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Toyota Camry Hybrid MPG-Real World Numbers



  • Driving it right [conservative] I get 38 - 40MPG, occasionally better.
    Driving it in the mountains I get 34 - 36 MPG.
    Driving "like everyone else drives" I get 36 - 37MPG.
    Driving it with a car top carrier I get 27MPG [YIKES!]
    I drive a lot. These numbers are solid. This is a great car.
  • calliscallis Posts: 2
    I purchased my car in May 2008, and I was getting 37-39 MPG on a tank. Right now, I have a 1/4 of a tank left and I am getting 32.7 MPG. My car has 3081 miles on it. Has this happened to anyone? Is so, what was done to make it improve?

    I live in southern Louisiana, so I am only driving on flat land (no mountains or hills)
  • I think your gasoline has probably started to have more ethanol added to it
    my mpg was less than 32 when I started a new tank and I had several more long distance runs on that one (which makes for higher mpg than my normal in-town driving) so I am thinking that the place I buy my gas from--a Kroger site that gives 10 cent discount to people who shop Kroger has just started adding/buying gas with more ethanol
    the disclaimer at the pump says it can have up to 10%---
    looking for new gas station w/o ethanol to see if there is difference
    now I am starting to worry about its effects on my engine...
  • plknjplknj Posts: 121
    After my accident... when they had to rebuild my TCH, the milage dropped from 40+ mpg to 36. I brought the car back to the dealer and they ran a check on the car. It showed nothing... but, the milage wnt back up.

    This occured again after a recent visit where they worked on the car... the milage dropped again to the 35-36 range. Again I asked them to run a system check. They did and found nothing! But, the milage on my car returned to the 40 mpg range.

    If you have noticed a marked drop in milage after having the car serviced, ask them to run a system check and see if this helps.
  • shook4shook4 Posts: 4
    We have had tempeture in the mid 100's for the past couple of weeks. I have noticed a 3-4 MPG drop in town driving on our TCH. I think it is because of the battery drain due to the AC, AC blower fan, and all the engine cooling requirements such as the electric radiator fan, water pump, etc. I think the battery drain requires the engine to run more often to recharge. I also noticed it was very difficult to rum in total battery mode. Now that the temp is below 100 the gas mileage has returned to normal. Anyone else experience this issue in extreme heat.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Absolutely normal. I live in Phoenix, and have had my TCH for a little over 2 years now.

    Summer tanks in my car have gone as low as 29 MPG and as high as 40 MPG if most of the trip is highway miles.

    A little trick:

    If you know the car is heated up and the battery charge is good and you are below 42 miles per hour, just turn off the A/C button for a few seconds and the car will sometimes go to electric mode. After all the cold air has blown out of the vent system and the car is in "E-Mode" just turn the A/C button back on. In some cases the car will remain in E-Mode and other times it will go back to gasoline.

    I have used that method dozens of times to get a little more "battery time."
  • talmy1talmy1 Posts: 55
    The battery capacity drops at high temperatures, reducing the amount of time one can run on battery even more. Long trips with the air conditioning on will reduce the battery temperature and improve mileage. I just consider either temperature extreme to be bad on mileage.
  • Live in phoenix as well...and yes the MPG drop when the temp is over 100 is about 3-5 mpg. I notice that the battery drains faster mostly because the a/c is running at full capacity....but I can't complain....after sitting outside in 115 degrees for 5 hours in full sun with only a front sunshield the a/c cooled the car down rather quickly. Still the lowest tank I've recorded is 33.1 and that was the hottest week here with temp highs over 112 all week and was forced to keep the car outside during the day.
  • bigc_1bigc_1 Posts: 3
    Bought a new 2008 Camry Hybrid in December 2007. Have put 15k miles on it so far. Average mpg are 36.4. I have a lighter foot than my wife and can get a consistent 40 when I drive. Recently completed a 411 mile trip over flat lands and mountains. Took 10 gallons to fill the tank. Dealer replaced the rear brake pads at the 5k service as they were making noise. Has a slight noise from rear when braking lightly. Noticed the right rear rotor has a slight rub spot when rotating the tires. I performed the 10k and 15k service using Toyota 5-20 oil bought from dealer. (Mobile 5-20 in a Toyota container). Fuel economy improved after winter was over. Bought some 0-20 oil to try this coming winter. Actual mileage is a little bit less than the computer indicates.

