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2007 Toyota Camry Problems and Repairs



  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    check the TSB. I'm on vacation and don't have access to all my files. I looked up the TSB and only had a copy of the original one on my pc, and it indicated it was for automatic transmission vehicles.

    I'll be back in town next week, and can post the link to the latest again if nobody posts it first.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Nope, TSB EG036-07 clearly states for 5MT and 5AT. I know, I have a manual transmission and had the TSB done. I read it and printed it out before I went to the dealer.

    Maybe you are looking at an old TSB.

    Here's the link:
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    "but it makes one wonder if the implementation was fully field verified and mature before they put it into production. "

    That's what I think too. I am just glad that the TSB completely fixed the only problem I have had with the car. It only took 25 minutes, just barely enough time to enjoy some free cookies at the dealer.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    That TSB posting should help additional people that don't know about it whether they have a manual or automatic.

    I find it interesting there were QTY 4 previous calibrations for the AT which are being coalesced into QTY 2 new calibrations. You'd think they'd have had one for the AT, and one for the MT at most right?

    Should one conclude that the AT model had up to 4 variations in hardware (PCM, Transmission, Torque Convertor or other part?). The engine was the same.

  • I met with a corporate Toyota rep regarding my 07 Camry and a vibration issue. We did however discuss the TSB current at the time regarding my transmission(AT). He was unsure if they would be able to come up with a programming fix that was 100%, as fuel efficiency was their ultimate goal. He specifically mentioned the torque converter. He never mention anything reagarding the MT, however I can see that it was included on the / a TSB as well.
  • Hi List,

    I know there is a problem with squealing breaks on the 2007 Camry. However when I went to one(of 2) the local dealerships to have the fix it, they weren't able to. So I went to other local dealership in my area and they said the only way that it can fixed is to replace the more advanced break pads with the metal shavings in it, with a more convention break pad that will wear out much sooner. Does anyone know if this is the only way to stop the squealing breaks?

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The TSB for front break squeaks on '07 Camry, is TSB BR008-06 dated Sept 26, 2006.

    "Some customers may experience front brake squeak noise when the car is traveling in reverse and light pressure is applied on the brake pedal. The noise usually occurs when backing out of a parking space and/or turning in reverse. Update front disc brake pad support plates ("fitting kit") are available to improve this condition."

    If your squeaking occurs under normal braking conditions, I have found over the years that it is different brake pads which will fix that problem.

    This TSB really is nothing more than adding 2 little spring clips on each front brake pad, and making sure there is a little grease in the appropriate rubbing point.
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    I have the squealing brake problem too. Every morning as I back out of my drive it is very loud! Today I recorded it and will take it to the dealer so they know I'm not just talking about some small squeak. This is excessive noise and I have never heard anything like this on a new car or an old.
    When I first got the car I had a TSB done which fixed for a while but now they are worse than ever.
    Looking for a fix?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Some of the brake pad suppliers, OEM mostly, are only chamfering the forward direction "leading" edge of the brake pads. I don't know when this practice started and I assume it was/is to improve braking by some measureable margin.

    You can probably have your mechanic chamfer the trailing edge.

    Most aftermarket pads still come with both ends chamferred.
  • 74357435 Posts: 39
    my toyota camry le 2006, 13,000 mi has had two serious brake failures . needed to stop and brake peddle went to the floor. two months between the two failures. no other problems. no damage because i went through intersection and no one was coming.

    are there any tsb on this problem?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    what was done each time to remediate the problem?

