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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • out of the three you mentioned: "Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, South Bay(Torrance)" South Bay was pretty fast to reply. Beverly Hills - didn't deal with them. Santa Monica really friendly, but didn't get in touch with them until I picked up the car. But I bought my car somewhere else, since the other guy is even lower.
  • Joesocal - Can you share the lowest prices (with and without TT&L) that were quoted to you and what features/package was included in that ES 350 2008?
  • thanks for the infor. I have not used AAA or Costco. I have got the impression that they are not useful. So far, by responding to the internet pricing I have been contacted by 5 dealers. They initially were reluctant to talk price but I got them to talk in general to get a range. I am looking for a 2009 lexus with prem plus package (no GPS) which has an MSRP of $37,720. The dealers were from West LA into Ventura County. The first said indicated pricing in the $33,500 range, the second indicated price in the $33,400 range and the lowest said he felt the price range would be $33,000 + or - $200. I know it is a popular car, however the overall car market is falling off the cliff and I believe that the dealers will be willing to drop price due to pressure and rebates from the manufacturer. I know Chrysler is not a competing car however the discounting they are doing has got to have some impact on the overall car market. I don't think we have bit bottom yet. I have not explored Lexus pricing in West Valley toward San Bernadino or Orange county.
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21
    Kay63 - Did you get the car? I am curious what kind of a deal you got. I still haven't purchased.
  • Hi JoeSoCal: Glad to hear about your numbers. It seems like more dealers are willing to talk. When I started my shopping, they were some that just didn't want to put a number or range at all!! But the good thing is there is enough Lexus dealers in So Cal who are willing to deal.
    Looking at your numbers, with your choice of optional pkgs, what's the invoice price? In case anyone is wondering, you can get the invoice price from admund, or site.
    After I have done my homework, knowing exactly the colors and options I'n looking for, I just told them that I have offers at below invoice (I actually do). What's the best they can do? And I just started with that and negotiated down. Once they heard about that, they either gave up (that's too low, there is no way I can do that), or willing to take it from there. With the economy right now (another 53,000 pink slips today!), they should be more flexible on the numbers. And we are close to the end of the month again.
    By the way, I have better luck with dealers in OC or in San Bernadino County.
    Feel free to post any question you may have. Have fun car hunting!
  • I just picked up mine this past Saturday from Dallas (I live in Houston) and the car is everything I expected it to be! It is so very comfortable and elegant. I am still playing around with all the gadgets in the car (I got the one with the GPS system). It is like having a small PC in your car...there are so many things to play with - setting up your phonebook, speed dial, favourite locations...etc!

    I special ordered mine since I want red with black interior. Since I didn't pick it up right away so it has been sitting in the underground garage in the dealership. The dealer told me that a lot of people inquire and want my car because that's the only red one in there. Red is very rare in the south region for some reason, and red with black interior is not even shipped to this region unless you request one.
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21
    I just sent you an email requesting name of dealer. Also would be good to know your name so I can refer to your deal. If you haven't recieved it let me know.
  • Looks like you picked up a 2009 model. Did you buy it from Park Place? Can you share the details of what was included in the package and "Out the Door" price? It would be very helpful. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the info. You indicated that you bought the car somewhere else ( i assume not Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or South Bay), because the guy was lower. Where is that somewhere else if I may ask.
  • Additional question. What was the price you paid and the MSRP? In other words what size of discounting did you get?
  • The GPS sound nice but my understanding is that feature is about $3000. That is that right? It is hard to believe since anyone can buy a portable GPS unit in the price range of $150 to $300. Does the built-in GPS unit require a monthly fee to use all the features?
  • I've been trying to buy a new ES since mid-December. I have researched over and over as well as tried services like and Fighting Chance....yet after dealing with 4 locations in my area (DFW), the best I can get is about $1200 over invoice. This just seems wrong, considering the economy and recent Lexus sales. I have offered up to $500 over invoice and still get turned down. One dealer had what I wanted on the lot, another one said he could get it for an additional $300 delivery fee. So it didn't seem to matter if they had the car on the lot or not. I have tried via email as well as in person. I guess I must look like I don't belong in a Lexus! :)

    So my next step is to look out-of-town, and possibly out-of-state. Can anyone recommend a good dealer that would ship to Texas?? I am running out of options here!
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21
    What should I pay for a used 2009 ES350 Ultraluxury with 8200 miles on it? Apparently it is only 2 months old. I am thinking it would be worth $35k...
  • Sorry I didn't see any email from anyone but I can post all the information here but the dealer's name, I guess. I live in Houston and I purchased the car from Park Place Lexus at Plano. All the deals were done over email and phone. I understand all packages are different and I listed all the prices and packages in this thread I don't want to repeat everything but I manage to negotiate ~$500 over inovice (I accounted the free tint and pinstrip I asked them to give me for free). They have been looking for this particular car color combo for me.

    For the's from NAVTEQ and they are supposed to be not so bad. My husband already has a GPS for his bike that is portable so I wanted this one to come with it. And no you don't have to pay for any monthly fee, but you have to pay $300 something if you ever want to update it. I belive you only pay ~$80 to update a Garmin and you can actually get it from the web for free if you know what you are doing.

