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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • I bought an 07 Camry LE (4 cyl). It ran well for 2500 miles and then the vibration started. It is back at the dealership for the 5th time as I write. It now has 5000 miles on it and the vibration continues. This will also be the second time corporate has been involved in diagnosing the problem. I am on my third set of tires, second set of wheels(second set alloy), and the car / tires have been aligned and balanced multiple times. I have been through some of the previous messages, but I would like to hear more from people with a similar problem, and whether or not a permanent fix was found. For my part I have sent Toyota a letter letting them know this is their final opportunity to fix the problem, to be followed by lemon law action. I am extremely disappointed with this vehicle. Toyota has a reputation for quality, but it seems this reputation has faltered lately. I can only hope they treat me fairly in this matter, and do the same for anyone with similar issues. It takes a long time to earn a great reputation. It takes a lot less to lose it.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    Hi iyoung111:
    When I take delivery of a new vehicle I have the dealer install original equipment quality Michelin tires on the vehicle at no cost to me, (as part of the deal.) ----- If the dealer is not willing to take this action, I simply walk! ----- I have owned my 2007 V6 Toyota XLE Camry since January 2007, ----- (the vehicle has 22,000+ miles with no problems.) This vehicle came with Bridgestone tires. Once the deal was set, I told the sales person to exchange the Bridgestone tires for Michelin tires. I also told the sales person that this request was not negotiable, as I would not own a vehicle with either Firestone or Bridgestone tires. They are simply an accident looking for a place to happen! ----- (Yes, that is my opinion!)
    Best regards. ------ Dwayne :shades: ;) :)
  • I have an 07 4cyl LE purchased in May of 06 so it was one of the first ones out. I have had no real problems as of yet except having to replace the drivers side sun visor.
    I do have a little hesitation but not enough to worry me.

    This winter has been exceptionally cold here in the Dallas area and because of that I started to have the dash noise. It sounded like someone was shaking a can of nails when the car was cold. After heating up, most of the noise went away but not all of it. I had to take the car in for a wheel alignment yesterday and mentioned to the service adviser about the the TSB for the dash problem. He said he wasn't aware of of it. It's a good thing I wrote it down on a slip of paper and handed it to him. To sum it up, I was a bit worried, but after picking the car up at the end of the day there are no more rattles and the dash looks like when I brought it in. Hopefully this will be the end of that. I hope anyone who has been putting off the TSB work for this problem will have it done, unless of course you just don't have confidence in the dealership you take it to because of an earlier problem. The dealership I go to I have been using for a few years now and am highly confident of their work. :)
  • Sounds like you are going down a similar path that I have with my 2007 Camry XLE V6.

    First was a rattle in the rear window that they had to fix. I had to take the car in 3 times for one and they had to get into the rear seat area to fix it. Next was the rattle in the front windshield near the speaker. They kept the car a couple of days for that one.

    Next came the 15K servicing where I found out that the front Bridgestone tires were worn down to the wear bars. I talked to the dealer and they said sure enough, the tires were worn. The rep from Toyota said I should call the tire manufacturer to see what they would do about it. The Firestone dealer said that the tires were underinflated at 25 PSI and from the Toyota service records that the tires were not rotated as required. The tire dealer offered to buy one of the tires if I would buy the other tire and do an alignment al for about $220.

    The result is that I didn't get the servicing that I thought that I was paying for, Toyota just bailed out on any responsibility whatsoever and Firestone said that the dealer didn't do the required servicing. The tires track poorly, they make loud and course road noise, that the fornt passenger seat rattles from the harshness of the ride.

