issue for Toyota- that is why they made the car this way- for saftey purposes. i would challenge that it is the opposite- it is actually unsafe.

    Anyway- thanks!!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You're in the right place - welcome to CarSpace! :)

    You might want to take some time to browse through the previous postings here and also in the 2007 Camry Transmission discussion. The various features on the gray bar just above (and just below) the message list will help you do that.

    Good luck.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    Which dealership did you go to. I'm in Ral as well, and Anderson is well aware of TSB's...if that is where you went.
  • the Toyota Plantinum warranty is complete bumper to bumper coverage (not including wear & tear stuff like tires ie normal replacement stuff) for 100,000 miles or 7 years whichever comes first...the cost/value of it is $1,500 I was told. Ours will not take effect till our first service.
  • I just drove the car for the first time since the dealer had it. The hesitation is almost gone- what a difference. I am pretty satisfied with it. I wish it were all gone. it will never drive normal in my opinion- but this is close and is satisfactory. When you pay that much for a vehicle- actually scratch that- any car is expensive now days. When you put out hard earned money for a car you expect to have the car, at the least, drive without scaring the heck out of you. now the car does that.

    Thank you to EVERYONE for helping me. I went to Leith Toyota here in raleigh- not Anderson and will never go there again. They still claim that they have never done this update to anyone before that Toyota claims that this update is experimental and is not proven to fix anything and that they have NEVER had a hesitation complaint.
    That is a lie- I have learned on the web that several people have complained to that dealer specifically!! So- I do not ever have a need to go there again. If they would have at least said that they had heard that complaint I would have some trust.

    I am a woman- give me a break :-) Anyway- thanks to all. We are charting the milage to see if this update helped that. Some people that have emailed me have said it had an impact on that as well.
  • what did the dealer do? just curious. When we told our dealer we had "video" of the problem they called in a master tech from corporate (which is here near us in California). To get the best remedy you have to open a "case" with Toyota Motor Sales* USA. When you call interestingly enough they admit the problem (ie press "1" for the Camry) and give you the update on the latest remedy. The number to call is (800) 1 , then 4...then "0" talk to a rep and open a "complaint file" with Toyota which puts your car under corporate oversee & the dealers must respond to them. We worked with Toyota corporate (they sent master technicians more than twice to run diagnostics) thru our 4+plus service visits which resulted in a whole new transmission & our eventual arbitration under the lemon law. Hope this helps.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I don't normally comment on this hesitation issue, because I have older Camrys that don't have the problem, even though they have the same basic 4-cylinder engine and the newer one (a 2005) has the same 5-speed automatic. This means I'm not really going to be of much help not having experienced the problem myself.

    But I'm glad your problem was largely resolved, and it shows that all dealers are not at all alike, even for the same make (Toyota in this case). It is not at all unusual for a bad service dept. to claim they've never seen this before, or this is normal, etc.: oldest lines in the book. Take your business elsewhere, which in your case, you did!
  • They did an "experimental" update. People here told me about it- it is the ECM or some initials like that. Basically they updated the program on the computer I believe. It really did work
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    You obviously figured out that it is not 'experimental'. I don't go to Leith anymore, even though they are closer to my house. I've found them consistently higher priced when buying, with inferior service on the backend....just my own personal experiences.

    Try Fred Anderson next service visit, might be pleasantly surprised.
  • You are so right- they are less than a ml away so we took the bait. We got our truck from Durham...
  • sunilvsunilv Posts: 26
    New TSB replaces the old EG-056-06 which is now obsolete.
    for all 2007 camrys (2AZ-FE) manual and automatic transmissions.

    Download the new TSB EG036-07 in PDF
  • nmt001nmt001 Posts: 124
    Congratulations for having the hesitation problem fixed.
    Let's not forget that most likely there are still 2007 Camry owners out there experiencing the same problem and told by some irresponsible dealerships that it is normal but have no clue how to get help.
    I wonder if all Toyota dealerships lie to customers that the hesitation is normal. If some tell the truth and being helpful to the customers but the others lie about it to avoid providing service, Toyota Headquarter should do something about it.
  • jack53jack53 Posts: 8
    Cool, finally they come out the TSB that apply for all 2AZ-FE models

    my MPG is not so good for the LE V4. I only get avg between 24-25mpg mostly highway. i expected more and the reason i bought this car because of their MPG thing.
    aslo i got hestitation problem once in awhile. i did bring my car to the dealer but they could replicate it and the previous TSB don't cover my VIN so they didn't do anything to my car

    I read some posts awhile back that their mileage get worst after apply the TSB.
    I'm afraid that it happen to me. should i apply this TSB or should I not?

    anyone see improvement in their mileage, if so how much improve do you get?

