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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hello everyone. I got an e-mail from the salesman at Grapevine lexus yesterday. The 2008 ES 350 in Truffle Mica is being sold for 36,494 + TTL. The MSRP is 43,075. It is brand new and not a demo. I thought it was a good deal and have not made an counter offer yet. Any thoughts on this deal? Please let me know. It is not my favorite color but I think it may be too much of a good deal to pass up.....

  • Hi Nalini, I got quoted at $34,700 + TTL at the end of the year for a brand new 2009 ES350 with the Navigation package and then at $35,741 + TTL in January. So I think you still have some room to bargain. :shades:
  • Wow that is a great price... Was that at a dealership in Texas? If so which one?
    Thanks for the reply
  • Really great price. When i was there the last week in December they had 3-4 in Mica left for 2008. I think it is a harder color to sell becuase that was the only color they had. Color not bad but not my first choice either. Money is great, if you like color then go for it!
  • Is this car a Pebble Beach Edition? I was looking at Sewell and they have the Pebble with a MSRP of $43705, but I have him down to $36900 + TTL. It is a 08 in Truffle Mica. I think the Pebble is the only one with that color. Great car. I am going to Grapevine to check them out tommorow.
  • This was in the Bay Area, California. I think that $36K is a good price for the Pebble Beach.
  • other than calling each Lexus dealer, is there another way to determine inventory of 08 ESs?

    I was quoted $36K for a Levinson ($34K for just Nav) a few weeks ago, and expect that the recent $4K Lexus is contributing to dealers to move the 08 ESs will make dealers more aggressive.

    Just need to know who has the inventory, and what they have.....

    thanks for any suggestions.
  • I would suggest looking at their websites. Oakland was the one that offered me the $34K deal, Santa Rosa offered the $35K in January for an 09. Santa Rosa had a Pebble Beach edition for 08 and the Lexus in Redwood City (Putnam) had an 08 with Mark Levinson but I didn't want to spend an extra $2K - $3K for these features since they don't appeal to me.
    Check out their website for Team Members's phone numbers so you can call them directly when you find the car you want.
  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    AMEN on any site that would carry current inventorys on '08's.
    Used one for Corvette and found what I wanted.
    My problem:
    Currently have an '05 ES which is my wifes car and she loves it. She is gonzo over the Royal Ruby Red color and does not like the '09 Red. Understand, if she could get an '09 for less than a Ruby Red '08, she would jump at the '08.
    Would love to be able to search a site that carried '08 inventories.
    Two of my last three Vettes were a fly out/drive back and would not mind doing the same for an '08 the right color you understand.
  • Hello. Yes that is the 2008 pebble beach edition in truffle mica. If you look on the lexus website the truffle mica is listed as a special order color for 2009. I however did not ask how much the 2009's are being sold for. Because there has been a $1000 price drop off of MSRP for 2009. I was not really interested in the pebble beach until he told me the price. The salemans initials are KC. But he will not be in tomorrow(Tuesday) he just sent me an e-mail.. I wonder what kind of deal they would make if we both bought one? I believe they have 4 of them left.
  • I have been looking for another reference to the $4K that Lexus is contributing and can't find anything. I want to have some facts to back me up, if I ask the dealer about it. Thanks!

    Currently on the table $33,300 + TTL & admin fees of 185.
    ES 350 200 smoky granite
    Premium pkg
    rear side airbags
    heated seats
    probably a few other minor things, but I can't remember for the life of me
    MSRP 38K
    I think they have some room, they said they were already using a Customer Loyalty Cert value of $1000.
    Thanks again. I love this car and I want it bad, I hate negotiating, but hate feeling stupid worse. Ha ha.
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21

    This is a terrific post. Very helpful. I am also in the ATL area trying to work a deal on a Level 3 2009 ES350. I want to the deal as a clean purchase - no financing or leasing.

    I am going to try to match the 37.1 you paid. I do have a question though about the price structures of the various dealers. It seems they always try to add other charges onto the price - delivery charge, paperwork charge, dealer fee, etc. Do you have info on what charges I should pay other than the 37.1 price that you negotiated?

  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40

    The only 'additional' costs you should pay is a doc fee and your county taxes and tag fee. That's it. Nothing else!!. Delivery charges are included in the MSRP. All dealers charge a doc fee, which can be loosely defined as a 'handling charge'.

    I purchased my 09 ES on 12/26 from Lexus of South of Atlanta, they by far offer the best price in the ATL area. You won't find a cheaper dealer, trust me on this one. I dealt with all the ATL dealers for over a year, while preparing to buy and doing my research. They know me on a first name basis. I even looked at other options, and others, none could match Lexus of South ATL.

    The doc fee at Lexus of South ATL $498.00 add your county taxes to that, which for me was 7% and tag fee, which is about $41.00. Let me repeat, nothing else you should pay. I had an acceptable price range that I was willing to accept . I was not going to go above $37.8, which still beats the other dealers in ATL.

    Please let me know if you decide to visit Lexus of South ATL so I can tell you who to ask for. You won't be disappointed. This car is the BOMB!!!. Elegant, classy, powerful, smooth, refined and high quality build. If I push 80mph on the freeway, it's like I'm hardly feeling it at all. It just glides along. What a car!!!..... :)
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21

    Thanks for the info. I am going to try Hennessy Gwinnett first see if I can get them to agree to a similar price to what you got from South ATL. If that doesn't work, I'll be in touch to ask for the name of your sales guy.

    Glad you're enjoying your ES. It sounds terrific.