    If anyone needs more info, email me at this help!
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    I too am in DFW area but from SoCal. Just toying with a lease on a new ES 350 as I've just bought a new Buick Lucerne Super. These figures from two weeks ago:

    Park Place Lexus:
    $539/mo for 48 mos. + $2000 = $27,872 total (msrp = $37,930)

    South Bay Lexus (Torrance, CA):
    $429/mo for 36 mos. + $3499 = $18,944 total (msrp = ?)

    Seems like a no brainer--if the DFW dealers won't match this deal, make a deal through e-mail or phone and go out to CA and pick up your new ES350. You may even be able to have them add 1,500 miles to your lease to compensate for the road trip back to DFW.
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21
    I just placed the order for my new 2009 ES350. Was able to get a Nav car with MSRP of $41,671 for $37,100 in Atlanta. Thanks to lexpaul and others on this board for the information.

    They didn't have the colour I wanted on the lot (Red/Cashmere) so they sold me one which just arrived at the port this morning. Should be able to pick it up in a couple of days. can't wait to drive it.

    One more question for the board: What do I need to be able to connect my iPhone to the sound system?
  • Has anyone picked up an E350 at or below invoice recently? The way the economy is going, I am surprised Lexus is not coming out with a manufacturer's rebate. Or is it?
  • I was able to get 88% of sticker late december from Park Place in Grapevine for a 2009 ES 350. KN was salesman. I think that was just $225 above invoice that I calculated off Edmunds website by putting in my options. Looks like others are getting about the same deal. Not sure what is happening for you?
  • I saw people on here saying that they got one for like $1000 or $1500 under invoice before. Not sure how they did it. I got it $500 over invoice and I thought I did good...

    I don't think Lexus will give out rebates and stuff for their cars, personally. I think they would rather suck it up and ride out the bad economy. Lowering car prices and start giving out rebates might make also make them feel that they lower their reputation and the value of their car. But that's just what I think. They are very proud of their products, and they should cuz they are truly very nice. They don't even have any special financing unless you are leasing.
  • Perma1-

    I actually am looking at ES's here in Atlanta. Mind if I ask what kind of lease terms you got and what your monthly payment ended up at?

  • prema1,
    Sorry for the late response. I replied to your email. Please check it out. :) Thanks

  • Haven't been checking the board for a while. To answer your question, I think the MSRP was around $39865 (with premium plus, nav, & couple of other things). And my actual price was under invoice +tax & title, I guess I got really lucky. btw, I got it in Orange County.

    Not sure what can be posted here (don't have the time to read everything yet), so I guess feel free to email me: forleon2 at, I can tell you all about it. Have a great day, everyone!
  • jngo1jngo1 Posts: 21
    hello lexustexas1
    would you kindly let me know which dealers did you use and strategies to use to get this pricing? how long did you shop around?. One guy from Northsidelexus [same owners with westside] has offerred me 37K but we have not talk on anything yet. I was thinking of going to clear lake lexus and also northside/west houston lexus and bring these prices to them
    thanks very much - jngo1
  • prema1prema1 Posts: 21
    I bought my car. But I think the lease terms would have been $565 per month with zero down for 36 months. Lease terms were very good.
  • prema: Congratulations on your purchase. I have been looking at an ES350 also for over a month now. Can you please provide the following details: You can either post it in the forum or if email me at, if you prefer:

    1. The dealer you finally bought at (and any other dealers you worked with that you liked)
    2. all the options included (and extra's, if any)
    3. did you get any good finance deals or you had your own finance
  • forgot two more thing:
    1. was your price including TTL
    2. how much was your price over invoice
  • saw your posting. Your 09 lexus with prem plus and nav I am sure is in the $41,000 to $42,000 range for MSRP. And that does not include the chrome wheels which is a $3,000 option. The nav is a $3,000 option by itself. The MSRP for a 09 ES350 with just the prem package and some other lessor options is $37,790 which I did puchase. My price without tax and lic was $33,000. I already had financing arrange at 5.99% but the dealership was able to offer a 5.54% with no additional fees. This was in Ventura county.
  • Congrat with the new purchase!! It sounds like you got a great deal at $33k for a brand new 09 Lexus!
    The funny thing is, I left the email for you, bu actually got quite a few inquiries. :) Feel free to ask question you may have. Personally, I wish I found this site when I started my search for my Lexus. Good luck everyone!
  • Hi all. Just signed up here on Edmunds and looking for out the door pricing advice.
    Considering in South Carolina an '07 CPO ES350, silver and lt. gray, power everything, memory, rear sunshade, nav, sunroof, heated/vent seats, 31,800 miles. What is a resonable out the door price w/ no add ons? Thank you for your help.
  • Hi all. Just signed up here on Edmunds and looking for out the door pricing advice.
    Considering in South Carolina an '07 CPO ES350, silver and lt. gray, power everything, memory, rear sunshade, nav, sunroof, heated/vent seats, 31,800 miles. What is a resonable out the door price w/ no add ons? Thank you for your help. :)
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