    seems like you either have air in your brake-lines, moisture, leaking lines, low brake fluid level, or a bad master cylinder.
  • carguy65carguy65 Posts: 24
    My 07 Camry XLE V6 had this problem, they added some backing plate and some type of brake lubricant and it was fixed OK, after that.
  • smythesmythe Posts: 10
    Interestingly, I THOUGHT I had the same problem (squealing while backing up), and ignored it because it was just a noise. I was aware of the TSB, and what it described didn't seem to affect performance or safety. A few weeks after I first noticed the squeal, I had my oil changed at the dealer, and checked my receipt for brake wear. It stated that they had checked the rear brake pads and they were at 8mm on each side (new is 12mm), so plenty of pad material remaining. Shortly thereafter, noticed a new slight squeal from the rear when driving slowly in a parking lot with no braking (similar to a bad wheel bearing). Also, the squeal when backing up had become HORRIFYING, more like a howling grind. I was suspicious, so I took a rear wheel off and lo and behold, the outboard pad was at about 8mm, but the inboard (piston side) pad was totally worn out and the pad backing had just started to drag on the rotor. This was at 31,000 miles. I took the other rear wheel off and not surprisingly, exactly the same situation, except the pad backing wasn't QUITE touching the rotor yet. So let that be a lesson: Don't trust that the dealer ACTUALLY checks the pads. Obviously, they don't. And don't be lulled into assuming that just because there's a TSB for squealing that the pads aren't ACTUALLY worn out (like I was).
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    I have an 07 LE V6. I now have almost 21000 on it. The dash rattles immensly, loudly, FRUSTRATINGLY :cry:
    I set an appointment up for this past Friday. Took it in on a wet rainy morning after it sitting all night. I work overnight shift. After being there an hour or so, the service manager said "Lets go for a ride" I knew right away they didnt hear anything. I also have a 'spring squeak' coming from the rear, maybe bushings.
    We drove and drove, drove through potholes, over speed bumps etc. We couldnt duplicate the dash noise and he said basically if they dont hear anything they wont attempt the TSB. He also said my VIN doesnt match the TSB and due to that, they wont just do the TSB. I was so angry. He wants me to leave it overnight one time this week and they will test drive it first thing in the morning when its cold ouit and hopefully they can pinpoint the rattle.
    Wouldn't ya know it, this morning going to get my son from friends sleepover, thhing rattled the whole way there.

    I tried and tried to show him where the dash rattles, its the entire front edge by the defroster vents but he refused to rip apart the thing unless he heard anything. The speaker grills move about half an inch, the whole dash is loose. he didnt care.
    Plus we didnt hear the spring nouse from the rear suspensionj.
    I cant wait to get rid of this car.

    ANYONE have a problem like this? They wont apply a TSB unless they can specifically hear something?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Some dealers will do the TSB irregardless of whether they hear it or not. Try a different dealer.
  • 03cobra03cobra Posts: 37
    My 07 SE V6 does this exactly over uneven surfaces in the rear. When pulling out of or into our driveway, and the turning the car, at the moment that one of the rear tires is in the street and the other is on the driveway (about 4 inches higher) This popping noise seems to come from the roof of the car and seems to be related to body flex.

    Does anyone had this problem. Has anyone been able to get it corrected by the dealer. I am hoping there is a TSB for it.

  • nmarcel1nmarcel1 Posts: 21
    I had the same dashboard noise coming from both sides near the speakers... and yes, if you push down on the dash where the speakers are you can somewhat replicate the noise. One thing I will tell you is, the noise happens when it is cold out... approx. 35 degree's and colder... the colder it is, the more you will hear the noise... the warmer it gets, you will hear the noise less and if it's very warm, in my case, I do not hear the noise at all. Anyway, I brought the car to the dealer about 6 weeks ago to had the TSB's installed.. I was very hesitant to do this because once the dash is disturbed I know new noises would spring up... To make a long story short... after I picked the car up.. the noise was gone.. so I thought... the right side was completely gone at first, and the left side was 100% better but it was still there.... I decided to give it more time and waited a few weeks but the noise when very cold was still there on both sides... I called my dealer and they said to bring it in.... unfortunately, I hurt my back and was out of commision for several weeks and now the weather has gotten much warmer (live in NY - near Manhattan) and the noise as normal has gone away again because it's not cold enough.

    I will tell you, they did no damage at all to the dash or anthing else... which makes me believe that maybe they did not even install the TSB but did something else to quiet the noise.... I now have to wait untill the fall when the weather gets colder again to bring the car back... and I will because this noise drives me crazy....

    PS: My car is a LE 4cl 07 will 4k miles on it.... I work from home.....

    PPS: Below are the 2 TSB's that I found that should be installed on the car but the dealer reported only installing the "Noise Kit #08231-00801", Hope this helps... post back what happens...

