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Infiniti M35/M45 vs BMW 5-Series



  • mmoreno1978,

    "In comparison test, the M45 outperformed the E500, 550i, Audi A6 and Lexus GS430"

    Do you have a link to this test? Or any other test that includes the 5 series and the M?

    The 535 is cross shopped against the 550, so cross shopping with the M45 should be expected.

  • Here you go. There are similar articles from the other auto magazines. I am yet to see one that has the 5 series ranked higher than the M.

    Regardless, all great cars. But these articles and drving the vehciles had a lot to do with me purchasing the M. Eventhough I also have the E350 as my commuter car now. - -sport-vs-2007-lexus-gs450h-vs-2007-mercedes-benz-e550.html
  • mmoreno1978,

    Thanks for the link. The test speaks well for the M45, but I myself would not interpret it to say its all or nothing for the M45. If the focus is a sports sedan, my take-away is the choice is between the M45 and the 550, and there are valid reasons for choosing one over the other.

    The test also shows why some would cross shop the 535 to the M45 if you look at 0 - 60 times. It was measured at 5.9 for the M45 in this test while BMW claims 5.6 for the 535 on their web site- good indication they are comparable notwithstanding the number of cylinders.

  • james27james27 Posts: 433
    With 0-60 times, they can change quite a bit depending on the surface and ambient temperature. Plus, how well broken in the engine is and the skill of the driver. The point being, unless the tests are done the same day, on the same track at nearly the same time with the same driver after familiarizing himself with the vehicle and at least several tries, small differences are not discriminators as conditions can easily account for a fair amount.
  • Yes, I agree, you should compare times from the same test and same conditions to get concrete answers.

    I'm not trying to compare specific 0 - 60 times per se, just trying to categorize cars by comparable power / acceleration capability- one data point on the scale of performance.

    If you look at the C&D test data in the referenced article, the 550 was a half second quicker to 60 than the M45.

    If you look at the BMW web site, they claim the 550 does 0 - 60 in 5.5 and the 535 does it in 5.7 with the standard automatic. If you accept the 535 is about 0.2 seconds slower than the 550, then based on the data in the C&D test one could conclude the 535 is faster than the M45 to 60.

    I'm only claiming the two cars are comparable in power / acceleration. Based on this, my own personal opinion is the 535 is more of a competitor to the M45 than the M35- YMMV.

  • selvappselvapp Posts: 15
    I just got the M35 after test driving the 535i, GS350 and A6. I was looking for a car that was luxurious, spacious, looks good and economical price wise. Factoring in all of the above, for me M35 was the perfect choice. I liked the A6 for its looks, 530i for its performance, GS350 for its quietness but the M35 for its overall package.
  • samaudisamaudi Posts: 10
    I had the opportunity to drive the BMW 528ix and M35x today and would have to say the M35 wins in terms of performance. It has a very nice interior and the engine note is beautiful!! They 528 has a nicER interior than the M35 but feels a little bit smaller...and whats with the smart key?? The m's exterior is so much nicer and it's a much better deal. The BMW just felt sluggish
  • You need to drive the 535xi. Its much more on par with the M35. The 528 is quite inferior. I am sure you will find the 535xi much less sluggish.

    The 528xi would be compared to a Hyundai Sonata.
  • kivikivi Posts: 12
    The problem with comparing 535xi vs M35x is that they are in rather different price categories. Here in Canada (where we are shafted on car prices, despite the fact that our dollar is now even slightly stronger than the $US) the bmw535xi prices out at just a hair under $80K (equipped similarly to a M35x with technology package) whereas the M35X has a price of about $67K.

    lol... comparing the 528 to a sonata is a little harsh... :)
  • Wow!!!! Thats a huge difference in Canada. Come to the states, its VERY different. If you walk into a BMW dealership and tell them youre looking at the M35, they will take you directky over to the 535xi. It also leases for almost the same due to the higher residual value. When i looked at the 530xi, it was $10 lower per month than the identical lease on my M35x.

