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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • can do better....$1,500 better. I did last week on that exact vehicle in the Boston area, and trust me, these dealers are tough.
  • I'm new to this website - so please be patient with some of my questions. I'm starting to look for a 2010 ES350 and am educating myself on how to get the best deal. When you say "OTD", I assume that means "out the door", meaning it includes sales tax, license, etc.? Is that correct?

    Thanks for any help. I'll post my experiences to help the ES350 purchasers.
  • Retract my previous post. Just found the explanation of "OTC" so know the answer. Curious in the OTD price you got though - what is your sales tax rate in Glendale, CA?
  • msj09msj09 Posts: 31
    I don't see your logic, finsright. In Los Angeles that otd price corresponds to a price of $35,268 for the car. Glendale has a 9.75% (!!!) sales tax rate ($3,438 in sales tax) and the CA registration fees would be $493. So 39,200 - 3,438 - 493 = $35,268 or $753 BELOW INVOICE. Figuring dealer holdback of 2% of MSRP= $804.70 the sale was $51.40 above actual dealer cost. Actually surprising a dealer would do that. Am I missing some kind of incentive not posted on Edmunds..... or perhaps that it is financed thru them makes the difference?
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81

    what was your MSRP on vehicle before tt&l, etc. Sounds like gvery good deal to me, especiallly if its Nav pkg. Looking now at same pkg. is the 2.9 % int rate part of Dec to Remember .
  • sorry. Forgot the high sales tax (9.75%) in Cali..that being said, I must respectfully change my position. If they are offering $35, 268, RUN, Don't WALK, and get that vehicle. You will not find a better deal.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hey everyone, I was just curious, can anyone who has bought a 2010 ES, did Lexus change the color of the dash and center console lights at night? is it still green, or do they illuminate in a blue or white color now to match the gauge cluster??
  • No, it didn't come with HID headlights. I didn't think it would be worth it to get it.
  • MSRP on the vehicle is $34,800, then add all the options i mentioned above is:

    $ 4,423 (options)
    $ 875 (delivery)

    Here's the breakdown of everything:

    cash price vehicle $35,180.99
    doc fee $55.00
    sales tax $3,435.51
    dmv electronic filing fee $29.00

    Total cash price $38,700.50

    license fee $404.00
    registraton/transfer/titling fee $67.00
    tire fees $8.75
    smog abatement fee $20.00

    Total official fees $499.75

    sub-total (total cash price + total official) $39,200.25
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    after calculating you didnt good deal you received a great deal from your #'s you got over 12 % disc from msrp., plus the excellent int rate factor.

    looking for same car here in Tx but been told the HIL headlines come automatically with Nav pkg with MSRP @ $ 41,125. ANYONE in Tx area been told different.

    congrats on purchase
  • I live in AZ and have been looking at 2010 ES350 - no deals even close to that over here. Glendale, CA is so close - I easily could drive over to pick up a car and be way ahead of the game if that deal is available to others. Can you share the name of the salesman?
  • Looking to purchase an ES350 with HID, Heated and vented seats, Wood trim steering wheel/shifter, full size spare. Also getting the rear shade.
    Does $35,000 sound reasonable or can I do better?....MSRP of $37.8k
    In NY.
  • Seems reasonable. I got a quote of $35,100 in Brooklyn for the same configuration except no rear shade. So, your price is better.
    Which area of NY did you get a quote from (if you don't mind).
  • You know what I don't understand? Why do people who are willing to spend upwards of $40,000 so damn worried about a few hundred dollars??? You have salespeople out there working 50-60 hours a week fighting for deals. You come on the lots and waste our time, you walk away over a few hundred bucks, it is amazing to me how stupid people can be sometimes. How about offering a fair price so that everyone can make an honest living!!! I work 60 hour weeks on average, bend over backwards for my customers and what is always the case is that the cheapest ones, the ones who take us down to the last dollar are also the ones who are so demanding of our time and effort.

    How about showing some respect for people working very hard long hours trying to make an honest living!!! The counter offer that we give to you after receiving your ridiculous lowball offer is ALWAYS a very fair price. Be fair in return!!
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Whoa Mr. Devilgoge9.......Maybe you would like to come into my retail place and leave an extra few hundred bucks on the table. Times are tough for everyone. I used this websight and also consumer reports to come up with a fair price for me and the salesmen. Consumer Reports recommended offering a % (I don't remember exactly what the precentage was now since I bought a new 2007) over so the salesman can also get a fair wage.
    I worked for many years at a car dealership
  • Wow, what an unbelievable post from devildege9. What's a fair price to you? Who determines a fair price? For the exact same product, if another dealer is willing to sell for $500 or $1000 less, how is your price a "fair price" to the consumers? I find it amazing that a car salesman like yourself come here and lecture consumers, when you are the one wasting consumer's time by not offering your best deal to a real buyer.
    Just like you, we car shoppers work long hours for our hard-earned dollars. Why should we give up our money to you when you're not offering a best deal to us?
    If you want respect & loyalty from customers, stop playing games and start offering your best deals!
  • azuluazulu Posts: 20
    Time you changed your career devildoge9. If you do not like it - move on. Simple.
  • djkimdjkim Posts: 7
    Honest salesmen?
    There are no honest salesmen in any dealers, never...ever....
    Their job is "take more hard-earned money from us, comsumers"
    60 hours a week? I saw many salesmen standing ...doing nothing all call that 60 hours? Kidding me....?
    Do we have to feed them?
    Fair price in your term means "maximum profit so that owners can have million dollar house, cars and yacht..."
    Fair price in my term means "spending hard-earned money by reasonable way or comfortably...."
    Learn how to live, man....
  • divsdivs Posts: 13
    What is the price paid for ES 350 + Nav + DVD+ Leather package in IL area...especially peoria area ...anyone...they are asking $44K with taxes??????

  • I would be interested in this quote as well around IL/Chicago area. I am looking for 2010 ES 350 with heated front seat option in Minneapolis area. I got a quote of $36,070. Based on what I am reading on this forum this seems high. I am willing to fly to Chicago and pick the car as long as price is right. Anyone know of any dealerships/sales people whom I can contact for this?

  • Can you email me the name of dealership/sales person @ I am looking for 2010 ES350 with NAV option as well. This sounds like a great price to me.

  • divsdivs Posts: 13
    Thats a good quote of $36k what all is included in this price????

    I got a quote of $41050 + taxes = $44k which incl options almost all mentioned at edmunds when you try doing TVM pricing....Even I would need help if someone knows any dealer in IL area which can work out good price on ES 350............

  • divsdivs Posts: 13
    How did you came up with $35k price as Cash Price of Vehicle...dealers in IL not coming single penny on same car ES 350 $41050 with almost all options + taxes = $44K........dont knw what to do??????????
  • Can you e-mail me the salesperson name to Thanks.
  • This is for just the base package of heated front seats+wood trim.
  • What exactly is "with almost all options"?
    What is your tax?
  • The price offered here in CA, for ES350 2010 with Navigation is 40,100. Is this good?
  • msj09msj09 Posts: 31
    Assuming $40,100 is before tax and license (not OTD) then NO, that is pretty much MSRP and not a good price. See Azulu's post's about the prices he has been being given for ones here in the SF bay area.
  • This is out the door price
  • what are HID headlights?
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