  • Hi dellray, I was wondering if you ever got to the bottom of the problem you had a couple of years ago with oil on the spark plug threads and electrodes of your 98 camry? I just discovered the same thing on my 99 4 cyl with 160,000 miles. Same burn pattern on the porcelin with a normal wear pattern plug, plus that oil on all four plugs...strange
  • I've been disappointed with the mileage, too. Not too long ago I got the earlier transmission software update. It seemed to improve mileage a bit. I'm hoping that the newer update that seems to have come out will improve it some more... Mark.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I had the valve stem seals go bad on my former '97 Camry 4-cylinder, which was causing oil from the cylinder head to leak past the valves into the cylinders when the car was parked overnight.

    When the car was started up in the morning, there was a puff of blue smoke emitted from the tailpipe as the residual oil was burned off.

    The valve stem seals were replaced under the powertrain warranty at 57K miles. When I changed the spark plugs myself at the normal 60K mile interval, there were no signs of oil fouling on the plugs.
  • The 2008 update is the one we recieved and we can already tell a difference in the milage. We ran the tank completely down (not until it stopped but right at it) and then filled the tank and set the trip meter. We can already tell we are getting at least 4 mls more per gallon which is HUGE for me. I really wanted the new truck that Toyota put out (forget the name/number but it is the bukly one that looks a bit like a safari jeep) BUT did not get it because of the MPG. I had an Echo that got literally 40 MPG or higher and I wanted to get some decent miles so I could not justify less than 20MPG but without this update my husbands Tacoma got better milage than the Camry. Now- it seems to be more in line with the estimate on the sticker.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi all:
    I recently discovered some interesting information about my 2007 Camry in relation to fuel mileage. Because of the location, I normally purchase my fuel from an "EnRite" gas station. Just accross the street, there is a "Getty" gas station. The price for the 87 octane is the same, so the cost is not an issue. It is just easier to pull into the "EnRite" station than to cross traffic for the "Getty" station. On "EnRite Fuel," the best that I have been able to get on the highway was 27 to 28 mpg. Yet, went I am away from New Jersey an on the open road, I have gotten as high as 34mpg on steady highway driving. On one morning, the "EnRite" station was "backed up", so I crossed the road, and pulled into the "Getty" station. I put in about 15 gallons of fuel, and headed for the highway. After driving for about thiry minutes, I looked at the reading for "miles per gallon" on the dash display, and it read 30mpg. The only thing different was the fuel. I was driving in the same manner with the AC "on". I didn't believe what I was seeing, so when I needed fuel again, I purchased the fuel from "EnRite", and the mileage went back to 27 to 28 on the same road trip! I again switched back to "Getty," and the mileage went back to 30mpg+. My conclusion to this little experiment is change your brand of fuel to see if it makes a difference in your mileage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best regards to all! ------- Dwayne :shades: ;) :confuse: :)

    I will be taking my vehicle in for its 15,000 mile service in the next few days. This will be its 6th oil and filter change. (I change the oil and filter every 2,500 miles, because I DO NOT believe that Toyota has solved the "sludge issue" with their engines. The "new engine" in the 2007 Camry has not been out in use long enough to develop a track record, so as such, I am taking some extra care with this vehicle! Should this engine develop "sludge," I would like to see the factory representative tell me that I did not change the oil and filter often enough for my style of driving, when the recommended interval is 5,000 miles, and I have the dealer perform it at every 2,500 miles.) While I am at the dealer, I am going to ask if there is any information about mileage and different brands of gasoline. My next experiment is going to be going from 87 octane "Getty" fuel to 89 octane "Getty" fuel using the same daily trip.-- QUESTION: --- Will additional octane change the miles per gallon,(one way or another??????????)
  • What exactly do you mean by "The 2008 update"? Was it the TSB EG036-07?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Two comments (or make that 3):

    1. Going to 89 from 87 won't make a measurable difference in mpg.

    2. If you're using only the computer to indicate mpg (especially if you're using "instantaneous mpg"), this isn't accurate enough. You've got to fill the tank several times with one brand of gas, measure mpg in the old-fashioned way (miles driven divided by gallons consumed), then do the same with the second brand of gas. Obviously, your driving technique has to be the same for the comparison to be valid.

    3. It still blows my mind you're wasting time, money, and oil by changing at 2500-mile intervals. I hope you're not using synthetic oil! ;)

    A. You're racking up miles very quickly, so this amounts to oil changes every three weeks?!?

    B. Sludge is so over -- have you seen anyone complain about it on these boards in 2007 models? Besides the ones who had sludge seemed to drive completely opposite of your style -- low miles over long periods, mostly stop-and-go city driving. And they stretched the oil-change intervals (which then were 7500 miles or 6 months for "normal" driving).