    Me, I think that Toyota is the villan here and I think the public needs to know about this kind of stuff. My thought is that Toyota is out of line on its treatment of customers and I feel that people should strongly consider other manufacturers. I think that anyone would be crazy to consider buying a Toyota Camry. :lemon:
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    Thank you for sharring the truth about what is really going on when it comes to the new Toyota 2007 camry.
    I have been through most of the problems you have read on these post. It's been a year and half trying to get problems solved that have been with this car from day one.
    I agree the consumer needs to hear the real truth of the experiences we are having.
  • ljmewljmew Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 camry xle.. for about a month or so my drivers side carpet is soaking wet. At first I could not figure out the source of the problem. I had ice forming on the inside of the windshield...and then i discovered the moisture was coming from the floor. I had the car serviced and at first they could not discover the problem. They informed me a drain in the sunroof was not connected, causing the water to end up on the floor through the channel along the windshield...i'm not sure if this makes much sense, but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. It has been about 2 weeks since they checked the vehicle and the carpet is still soaking wet and it is smelling a bit musty. any thoughts?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Your car is under warranty, presumably. If the original dealer can't properly hook up the drain hose and if the carpet and padding has been ruined by mold, I'd go to another dealership and demand the appropriate repair and replacement.
  • ljmewljmew Posts: 2
    hi..thanks for the reply.. yes ... it is under warranty... the dealer said they had fixed the problem but 2 ++ weeks later and the carpet is still saturated...which makes me believe that it was never properly addressed... i guess i'll have to give them one more try...
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Also tell them you expect the carpet to be cleaned and DRY when they give it back so you can bring it right back at the first site of dampness.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Personally, given that this will be the second iteration I would ask to have the carpets replaced completely. Otherwise, you're likely to NEVER get rid of that musky mold and mildew odor.
  • novi1novi1 Posts: 3
    I have 07 V6 camry and I am experiencing a similar problem as many others.
    When the dashboard is cold, I can hear a rattling sound coming from the far right side of the dashboard. Its just like a sound of a screw rattling there. The sound disappear when the dashboard becomes hot. I went to a dealership but they said it was a normal sound. I remember somone had very similar problem and he got it fixed by using a TSB. Anyone has that TSB? Please help me out. Thanks
  • novi1novi1 Posts: 3
    Could you please guide me where can i find that TSB? I have similar problem but the dealership said it was normal. Do you have that TSB?
  • I believe you are looking for TSB NV008-07. I found it looking at the forum of TOYOTANATION.COM. Hope it helps.
  • novi1novi1 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think TSB NV008-07 addresses the problem. I have checked Toyota nations as you suggested but noting is there except few discussions about this TSB. Do you have this or could you point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  • has a list of all the TSB that applies to the 07 Camry including the one you are looking for. Unfortunately, it is a subscription based site so if you want to look at the detailed TSB, you have to pay a subscription fee.
  • I have the 2007 Camry XLE 4 cyl. Can anyone tell me why it will surge when driving? As I drive down the street, level or hilly, the vehicle constantly surges - slows, speeds up, slows, speeds up. I'm not quite sure how to completely explain it. As I always get told by the dealership that the car is working as specified, there is no use in taking it in. I have done that - they drive it and say nothing wrong. There is definitely something wrong with the 2007 Camry in more ways than one. I think they have a faulty computer system. Also terrible to drive in the snow as the engine is always pulling you forward and the computer takes over.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Have you had the TSB performed (Technical Service Bulletin), for engine/transmission performance? It is a computer software re-load, which takes about 1/2 hour. Read forums for previous discusssions, as well as I've posted the TSB that you can print out and take in to your dealership.
  • I have a 2007 4cyl LE.... I have the same issue...not to the extent you mention... my car when 1st started idle's pretty high... I know that is normal when it's cold but even when hot the car's idle is still high.. I have the typical hesitation problem... when u press the gas.. I have a slight hesitation and then when driving and I let my foot off the gas, I feel a drag... like I'm putting the brakes on although I'm not... after reading this forum the fix is to have the new TSB - EG036-07 loaded... I'm having this done next Wed. 2/20/08.... I will post a update once it's done and let all know how it went.... Also, not sure if you have this problem... but when the weather gets cold, I have dashboard noise near the speakers on both sides of the dash... there is a fix for this as well... Noise Kit - #08231-00801 and I also read about a Wind Noise Kit - #08231-00810.... the dealer is going to evaluate the noise when I bring it in for the computer upgrade and then they will probably need to order these 2 kits... I know they have to remove the entire dashboard to install the noise kit... which scares the heck out of me... but I'm going to do it because I can't stand the noise anymore.... PS: You need tell the dealership about these two fixes, they will not volunteer this.
  • I experienced the same thing with my Camry. I had the TSB performed for the transmission issue, which improved the problem, but not completely. I was told by a corporate rep that they could do nothing more at this time, as there was an issue with the torque converter having to do with optimizing fuel mileage. Whatever. More importantly the vehicle had a vibration issue through the speed range. It was in five times for this, with no resolution. I have now gotten rid of the vehicle for an 08 Nissan Altima. What a wonderful car!! The Camry is plagued by quality problems and I will not miss it, nor will I ever buy a Toyota product again. I urge any person thinking of doing so to please consider other options. :lemon:
  • I own a '07 Camry. After the third service @ 15K, it has started this vibration. I have taken it to the dealer few times - each time they come with different reasons. The latest they said was the all 4 tires are chipped and is probably due to alignment issues. They are also not conclusive as to what the issue is. I shall try doing the re-alignment, but is surprised to have this for such a new car. I too feel disappointed to drive a vehicle with vibration after paying so much money.
  • I was the one that started the thread a long while back. I did get the "Fix" by the dealership although at that time and maybe still- a lot of dealers were not aware of the problem OR the fix. We had to give him all the information- what it was called and what it did- in order for him to ask for it from their headquarters. They got it and then called me and I came in. They hooked the car up etc.

