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Chevy Cobalt Accessories & Modifications



  • hpununes58hpununes58 Posts: 1
    hello everybody, new to the forum and was just wondering if anybody has put a glasspack on a Cobalt and would that would that pass inspection
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I haven't read about that on this forum. You can do a search on google and there are some performance Cobalt sites out there with people doing some pretty heavy mods.
  • expwymanexpwyman Posts: 25
    I'm considering a 2008 Cobalt LT1 sedan and I noticed a change from 07... The 08 front bumper is one solid piece; in 07, there were bezels that could be swapped out or removed to install fog lights. Has anyone put in fog lights on an 08 in such a case? If so, how did you do it?
  • cobaltkencobaltken Posts: 21
    I myself thinks that it would look ok,Look at extended cab pickups just about all of them come with the extended cab windows tinted and they look good. Good luck
  • bray2bray2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 cobalt LT and was wondering if anyone has put on after market exhaust on their cobalt?
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    i have the gm performance exhaust on mine and it has a much nicer sound. :shades:
  • :) I have a 2007 LT with remote doors and trunk. What do I have to add for remote start.

    A new key ring ? I have a receiver in the car?
    It should be wired.

    Can I get on from a wrecked car.

  • hey new member here, i got a 08 Cobalt LT sedan 5-speed...wanna do some things to it, would like to hear about some things people have done to em, all my buddys got old hondas and stuff so they dont know nothin about cobalts, so if someone could give me a site where there is mods and things for cobalts...
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Haven't been on any recently but there are quite a few. Google it. Cobalt's took all the speed records from the Civic when it came out. Read the latest Guiness Book of World Records. Look at the pro stock drag racing results. The Cobalts cleans up at the track.
  • expwymanexpwyman Posts: 25
    I just added fog lights to my Cobalt by tapping in to the fog light fuse under the hood and connecting the factory fog light switch/trim and it works beautifully. The only catch is that the fog light indicator on the dash does not light up when the fog lights are on with the factory switch. Does anyone know if this can be fixed by reprogramming the car's computer to let it know it has fog lights or did GM set up some other cabling/harness issue so the light won't go on unless it's factory fogs (or did GM put in different instrument gauges depending on whether you had factory fog or not)? I can always put in a small LED to indicate on/off, but I figured I'd ask.
  • i bought a used 08 cobalt sport has a 2.4L ecotec and its automatic tranny i am looking for some upgrades for it like a supercharger or even a turbo and any other performance upgrades any websites or feed back would be nice thank you
  • Hi there,

    I have a 2007 Cobalt LT and I am looking to put fog lights in it. I saw that you did this yourself, so I am wondering where did you go to get your wiring harness, lights, etc. I will have to get the different bumper inserts too. I got off the phone with my Chevy dealer today and they said that if you put them in you will have to reprogram the computer so that it knows that the vehicle has fog lights, and that they can easily do that. I hope that kind of helped you with your question. I appreciate your help!
  • writerwriter Posts: 121
    I am driving a base Cobalt with a manual 5 speed. Due to the locations of the steering wheel, the pedals and the gear shift, I find that my seating position puts the gear shift too far back. In fact, in the 2nd/4th line, depending on how I am sitting, my upper arm is behind my shoulder. This is causing a lot of stress. On the first day my shoulder was so sore that I had difficulty sleeping.

    As far as I know, the most obvious solution is not made by anyone, so this is a piece of advice to anyone (like maybe the Hurst company) who might want to make such an accessory:

    I need a shift knob with a forward offset of about 1 inch. If possible I would like a short T-bar knob, wide enough for a two finger grip, but this is not important. The important part is the forward offset.
  • add on two way remote start from gm approx 300$ works great just installed my own
  • I want to lower my 06 cobalt lt about 2 inches but I've heard this could blow my struts. Has anyone done something similar and could give me some advice on it. The help would be much appreciated!!
  • my daughter just bought a 2005 base cobalt w/auto tranny a week after purchase the tranny started slamming into each gear -----what is the deal ===absolutely no prob before and no indication of problem side note engine light came on at same time ! o2 sensor and a few others ---any advice would be apprciated! she has two kids and is helping me out till i can get a better job so she has no money for big repair!
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