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I have a 2004 srx engine power keeps reducing it keeps cutting offI need help

izuma28izuma28 Member Posts: 3
edited May 2018 in Cadillac
Ive replaced the throttle and still having the same problems it will cut off in the middle if traffic with no warning engine power will reduce out of no were and check engine light came on I'm out of places to run to for answers


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    azontodanceazontodance Member Posts: 14
    Have you tried to check your fuel injector, or fuel pump? Seems like it cutting off due to fuel not constant.

    Check your fuel pump Relay too, make sure it not cutting off and on.
    It's a big SIN not to drive the car you love.
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    MekaMeka Member Posts: 1
    Ive replaced the throttle, themostat, fan,cooling sensor, tune up, oil changed      and still having the same problems. It  will cut off in the middle of traffic with no warning. Engine power will reduce out of no were and check engine light came on. Now I am on the side of road because it's running HOT. I am spending so much money and time into an never ending cycle.. Does anyone CARE?  GMC/ Cadillac  help us.. You know what's really going on?? Too many people with the same issue. It should be an Recall. Fix the screw up.. I'm running out of ANSWERS and MONEY.
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    RocketRepairRocketRepair Member Posts: 3
    I saw somewhere else where someone replace red the Gas Cap and solved the problem. Look we have spent big bucks and repacked all of the coils and plugs and now they are looking at Transmission Module $$$. First Im going to buy a $12 gas cap and try it, what can it hurt?
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    With the check engine light coming on, you should have trouble codes stored. Have they been extracted and read?
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