    The repair requires "Noise Kit #08231-00801", and "Wind Noise Kit #08231-00810". Toyota allowed the dealer 4.5 hours for the repair (under warranty),
  • nagoya09nagoya09 Posts: 9
    your are right to discribe how the noise come and go. my car the noise come from the center consoler (where the gear shift). I brought to dealer and they seem not very intersting to fix the probem, but they did, and last only one day. I try to remove the center consoler by myself and after 3 time attemp, I able to pin point the problem (Toyota Engineer should firgure this out), under the center consoler where the shift stick location, there are the "lexan" piece use the illuminate the shift area when you turn on the light, that "lexan" piece toughing the center consoler. I remove it, and place a bubble wrap between them. the noise all gone, but now I can here the noise come from some where else, but very insignificant so I don't care that much.
    always try different dealer, while I was there to repair the noise, I ask him about the noise come out from my steering column, they said nothing, all other car make a similar noise. I don't believe them so I took to a different dealer, and found out that the inter shaft has a bad bearing, and replace it for free (35900 miles)
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    OK, the service manager asked me to leave my car overnight one day so he could test it first thing in the AM while it would still be cold out. I found a day that it would be around 30 or so and they gave me a loaner Corolla. Decent car but the entire glove box area and underside of the pass. side dash constantly rattled like there was a piece of sheetmetal in there. BUT thats another story :P
    He called me up that morning and said "Hi E, I took it out personally and heard some rattling, well actually a very substantial rattle and I think we can fix it" :)
    SO he called later and said he would need even a second day for the fix.
    So I picked it up Friday afternoon and it seemed ok but the weather turned and its been decent out. So I hope the fix works.

    They also lubed the rear suspension bushings. Not sure if that was what the TSB called for but again the weather is nicer so hopefully no more rattles.

    P.S. I still dont love the car but at least Ill deal with it a little better ;)
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    I am NOT a mechanic but I dont think putting plastic in there was a good idea,
    That area under the plastic cover does get hot and there are wires {I think} around there and the plastic might melt. Maybe someone with more expertise than me could reply but it does get hot.
    Keep the dash lights on their highest brightness and feel the plastic where it says
    "D. D-3, R." etc. The gear you are in, it can get warm. Probably hotter underneath.
  • eroc69eroc69 Posts: 56
    Is it true that they wont {or at least give a hard time} perform a TSB repair if the VIN doesnt fall into the TSB criteria EVEN if your car is experiencing the problem?

    I had to beg and plead {kinda} with them to do the dash rattle TSB. Servcice manager said the TSB was done AT THE FACTORY. HAAAA
    B.S. IMHO
  • batullbatull Posts: 1
    I have the same thing happening to my car< but it sounds like it is coming from the front. my car it sounds like the front passenger side strut. i am taking it in soon. i will let you know or visa-versa
  • pwitekpwitek Posts: 1
    We have a new Camry with an automatic transmission. When the car is cold and is put into reverse a thunk is heard on the right front. After taking the car to the dealership they say that it is a normal problem. I am an ASE Master Certified Technician and I feel this is not a normal condition. It is more noticeable early in the morning. It does happen during the day but is not as noticeable as when the car is cold. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Has anyone heard of this before? Thanks
  • maleymaley Posts: 1
    I bought a 2007 Camry in June of 06 from Charles Barker Toyota in VA. Beach, VA. The car was manufactured in Kentucky. The front and back brakes have squealed almost from the first day and I started reporting the problem at the first dealership service. Both TSB's have been applied but did not fix the problem. A technician finally heard a squeak and anti squeaking lubricant was also applied but only lasted a week. Left the car at the dealership last Monday night and the district person came Tuesday. The response was they could not reproduce the squeal so could not fix the problem. Of course they squealed twice on the way home. I see I am not the only person with this problem. I am frustrated and annoyed to the point of wanting to trade the car and take a loss. If I do I won't buy a toyota. I also had the transmission problem and fortunately the tsb fixed that problem. Then the black wheel rims under the hub caps rusted horribly and the dealership had to replace them under warrenty. Never thought I would have these problems with a new car. Sad. :sick: :mad:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome to CarSpace! Sorry to hear about your difficulties, but it's nice to see an old friend from another time and place. ;)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There are several procedures that can be used to "quiet" squealing brakes.