    Heading out tomorrow for a 2500 mile trip. Will post any significant events when I get back.
  • Just for clarification, are you saying that you are getting 33 mpg even with 112 degree weather? My hybrid is coming in on monday, unfortunately it is in black color and in the valley where I live, it is 100 degrees for couple months.

  • Yes 33.1 is the lowest tank I've recorded.....usually its about 50% city 50 % highway. This week its been very humid and around 108 and the mileage is back to 35 even with the a/c working overtime. When I first got the car in Feb was averaging 37-39 mpg per tank but the temp was averaging between 60-90.
    Great are going to love it.
  • I commute 120 miles per day. 20% rural hills, 20 % in town and 60% highway. First tank was 40.3 mpg. Second tank 42.1 mpg. I typically am driving the speed limit or just a few miles over. So far so good. Great mileage for this large of car.
  • I have had my 09 TCH for two months with just under 2000 miles and the mpg has been around 36-38 running the A/C. The last tank is showing 42.8 without running the A/C so a big improvement. I use 100% gas (no ethanol) and am curious if the E10 stuff hurts the mpg. I also have a 96 Camry that typically gets 31mpg on 100% gas and when we tried E10 the car ran lousy and the mpg dropped to 28-29. Will E10 have the same effect on the TCH? E10 in the OKC area seems to be predominate now and it is getting harder to find 100% gas. I am hesitant to try E10 if it will hurt the mpg (even if it is a few cents cheaper), not to mention what other "bad" things E10 might do to a car.
  • I have 09 TCH bought in May--used normally for in town driving--stops/starts and lights and since I'm in TX run my AC---I normally get a 32-33 avg and the gas I normally put in has ethanol to certain %--there are times we have gone on the road and gotten more like 38-39-40 mpg and bought gas that probably had no ethanol...
    so yes--if you have ethanol mix it will lower your MPG no way to avoid that since it is law of chemstry...
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    The energy content of gasoline is 112-114,000 BTUs (winter/summer blends). Corn ethanol contains 76,000 BTUs. E10 reduces the energy content about 3%.
  • So, I guess the bottom line is I need to stick with 100% gas as long as I can get it. Something I knew all along but was hopeful the TCH would handle the "garbage" stuff better. Whose brilliant(?) idea was it to introduce ethanol into gas? Wait, don't answer that, I think I know who!
  • I just completed a round trip between Syracuse, NY and Hyannis, MA in my new TCH. The tank average for the trip to Hyannis was about 40 mpg. The average for the trip from Hyannis was about 36 mpg. The routes were identical as were the driving conditions. The difference? The gas bought in Massachusetts for the trip to Syracuse was 10 per cent ethanol.
  • I am also seeing a discrepancy between the readouts, and when I calculate MPG in my 2007 THC at the pump. The read out on the console is usually anywhere from 3 to 5 mpg better than what my calculation is after filling up at the pump. When I asked the dealer to check to see if the on board calculator was reporting accurately, she said the on board one was working fine. She said it is just calculated differently than when at the pumps. I have no idea what that means. How can both be correct? How would they check the accuracy of the on board calculator? Thanks for any insight you may have.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    A 3 to 5 mpg spread between dash readout and hand calculation seems excessive to me. I've experienced a .5 to 1.5 mpg difference, with the dash reading high more often than hand calculation. Some of that can be accounted for by the difference in when gas pumps click off.

    I will say that about the time I conclude the dash reading is always a little optimistic, I get a couple calculations the other way. So, it just may be not as precise as some might wish.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I agree, mine is usually only 1-2 mpg off (always higher though). This is similar to my experience with other cars with trip computers though. I believe it's calculated by the computer through how much fuel is going through the injectors which must not be completely accurate but is a close estimation.

  • Had the car 3 months now, 5,000 miles driven. My last fill-up averaged 45+ MPG.
    Computer screen said 42 MPG. Most fill-ups, the computed MPG is pretty close to the computer number.