    C. You said you're getting rid of the car in 3 years, so there's no way the engine is going to self-destruct in such a short time, regardless of it approaching 100K miles or more.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    i highly doubt the TSB reflash of the ECM is going to *increase* your fuel economy, when many have suspected all along, the programming they had in the unit tended to run the engine on a pretty lean schedule to begin with... but it's possible.

    more likely, as you continue to drive, you'll increase fuel economy due to break-in probably up through 2500 or 3500 miles. you'll also get more used to applying the kind of gas pedal input to get your car going smoothly.

    you can't judge your ultimate MPG this eary, nor using combined highway / city mileage.

    i'm glad the TSB greatly improves the driveability of your vehicle. hopefully it will be long lasting... a few posters were complaining their issues returned after a few thousand miles.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi 210delray:
    You "missed the point of my posting"! The "instantaeous computer mpg display" brought my attention to the difference in economy between the two brands of fuel! Obviously, there is something different between the two brands of fuel, because if I use "Getty 87" I get a higher mpg figure on the display. I will follow through on the "old way of computing fuel economy," but for now, I am just playing with this idea. It would be great, if each one of us would list the fuel econnomy, and the brand of fuel that we are using on this site. Just maybe, there is something to the "brand of fuel" and the miles per gallon issue!!!!!!!!!! In terms of octane, I am going to explore this issue a little futher. One tank of 89 is not going to be a "big financial issue". It is just an experiment on my part, so I am going to try it during the next few weeks. I might try one tank of 89 EnRite and one tank of 89 Getty.
    With regards to the 2,500 oil and filter changes at the Toyota Dealership I have chosen to take this action because of the following reason:
    1.) This new engine in the Camry does NOT have a track record, so we as consumers, DO NOT KNOW if it is a "sludge producer"!
    2.) The track record of Toyota has not been good for the consumer in the past over this issue. They did their very best to try to "back out of responsibility" wherever possible on this issue. It was only after the issue hit the "net," and the company was getting bad press, that they decided to take some positive action!
    3.) If after this "outstanding oil and filter service at the dealership," my V6 engine develops "sludge," I would like to see Toyota try to "back out of their warranty responsibilities." There is no way that they could prove "owner neglect" on this vehicle!
    At this point in time, I like the ride, the design and the comfort of the 2007 XLE V6 Camry, and,(I do not have any problems with this vehicle), ----- BUT----- I do not like the lack of concern, sensitivity and professionalism on the part of Toyota to the transmission issue that some Camry owners are experiencing on their new vehicles. I am seriously thinking of trading my Camry in January 2008!
    Best regards. :shades: ;) :)
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    If you are using pure gas compared to the 10% acohol that is in a lot of gas that will be your difference. It is a known fact that the 10% ethonal added to gas drops the mileage. That is the big problem with the E85 engines. They get less mpg compared to pure gas. The answer is when the E85 is enough cheaper than gas that getting less mpg makes up for the less mpg.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Uh, the "instantaneous" mpg reading varies continuously, even when on apparently flat ground using cruise control, so I think it's pretty much meaningless for comparison purposes. Example: on my trip last week to Indy and Detroit and back through Ohio to central VA, at an indicated constant 65 mph, the mpg display on my '05 Camry 4-cylinder would vary from about 40 to 44 mpg, changing every 15 seconds or so. (Go up a steep hill, and you see 14-16 mpg; down and you see 99 mpg!)

    Oh, and the overall indicated fuel economy for each leg of the trip was 40, 41, and 38+, respectively. But computing the mileage the old-fashioned way, I got 31.7, 33.2, and 33.0 mpg, typical for this car (about 3 mpg lower than my '04 Camry).

    If you're trading in January '08, I'd stop the 2500-mile oil changes immediately. Why bother? The engine's not going to sludge in the five months remaining. You seem hell bent on proving a nonissue. :confuse:
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    If you are using pure gas compared to the 10% acohol that is in a lot of gas that will be your difference.

    Maybe in a lab under carefully controlled conditions, you'd see a difference with 10% ethanol vs. "pure gas," but not on the road with so many other variables in play.

    As an example, here are the calculated mpg values for my '04 Camry 4-cylinder since the first of the year. The car is used pretty much the same way: 3-4 days a week for commuting on mostly highways, plus weekend duty for short trips into town and somewhat longer trips into neighboring counties. There were NO long trips taken with this car during the period.

    I used only 4 brands of gas, all 87 octane: Hess, Exxon, Sheetz, and East Coast, the last labeled as containing no ethanol (and in bold font below).

    1/14/07 29.0
    2/2/07 28.2
    2/18/07 26.9
    2/25/07 25.6
    3/3/07 30.2
    3/29/07 30.0
    4/22/07 29.1
    5/12/07 28.1
    5/31/07 28.4
    6/9/07 26.5
    7/1/07 27.5
    7/11/07 24.4
    7/29/07 27.7
    8/12/07 26.0
    9/1/07 27.1

    As you can see, there is quite a bit of variance, but the only pattern discernible is somewhat better mileage during the spring when ambient temperature was warm but not hot, and no a/c was being used. Winter mpg didn't suffer much either, but the car is garaged overnight, and the temperature doesn't go below 40 degrees. The worst mileage occurred during our brutally hot summer, when I had to use the a/c pretty much all the time (even on some humid mornings).
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