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BMW M5 vs BMW 550i



  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Do it! You WON'T be sorry. ;)
  • "If stoplight drag racing in an automatic/SMG is your thing, then the E63 or CLS65 with 500-740 ft. lbs of torque are much better suited to testosterone enhancement. But BMW's and M cars generally appeal to a higher standard of driving dynamics than the straight line."

    Very well stated habitat! :shades:
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    I didn't think manual 5 series were easy to find. I thought they had to be ordered. I now think 550 6-speed makes a lot of sense.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    It's extremely rare to just stroll onto a dealer lot and find a manual 5-series, much less a manual V8 5-series. Check out the last page or so of the "BMW 5-series Sedans" board to see my shock and excitement to see a manual 550i just sitting there on the lot. I subsequently bought it the following week. I was a sucker. Outside of an M5, I can't recall having ever in my life seen a manual 5-series.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    Hmmm, that's odd, prior to buying my 1999 328i and again before I bought my 2002 530i, I was able to take a test drive in a 5er with a stick, both dealers had several on the lot. Go figure.

    Best Regards,
  • I was looking about a year ago and all dealer models were autos with navigation. Two "features" I definitely was not going to pay extra for.
  • It's extremely rare to just stroll onto a dealer lot and find a manual 5-series, much less a manual V8 5-series.

    The dealership I bought my 6 spd '08 550i from here in Houston has several 5 series manuals, including the 550i, on the lot... including a M5 manual they will sell at dealer cost... $90,000. They also have an Alpina B7 that is only 6 months old for 90 something. :)
  • I am kind of disappointed in M Technik, they have cut themselves and BMW enthusiasts short. They do not offer a M 7 series, for reasons I dont know. I understand that they have the 760il, and thats all and great but I would like to see a 7 series with M upgrades.

    I think the Alpina B7 is pretty close what would be a M 7. BMW leaves the fast and furious to the 3, 5 & 6 Series (6 being questionable because of the wt.) and the 7 Series is more about handling and luxury. They are real serious at BMW not to stuff a large motor with a massive amount of torque and HP into a vehicle without a near perfect balance to handle the vehicle in more situations that straight line acceration. One's driving preferences and personal feel would be the decision maker here. Different strokes for different folks. :shades:
  • mkp6ermkp6er Posts: 9
    I have a dealer offering me a fully loaded M5 for $350 over invoice. Is this a good deal?
  • IMO the 550i with the Sport Pkg. and 6MT is perfectly positioned. It has 360 HP/360 lb. torque which gives it plenty of power in any situation. Plus it is refined enough to use as a daily driver, even with the 6MT. The M5 was designed for the AT and is a bit rough with a manual. Also, in times when you feel a little conservative if you shift at around 2,500 RPMs and maintain your speed at 70 MPH it has been my experience to achieve 17/18 city & 26/27 on the hwy. Personally I feel that is a really nice balance. Unless you plan on tacking an M5 on the track then why spend the money on the initial purchase, the gas consumption of 13 city & 15 hwy, plus the additional insurance cost?

    The M5 is an awesome car... NO DOUBT! It just didn't make sense for me. I did not lease my '08 550i and plan on keeping it for some time, had I wanted a lease perhaps I would have gotten the M5 instead and just enjoyed the hell out of it while I had it. Guess you would need to examine your purpose in getting the car, if you are going to lease or buy and how you plan on using it.

    Good luck... either way you are in for a good time! :shades:
  • mkp6er,

    I don't remember whether it was an announcement, or rumor, but I have read BMW is going to apply the twin turbo design to the M5's V-10 engine to produce 600 hp. Have not read anything about when that might happen, but if the M5 TT info is correct, then maybe the dealers are trying to unload the current M5.

  • I recently got a 550i and when I was shopping, the salesman asked me if I were interested in an M5 that he had in stock. It seems that until recently, M5s and other M cars were in short supply and had to be ordered. My guess is that now with the "normal" non-M cars being so powerful, (550i, 335i etc) the gap in performance has shrunk. If you factor in the truly low gas mileage of the M5, perhaps people are having some second thoughts about how much they are paying for how little extra performance. As for me, I couldn't even be tempted to test drive it because I was uncomfortable with the low mpg. I am sure it's a truly great car and whoever gets one will really enjoy it. The fact that they are relatively rare is also alluring. It's one of the great "speed" cars available and probably a good price value relationship when compared to the exotic market where its performance numbers will, no doubt, compete.
    My 550i has more performance capability than I could possibly experience on the street and I am very happy with my selection.
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