    Those of you who are getting in the mid-30's, read the driving tips heading! The 'pulse and glide' method on the accelerator really does improves the MPG. If you drive the hybrid like a regular gas vehicle with constant pressure on the accelerator pedal all the time, your MPG will not improve.

    Keep the MPG dial on the dash as close to the 40-60 MPG range as possible. Drive in the E-mode (gas engine off) as much as possible!
  • I got my TCH 08 in Oct. and have been generally happy with the ride except for:

    1. The best I got in the beginning was 34 and now 23!!!- I was explained by the service tech that is very normal !
    2. The thermostat in winter time (with snow on the ground) when set at 69, registered 89.7 through the vents when verified by service dept- I was explained it is due to climate control jacking up cabin temp (for over 40 minutes ) but is very normal !
    3. The voice command occasionally works and after a long time does input a no. in the phonebook - again very "normal" since it works- "even if not to your" expectations: I was made to believe it!!

    I am truly confused - Should I give up the headaches and be happy with whatever left of new TCH??? I need some serious inputs!!! Thanks
  • cdn_tchcdn_tch Posts: 194
    Welcome to the TCH camp!

    To all 3 questions the answer is yes it is normal, but let me add some explanations...

    1) When it gets cold outside you will have a noticable drop in MPG. Several reasons are true for non hybrids as well. a) Winter gas, has less BTU per gallon than summer gas and this is due to air quality requirements made of the refineries. b) a small change happens because the gas pumps are 'normalized' to give you the equivalent volume as if the fuel was at ~70 F (check the pump next time and you should see it in very fine print) c) all vehicles are programmed to reduce emissions first, improve mileage second. This really hits us as not only does the gas engine (ICE) need to be at operating temp, but so does the catalytic converter. By needing to get and stay at a certain temperature, the ECU will run the engine far longer before it hits mode 4 (the mode where the TCH will run in EV mode) and then it will run again if the ECU senses that the engine or catalytic converter have cooled off.

    2) the temperature that you select on the controls is a target for the ambient temperature in the cabin. So when you want to warm up the cabin from an unheated 30F to 69F, the car will push out as much heat as it can to try and get the cabin air to 69F.

    3) This could be a fault with the system, or a piece of insulation in front of the microphone or it could be that your voice or enounciation is not within the programmed parameters of the voice command system. This is one where if the system is working correctly, you will have to learn to say what the system wants to hear.
  • I am in Chicago area and in winter time now I am getting only 23 mpg ! I took it to the dealer 3-4 times where they insist that it is normal since heater has to be on!
    The most I saw was 34-36!

    What should I do now? The dealer insists on system check being normal!
  • Thanks for your prompt reply.

    I am now wondering how come since 06, no TCH owner encountered such a drop in mpg and always managed to get higher BTU fuel during winter time!

    Also, the Voice command is a real joke! I have had the manager fumble a few times "Hitlering" the command center and finally succeeding in one isolated telephone number entry! He definitely knows the right enounciation and knows exactly what to say and how to say it - the way the system wants to hear! He indeed took his time convincing me how mine was better than that of other couples' system where he just had spent couple hours trying to make it work!
  • cdn_tchcdn_tch Posts: 194
    I am now wondering how come since 06, no TCH owner encountered such a drop in mpg and always managed to get higher BTU fuel during winter time!

    No, we all feel the hurt of winter, see this thread at GreenHybrid "Thwunk! Temp drops...and so does my gas mileage. " to make you feel a bit better that you are not alone...

    With the voice command... I can't say that I am a fan of it either but it does work for me, but it is particular in how you 'talk' to it. A slower monotone helps the recognition.
  • Tip: If you do not want the heater to decrease mileage in the winter, upon starting, shut the heater off until the ICE develops heat on its on through normal driving. Then put the heater on. Hey, you want play the mileage game, there's a price to pay.
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    Cold weather is hard on the hybrid system. Takes longer to warmup and the hybrid drivetrain only works best at optimum operating temps.

    Look around at yearly posts on this forum for tips.
  • I'm new here but does the computer take into account gas savings when the eng. is shut off at red lights,stop signs etc.
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