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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40
    Where are you located? You should be able to get a great deal. Please be don't discuss anything like trade-ins or payment target. Get back with me
  • fordandhfordandh Posts: 8
    im in los angeles. There is a big dealer "Longo Toyota" here, but I was told sometimes smaller dealers can offer better prices. I am trying though.
  • dxu168dxu168 Posts: 1
    any advices? Thanks!
  • fordandhfordandh Posts: 8
    Hi, I have got a quote from a dealer in Socal, $35,100 for the following:
    Premium Package
    Full Size Spare tire,
    Voice Activated DVD Navigation with Rear Camera and Bluetooth
    Rear Seat Side Airbags
    Wood and Leather Steering Wheel
    Wheel Locks, Cargo Net, Trunk Mat

    Can anyone advise me that how deeper I should go? Or can I add 1. Mark Levinson system, 2. High-Intensity discharged (HID) headlamps and 3. Heated & Ventilated Front Seats into that price? :blush:
  • bignatebignate Posts: 2
    I am interested in purchasing an ES350. I currently lease a Cady with two payments to go. I have been told by one Lexus dealer that Lexus has something called the 'Conquest' program in which Lexus will pick up the last two lease payments for the Cady without impacting the dealer's cost (and hence my price for the ES350) at all.

    No other Lexus dealer has mentioned this program. I am suspicious. Is this program for real or is the dealer blowing smoke?
  • koppsuzkoppsuz Posts: 13
    Outstanding price.
  • tickellertickeller Posts: 13
    Any likelihood Lexus will offer incentives for 2009 models like Acura and BMW are offering now? Should one buy Lexus now or should wait for better price latter?
  • jkl888jkl888 Posts: 2
    Can you share where you got that price? Seems like a superb deal!
  • lanclanc Posts: 10
    with premium plus, bluetooth, wood&leather steering wheel.

    MSRP: 37930
    base + dest 33300
    tax (6.25%): 2081.25
    title registration: 247.49
    drive out: 35628.74

    I got a lot useful info from here, though might be helpful to others.
    Good luck!
  • tickellertickeller Posts: 13
    Lanc, where did you purchase it? How did you get the price, negotiated at the dealership or via email/phone? Can you share some details? Thanks.
  • lanclanc Posts: 10
    Park place at plano. (Dallas, TX)
    emailed to the internet sales manager first, then called and negotiated over the phone. went to the dealership to close the deal, took about 2 hours total. A very smooth deal.
    From info of this forum, I believe $33K (base+dest) is ideal, but it's very difficult. did not want to take any more time to save a couple of hundred $.
  • ldubb1ldubb1 Posts: 4
    I hear about all these great deals in other cities. Who's offering the best deals on es350 in the Chicago area? With navi and other options msrp = $41,903.
  • SoCal09SoCal09 Posts: 9
    Hi Ianc:
    Congrat. with the new car purchase! Hope you enjoy the ride! Btw, don't forget to go back for the 1000-mile check-up. They will be able to "personalize" some settings at your new Lexus for you. Have fun & glad to hear you got the deal!
  • gsvipulgsvipul Posts: 14
    Hi Fordandh,

    Do you mind sharing the dealership name and the person you dealt with where you got this quote for an 09 ES350 with Nav and Premium package. Appreciate if you could share this info ASAP.

  • fordandhfordandh Posts: 8
    Sorry for getting back late.
    I am not sure if it is Ok to expose the dealer and especially the salesman 's name here. But I am willing to share it with you, just send me an email, its in my profile.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    It's perfectly all right to reveal dealers name and location....just no salesperson names. This entire forum on prices paid would be of no use if locales were excluded as prices can vary widely from one area of the country to another.
  • girlie16girlie16 Posts: 4

    I've got a quote from a dealer in New York City for $38,994 after discount (MSRP is $41,494) for the following:

    Premium Plus Package
    Full Size Spare tire,
    Voice Activated DVD Navigation with Rear Camera and Bluetooth
    Rear Seat Side Airbags
    Wood and Leather Steering Wheel
    All Weather Mat

    Do you think this is a good price? What would be the average price for the above option? I'm planning to get the ES 350 by end of this month and would greatly appreciate any feedbacks provided. Thanks.
  • tickellertickeller Posts: 13
    From what I read from the forum, people got around 88% of the MSRP. The quote you got is a lot higher than that. I think it is not a good price
  • corystorycorystory Posts: 15
    I just got a 2009 lexus es350 last Friday at more than 1K under invoice (invoice price from Edmunds) before tax and license at a dealer in Southern California. I think I got a decent price.

    So you should aim at at least 1K under invoice. That means you should take off 2K to 2.3K from that quote. Be firm with your price!

    Note that some ES350 delivered after april got a little higher invoice price (i do not know why). So if your car is delivered to your dealer before april it should be $300 cheaper.
  • lexpaullexpaul Posts: 40
    I got a 2009 ES350 level III navigation+park-assist for 37K. The MSRP on this car was $41671.00. I'm in GA so I'm not sure how this would compare with the pricing in NY. You could always make a trip here and save $$$. Let me know, but $38.9K seems high IMO especially considering the plummeting sales in the auto industry. :shades:
  • girlie16girlie16 Posts: 4
    Thank you for your advice. I actually got another quote around $36.5k excluding tax and fees in New Jersey. I'm going to try to negotiate a bit more to see if there are any additional options I can add. I should be able to close the deal this week or next week.
  • girlie16girlie16 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the tips. Will try to negotiate the price again to see if they can go lower otherwise I'm going to an alternative dealership with a lower quote.
  • beezer86beezer86 Posts: 13
    In Jersey, I found Presitge and Edison to be the lowest. Luckily we have about 12 dealerships to quote from.
  • I am trying to buy Lexus Es350 in Chicago area. I like to have premium plus and Nav. MSRP is $41704. What should I offer?
  • I am trying to buy 2009 Lexus ES350 in Chicago area. MSRP is $41,704. I believe invoice price is 88% of MSRP which is $36,700. I think it is right price to offer. Let me have your opinion.
  • pweaver1pweaver1 Posts: 3
    I would like to purchase an ES 350 in Central Florida at approximately 88% off MSRP. Does anyone have a recommendation of a dealership that might accept this offer? I am not having success so far. Thanks!
  • nick1234nick1234 Posts: 2
    I am also looking to buy ES350 in Central Florida. If you find a deal, please let me know!
  • pweaver1pweaver1 Posts: 3
    I am looking in the Orlando area. So far the best quote I got was from a dealership in Tampa Bay for $4,000 off MSRP. This is for the ES350 with navigation and premium plus package. Are you finding any better deals?
  • nick81982nick81982 Posts: 14
    Looking for 09 ES350 with Premium Plus, Mark Levinson + Nav. What is the expected price?

    Edmunds shows 37,1xx for the area. However as built on edmunds, it doesnt include the wood steering wheel and backup assistant.

    Dealer claims all lexus's from factory are equipped with those options if you choose Mark Levinson package and gives me quote for 37,7xx while including those.

    Is it true?

    Can I opt out of getting backup assistant which would shave off 500 and still get everything else?
  • nick1234nick1234 Posts: 2
    What was MSRP+Destination charge?
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