  • sanishsanish Posts: 66
    You can get one @ invoice anywhere in US. If you spend a lot of time negotiating than don't be surprised if you get one @ $1,000 below invoice.
  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40

    That's fine, let me know if you can get that kind of deal from them. I would be highly interested. Thanks....
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21

    Do you have knowledge of deals at or below invoice in ATL? Best anyone on this board has posted in the Atlanta market is $500 above invoice. Lack of competition, etc.

  • Here is a link that shows the $4,000 Lexus is giving its dealers to help move the 08 ES 350s. Unfortunately, not all of them are applying that to the price - they're pocketing it as profit. tzip=94025&state=CA

    Manufacturer to Dealer

    Marketing Support
    $4000 Cash to Dealer start: 01/08/2009 end: 02/02/2009
  • I am in central TX and I just got quoted $4,200 below invoice (which includes the $4K rebate from manufacturer to dealer. Here is the final calculation that I got = Invoice of $38,443 minus $4K rebate & additional $200 discount = $34,243 plus TT&L. If the car is not out of the lot by 2/2, then the dealer looses the $4K rebate. The rebate ends in 14 days, so the dealers have to sell it by Feb 2. Wait for another 10 days, and you will get the car for $5K below invoice.
  • I am in central TX and I just got quoted $4,200 below invoice (which includes the $4K rebate from manufacturer to dealer. Here is the final calculation that I got = Invoice of $38,443 minus $4K rebate & additional $200 discount = $34,243 plus TT&L. If the car is not out of the lot by 2/2, then the dealer looses the $4K rebate. The rebate ends in 14 days, so the dealers have to sell it by Feb 2. Wait for another 10 days, and you will get the car for $5K below invoice.
  • kay63kay63 Posts: 1
    I am also in the market for a Level III '09. Please provide the name of salesperson at Lexus South Atlanta.

  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40
    Kay63...since I can't provide the name here...please e-me at
  • I got an e-mail in Wed. night from the salesman saying they had 2 cars left that are 2008's. I plan to go there on the 23rd so I am hoping there is one left. Maybe I will get better results by talking to them in person vs the phone. And before I did not know about the $4K rebate. Thanks for the info. If there is not one left it will be a 2009 for me.....Just curious what dealership is it in central Texas? :)

  • gbjerkegbjerke Posts: 158
    Help me here guys....
    Looking for an '08 Ruby Red ES. Wife drives an '05 ES, likes the newer style and loves the red color in the '08's but does not care for the '09 Red. Have searched the midwest for an '08 Ruby but have come up empty.
    If anybody has a line on a leftover '08 ANYWHERE, let me know. Distance is no problem...a fly out/drive back fits just fine as we are retired.
    Post here or email me at:
  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40
    Please ask for Mr. Camara. Thanks
  • Found a Certified pre owned 2008 ES 350 with 37K miles (already).

    How would you apply the depreciation on a car driven this many miles in 1 year?

    This is certainly covered by Lexus for 3 years following purchase - until car reaches 100K miles. However, any thoughts on maximizing the coverage? (Negotiate dealer to buy additional year or 25K miles of Certified Coverage?)

    thanks for the help
  • I do not see any postings from So Cal. I am very interested in purchasing a ES350 but I have no clue as to which are good dealers who will negotiate on price in the San Fernando Valley to Ventura. What kind of pricing could I expect in the first quarter 2009 market conditions? Does the lack of So Cal posting mean that the discounting is not worth talking about? I do not believe that even in So Cal the cars are flying off the lot. I think that the cars are just sitting there and there has to be discounting somewhere. If I can save thousands, it is worth driving 50 to 100 miles to a dealership.
  • you are in luck Carsdirect is having a sale to the end of jan on lexus RX and possible on the ES my friend could get a quote for a base RX for 30,900.00.

    Try the LA zipcode 90045. should be the cheapest in California. may be you can price match.

    good luck
  • thank you for the info. I went to Carsdirect and it had nothing on the ES. the LA zip 90045 is the LAX area. The only dealers in that area that I could find is Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, South Bay(Torrance). Which one should be the cheapest.
  • Hi Joesocal: I recently purchased a 2009 ES 350 at So Cal, hopefully my recent experience would help you or someone else at the forum in some way.
    I started with AAA as well as Costco auto services. They are good starting points but won't offer the best prices in my opinion. Some of the dealers would reply, some won't. I was quoted $2 ~ 3 k below MSRP. (I looked at both 08 and 09, except I was told 2008 were pretty much gone for ES 350 due to it's popularity.) I even asked one of the reps to check on the fleet rate, still a bit high.

    Pretty sure I can do better, I decided to go straight to the dealers' internet dept. (Most of them don't have the internet dept on their site. But you can look under "staff" section, you will be able to find who to email or call.) Most of the internet dept staff/managers will reply quickly, but won't offer you the internet prices like in the past. I would recommend doing your homework first (know which model, color - interior & exterior, packages included) before contacting them, so they know you are serious and ready to buy.

    Not sure how the others are doing with a 09 in So Cal. But to make a long story short, after several negotiations back & forth, I was able to find the color & packages I have in mind, at below invoice. I got it pretty low, as I some of the internet managers started to walk away from the deal, if not flat out said "there is no way I can do it." Just be persistent, but nice, they are willing to work with you. With the recent situation, they might be more willing to work with you on the price.

    This is my first post, so not sure what can be included or not. But feel free to contact me regarding any question about which dealers is more willing to deal then others vs who won't even reply or time wasters. Good luck hunting!
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