    They are taking advantage of you guys in Canada.

    I as joking about the Sonata. You ever see that commercial with the Sonata and the 5 Series?
  • I just picked up my 535xi and it is a terrific car...but the comparable lease cost is definitely higher then the M35x.........
  • Where? I gues it depends on the dealership.
  • Flemington (NJ)BMW...I got great pricing on the car....the same group owns Flemington Infiniti....I was able to compare.....
  • iew/luxury-sedans-ov.htm

    Mid-luxury sedans: The money class
    The Infiniti M35 is tops. And the new 'clean diesel' Mercedes E320 has that sweet smell of success

    The Infiniti M35 is a class leader in our tests of mid-luxury sedans. But the other big news is that two versions of the freshened Mercedes-Benz E class are close in its rear-view mirror, with the new diesel-powered E320 BlueTec and its gasoline-powered twin, the E350. We tested the rear-wheel-drive base M35 as an update to the all-wheel-drive M35X that we had previously tested and that was our 2007 Top Pick for luxury cars. Not only did this version score nearly the same as the M35X, but it's one of the least expensive cars in the category. (See Infiniti M35: Still the one to beat, available to subscribers.)

    The Mercedes-Benz E320 is the first of a new wave of "clean diesel" cars that we've tested. It achieved an impressive 29 mpg in overall fuel economy. (See "The Lexus GS 450h hybrid vs Mercedes-Benz E320 diesel," available to subscribers, for a comparison of the E320 and Lexus GS 450h Hybrid.) For this mid-luxury group, we also tested the freshened BMW 535i, now powered by a new twin-turbocharged engine; the redesigned Volvo S80; and the Lexus GS 450h. Prices for this group range from $45,305 for the Volvo to $60,172 for the Lexus. We tested two wheel-drive versions; each model is available with all-wheel drive.


    Luxury cars are designed to cradle their occupants in comfort. They surround them with rich materials and a host of convenience features, and they typically have strong, refined engines to provide effortless acceleration. Many mid-luxury models also provide agile handling that adds a sporty dimension to their character.

    The Infiniti M35 illustrates the range of driving characters you'll find. Both versions of the M35 are well-rounded, nimble cars that successfully blend sportiness with comfort. They are as capable handling a twisty road as they are cruising the highway. But they aren't as quiet as some other models. (Also see our test of Ultra luxury sedans.)

    Several models now offer adaptive cruise control that uses radar to keep a car at a set distance behind a vehicle in front, slowing down or speeding up as necessary. The Volvo S80 takes that one step further. It uses the radar to determine whether you are approaching a car too quickly and, if you are, it will alert you to brake or even slow the car itself.

    Copyright © 2000-2006 Consumers Union of U.S., Inc. No reproduction, in whole or in part, without written permission.
  • These are quotes from

    “An M35x AWD we tested sprinted to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds and ran the quarter-mile in 14.9 seconds. The V8-powered M45 hit 60 in 5.7 seconds and completed the quarter in 14.4 seconds.”

    “This 2008 BMW 535i test car with an automatic transmission effectively equaled the acceleration of a 2006 BMW 550i equipped with a manual transmission. The 535i's 5.5-second acceleration to 60 mph proves a sedan doesn't need the 550i's V8 engine to be quick.”
  • All Wheel Drive Vs. Rear Wheel Drive?
  • Per the BMW web site, the AWD 535Xi is faster 0 - 60 than the RWD 535i.
  • klpeelklpeel Posts: 46
    Per the BMW web site, the AWD 535Xi is faster 0 - 60 than the RWD 535i.

    This is not that unusual. I remember a couple of reviews of the new G35 sedan last year noting that the AWD version was quicker off the mark in early acceleration.
  • bman7bman7 Posts: 2
    Can't decide on the 2. Looking to lease. The deal on the M is about $75/month less than the E350. Any recent leasees??
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