    As you might tell from the thread- it worked. My car had no real hesitation when they did that fix. BUT I also posted and will reiterate here that it worked for a couple months and then BAM - back to the same old same ole. The hesitation is just as bad as it was before the fix and the dealer does not want to do it again... He actually doesn't believe there is one and that I am just - for the lack of better words- seeing things... it is all in my head. Well literally his words were "Don't worry your pretty little head about things that are not really there".

    So I have one more dealer to call as all the others in the area do not know what I am talking about and do not have the software fix. I am going to call the dealer in Durham NC and see if they have it.

    I know that on the surface it sounds stupid to be this upset but I believe it is a safety issue. One dealer told me that it was on the car as a safety item. I cannot believe that. I think it is just a tad UNSAFE to pull out into beltline traffic (5-6 lanes wide at times and average speed is a little over 80 mph) and have the car not go for a couple seconds. If I mis judge the distance of a car as I pull out of my subdivision and it hesitates at all- I am toast... If someone is behind me and they see my brake lights go off when the light turns green- if they are to close they stand a good chance of knocking into me because they believe that when my car looks like it is going to move forward-doesn't move forward...

    Anyway- just an update that yes- the fix does work but it is NOT a long term solution. I do not believe in suing people at the drop of a hat- but I really wish there was a way to cut my losses and get another car. Now- my vehicle is not worth what I owe and so I am stuck with it. It is gorgeous - has the FULL sport edition... Looks just like the pace cars at NASCAR. Not a scratch on it and inside is really nice- has bluetooth and everything. Damn shame as far as I am concerned. I would love to get an Avalon or one of the new SUV's that look like a cross between a Jeep and a Hummer.

    I know this isn't a big deal on the grand scheme of things but Toyota would go a long way in customer service if they would help us out. I certainly would buy a Toyota again and would urge my friends to continue to buy- but as it stands with them NOT standing up and taking responsibility for this situation it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it leaves me telling people that although the cars are generally good the CS sucks and they do not stand behind their vehicles at all.
  • I am curious, what has the "Customer Experience Center" (800-331-4331)
    said about your problem with the dealers and with the issue not being resolved? And what are THEY doing about it?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Here's the link: djm2, "Toyota Camry 2007" #5181, 18 Feb 2008 5:31 am.

    Let's try to keep this topic for problems and repairs, okay? :)
  • Is anyone aware if the "flash fix" issue is present on manual transmission Camry"s as well as the automatics? There is a 5 speed stick at the dealer near my house and I need a comfortable commuter car. If the same problems exists with the manual transmissions then I'll shop another manufacturer.

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If you are referring to the 4 cylinder TSB, which effects engine performance and, it does not apply to a manual. It is for automatic transmission vehicles.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    No, TSB EG036-07 applies to all 4 cylinder Camrys, automatic and MANUAL. I have an '07 CE 5 speed manual that had some hesitation on acceleration, and I got this TSB done in October. It immediately made a big difference, and has been perfect ever since.
  • bborchert
    I can attest to the fact that getting onto I440 around Raleigh is no place for hesitation to occur. Good Luck.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    if people stop to think about your post, that your manual transmission camry experienced hesitation which was greatly improved or completely resolved post-TSB, then that suggests its not strickly a transmission or torque convertor issue related to automatics. they are no doubt playing with the ECU's programming to modify the accelerator to throttle valve control loop. fuel economy may be one of the considerations.

    wouldn't it be nice if the government demanded that DBW implementers (and this is a manufacturer neutral rhetorical question) disclose exactly what a TSB does to the ECU or TCM?

    i mean, if you want the information, you deserve that information don't you? at least a really good explaination to help you understand how it's designed and SUPPOSED to operate. specially if it involves the responsiveness of the vehicle to the driver's control inputs and thus someone's safety? :surprise:
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Yes, no doubt that this TSB changed the ECU, not anything to do with the transmission. My mpg before and after the TSB has been the same, the only difference is no more hesitation.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    well if your fuel economy didn't change, that's another important piece of information. perhaps then the implementation is just more sophisticated. it's great they have the ability to modify the behavior, but it makes one wonder if the implementation was fully field verified and mature before they put it into production.
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