    A] Metal backing shims..
    B] Soft rubber backing material liberally applied.
    C] Chamfering the "leading" edges of the brake pads.

    Many aftermarket pads come out of the box with both the leading and trailing edges of the brake pads chamferred. I did note fairly recently that some of the pads supplied as original equipment at the factory only have one edge chamferred (leaves more braking surface..) and if those are incorrectly installed....

    Something you might try on your own is to make several severe stops, HEAVY brake useage from a faily high speed, 20-30 MPH, to remove any buildup of pad or rotor glaze. But sometimes this only works temporarily.
  • joanna6joanna6 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2007 Camry XLE in March 2006 (yes, 2006). I also experienced the water leak. Initially, I was told the sunroof drain was clogged. After the service dept. blowing out the drain/hose, I still had the wet floor when it rained. I then left it at the service department on a day it was raining. They were able to determine the cause. I was told that the problem was "there was not enough insulation installed". Of course, I didn't get a great deal of info, but whatever was done worked. They did fix it and replaced the carpeting. Good luck.

    In reading the comments on this forum, we all seem to have the same complaints. Too bad. I loved my 1999 Solara SLE. I, like some of the others, as much as it would hurt financially, am thinking of dumping the Camry.
  • bluesebluese Posts: 2
    Thanks to the people who replied with similar problems. I've been putting this issue for six months now and haven't posted any followups, because my initial experience with a district service and parts manager went very badly last October (07). I needed to schedule an appointment with this individual through the local dealer for a date when he would be in my area. About a week before I took it in the dealer for this appointment, the knock seemed to die down a little. My test drive with this manager, a mechanic and the dealership service manager was on a rainy day, with too much traffic before I get the car to a side street where I could accelerate and brake to demo the problem. Very little knock to be heard, unfortunately. The district manager would not even acknowledge that I had a problem! I've been driving since then with the radio on mostly when I leave home and work, so I don't hear the knock. Two weeks ago it seemed to be particularly loud and persistent, still knocking after warming up to normal operating temperature, so I decided to beat my head on the wall again. I called the service manager at the dealership and scheduled another appointment with the same district manager. My drive last Friday clearly demonstrated the problem to one of the dealer's "top" mechanics, and both the service manager and district manager acknowledged that they also heard it in the back seat. After the drive, the district manager states that the sound I'm hearing is "normal" for this V6 engine, is a known issue, and called it "piston slap". When I asking for any technical advisory or other documentation that states that this is "normal" and that there wouldn't be any impact to the engine in the future, like when the warranty ends, none of the three people from Toyota would acknowledge that anything like this exists. I already had authorization to replace the badly shifting/slipping transmission, but that will now wait until after the arbitration process has been completed. This car has been the biggest disappointment in my new car buying history, and I am looking forward to a favorable decision to get rid of it.
  • chuck28chuck28 Posts: 259
    Hello Bluese, I have a 2007 v-6 camry SE and just want you to know that I also have the piston slap and all the other issues you have been reading on these post.
    I have owned this car since July of 2006 and I can tell you it's been my worse experinece ever with a car. The dash rattles were a hugh problem and they finally did a TSB to help that problem. It took a year and a half for them to get that done.
    My trans is still not right and my brakes squeak.

    These dealerships are trained well to protect themselves from the lemmon law.

    I wish some lawyer would read these post and get together a class action suit.

    It is not right for Toyota to get away with this.

    Keep fighting, chuck
  • I just had this same problem today. I started my car and the whole radio display console looked like Icelandic. Wouldn't allow me to adjust the stereo, eject a c.d., or even turn the radio off. I am curious to know the temperature outside when you are having this problem. Today was the first time it happened. It was about 100 degrees outside. Unfortunately turning off my car did not correct the problem. I contacted my local Toyota dealership and was told by a service technician that I would need to bring my vehicle in as "the unit may have fried". Whatever that means. I find it ridiculous that a vehicle as new as this (only 12, 000 miles so far, with regular Toyota maintenance), could have a problem this soon. I also notice a slipping feeling in my transmission. I have an 07 LE as well, auto trans. I notice when I go down slight grades the slippage is horrible. Dissapointing mostly, I love the car.
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